03 AVALON Business English June 01 2010

Business English Course in Second Life

Get Inspired! Meeting 3 – Tuesday 8th June (19:00-20.30 GMT) During the third meeting of the Avalon Business English course, we will be asking you to interview each other and will start thinking about ideas for a business . Groups These are the revised groups :
Group 1 - Business Lions: Misy Ferraris / Aviano Gearz / Grace Azemus / Letty Pienaar / Lady Longspring Group 2 - Business Elephants: Dyego Roffo / July Debbel / Dakar Avon / Joseph McAlpine / Alej Lauria Group 3 - Business Cats: Paivi Shippe / Seren Gibbs / Edgar Sahara / Ehsam Artis / Joanna Barineaux Group 4 - Business Sheep: Esther Verino / July Acer / JB Beedit / Zander MacFanatic / Paola Doomdale

Before Meeting Number Three: (1 hour) Please make sure you have:• completed the pre-course survey: http://tinyurl.com/399d7he • contacted in Second Life/made friends with your group members • Complete the pre-meeting tasks Pre-Meeting Task 1 (from last week – if you still haven't completed it) Please read the following interview questions and share your ideas in our forum: http://avalonbe03.grouply.com/message/3 Top Ten Interview Questions 1. Tell me about yourself! 2. What are your strengths and your weaknesses? 3. When did you last lose your temper? Describe what happened. 4. What sacrifices are you willing to make for work /aren't you willing to make? 5. Tell me about one successful work experience and one less successful one. 6. Why do you want this job? What makes you think you'd be good at it? 8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years / 10 years time? 9. Describe your ideal boss. 10. Give me 3 reasons why I should hire you! Please think of 5+ more questions before the next class to ask job candidates. Please add these to the forum. You can also think about how you would answer these questions in preparation for our job interviews.

Business English Course in Second Life
Pre-Meeting Task 2

Pre-Meeting Task 3 Watch the videos below to prepare for the interviews: • Interview Tips: Tell Me About Yourself. The GOOD answer:http://sn.im/sfy23 • Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself. A BAD answer / example:http://sn.im/sfy2e • Interview Tips: Tell me about yourself. An UGLY answer / example:http://sn.im/sfy2t Question to think about: What makes the answers good/bad/ugly? Please note, we will be watching these interviews again tomorrow, but you may like to prepare for this and watch them before the class if you have time. _______________________________ Meeting point in Second Life The Sandbox on AVALON Learning http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AVALON%20Learning/93/46/36 Here is the plan for today's meeting. If you arrive late, please make your way to the area indicated below of contact Creed Juran / Hollysue Wycliffe (your teachers in Second Life) 21:00 CET We will meet at the sandbox at AVALON Learning . After practising questions for the interviews, we will then split up into our four groups to interview each other for specific positions in the company. 22.00 CET Each of the teachers will present different case studies of businesses which we will discuss. This will be followed by a brainstorming idea on generating business ideas. 22.30 CET End of Class Homework: This week we would like you to think about possible business ideas to present to your group members next week. We will also be giving you some input on language for negotiating in the grouply. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact: graham.stanley@britishcouncil.es Second Life = Stanley Greybeard Skype = eflbridges

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