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Gurpreet Singh Lehal

Architectural Technologist

I am working towards becoming a Chartered Architectural Technologist. Currently, I have applied for membership and am working to bolster or fill in gaps in my abilities.





Applying the requirements of the Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists, I have assessed my abilities in detail.
1 Client and User Requirements
1.1 Identifying, assessing, and challenging client requirements

1.2 Identifying, analysing, and challenging user and community factors

2 Feasibility Studies
2.1 Assessing survey requirements, data standards, and outputs

2.2 Selecting critical investigation requirements

2.3 Investigating and evaluating development factors, likely problems, and potential solutions
3 Sustainable Development
3.1 Identifying and evaluating resource availability

3.2 Investigating and evaluating sustainable development requirements

3.3 Establishing arrangements for sustainable development impact

3.4 Assessing the environmental impact of development proposals

4 Project Planning
4.1 Selecting and agreeing procurement procedures with clients

4.2 Recommending and agreeing forms of contract

4.3 Selecting and forming a design team

4.4 Confirming and agreeing design team responsibilities and processes

4.5 Establishing and monitoring design team working methods

4.6 Establishing project team partnering

5 Health and Safety

5.1 Identifying and assessing hazards and risks

5.2 Making design choices to reduce health and safety risks

5.3 Ensuring your actions reduce risks to health and safety

6 Regulations
6.1 Assessing regulatory requirements and constraints

6.2 Assessing and advising upon options for potential developments

6.3 Assessing and advising on legal requirements and constraints

6.4 Confirming statutory control and consent requirements as well as their implications

7 Concept Design Development

7.1 Preparing, presenting, and agreeing proposals for briefs

7.2 Developing design programmes which meet the requirements of the brief

7.3 Assessing and developing significant parameters affecting the project design

7.4 Selecting, testing, and developing design options

8 Design Proposals
8.1 Presenting and justifying project design recommendations

8.2 Advising clients on the selection and modification of design proposals

8.3 Assessing the detailed design implications of design recommendations

9 Technical Design Development

9.1 Identifying the purpose, methods, and techniques for preparing detailed designs

9.2 Evaluating and selecting materials, components, and systems

9.3 Investigating, calculating, analysing and resolving detailed design solutions

10 Design Information Management

10.1 Setting up systems for controlling document production

10.2 Integrating, evaluating, and recommending changes to design information

11 Specifications
11.1 Drafting prescriptive technical specifications

11.2 Defining technical performance specification requirements

12 Tenders and Contracts

12.1 Selecting and evaluating forms of tender and potential tenderers

12.2 Formulating estimates, bids, and tender enquiries

12.3 Evaluating, selecting, and agreeing estimates, bids, and tenders

12.4 Negotiating and agreeing contracts

12.5 Issuing and enforcing certification for contracts

13 Control Compliance
13.1 Controlling contracts against agreed quality standards

13.2 Controlling contract compliance with legal and statutory requirements

13.3 Controlling contract progress against agreed programmes

13.4 Controlling costs against agreed budgets

14 Project Completion
14.1 Managing project handover and completion

14.2 Obtaining and evaluating feedback information and promoting improvements

14.3 Specifying information and guidance to support and use property, systems, and services
14.4 Maintenance planning of property, systems, and services

15 Management of Meetings
15.1 Managing meetings

15.2 Making analytical contributions to meetings

16 Professional Relationships
16.1 Developing and maintaining relationships with people who are affected by your work

16.2 Presenting technical information and providing advice on technical problems

16.3 Identifying, summarising, and analysing complex, indeterminate problems

16.4 Contributing to the protection of individual and community interests

17 Continuing Professional Development

17.1 Identifying, recording, and analysing personal development aims and progress

17.2 Allocating and monitoring the progress and quality of work

17.3 Contributing to advances in occupational knowledge and practice


No working experience on team and no personal working experience.

Experienced and learned through teams work. No personal working experience.
Helped team with minor tasks. Minimal personal contribution.
Worked to develop on own with periodic review and/or supervision.
Completed task(s) of own accord with minimal review.
Completed work to good standards with no review.
Developed work beyond completion and improved working standards.




Unit 1 2

5 6

8 9

10 11 12

Most of my ratings draw on my experience working across a variety of teams within engineering disciplines, specialist subcontractors, and architectural design
teams. Many of my ratings in units 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 stem from my experience working on timber frame homes in Canada. Taking all of this on board, you will
find that I am best employed supporting an architectural design team with my eagerness and excitement making good use of my best abilities.

13 14 15 16


07802 845583

Self Assessment

Gurpreet Singh Lehal


Over my combined five years of post-graduate experience in Canada and the UK, I have worked to learn about architectural design and construction. I have
developed competencies through the design-build cycle of projects of varying scope and size, and I have the ability to work within all RIBA Stages. I graduated
with an Architectural Technology Diploma from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2010. Much of my experience has been quite focussed and
specialised. I am working towards developing into an accredited Architectural Technologist. My long term goal is to become an accredited Architect through
work and self-study.
Professional Experience
February 2016 August 2016

Create Design + Architecture (London, UK)
Senior Architectural Technologist
Project Experience Gained:
Residential/retail (mixed-use) project of 15,500,000 value with 263 no. residential units (contributed to the tender and construction phase)
[Kellogg Tower]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 1-7, Gurpreet 3-4

PContribution: Work on building envelope, record drawings, existing building, atrium, landscaping
Residential project of 3,100,000 value with 53 studio flats (contributed to the planning phase) [Bartley House]

PContribution: Work on flat layouts
Residential project of 16 units (contributed to the tender phase) [74 Putney Bridge Road]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 1-7, Gurpreet 3-4

PContribution: Work on building envelope, external works, bathrooms, kitchens, access ladders, cycle storage, bin store, and internal doors
Residential project of 100,000 value and 35m2 floor area (contributed to the tender phase) [336 Hook Rise]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 1-4, Gurpreet 3-4

PContribution: Development of key details alongside other technicians and Architects
Residential project of 10,000,000 value with 124 no. residential units (contributed to the tender phase) [Southbury House]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 1-4, Gurpreet 4

PContribution: Development of external details including specification of materials
u Develop designs and drawings through the application of technical content provided by specialists working within AutoCAD on a Macintosh machine
v Develop both tender and construction issue architectural drawings to programme deadlines
w Rapidly filter the content of standards, regulations, and guides into comprehensive lists so as to develop effective details efficiently
x Apply NHBC standards and UK Building Regulations
y Develop flat layouts, process OS maps, process flat schedules and finishes schedules
z Process archived record drawings into a well-organised, easily accessed, and searchable format
{ Develop experience working with British Standards, Eurocode EN Standards, Planning Considerations and Processes, The London Plan, Accredited
Construction Details from the Planning Portal, and technical guidance from specialist literature
April 2015 December 2015

Drytech Facades (Bexley, Kent, UK)
Designer Roof Copings, Cladding Panels, Curtain Wall
Project Experience Gained:
Residential/commercial (mixed-use) project of 60,000,000 value with 144 no. residential units and 480m2 commercial floor space (contributed to the
construction phase of the building envelope subcontract) [South Kilburn]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 4-7, Gurpreet 4-5

PContribution: Work on building envelope
u Develop construction issue architectural drawings and schedules into production issue installation/manufacture drawings and schedules
v Produce drawings of detailed installations to programme deadlines using AutoCAD for 2D and 3D drafting
w Design roof coping, curtain wall, metal cladding, and cladding panel installations (including backing structure)
x Apply NHBC standards, British and Eurocode Standards, UK Building Regulations, and technical literature
y Freehand draft
z Coordinate structural, architectural, and specialty subcontractor drawings during the design phase
November 2014 March 2015

Prater (Salfords, Surrey, UK)
Quality Assurance Manager - Glulam Beams, Timber Roof Cassettes, Derbigum Flat Roof Membrane, Curtain Wall, Rainscreen Support Panels
Project Experience Gained:
Commercial project of 100,000,000 value with 41,000m2 of floor space (contributed to the construction phase of the building envelope subcontract)
[BSKYB Phase 2]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 4-7, Gurpreet 5
u Ensure the delivery of design intent into the final build sequence by verifying installations with construction issue drawings and schedules
v Ensure adherence to all guidance provided by technical literature, codes, standards, and input from technical advisors
w Assist in the transition to the installation phase of a project from design
August 2013 October 2014

Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium (Slough, Berks, UK)
Designer Curtain Wall, Aluminium Windows, Aluminium Doors, Aluminium Rainscreen Panels
Project Experience Gained:
Residential/commercial project of 85,000,000 value consisting of three buildings (six blocks) rising up to 19 storeys with 605 no. residential units and
6,273 m2 of commercial floor space (contributed to the construction phase of the building envelope subcontract) [Embassy Gardens]

PRIBA stages of work: Project 4-7, Gurpreet 4-5

PContribution: Design work on building envelope
u Develop the detailed design of aluminium curtain walling, windows, and doors for manufacture and installation
v Develop construction issue architectural drawings and schedules into production issue installation/manufacture drawings and schedules
w Produce manufacture and construction issue drawings and schedules by working with clients, consultants, suppliers, production staff, design staff, and site
x Apply NHBC standards, Lifetime Homes requirements, Secured by Design requirements, and British/Eurocode Standards as well as UK Building
y Co-ordinate works with all interfacing and related building components through ongoing communication with subcontractor teams, architectural teams,
and engineering teams
z Ensure optimized and complete handovers of detailed design work into production
{ Give attention to technical insight from product specification and literature to alleviate manufacture and construction concerns pre-emptively
| Help communicate the minutiae of design work to site during construction
} Liaise with site teams and provide effective follow-up support thereby guaranteeing the performance of installed works to performance specifications and
requirements laid out by the client and consultants during the tender and design phase

07802 845583

Architectural Technologist

Gurpreet Singh Lehal
07802 845583


June 2012 November 2012

Perfect Plans (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Sole Proprietor
Project Experience Gained:
Residential projects of under $1,000,000CDN value consisting of single family detached timber-frame homes developed for Galaxy Homes, Imperial
Construction Group, Reliance Homes, Akash Homes, and dCor Homes (contributed to the design and drafting phase)
u Produce drawing packages for wood-frame homes
v Assume responsibility for the design process in its entirety, including generating content and deliverables as specified by the client as well as managing the
workload for projects simultaneously
w Explore spatial configurations through bubble diagrams
x Preview and develop spatial configurations in 3D with SketchUp
y Develop these spatial configurations into functional 3D and 2D designs through the effective application of selected features in Revit
z Lay out the first draft of functional drawings output from Revit to turn the spatial configuration into elevations, floor plans, and sections
{ Develop preliminary elevations, floor plans, and sections into a buildable and complete working drawing package for construction
| Create promotional material such as brochures, hand-outs, presentation boards, etc.
} Ensure that projects adhere to required review and approval as specified by the client
~ Provide customer focus: maintain motivation and commitment to win new business and sustain existing clientele
February 2012 June 2012

Imperial Design Group (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Senior Draftsman
Project Experience Gained:
Residential projects of under $1,000,000CDN value consisting of single family detached timber-frame homes (contributed to the design and drafting
u Assist in the production of drawing packages typically for wood-frame detached homes
v Help manage and conduct the efforts of a team consisting of 3 individuals (including myself)
May 2010 May 2011

AECOM (Edmonton, AB, Canada)
Architectural Technician
Project Experience Gained:
Commercial project of $265,000,000CDN value (contributed to the design phase of the electrical and mechanical elements of the project) [EPCOR Tower]
Commercial project (contributed to the design phase of the civil, structural, and mechanical elements of the project) [Central Utilities Plant EIA
Municipal project of value $20,000,000US (contributed to the design phase of the civil and architectural elements of the project) [Edmontons Light Rail
Transit Extension]
u Produce tender and construction issue electrical, mechanical, structural, civil and architectural drawings in 2D in a fast-paced environment

i. Electrical drawings - single line diagrams and detailed layouts of electrical works

ii. Mechanical drawings - sprinkler system layouts and detailed HVAC system layouts

iii. Structural drawings - detailed reinforced concrete layouts and sections as well as detailed structural steel layouts and sections

iv. Civil drawings - ground work layouts and sections and detailed layouts and sections of track for a railway expansion

v. Architectural drawings elements of a station on a railway expansion
v Prepare drawing and specification booklets
w Proactively engage and interact with client team members externally as well as design team members internally and be accountable for compliance with
company agreements with the customer
x Implement and follow, on an ongoing basis, extensive quality-control measures to ensure the companys adherence to strict ISO standards
y Ensure the maintenance of all relevant documentation for tracking and referencing
z Be accountable via ongoing feedback and performance management
& University of Bath International Construction Management work, 2014
& Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Supplemental Civil Engineering work, 2010-2011
& Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Architectural Technology Diploma, 2008-2010

Nominated for Cohos Evamy Scholarship by Dean

for St. Albert Civic Building design project

Qualified for Green Building Award for

residential design project
& Tempo Private School
High School Diploma, 2001
Supplemental Achievements
Technical Skills
Assisted Shehnai Group (Reading, UK) to make progress towards attaining ISO certification
Familiarized myself with the codes, practices, and procedures involved in the planning and

design of residential projects in the UK and subsequently processed several planning applications
MS Office

Familiarized myself with numerous standards and codes relevant to the design and delivery of
MS Excel

construction works in the UK for projects of varying scopes and sizes


Attended then co-hosted several seminars on safer working practices on construction sites

Completed IPAF training course MEWPS For Managers with assistance from management

CPD via events, seminars, and lectures in the UK including:

3DS Max

Curtain Wall, Glass, and Door/Window courses
Milton Keynes, Schuco

Structural Use of Glass in Buildings
Imperial College London
3D Rendering

RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) CPD
RIBA, London

Managing The Cladding Package (2 day)
CWCT, Bath University
CPU Hardware
Construction Expo 2014 Kent
CPU Software
Key Attributes

BSRIA Briefing: Smarter Ways To Better Buildings
Work ethic
Completed the Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS course)
Systematic approach
Attention to detail
Developmental drive
Quality focus
Thai Kickboxing

07802 845583

Architectural Technologist