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Heliski and

Helisnowboarding in
Kyrgyzstan, 2016
Brief information

Heliski and Helisnowboarding in

Kyrgyzstan, 2016
Duration: 7 days
Season: February - March
We are able to offer one of the most unique destinations for heliski
in perfect snowconditions.
The Thien Shan Mountain Range with its incredible vastness and
wide glaciers offer ideal conditions for fantastic ski experiences.

Heliski and Helisnowboarding in

Kyrgyzstan, 2016
Our partner firms are professionals who offer helicopters with best
maintained helicopters like the MI 8 MTV 1 which are characterized by
power, comfort and safety.
The MI 8 helicopters are leased from the army. This may sound strange
but it is a guarantee for the best maintanance, best engeeniers and highly
professional pilots who are experianced in flying in great highs.
Kyrgyz republic:
The peaceful and independant republic is located in the south of
Kasachstan and in the west of China. We fly in many different ranges in
Thien Shan Mountains where the conditions vary from completely
untouched alpine slopes to glaciers and runs through forests. A dream with
unlimited possibilities.

Heliski and Helisnowboarding in

Kyrgyzstan, 2016
We accomodate our guests only in 4 and 5 star hotels according to European standard.
In Bishkek these are the 5 star Hotel Jannat and Golden Dragon or the 4 star Hotel
Karven on the north side of Issik Kul. If we have move to other areas we arrange
accomodation in the best possible form like the 3 starhotel Amir in Karakol.

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