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Frequently Asked Question

Switch to Jio Corporate Connection

1. Post MNP (Mobile Number Portability) to Jio, will the services on my corporate connection
remain same?
With MNP to Jio, youll get access to faster internet and high definition calling while retaining your
current number.
2. Will there be any disruption in the services in the MNP process?
The services on your corporate connection will not get disrupted. Your current number will remain
active until MNP is processed for your number. Post processing, your new SIM will get activated
and your services will continue without any interruption.. It may take couple of hours in some
cases for the new SIM to get activated, post deactivation on the current SIM. For any issue related
to Jio services, please call Jio Care at 1800 88 99999 (toll free).
3. Will Jio SIM work on my existing handset?
If you have a VoLTE enabled phone (list of phones are provided in ESS portal and,
then the Jio SIM will work seamlessly for all services.
If you have a LTE phone (non-VoLTE), then Jio SIM will work for Jio services except VVM (Voice,
Video and Messaging). For VVM , you will have to download and install Jio Join app on your non
VoLTE handset.
If you have a 2G/3G phone, Jio SIM will not work directly on your phone. You can buy a JioFi and
download JioJoin app and enable your phone for Jio services.
For more details you may contact Jio customer care at 1800 88 99999 (toll free)
4. I have a 2G/ 3G / LTE phone. I am not eligible for a new handset reimbursement as per policy
as of now. What options do I have?
If you are eligible for the new handset as per policy, you should buy VOLTE enabled handset.
In case you are not eligible for the new handset, you can either buy VOLTE enabled handset or
JioFi. These phones (LYF as well as other brands) and JioFi are available under EMI scheme
launched by Jio. Please login to ESS for further details and process to avail the offer.
You may also use JioJoin app for using 4G services in a LTE (non-VoLTE) handset or using JioFi with
any 3G/2G smartphone
5. Can I get a list of handsets that will support Jio 4G services?
For the list of handsets, you may refer to a link on ESS portal under policies and circulars. You can
also get the updated list of handsets on
6. Can I convert my existing Jio number (employee plan) into Jio corporate connection?
No. Currently, only the corporate connection with any of the existing company empaneled service
provider will be ported to Jio corporate connection.
7. Can I use the existing Jio number (employee plan) with JioFi device as the corporate connection?
No. Currently, only the corporate connection with any of the existing company empaneled service
provider will be ported to Jio corporate connection.

8. Can I get an option to disconnect the existing corporate number and apply for the new Jio
number under corporate connection?
No. Mobile number portability will be done for all existing corporate connections to Jio corporate
connection and your number will remain the same.
9. I have already taken four Jio SIM cards as part of employee launch. Can I still get the new
Corporate Reliance Jio connection?
Yes. You can get a new Jio corporate connection subject to you not having an existing corporate
connection with existing service provider.
10. What will happen with the Jio connections that I had taken under employee launch plan?
Jio connections taken under employee launch plan are personal connections. Employee needs to
decide about continuing / discontinuing these connections after commercial launch.
11. I have not received the new Jio SIM for MNP. Who do I contact?
Please contact your HRBP / Admin for the new Jio SIM to process MNP for existing corporate
connections at large office locations. For other locations, a list of 1070 Jio Centers (JCs) have been
published on ESS. You can collect your SIM from any of the nearest JC location from JC Manager.
12. I have an existing Jio SIM. Can I use that for MNP?
No, only the new Jio SIM in blue SIM jacket can be used for MNP purpose.
13. What is UPC code and how to generate it?
UPC stands for Unique Portability Code. It is used for the MNP request by the new operator. The
8 character code is generated by sending SMS: PORT <existing corporate mobile number> to 1900
from your corporate number. In return, youll receive an SMS with UPC Code and Expiry date.
14. What is SIM ICCID number and where is it written?
It is a 19 digit number that is present on the back side of the SIM jacket.
15. What will be the monthly usage limit of the new Reliance Jio connection?
At the moment, under Jio Preview offer, all company connections will be offered with Unlimited
data and calling benefits for 90 days. Post 90 days, the monthly usage limit shall be as per the
existing limit defined in the mobile policy.
16. What will be the tariff plan of the new Reliance Jio connection? Will it be different from the
current plan?
Currently, Jio is offering unlimited usage of voice and data to all Reliance employees. Post the
commercial launch of Jio, commercial tariff plan will be communicated to the employees.
17. Will the benefits of a CUG (Closed User Group) be extended to personal Jio connections as well?
18. How much time will the portability process take?
Number portability process for existing corporate connections will be handled by the company in
a phased manner. This process may take 7-10 days. However, during the portability process
employee will still continue to enjoy the uninterrupted service. Once the number is released by
existing service provider, the same will be ported to Jio and you will receive a SMS from Jio.
For any new corporate connections taken from company empaneled service provider in June 2016
or post that, number portability will be done after 90 days from the number activation date.

19. I am travelling abroad on an overseas assignment. How do I initiate the MNP for my corporate
Anybody who is travelling abroad for a long period, can complete the MNP process after they are
back from the assignment. Please inform your business HR so that same can be communicated to
the MNP team.
20. Can I make ISD calls from my Jio corporate connections?
ISD calling service will only be available to those who already have this service activated on their
existing corporate numbers as per the corporate policy
21. Will my Jio corporate number work while roaming abroad?
Currently, if you have international roaming facility enabled on your number as per the corporate
policy, same will continue as it is. However, if you are travelling abroad and require international
roaming to be activated, please place a request with your admin.
22. I got a new Jio SIM and have misplaced it. What should I do now?
If you have lost your SIM before entering the details on the Jio Corporate Connectionpage, you
can pick up another new SIM from your HRBP/Admin.
In case you have lost the SIM after entering the details on Jio Corporate Connection page, please
contact your Admin for the replacement SIM.
23. I am unable to open the Jio Corporate Connection page on ESS/Jio Central. What should I do?
Please submit your queries to HR through ESS portal.
24. The mobile number mentioned on my ESS is different from my corporate number. What should
I do?
Please update your number in ESS under personal info tab in contact details section and reprocess the number portability once your number is correct in the system.
25. I have individual owned connection from other service providers under CUG with existing
corporate connections. Can I do number portability for the same to Jio?
Currently, we are initiating the process of MNP for only the existing corporate connections. Soon,
MNP for other nos. will be announced and you can move your personal connections to Jio.
26. Whom should I contact in case any issue arises pre / during / post number portability?
Employee may contact Jio customer care at 1800 88 99999 (toll free) or write to
27. I am a new Joinee, how will I get a new Jio connection?
New Jionees need to follow the below process:
A. Employee located at NHQ \ SHQ
Employee shall make an application through ESS and have the same approved by his/her
Line Manager ( Applicable for Jio and Hydrocarbons,
Post this employee will submit duly signed application form to Admin SPOC
Admin SPOC will handover SIM to employee and note SIM details on the application form
Within 24 hours from submission of application form, Jio number will get activated
Employee will update Jio number in ESS and certify the same
B. Employee located at Remote Location
Employee shall make an application through ESS and have the same approved by his/her
Line Manager


Post this employee will submit duly signed application form and ID card copy to nearest Jio
Post document verification Jio Centre will issue SIM to employee ( Store details to be
Within 24 hours from submission of application form Jio number will get activated
Employee will update Jio number in ESS and certify the same

28. Whom should I contact if I face coverage issues in my area or office locations?
Jio is providing 4G services with network connectivity spread wide across the country. However,
if you still face network issues in your location, you may contact our customer service number at
1800 88 99999(toll free) or write to us We will try to resolve the issue on priority