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Edited by Brigit Grant

RH2 Jewish News

29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / A lighter look at the news



s Jewish News
resident cartoonist,
Paul Solomons is
programmed to see the
funny side of things, be
they good, bad or inscrutable. His perspective on
news and politics gives
us all a laugh each week.
In terms of inspiration, he
was spoilt for choice.
The Brexit campaign and
aftermath has been a cartoonists dream, he says. It had everything that you would
normally expect to find in a biblical epic, a Shakespearean
play, or a Hollywood blockbuster. And its the story that
keeps on giving. It hasnt been as much fun being a cartoonist since the horsemeat scandal. I thought the Olympics
were great, too. Not many Jews on the podium, but setting
off late is in our genes, so I suppose thats to be expected.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


A lighter look at the news / Rosh Hashanah




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Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / New year greetings




Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth

Senior Rabbi, Movement for Reform Judaism

#PrayersForParis #PrayersForMunich #PrayersForBrussels.

If these popular sentiments from social media are anything to go
by, it seems that the world is rarely more united in prayer than
after devastating terrorist attacks. In July, after the particularly
brutal murder of a beloved Catholic Priest in Normandy, one
Twitter user responded to my own message in despair: The
time for prayer is long gone, he said. I couldnt disagree more.
The Hebrew word that we use for the act of prayer Lehitpalell actually means to sit in judgement of oneself. You
see, prayer is not something that God needs from us, but it is
certainly something that we need for ourselves.
At this time of year, through focusing on prayer, we acknowledge that we are all
imperfect, that we can improve our ways and that we must do better with the life that we
have been blessed with.
Last Rosh Hashanah we could barely have imagined the international political and
social upheaval that we would see in the coming year. All around us, the world seems in
turmoil. Unspeakable terrorist atrocities in Israel, Europe and beyond seem ever more
frequent. We are challenged by economic uncertainty and the values of tolerance and
peace seem to be giving way to polarisation and sectarianism.
These are not problems that any one of us can solve alone but, I sincerely believe
that if we can all find the courage to stop trying to change others and focus instead on
changing ourselves, we will eventually change the world.
May this coming year be one filled with only peace and reconciliation among the
peoples of the world.
Valerie and I extend to you all our very best wishes for a happy and fulfilling new year.

It has been a turbulent year. Close to home, concerns of anti-semitism have increased in our political system and we have experienced
the division in society and subsequent violence caused by the EU
referendum. In our spiritual home of Israel, the knife intifada
brought tragedy to the streets again. Across the world, there have
been countless people seeking refuge from violence and war.
Many are yet to find it.
However, as we anticipate the new year, we draw strength from
our collective history and tradition, knowing that it has always been
the Jewish way to face adversity and to persevere through it in the
best way we can. Halacha, the Hebrew word for the Jewish law which inspires how we live,
more accurately translates as the way to go. Living as a Jew has always been about coming
together to find the best way to go through times of concern; to face the world and keep
moving forwards.
In the year ahead, may we continue to be strong and strengthen one another chazak,
chazak vnitchazek. Lets work together to make a sweet new year not only a greeting, but a
reality for ourselves and the world we share.

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Chief Executive, Liberal Judaism
On behalf of the Board of National Officers, the Rabbinic Conference and the 40 constituent communities of Liberal Judaism I
send a hope for a sweet Rosh Hashanah to the staff and readers of
Jewish News.
The past year has been one of great potential change for the
citizens of Britain and a number of Jews have expressed anxieties
about the future.
The genius of the Yamin Noraim is that the season permits us
to acknowledge our failings and our fears but, at the same time,
offers each one of us the possibility of renewal.
In his Judaism as Creed and Life (Macmillian: London (1903), page 255) Morris Joseph
(1848-1930) observed: Life is so frail and fleeting, we must begin this serious use of it at
once, and begin by entering upon the task of self-examination and self-enoblement which
is its essential preliminary. A new year, say the rabbis, should inaugurate a new life. May
5777 be a year of renewal for us all.


Senior Rabbi, S&P Sephardi Community
If we were asked to predict the outcome of a year at its beginning,
we would likely fall short of approximating any of it accurately. This
year, no different from those before it, had its predictable elements
that were anticipated when the year began last Rosh Hashanah: The
American presidential election, the Olympics and of course Adeles
world tour. But the actual unfolding of events were hardly foreseen.
Brexit, for example, wasnt quite on our radar last Rosh Hashanah.
So it is with each year. None of us can truly calculate what will
come to pass. We speak of God in this mysterious and surprising
capacity, as Rav haAliliya the Great Mover. It is this aspect of God
and His world that keeps the unknown coming and challenges us to be aware at all times. The
best way to engage with an unforeseen reality is to build a rapport with its Divine source.
There is value to lifes unpredictability even the elements that are not pleasant or
welcome. They require us to acknowledge that there is a limit to our ability to control the
outcome. The unexpected prompts us to surrender our tendency to manipulate and instead
practise responding faithfully and responsively.
As Viktor Frankl famously wrote: The last of human freedoms [is] to choose ones attitude in
any given set of circumstances, to choose ones own way.
The surprises that come to us in our lives charge us to maintain integrity, for consistency of
character is the best source of stability against any turbulence that comes our way.
The High Holy Days are the times set aside for us all to carefully examine our virtues and
inner worlds. It is in this commitment to building strong, faithful identities, that we ask God to
record us for Life.
On behalf of the Sephardi Community of the UK, I wish readers of Jewish News, Shana Tova.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


New year greetings / Rosh Hashanah


Communal and political leaders

share their hopes and aspirations
for a sweet and prosperous 5777



Senior Rabbi, Masorti Judaism

The Prime Minister

In the blessings before we blow the shofar, we acknowledge

God who has commanded us to listen to its sound.
There is always awed silence before that first cry of the
shofar. But what exactly is it to which we are supposed to be
attentive in its mysterious call?
I hope we hear in the broken shevarim note the anguish of
those lives which are crushed in this often cruel world.
I hope we feel in the weeping teruah note the sorrow of
those left frightened and lonely amidst their tears and that their
cries awaken in us deeper understanding and compassion.
I hope we hear in the long tekiah the call of faith and hope itself and that it inspires us
to work with greater courage for all that is right, beautiful and worthwhile.
I hope we hear in the bare shofar, fashioned from an animals horn, the raw, plaintive
outcry of all animate existence, of nature itself, and that it moves us to act for the safe
future of this wonderful planet we share with all life.
I hope, too, that we hear the silence between the shofars notes and that it opens our
Leshanah Tovah. May this be a good, peaceful and fulfilling year in which we, all Israel
and all humankind are inspired to do what is compassionate, just and good.

I want to wish the Jewish community in Britain and around the world a very
happy and peaceful new year.
At this special time of celebration and prayer, we remember the tremendous contribution made by Britains Jewish community to this country
over the years, and we also think about the opportunities ahead not only for
ourselves, but for our country.
I want to ensure that Britain is a place where all our communities can
flourish. So as the Jewish new year begins I want to renew my unshakeable
vow to stand by our Jewish community now and for the years to come. We
must redouble our efforts to stamp out shameful and sickening anti-Semitism, and as Prime Minister and working in partnership with you I will do
everything in my power to protect your community, and indeed all our communities.
May the coming year bring you health and prosperity. I wish you all a Shana Tova.

President, Board of Deputies
In 5776 the Board of Deputies profile was raised to a new high.
We are setting and leading the national agenda on the matters
which count for Jews in this country.
When allegations of anti-Semitism emerged in Labour we
confronted the problem head-on, raising concerns robustly in
a face-to-face meeting with party leader Jeremy Corbyn. We
made a detailed submission to the Chakrabarti Inquiry into
anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and responded to what we
saw as the shortcomings in her report.
This has been the most tumultuous year in British political
life in living memory, with a decision by referendum to leave the European Union and a
new government. Throughout it all the Board of Deputies has been heard as the clear and
calm voice of British Jews, addressing the issues with clarity and firmness of purpose.
We continue to be staunch defenders of Jewish schools. When the Hebrew GCSE and
A-level came under threat again this year, we successfully campaigned to protect it.
We have continued to interact through all levels of government, from desk officer to
secretaries of state. This year, we produced the first Jewish manifestos for the Scottish,
Welsh and Northern Irish elections and are planning seminars for local councillors
across the country.
In 5777, we will continue to represent your interests as only a democratically elected
body can. May this new year bring you, your families and all of Am Yisrael health,
strength and peace.

Leader of Her Majestys Opposition
Shana Tova. As Jewish communities here in Britain and around the world,
gather to celebrate the High Holy Days, I want to extend my warmest greetings. This is a sacred and beautiful time for contemplation, celebration and
new beginnings. This is my promise to you, Labour must and will be a party
that represents all communities across Britain, to challenge inequality and
injustice wherever we find it. But I cant do this alone. I need your help to
make the Labour Party a strong representative and vibrant community.
In 5777 I will continue to fight for a Britain where the young can afford
homes, where communities are not pulled apart by house prices, where
the old are not isolated, and on their own, to create a country that works
for everyone and not just a privileged few. Let us usher in a happy and peaceful new year together, to
campaign for our shared values of peace, justice and equality. Shana Tova uMetukah.

Leader, Liberal Democrats
At a time when the politics of division and hate are driving divisions in
Britain, it is important that those of us who believe in openness and tolerance proudly celebrate the diverse cultures of communities throughout our
country. Britain has been consistently enriched and strengthened by their
contributions, not least that of the Jewish community.
Rosh Hashanah and the High Holy Days offer an opportunity to reflect on
the year which has passed, to renew ourselves and to make a new beginning. In
politics, this opportunity to reflect, take stock and begin afresh is all too rare,
and I hope to join the spirit of this season and do some reflection of my own.
Meanwhile I wish you all a happy, and reflective, new year. LShana Tova.

with us
Scheme manager Robert is like family to
Edna and his other tenants.
Over the last 50 years, jliving have become
one of the largest housing associations
in the UK working primarily with the
Jewish community.

To find out more please call us on 020 8381 4901


Jewish News 29 September 2016

all our

Looking for Art?

a very happy



Price: 395



29 September 2016

26 Ellul 5776


Our bumper 112-page

Rosh Hashanah issue!





An injured soldier who
saves children is just
one of Shaare Zedeks
superheroes. Noga
Tarnopolsky met him

f Asael Lubotzky were a doctor in the UK, heads

would turn when he entered a hospital. Handsome,
confident and with a ready smile, he is the sort of
man who attracts attention, but it is the specially
modified crutches on which he leans that would
set him apart. Sadly this is not the case in Israel,
where the sight of a young man with battle scars is
all too commonplace and where Lubotzky, the senior
resident in pediatric medicine at Jerusalems iconic
Shaare Zedek hospital, inhabits two worlds, as that
of healer and of the walking wounded.
If people stare at Lubotsky in the hospital, it is not
because they are fascinated by his crutches with torches
on the handles and suction pads on the base, but because
they recognise him as the young doctor who has become
something of a celebrity since publishing a memoir that
turned into a local bestseller.
His book, From the Wilderness and Lebanon, is about
his experience of battling the Shiite militia Hezbollah in
Lebanon where, in 2006 at the age of 23, he was a lieutenant in the Golani brigade commanding a platoon of
30 soldiers.
Lubotzky was almost killed when a missile registered
a direct hit on the spot on which he was standing in the
tank. He survived with extensive wounds and with one leg
so badly mangled his doctors were close to amputating it.
Lubotzkys circumstances are extraordinary by any
standard, but at Shaare Zedek, which in English means
Gates of Justice, they have been treating the war wounded
for almost 115 years and the hospital permeates with
stories like his that beggar belief.





Hope for us, hope for Israel, hope for the world








Edited by Brigit Grant

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Edited by Brigit Grant

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1923 - 2016

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Thanking our Thanking

Thanking our
andsupporters and
wishing everyone
our everyone
wishing aaThanking
and and
and peaceful
a happy,
Year 5777
a happy, healthy
a happy,
a happy,
New Year 5777peaceful
New Year 5777
Esther & Simon Bentley together with
Esther &atSimon
Yad Vashem
everyone at Yad VashemEsther
UK Foundation
& Simon

Bentley together with

Esther & Simon Bentley
together at
Yad Vashem UK Foundation

Sophie & Sue
at YadHelen,
UK Foundation
& Sue
& Simon
& Bentley
Simon Bentley
everyone at
at Yad
Yad Vashem
Vashem UK
UK Foundation

everyone at Yad Vashem UK Foundation

Helen, Sandra, Sophie & Sue
Evelynne, Goldie, Helen,
Sandra, Sophie
& Sue |
Evelynne, Goldie, Helen, Sandra, Sophie & Sue
Goldie, Helen, Sandra, Sophie & Sue | |
Stirling House,
9 Burroughs |Gardens,
LondonNW4 4AU
Stirling House,
Breasy Place, 9 Burroughs Gardens, LondonNW4 4AU

Esther & Simon Bentley together with

everyone at Yad Vashem UK Foundation

Carol Deutsch (18941944)

"And the
was not Consumed" (Exodus 3:2)
"And the Bush
was not Consumed" (Exodus 3:2)

Gouache, 19411942
ink and crayon on paper 70.2 x 52.2 cm
of the
Art Museum,
on paper
70.2 x 52.2

3:2) Abrams, Chicago
the artists
Ingrid Hendrickx Abrams, Chicago
Carol Deutsch
Deutsch (18941944)
ink and
x 52.2
cm (Exodus 3:2)
Carol Deutsch
of the Yad19411942
Vashem Art Museum, Jerusalem
Tel: 020 8359
1146 | Registered Charity No. 1099659
Tel: 020 8359 1146 | Registered Charity No. 1099659
Stirling House, Breasy Place, 9 Burroughs Gardens, LondonNW4 4AU

Evelynne, Goldie, Helen, Sandra,
Sue9 Burroughs
House, Breasy
Gardens, LondonNW4 4AU

"And the Bush was not Consumed" (Exodus 3:2)

xx 52.2
on paper
52.2 cm
cmAbrams, Chicago
70.2 x 52.2 cm
of the
the Yad
Art Museum,

Gouache, ink and crayon on paper 70.2 x 52.2 cm

Collection of the Yad Vashem Art Museum, Jerusalem

of the Yad
Vashem ArtAbrams,
Museum, Jerusalem
Bequest of
of the
the artists
artists daughter,
daughter, Ingrid
Ingrid Hendrickx
Hendrickx Abrams, Chicago

Bequest of the artists daughter, Ingrid Hendrickx Abrams, Chicago

Bequest of the artists daughter, Ingrid Hendrickx Abrams, Chicago

Tel: 020
Charity No.
Stirling House,
9 |Burroughs

9 Burroughs
LondonNW4 4AU
Tel: 020
1146 | Place,
Charity No.
Tel: 020 8359 1146 | Registered Charity No. 1099659

Tel: 020 8359 1146 | Registered Charity No. 1099659

Tel: 020 8359 1146 | Registered Charity No. 1099659 |

Wishing all our clients

a happy new year

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Wishing all our community a Happy and Healthy New Year

58 Regents Park Road, London N3 3JN

020 8371 6050/52


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival forages

Bidding for the


t is not the most

obvious thing to do
ahead of the chagim,
but eBay enthusiasts
dont need much of an
excuse to peruse the
global shop window.
A gift that defies explanation or serves as a talking
point at a family gathering is as good a reason
as any to look around and see what eBay throws
up when you enter the words Rosh Hashanah,
Yom Kippur and Succot. There are the obvious
things like candlesticks and festival colouring
books, but theres also some strange, unusual
and unexpected items that money can buy.
From crumbling, useless museum entry
tickets to yom tov gifts for your cockapoo,
here are some of the most eye-catching things
on offer
If you want to brush up on your history this
1 copy
Yom 14-047-AW
why not
in 2
nine issues of the Jerusalem Post? From the

time of the 1973 Yom Kippur war, the pages

show the original coverage of the event and
are in generally good condition, as the seller
takes pains to point out. Most of these issues
were bought to keep and not to read, he
writes, helpfully adding, but there are smaller
tears, paper discolouration and creases these
papers are almost 40 years old. Even new
papers have some tears and creases.
Hows it fair that you,
your husband and
your kids all get new
outfits, but poor old
Fluffy and bouncy Rover are left out of the
festivities? Thats why its important to make a
bid on a special collar artfully decorated with
stars of David.

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14-047-AW Jewish Helpline General Flyer_Layout 1 copy 2 04/02/2014 10:39 Page 1

0203to cope
Are you struggling
with life's challenges?
Do struggling
you feel like
Are you
to you're
cope with
life's challenges?
Do you feel like you're suffering alone?
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and help
find your
will listen and help you to find your way
We offer free, confidential, anonymous,
offer free, confidential,
non-judgmental telephone support
Sunday - Thursday: 12pm-12am
Sunday -Friday:
Friday: 12-3pm
Jewish Helpline, a small charity with a big heart
Jewish Helpline,
a small charity with a big heart
Registered Charity Number. 1101612
Registered Charity Number. 1101612

Deborah Cicurel perused eBay for Rosh

Hashanah items you never knew you needed
If youre pretty into your Judaica, youll like this
little slice of history: an old lottery ticket from
the 1960s. Itll set you back about 5, but its safe
to bet that you wont win this weeks lotto.
If you enjoy studying
Torah and think your dolls
should too, luckily for you,
there are plenty
of Jewish books
in miniature
sizes. You
can pick from minuscule song
books so your toys can brush
up on their musical skills,
siddurim so they can pray, and
even a teeny-tiny lulav and
etrog so if, Toy Story-style, the
inhabitants of the dolls house
were to come alive, they could
keep up with Succot traditions
just like you.
Of all the things you could collect stamps,
postcards or fridge magnets if you decided to
collect meaningless, useless tickets, eBays the
place for you. Redundant, used tickets to Jewish
museums around the world are on offer all over
the site, and for only 5 (more than the cost of
entry to most of the museums the tickets are
from) you can have your very own bit of scrap
shipped halfway across the world. But theres
a home for everything, right?


To add some extra pizzazz into the high holiday
proceedings, why not ditch the standard,
boring cookie shapes and mould your delicious
desserts into Hebrew words such as Yom Tov
and Chag Sameach? Youll be on the Great
British Bake Off before you know it, even if it
is on Channel 4.
You cant have your baby
spilling his apple and
honey all over himself
at the table. Little ones
have got to look stylish
when all your guests
come over for the new
years dinner or to break
the fast why not snap up
a hilarious and cute bib on eBay? My personal
favourite is the one that reads future doctor.
You can never start to think about your childrens job prospects early enough, apparently.

If youve been sinful this year and you
need to remind yourself more frequently
of how to follow all the commandments, you can buy your very own
set of tablets for your wall. Theyll set
you back quite a few hundred
pounds, but
how can you
put a price on
bringing back
a special slice
of synagogue
to your own home?
If youre keen for your machzor to mean a
bit more than a quick trip to the bookstore
in Golders Green, why not invest in a prayer
book from eBay? There are hundreds to pick
from, with a variety of origins, and some even
date back centuries. Just make sure no one
puts your special purchase into the pile of
communal prayer books in synagogue, because
youll never see it again.
If you havent been accosted
by men trying to sell you
some in Jerusalem
recently, and you
want to follow in
Madonnas footsteps, buying a red
Kabbalah string on eBay
is an option. Belief that it
will protect you from the
evil eye is optional, but
definitely encouraged.
While we love the time off work and school,
theres no denying that all that time at home can
be taxing at times. Once the novelty of Articulate, Monopoly and Scrabble wears off, what do
you do? Weve got a perfect, festival-appropriate
option for you: your very own 3D jigsaw puzzle,
which lets you build the Beit Hamikdash (or
at least, a tiny, less impressive version) in your
own home. Thatll keep the kids busy for hours.

29 September 2016 Jewish News

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Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival Food


As their customers run around
frantically shopping for the
chagim, Debra Barnes asked deli owners to look back at the year
and reveal their new year specialties
Photos by Adam Stoller

Rivka Schtraks
This has been our first
complete year in business [the
Golders Green branch] and
I have been blown away by the
success of our speciality ranges.
Forty percent of our customers
are French-speaking and they
particularly like our French
delicacies, such as tinned truffles, confit duck thighs, boutargue (dried smoked cod roe)
and feuilles de brick filo pastry
as well as our massive cheese
selection. We have customers
from Nigeria, North Africa,
Sweden... all over the world!
Our Rosh Hashanah
speciality is our tinned truffles
which, at 32.50, are not cheap,
but they are really popular
especially in yomtov North
African dishes and we are the
only shop that sell it here.
121-123 Golders Green Road,
Golders Green, London,
NW11 8HR

Moishi Schmahl (pictured
with fishmonger Michael)
The past year has really
seen the business expand
from just a fishmonger to
a deli. As well as selling to
our regular customers, we
also cater for functions
now and weve even delivered to Westcliff for an event.
We supply caterers and
other shops, and weve
started to sell sushi too.
Fish is perfect for the
new year and as regards our
Rosh Hashanah speciality,
we sell everything from
traditional carp and gefilte
fish to more deli-style fried
haddock and plaice, herring
and salads.
7 The Promenade, Edgware

Jack Bendahan

As part of our commitment to

giving back to the community,
we raised 4,000 for Jewish Care
with the help of our customers,
and we partner with GIFT and
Keren Shabbat, enabling families in
need to be able to have chicken for
Shabbat. Weve also undertaken
various projects to improve our
customers experience from shop
renovations, a new website and
great offers like the one on roasters
during July they were going
As for our Rosh Hashanah
speciality, prime bola is a
secondary cut to roast beef and
makes a great yomtov meal, as
do lamp chops or turkey breast for
a healthier option.
13 The Promenade, Edgware

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Festival Food / Rosh Hashanah



This year, Flaxs has celebrated 25 years

serving the Bushey community, which has
been a great honour for us and we would like to
thank all of our customers for their support.
We have lovely yomtov dried fruit gifts and
different types of honey to welcome in the
sweet new year and help you celebrate with
family and friends.

As soon as our customers tell us what is

missing, we do our best to get it in. This year,
we have continued to expand our product
selection, particularly in our party & colour
paper goods section, the new slush machine
and our extensive cake decorating aisle. We
bring the vibrancy of American supermarket
shopping to the UK.
Our Rosh Hashanah specialities are
the sweets gifts from our brand new Candy

Eyal Gold (with Mitchell Swillman)

43 High Road, Bushey WD23 1EE

first in the UK and now were

selling them in Selfridges!
Fortnum & Mason stock our
plain and black bagels.
Weve got all the yomtov
favourites like delicious fried
fish, fish balls, herring, handsliced smoked salmon plus,
of course, fresh challahs and

Rivki Rokach

105 The Broadway, Mill Hill,

London NW7 3TG

Corner. Customers can fill a free container

from a choice of more than 130 types of
sweets, including mazeltov taffy and Shabbos
candy. We also stock delicious honey lollipops
and honey stix.
7 Russell Parade, Golders Green Road,
London NW11 9NN


Lawrence Samuels
Weve been overwhelmed by the success of
our rainbow bagels. The day after watching
them being made by a New York bakery on
a Facebook video, I had bought all the ingredients and made the first batch. We were the


With your help Boys Town Jerusalem can

look forward to another remarkable year
Boys Town Jerusalem takes boys from the edges of Israeli society and provides them with
an exceptional education, focusing on technology, coupled with unparalleled pastoral care.
To support Jerusalems most remarkable school this Rosh Hashana go to or call 020 8090 8421
Reg. Charity number: 1100332


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival Food


new dishes
Alex Galbinski leafs through the
latest cookery books to spice up your
Rosh Hashanah and everyday menu
The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take On
Tradition Amelia Saltsman (published by Sterling,
distributed in UK by GMC Distribution, 25)

Of Romanian and Iraqi-Jewish heritage, Amelia Saltsmans

book includes recipes with a modern seasonal twist.
There is rustic chopped liver with an accompanying
parsley and celery salad, a golden borscht with buttermilk
and ginger, roasted carrot and sweet potato tzimmes, roast
chicken with tangerines, green olives and silan (date syrup)
and chocolate pavlovas with tangelo sorbet and Seville
orange sauce.
Saltsman provides shopping tips and dairy/parev/vegan
variations. Wonderful for the seasonal cook.


Zahav Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook
(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015, 25)

Chef Michael Solomonov and co-author and business

partner Steven Cook did for Israeli cooking in the United
States what Ottolenghi has done here.
Years after opening their restaurant Zahav in Philadelphia in 2008, Israeli-born and US-raised Solomonov
(who was named chef of the year in 2014), has shared his
and Cooks recipes in this heavy and personal tome.
I look forward to trying so many recipes, but
particularly the many types of hummus (which put
their restaurant on the map), salatim, the fried
aubergine with tehina and pomegranate seeds, chicken
pastille with cinnamon and almonds, Solomonovs mums coffee-braised brisket, his Persian rice....


Something Sweet: Desserts, Baked Goods, and
Treats for Every Occasion Miriam Pascal
(ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications, 24.85 from

This is Miriam Pascals debut cookbook but, as the creator

of, she is no novice in the kitchen.
Pascal has gathered a rapid following, her blog recipes are
often shared on various Facebook recipe groups and
she takes feedback seriously (see her no-margarine
cookie recipes).
Pascal says: Theres always room for something
sweet! So there is, and among the many recipes I want
to try are her trail mix oatmeal cookies, Snickerdoodle
bundt cake, cinnamon cheese buns, healthy apple spice muffins,
fruit-filled pastry roses and her popular hot gooey caramel pie.

Wishing all our clients a happy new year

Bar/ Batmitzvah & Wedding photography
special memories
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Bar / Batmitvah
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What Levi and his brothers had to do

to survive neglect is hard to swallow
Before coming to live at Emunahs Childrens
Centre in Afula, Levi and his siblings were
regularly left to find their own food usually
other peoples leftovers from bins.
Emunah in Israel cares for 12,000 children, many
of whom have been severely neglected. This Rosh
Hashanah, with your donation, we can help them to
heal, thrive, succeed and reach their full potential.

07956 818477 | 020 8491 6482

Please visit or call

us on 020 8203 6066 (office hours) | Follow British Emunah on
British Emunah Fund - Registered charity number 215398

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Festival Food / Rosh Hashanah



Israel Eats Steven Rothfeld (Gibbs Smith, 22.50)

The New Mediterranean Jewish Table: Old World

Recipes for the Modern Home Joyce Goldstein
(University of California Press, 29.95)

Photographer Steven Rothfeld had avoided visiting

Israel until a chance encounter in Italy with an Israeli
planted a seed in his mind. Twenty-seven years later, he
finally made it and travelled the length and breadth of the
country for several months, being invited into the homes
of Israeli farmers, cooks, chefs and artisans.
The result is a beautiful book containing stories, recipes,
and photos of Israels food culture, including roasted beet
carpaccio, fried artichokes with labneh, siniya of sea bass,
freekeh tabbouleh with preserved lemon vinaigrette and
vegan chocolate mint cake ... but the stories of the people
behind the food stay with you as well as the recipes.

This book of updated and modernised Mediterranean recipes

by the American doyenne of Jewish cooking Joyce Goldstein
is reminiscent of Claudia Rodens Book of Jewish Food.
Along with the recipes that are based on or inspired by
dishes from Sephardic, Maghrebi and Mizrahi cultures,
it gives the background to these individual communities.
There are no photos but plenty of food to inspire: baked
fish with almond stuffing; lamb tagine with raisins, almonds
and honey; Moroccan sardines marinated with lemon and
cumin and Greek baked quince filled with walnuts.


The New Yiddish Kitchen Simone Miller and
Jennifer Robins (Page Street Publishing Co, 18.99)

This book, written by Simone Miller and Jennifer

Robins, two leaders in gluten-free and paleo cooking, taps
into the current needs of those who dont eat processed
grains and/or dairy. The more than 100 traditional Jewish
recipes have been re-worked to be grain, gluten, dairy and
refined sugar-free, as well as kosher.
Recipes, from sections such as Not-Your-Bubbes
Appetizers and Soups and Not So-Traditional Deli Fare
include grain-free challah, matzo balls, charoset sweetened with coconut sugar, balsamic braised
short ribs, smoky beef-stuffed aubergine, everything bagels with cashew cream cheese and
blintzes with blueberry topping.
The UK Friends of the

Israel Guide Dog Centre

help raise awareness and

much needed funds for

Israels 23,000 registered

blind and visually-

impaired people.

We need your help now to

support the 36 new guide

dog partnerships we need

to create this year, each
one costing around


To donate or nd out more

please call 020 8090 3455

or email our UK Executive

Shana Tova to all our friends and


Director, Martin Segal at

Israel Guide Dog Centre for the Blind - PO Box 756, Borehamwood WD6 9JE
UK registered charity no: 1027996


Le Marais: A Rare Steakhouse Well Done Mark
Hennessey and Jose Meirelles (Gefen, 25.99)

The fact I can still remember how good was a steak from
New Yorks Le Marais restaurant back in 2009 is testament
to the talents of its chefs. Owner Jose Meirelles is Portuguese and not Jewish and executive chef Mark Hennessey
is an Irish-Italian Catholic. No matter they have created
what former US senator Joe Lieberman calls one of the
finest and most successful kosher restaurants in the US.
With this irreverent book (Desserts gives us that one
last opportunity to show off our skills before they head out
to the car and have the inevitable conversation of grading
your efforts), we can recreate French classics such as braised duck legs with white
pearl onions and petite pois, frise aux [veal] lardons, and caramelised quince charlotte. I cant wait!


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival Wine


ts wine, Jim. But not as we know it....

Have I imagined this? Or do I recall
Spock saying these words during the
Star Wars episode where they visit the
Upper West Side, get invited to Friday night
supper and drink kosher wine?
That syrupy red stuff, what was it like? It
had its uses but making food taste better
was nowhere in the list. Thankfully, times
have changed.
Theres been a real revolution, says kosher
wine expert Abbie Deutsch. Youve now got
wine producers in Israel, France, Spain and
Italy, all producing high quality kosher wine.
It didnt used to be this way.
Change started in the 1990s, when a
winery in the Golan Heights produced,
seemingly out of nowhere, a stylish red
called Katzrin. The world sipped and
took notice.
It was a revelation, said Abbie,
manager of The Wine Cellar in Stamford
Hill. Conoisseurs couldnt believe
a relatively unknown winery could
produce such a wine. But it was no fluke.
Today, a bottle of Katzrin 2003 will
cost you 500. Even some of the recent
vintages are 100 a bottle. And the

winery Yarden has become one of the giants

of the international wine trade.
Yardens success was built on a mixture of
business acumen and the extraordinary climate
of the Golan, where cold nights and warm
daytime temperatures mimic the weather
pattern of great wine areas such as Bordeaux.
Indeed, the nights are so cold that its
possible to make ice wine they call it
Heights Wine locally from frozen grapes,
concentrating the sugars and producing rich,
complex, sweet pudding wines.
Suddenly, a whole palette of wines
was emerging from the Golan everything
from award-winning bubbly to elegant whites
and beautifully complex reds. And as the
quality of kosher wine went through the
roof, a lucrative new international market
developed. In business terms, it was
the perfect circle, said Abbie. People
who keep kosher suddenly had high
quality wines to drink. So their interest
developed. More people started to drink
it, which meant more wineries were
interested in making it.
Many of the resulting wines are
excellent with some among the very
best. And what better time of year to

Kosher wine has come of age and

Rosh Hashanah is a good reason to open
a bottle or two, says Steve Bailey
enjoy them than Rosh Hashanah?
Weve taken a look at The Wine Cellars
shelves to come up with some of the best on the
market and suggest a string of real winners.
If you want simple value for money, its here.
If, however, your City bonus is burning a hole in
your pocket, theres something for you, too.
Enjoy the chagim.


Budget: Les Floreales Prosecco. Lively, lemony

Italian bubbly at a bargain price currently on
special at 8.99 (down from 12.99).
The perfect aperitif, equally
at home with fish. Can you afford
not to?
Mid-price: Yarden Blanc de
Blancs. Complex and elegant.
Lemon zest, apple and floral notes
with a hint of creaminess. 25.99.
Great on its own or with a delicate
cheese souffl or smoked salmon.
Treat Time: Champagne
Laurent Perrier. The real deal
and kosher! Pure class in a
glass. Citrus and peach, a refined
acidity, powdery bubbles... all
beautifully structured. 105.
Come on, its that time of year.


Budget: Yasmin White. A Chardonnay/

Sauvignon Blanc blend from the Recanati
winery in the Hefer Valley. Crisp,
with notes of pear, citrus, aniseed and
a hint of spice. Well worth the 11.99.
Drink on its own, or with fish and
creamy cheeses.
Mid-price: Yarden Chardonnay.
A single-variety wine from the
Odem Organic Vineyard, this
classy white has fresh floral
flavours tempered with a touch of
minerality and a hint of biscuit.
Complex and with a long finish.
17.99. Try it with herb-crusted
salmon or roast chicken.

Treat Time: Recanati Special

Reserve White. A heady blend
of Roussanne and Marsanne,
skilfully matured in oak to
produce a rich, complex and
elegant white made only in
a limited edition from the
vineyards best grapes. One for
the connoisseur. 29.99.
Fish, rich pasta dishes, chicken...
you choose.


Budget: Gamla Merlot. Intense black

fruit with a touch of orange zest and
herbs from the Golan Heights. Great
value at 11.99 (usually 16.50). An
excellent accompaniment to lamb
or roast duck.
Mid-price: Bazelet Hagolan
Magma. A well-judged Cabernet/
Merlot blend with red fruit, a hint
of liquorice and finely balanced
tannins. Worth the 25. Red meat
and cheeses will love it.
Treat Time: Metzuda Har Eitan.
A fabulous blend of Cabernet,
Merlot, Petit Verdot and Shiraz
barrel-matured to perfection for at
least two years. A hint of chocolate
on the nose, then lots of lush red fruit with notes
of mint and cinammon. Utterly wonderful.
Limited to production of 1,000 bottles and
only produced on good years. 90 well spent.
Perfect with beef or lamb.


Im sorry, you want to drink budget or

mid-price sweet white wine? I dont
know you.
Treat Time: Yarden Heights Wine.
Sweet and intense. Notes of apricot,
lychee, honeysuckle and spice. Perfect
with a mature Reblochon, tarte tatin
or a rich baked cheesecake. A half
bottle in a special case (the ideal New
Year gift?) costs 14.99 reduced
from 20 for the celebration.

LShanah Tovah, uMtukah!

Rabbi Lisa Barrett, Honorary Officers, Council and staff of SWESRS
would like to wish the entire Jewish community
a very Happy and Healthy New Year for 5777.
We invite you to join SWESRS members for the High Holydays Services at Oaks Lane,
Newbury Park. FREE tickets for 18 27 year olds
Check out website for further details.
Please call the Synagogue office for tickets and further information: 020 8599 0936
Throughout the year our doors are always open and we are happy to welcome you to our
wonderful Choral, Family and Childrens Shabbat services, as well as our monthly table-top
Chavurah Erev Shabbat services, groups and activities.
We would be delighted to see you at any time of the year.
Why not take a look at our website for further details?

29 September 2016 Jewish News

Fast breakers
Sea Bass with Pistachio Crumbs

Whatever youre doing over the

holidays, Denise Phillips has some
tasty and easy recipes for you

Serves: 6

When it comes to breaking the fast, you want

a light tasty meal that is quick to make. This
recipe is just that!
I first made this recipe while on my Sicilian
cookery class this summer and just loved
the simplicity of ingredients contrasting with
great flavour and elegance. However, it can
be enjoyed with your favourite potatoes and
vegetables in season.
It is a quick and sumptuous sea bass
recipe, perfect for dinner parties. Prepare the
crumb mix in advance and then oven bake
when your guests sit down.


1 Place the bread and cheese in the food

processor and pulse together until you get a
cheese breadcrumb mixture.
2 Add the pistachio nuts and pulse gently so that
you get a coarse texture.
3 Remove and season with salt and freshly ground
black pepper. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons olive oil.
4 Place the crumb mix evenly over each fillet. Press
down firmly.

Preparation: 10 mins Cooking Time: 10 mins

5 Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas mark 6.

6 Line a tray with baking parchment paper. Add the
sea bass, drizzle a little oil over the top for a golden

6 sea bass fillets pin boned skin on

2 slices of brown bread
30g Parmesan/cheddar cheese
50g pistachio nuts
2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Baked Salmon with Herb Tahini


7 Bake for 10 minutes.

9 Serve immediately.

Serves: 6

The criteria required for a top yom tov recipe,

especially one to break the fast include: quick
and easy, few ingredients, family-friendly, and
can be enjoyed cold or warm.
This recipe does all of that and more, as it
looks and tastes delicious too. I like to serve
this with paprika roast potatoes and a
selection of salads.
If preferred, it can be made using a whole
salmon or trout fillets. All of the ingredients in
both recipes can be bought from Sainsburys.
Preparation: 10 mins Cooking Time: 20 mins


1 Preheat the oven to 180C/170C fan/ Gas

mark 4.
2 Place the salmon on a tray lined with baking
paper. Drizzle with olive oil and season well.

6 x150g salmon fillets skinned and pin boned

1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
140g Greek yoghurt/natural yoghurt
1 tablespoon of tahini
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
3 tablespoons each of fresh mint, coriander and flat
leaf parsley finely chopped
Zest of 1 lemon
2 teaspoons of sumac
50g pine nuts toasted
Garnish 1 lemon cut into wedges

3 Bake for about 20 minutes or until just cooked.

4 Remove from the oven to cool. Transfer to a
5 Meanwhile, mix the yoghurt, tahini and lemon
juice in a bowl and season.
6 In a separate bowl combine the chopped
herbs, lemon zest, sumac and pine nuts.
7 Spread each salmon fillet with the tahini sauce
and scatter with the herb mixture.


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival Food



When it comes to breaking the fast, Denise Phillips

suggests something light and not too sweet - Certainly
nothing rich and creamy! These treats can be made in
advance, enjoyed hot or cold and are ideal for your family

Crunchy Nut Black Apple Crumble

You can never have too many apple crumble recipes! This one is completely different from any
of my other creations and is another family favourite to make time and time again. It is made
with a gooey filling of blackberries and apple, hence the black apple title, and topped with
chopped marzipan and a crunchy coating of almond crumble.
30 minutes


40-45 minutes

1 Preheat the oven to 200C/180C

fan/Gas mark 6.


6 large Granny Smith apples

Juice of 1 lemon
300g blackberries
50g demerara sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon mixed spice
100g marzipan
Crumble Topping

150g butter/non-dairy margarine cut into cubes

200g plain flour
200g oats
50g demerara sugar
100g skin-on almonds roughly chopped
Zest of 2 lemons

10 people

2 Place the apples in a large ovenware dish (1.6 litre).

3 Squeeze over the lemon juice, then gently stir in
the blackberries, sugar and spices.
4 For the crumble, rub the flour and oats into the
butter/margarine to make a coarse crumbly mixture.
5 Stir in the sugar, almonds and lemon zest.
6 Chop up the marzipan and dot it over the fruit
evenly in the dish.
7 Sprinkle over the crumble mixture.
8 Place the dish on a baking tray and bake for about
45 minutes or until the topping is golden and fruit is
juicy and tender.

Serve with custard or ice cream.

Vanilla Custard and Plumogranate Tray Bake

Plumogranates are a hybrid fruit with the tanginess of pomegranates and the sweetness of
plums. I found these in my local supermarket but this recipe can be made with plums if you
cant find plumograntes. Enjoy as a dessert or with a cup of tea or coffee.
16 squares
30 cm with baking paper.
20 minutes

50 minutes


250g unsalted butter/non-dairy margarine

150g golden caster sugar
4 eggs
250g self-raising flour
teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
Pinch salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
75g ready-made custard/non-dairy Alpro custard
5 Plumogranates destoned and chopped
5 Plumogranates sliced
To serve: Golden syrup/honey

1 Preheat the oven to 180C/160C fan/Gas mark 4.
2 Grease and line a flat baking tin measuring 20cm x

3 Using an electric mixer, whisk the

butter/margarine and sugar until pale and fluffy.
4 Beat in the eggs one at a time with some flour so the
mixture does not curdle.
5 Fold in the flour, bicarbonate of soda and salt.
6 Add the vanilla extract, custard and chopped plums.
7 Spoon the mixture onto the prepared cake tin and
smooth out.
8 Bake for 20 minutes then gently, without disturbing
the mixture, remove from the oven.
9 Place the plumogranate slices in rows gently
positioned on top.
10 Bake for a further 30 minutes or until golden.
11 Remove from the oven and leave to cool for 10
minutes, then turn onto a wire rack to cool completely.

To serve, drizzle with golden syrup or honey. Cut into

squares and enjoy with more custard, cream or ice cream.

29 September 2016 Jewish News

INT050_in-toto StAlbans_Northwoods_Half PG AD_Promos_S1.indd 1


20/09/2016 09:28

Shanah Tovah
Wishing you a healthy and
happy New Year from the
Royal Free Private Patients Unit.

020 7317 7751

A: Royal Free London,

Private Patients Unit
Pond Street,
London NW3 2QG

RF - PPU Shanah Tovah Advert.indd 1

Investing in the NHS

12/09/2016 16:40


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Food



All year long they serve us in their

restaurants. Louisa Walters asked
Jewish restaurant owners what they
will be serving at home for new year

JONNY KRANTZ owns Bluebelles in

Portobello and Mill Hill


Bluebelles caf
is open all year
except Christmas
Day, Boxing Day
and New Years
Day. We may
re-evaluate the
latter on the basis
that 1 January is a
really good day for
hangover brunch! says Jonny.
We are not religious but we do love a
family meal, especially if it includes matzah
balls! This year we are heading to my
partners grandparents house. There will be
four generations in attendance. There will
be lots of honey cake, and pink lady apples
with locally produced honey to dip into
and then we will collapse on the sofa for an

JO TAPPER owns Jin Sushi in Hendon

Jin Sushi serves

sushi and an
array of first class
unspirited binge fest of Narcos on Netflix.
Japanese dishes
We actually eat apple and honey
with incredible
regularly, prolonging the good new year
flavours and artistic
vibe for as long as possible.
presentation. It has
I can never remember which festival
been open just over
is which. In my mind they all merge into
a year and has a
one and everything
loyal following.

on the same
day. So my memory tells me that we fast
For me Rosh
to the point of no hope, stuff our faces on
Hashanah is a time to celebrate new
challah, egg and salt water, lokshen soup
beginnings with family and friends. Its a
and then strip bare an entire orchid and
time to be hopeful and make everything
consume a hive of honey! Joking aside,
positive, say Jo.
Rosh Hashanah is all about family for
We will be having lunch with family
me having kids, being a father, a son, a
after synagogue. Our table groans with
brother and soon a husband and an uncle.
food there must be 20 dishes or more!
Now that Bluebelles is established within
Mum seems to think the 5,000 will turn up,
two communities, I believe that there is an
which is always possible in our house as we
extended family of regular customers who
have an open door policy anyone could
see Bluebelles as part of their lives an
come along up at a minutes notice. I grew
extension of their own homes. We also have up in an extremely inclusive open family.
a family of 30 employees who are united
As a child I remember going to
for the same reasons.
synagogue and watching the shofar being
blown by a young boy. I always looked
forward to dipping the apple in honey to
bring in a sweet new year.
Now I am older I feel thankful and
appreciative of the small things and I enjoy
celebrating with family and friends.

AVI COHEN owns the Hummus Bar in

Golders Green

The Hummus Bar is

a relative newcomer
to the kosher dining
scene in Golders
Green and has met
with tremendous
We close the
restaurant for the
Chagim, giving us
a nice holiday,
says Avi. Our main meal will be dinner
on Rosh Hashanah evening at home with
my family and we will also be hosting a
few friends. My favourite dish is the honey
cake for dessert.
When I was a child the highlight of Rosh
Hashanah was that all my family used to
come to my grandparents house in Haifa
for a huge dinner and all the younger kids
would stay over. As I got older I started to
understand the religious meaning of this
festival and over the years it became a very
relaxing time that gives me a short holiday!

Italian Food at its Best & More to Enjoy

4 Star food at 2 Star Prices

us once, & you will come

back for

See you soon, ciao!


9.90 10.90
With choices of 8 starters & 8 mains. Available Monday - Friday 12 noon - 6.45 pm
Not available on bank holiday & on special dates.
Excluding drinks, VAT is included in all prices


food market in Camden

open all day everyday 12.00 noon - 11.00pm

Sunday and Bank Holiday 12.00 noon - 10.00pm

T: 020 8445 1188

Check out the website for our full menu
1314-1316 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 9HJ


KERB Camden is open 364 days of the year.

(Rosh Hashanah isnt the day it is closed)
There are 35 stalls serving incredible food,
including several varieties of Mac n Cheese,
and the most incredible halloumi fries,
KERB offers a catering service mainly for

Simon Mitchell of KERB

large corporate events, but it is becoming

popular for weddings.
Our Rosh Hashanah meal is lunch
on the first day, says Simon. This year
we are going to family friends. My mum
passed away three years ago so family
occasions are difficult these days.
I tend to get quite emotional in
synagogue, especially during Yizkor on
Yom Kippur. As lovely as our friends
cooking is, nothing will ever beat my mum
doing it.
This may sound controversial but I have
never been a fan of honey cake. Our lunch
has always been focused on fish literally
every kind of fish! Boiled, fried, schmaltz
herring, chopped herring, smoked salmon...
As a child I spent the entire Rosh
Hashanah service outside Bushey shul
talking to my friends (and telling my
parents I was in the youth service).


Jonny at Bluebelles:
I saw some cool stuff online about
a new toasted sweet potato fad, and
ready-to-go products are definitely a
growing area. There is also a return to
cream teas and conversely some more
fitness related recipes.
Jo at Jin Sushi:
Everything Taiwanese - we have
already started doing bubble tea and
Taiwanese pies. Spring onion flavour
is a hit - people go mad for it! Dont
be surprised if you see steamed buns
on our menu soon. In terms of sushi, I
think its all going American with crazy
flavours like kiwi and cream cheese,
plus deep fried sushi rolls.
Avi Cohen at the Hummus Bar
Trends for 2017... seeing as its only
getting healthier over the last few
years I think poke could become the
next thing in food trends. It has already
started picking up in London and most
importantly its delicious.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Wishing you Shana Tova

We provide a wide range of Corporate and Private Banking
services to both UK based and international clients.

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Our areas of expertise include:

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Leumi ABL)

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Highest Quality Care
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At SweetTree Home Care Services we believe in the true meaning of the
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We have a full range of live-in or live-out support services to assist
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Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Israels Holiday Mood



elebrating Jewish
holidays in Israel has its
perks; actually, there
are a lot of them. In a
country where national holidays
and Jewish holidays are one and
the same, vaction spirit pulses
through the entire country.
From Rosh Hashanah through to

Simchat Torah, everyone puts a fresh

spin on their products. With apple
and honey massages at the Elma
Hotel, to special VIP vineyard tours at
the Golan Heights Winery, and a fresh
stock of white dresses at Trumpeldor,
Jerusalems iconic vintage clothing
store, everyone gets involved in the
celebrations. Even the public buses in

Israel stream Chag Sameach across

the front of the bus.
For Marissa, a second year
student at Naale Elite Academy,
a high school programme in Israel,
seeing the country transform
blew her away. Coming from the
States, where Jewish holidays are
celebrated in private, its incredibly
meaningful to see the whole country
in the Jewish holiday spirit.
Seeach Sod a non-profit that
supports children with special needs
and their families makes sure that
no one gets left out of the celebrations. We tailor the celebrations so
the kids and adults can be involved
and feel more included in their
nation, said Sarah Nathan, Seeach
Sods spokeswoman. Taking special
care to provide a joyful celebration
catered specifically for the needs of
its community, Seeach Sod organises
special prayer services, trips and a
massive Simchat Torah celebration in

From honey massages to white

dresses, everything in the Holy
Land is infused with the holiday
spirit, reports Raizel Druxman

Jerusalem that is open to all.

The streets of Jerusalem are
usually where people flock to for the
chagim, but celebrations happen
all over Israel. Tel Aviv, in particular,
has a growing religious community
with the establishment of Chabad on
the Coast, White City TLV and many
more synagogues and communities geared towards young Jews and
families. With more options, Jews of
all stripes are coming out of the woodwork to celebrate the holidays.
Founders of Chabad on the Coast
and former programme directors at
Ascent in Tzfat, Sarah and Eli Naiditch, saw that people were searching
for community. In Tzfat, we met a lot
of people who came up from Tel Aviv
for a spiritual getaway, Naiditch said.
It shouldnt be that you have to run
to Tzfat to have a meaningful Shabbat
experience. Wanting people to feel

at home and pampered, their holiday

events are always beautifully decorated, elegant and heimish. If you
want to engage people, you need to
be up to the standards of the world,
added Naiditch. No one is coming for
a plastic bowl of cholent.
Also upping the glamour in
Israel are Elma Hotel, Golan Heights
Winery and Trumpeldor. Elma is
featuring a new massage using special
apple-scented oils and honey-infused
creams. The winery offers special
jeep tours of the vineyards and the
beautiful Golan Heights surrounding
them. A few weeks before the chagim,
Trumpeldor stocks dresses from
around the world, including a huge
selection of white dresses.
According to Trumpeldor
co-partner, Jordana Rabinowitz,
availability of new fashion items is
limited in Israel. People show up
to synagogue in the same outfits,
especially on the chagim when a lot
of people are buying something new,
she explained. Shopping at vintage
shops gives you more opportunity to
look unique and find your own style.
The special holiday flair that Israel
offers is unparalleled. From unique
places to pray, get pampered, wine
and dine and even shop, Israel will
show you a side to the chagim youve
never experienced.

29 September 2016 Jewish News

Wish all of our friends

and supporters
A happy, healthy and sweet
New Year 5777
Rabbi & Mrs Sufrin MBE &
Mrs Brocha Muller of Gants Hill
Rabbi & Mrs Brandman of
Buckhurst Hill Chabad of Epping
& Westcli On Sea

Wishing all our clients

a happy and healthy new year


RH22 Jewish News

29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival fun abroad


Having spent Rosh Hashanahs in India and Athens, expat Debbie Colton
is determined to find her Jewish festival-feet in the Far East

n 2003, a nice Jewish girl and Jewish boy

miraculously breached the north-south
divide and got married, bringing together
the Richmond and Kenton communities.
Never knowing what their future would
hold (but expecting it to follow the northwest London path of jobs/houses/kids and,

ultimately, loft conversions) they moved to

West Finchley. In 2006, they had a little girl
and all looked rosy. However, they discovered
that they were feeling a little stuck in a rut
professionally and so took the path less trod,
packed 15 suitcases and boarded a flight to
Gurgaon, south of Delhi, to take on expat life.

What started out as a two-year adventure

has changed our lives forever. Two and a half
crazy years in India and the arrival of a little
boy led to two idyllic years in Athens, and
another son. Then, for the same reason we left,
we returned and settled back to London life.
Thinking that was the end of the big adventure,

by mid-2015 we
had moved to Mill
Hill, made new
and reconnected
with old friends
and done a loft
conversion. Then


2016 5777


Invest in Israel, Invest in Israel bonds
For further information and prospectus please contact
Development Company for Israel (International) Limited Israel Bonds
ORT House,
126 Albert Street,
London, NW1 7NE
T: +44 (0)20 7446 8670. E:

This advertisement has been issued by Development Company for Israel (International) Limited, trading as Israel Bonds,
which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and registered in England No. 01415853. This is not an
offering, which could be made only by prospectus. Israel Bonds are intended as a long-term investment as they are not
listed or admitted to dealing on any recognised investment or stock exchange nor is there any established secondary market,
as a consequence Israel Bonds are not readily realisable before their maturity date.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Festival fun abroad / Rosh Hashanah

Mr C was asked to go to Hong Kong. So here
we are and while Mr C gets on with his job
and the children settle into school, I have set
out to build us a life including infiltrating the
extremely active Jewish community.

One of the oldest expat Jewish communities

in the world. there are four congregations in
this not very large city. We plumped for Ohel
Leah but, unlike in London, where you have
your community and stick with it, here you
can switch and choose depending on the day,
the festival and what activities are on offer for
the kids. So from matzah-baking at Chabad
pre-Pesach to communal seder at Ohel Leah,
we have experienced fascinating events.
And now we head towards to the big one.
Yet again, we are going to spend the ultimate
Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, in another
country. What will HK offer? Our previous
expat assignments have seen us turn up at the
Sephardi shul in Delhi for the holiest day of the
year, just helping to make up a minyan. Spoke
and were spoken to by no one and went home.
Living in Athens,we really couldnt face another
RH away from the families, but never say never,

and we found ourselves in the much friendlier,

incredible warmth of the Athens Chabad for
another New Year celebration. The one and only
Rabbi Mendel Hendel welcomed 200 people of
Jewish descent into his community and being
away from family didnt seem quite so bad.
Before we left for our Chinese adventure,
we had, as ever, already received the save the
date invite for the Colton Rosh Hashanah
events. Well, you wouldnt want to leave it to
the last minute and find another branch of the
family had nicked your meal, would you? We do
always feel a little detached being away for the
big festivals, but on the upside, we do get to do
whatever we choose and it looks like Honkers
will not be a difficult place to find a plethora of
options . We already have a dinner invite for
erev Rosh Hashanah and are planning to join
the communal lunch after shul on the first day.
While kashrut was always a serious challenge
in our previous expat existence (in Delhi, you
were safer being vegetarian), in Hong Kong its
a breeze albeit an expensive one. The Jewish
Community Centre (JCC) has an on-site
Koshermart, where you can pick up fish fingers
for the bargain price of 20 or a chicken for
around 25. There are two great (and quite
reasonably priced) restaurants at the JCC and
a couple of others in other areas. You can order
meat online, best to just type in your credit card
details and not actually look at the total though.
The question now is what to wear? With
a heavy proportion of Israelis and a crosssection of religiosity, the general dress code
for shul seems to range from totally casual
(shorts and sandals) to HK Glam (stilletos
and Prada).

Hats are few and I assume most people

have erected their own private eruv based on
the bag-carrying brigade. Chatting with a few
ex-north London massive here brought home
how Judaism is Judaism wherever you are.
The one major difference is the weather. Its
not unknown for a typhoon to hit over the High
Holy Days, resulting in a total shutdown.
As an expat who has watched her three kids
be bar and batmitzvahed in this community,
Nicole Izsak feels the toughest part in taking
over the mantle of mothers/grandmothers
in planning and creating your own chagim.
However, once you create your Hong Kong
family, that becomes your norm.
Likewise for the Rubin family, its familial
relationships that you create in expat world that
stand in place of actual family but often feel as
deep-rooted. Additionally, says Sharon, who
grew up in Chigwell & Hainault shul: Theres
no judgement, no out-dressing or out-hatting
anyone else and a relaxed openness that
encourages a diversity of belief.
Donna Peters has spent the past six years in
Hong Kong with her husband and two children,
having left Edgware. They love the warmth of
a small community, where the rabbi knows
everyone and you celebrate festivals as a group
of friends, all mucking in to make food, focusing
on the children in a relaxed environment.
Rabbi Asher Oser of Ohel Leah, who is
Australian, believes it comes down to the fact
that the core of our religion is the same the
world over. From the shofar sound to the apple
and honey, the sense of the familiar defines Rosh
Hashanah, whether you are sitting in Mill Hill or
overlooking Hong Kongs Harbour.

Top: Nicole Izsak and family. Middle: Rabbi

Asher Oser of Ohel Leah. Above: The Rubins

He told me something that resonated at

this time when I reflect on where I am, where
my family are and how we choose to live our
lives. Expats often move away to recreate
themselves, but the most sublime thing is when
you choose to be who you were all along.
Shana Tova wherever you are.

The Lab would like to wish all of its

jewish members a very happy

Rosh Hashanah!

For a better version of you.

Muswell Hill
020 8482 3000
The Avenue N10 2QE

Mill Hill
020 8457 3300
1a Hall Lane NW4 4TJ

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02/08/2016 14:07


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Festival Films

Rabbi Nissan Wilson and Reverend Gary Newman
the Honorary Officers and Board of Management

Redbridge United Synagogue

wish everyone a Happy and
Healthy New Year and well over the Fast
Sinclair House
Woodford Bridge Road, Redbridge
020 3031 6929

Man on a Bike

will get you working fast!

Rapid Response IT support for your PC

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Call Ian Green, Man on a Bike on
020 8731 6171

Gary Green

Wishes all the community a

Happy New Year
14 Claybury Broadway,
Clayhall, Ilford,
Essex, IG5 0LQ
Tel: 020 8551 6866
Fax: 020 8503 9889
41 Manor Park Crescent,
Middlesex, HA8 7LY
Tel: 020 8381 1525
Fax: 020 8381 1535

Romford & District

Affiliated Synagogue
Incorporating Havering Jewish Ladies
25 Eastern Road, Romford,
Essex, RM1 3NH
01708 741 690

Wishing the community

a happy and
kosher Passover

For membership enquiries please call:

01708 741 690
Charity No. 1121253



Keep your eyes peeled for

Jewish names in cinema
and on television in 5777

The 10 days between Rosh Hashanah

and Yom Kippur are known as The

Days of Awe, which happens to be a
great movie title. Fittingly, the New
Year heralds a slew of big and small
screen entertainment featuring Jewish
performers. As we all have a predilection
for trying to identify talent of the faith
as the credits roll, this list of upcoming
productions should make it a lot easier.
So lets kick off with Israeli beauty Gal
Gadot, who was chosen by director Zack
Snyder to play Wonder Woman. Created
as a redemptive comic book
character in the
Second World War
to metaphorically
take on the Nazis,
it feels right that a
Jewish former IDF
soldier got the role.
Gadot also stands
Will Poulter
beside Batman in
Justice League.
The year 5777 could be the year of
the Jewish superhero as Ezra Miller is
Gal Gadot puts the wonder into Wonder
the Flash in both Justice League and his
solo film for Warner Bros.
wizard has long moved on and pops up
Miller has become a bit of poster boy
next in Jungle in which he plays Israeli
for the studio as he is also in J.K Rowlings
Yossi Ghinsberg, who spent three weeks
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
lost in the Amazon rainforest in 1981 and
playing Credence Barewrote several memoirs about
bone, the son of the leader
his survival experience.
of an extremist group intent
Oscar-winner Rachel
on killing wizards.
Weisz also plays someone
But it is not only the
who fought for survival, but
casting of Miller that
in a courtroom, for that was
will please Rowlings
where acclaimed American
Jewish fans, as there are
writer and historian Deborah
also the films central
E. Lipstadt went up against
characters Tina and
Holocaust denier David Irving,
Queenie Goldstein, the
who sued her for libel.
sibling witches whom the
Daniel Radcliffe
Based on the book History
author has admitted are of
on Trial: My Day in Court with
Jewish descent.
a Holocaust Denier, the film
Although its a struggle to think of
Denial, which opens in February, has
Daniel Radcliffe as anyone other than
Weisz performing the court transcripts
J.K.s bespectacled Harry Potter, the boy
verbatim. In Pablo Larrains Jackie, Oscarwinner Natalie Portman
plays Jackie Kennedy in
the days following JFKs
assassination in 1963.
Word is that Portman
delivers a magnificent
performance in the
film, which is released
in December, but the
Israeli actress is also
looking for a distributor
for her directorial
debut A Tale of Love
and Darkness, which is
in Hebrew and based
on Amoz Ozs autobiographical novel
about the first years of
Woody Allen in an episode of Crisis in Six Scenes
independent Israel.

Ezra Miller dressed to kill as The Flash

Jewish actors
include Will
Poulter who is
in the satire,
War Machine,
with Brad Pitt
Natalie Portman
and currently
filming an untitled project about a police raid in Detroit
in 1967 directed by The Hurt Lockers
Kathryn Bigelow, while Sir Daniel DayLewis reunites with his There Will Be
Blood director Paul Thomas Anderson on
a film about the fashion industry.
Woody Allen making a TV series for
Amazon has caused a stir and, although
the director has openly admitted he
wished he had never agreed to do it as
he found it so difficult, the results of his
toil, Crisis in Six Scenes, starts tomorrow
night on Amazon Prime.
For the record, its a comedy set in
the 1960s during turbulent times in
the United States and a middle class
suburban family is visited by a guest
who turns their household completely
upside down. Go Woody!

Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Look Beautiful / Rosh Hashanah


Brigit Grant has the products
for your beauty renaissance...
Its time to repair and reveal an improved you. So throw out the old
face cream that doesnt deliver, shift the dark circles under your eyes,
and then big up your lips and boost your brows

Not everyone wants to look like Kylie Jenner, but we like
her lips. Kardashian smackers are cosmetically-enhanced,
but you can try Fillerina
Lip Volume (from 41),
which is a revolutionary
no-needle, filler treatment for home use sold at
M&S online and cult Containing
hyaluronic acids that
plump and smooth, it
comes in a rollerball applicator with enough gel to use five
times a day for a month. Use it for three months to notice
the full effect, but it just improves definition initially.


Loved by the cast of TOWIE

(males, too, no doubt) Plump
It! (19.99) is a temporary lip
volumiser that goes
on under lipstick or
without. When my
friend tried it, she
yelled as it stung, but
I didnt find it so and
the warming sensation
enhances the blood
flow in your lips, which
makes them fuller and
plumper instantly.

Use an eye cream, is one of the 10

commandments of beauty, and right
now Resultime 5 Expertise Eye
Cream by Collin Paris (37) is the one
to try. Im never sure what the unique
formula is in any cream, but this one
deals with dark circles,
puffiness, fat pockets,
wrinkles and sagging.
Ive only used it for a few
weeks but the lines are
less pronounced and it is
very cooling after a day on
the computer.

Like all informed women, Im

currently obsessed with the US
elections and eyebrows. I do get
them dyed, but when they fade,
I rely on WunderBrow D-Fine.
(19.95). All the Wunder products
perform and this dual-ended
specially-angled pencil for
defining, filling and extending
is their newest. With it, you can
create those ultra-fine hair-like
strokes, which mimic real brows.
Soft or bold brows it does
both and it has a tinted soft
hold gel for grooming and

Kylie Jenners smackers

Stay away from soap, they say, but fail to suggest an alternative. Daily Cleansing Ritual from MOA (17.50) is that
substitue and is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin as well as dry
and sensitive types. The 50ml pot of Green Balm made from
yarrow, tea tree oil and beeswax comes in an eco-friendly
tube with a soft bamboo face cloth to give skin a balancing
deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities. Apply the
balm as paste, steam with warm water on the cloth, then
finish with cold water to seal the pores. Your skin will glow.
To buy at, Fenwicks and Planet Organic.
The name Este
Lauder speaks for
itself and her granddaughter Aerin now
runs a tight ship
producing things
like the miraculous
serum Perfectionist.
House of Fraser is currently focused on
skin improvement and is selling Este
Lauders Revitalizing Supreme Global
Anti-Aging Creme (50ml for 68) for the
mature woman who wants help with lines,
wrinkles, loss of firmness, dullness, dehydration and Lauders exclusive IntuiGen
Technology hydrates, firms and smooths.
Oh and younger women can use it, too.


Innovative Art & Interiors

Reluctant to start wearing foundation after

the summer, when my Mediterranean
Jewish skin goes green, Nars Cosmetics
Sheer Glow Foundation (31) gives a
satin finish and brightens my skin tone. Go
on any fashion photo shoot and you ll see
bottles of Nars with good reason.


As the stars of the festival, apples and honey
can also make you beautiful. Apple has the
highest content of natural collagen and can
be used grated as a face mask or to hydrate
if you mix apple vinegar with one tablespoon
of honey and an egg white. Raw honey, baking
soda mixed with a few drops of vegetable oil
also works as a natural make-up remover on a
wash cloth. Shana Tova face!

My Living Room

The Living Room is a design studio, creating unforgetable

interiors, architecture, furniture and art.
Passion, vision, & imagination...
T: 0800 690 6000
16 Curzon Street
London WIJ 5HP


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Dressing Up


Notebooks at the ready. Brigit Grant
has some fashion pointers for you...

ven those in a front seat for every show at London Fashion Week might struggle to nail the trends for Autumn
/Winter 2016. With no clear brief on skirt length or decade to cling to, the mix of themes covers everything
from grannys attic (think bubbes basement, pictured left) which is flowers and mismatched checks to
wildcat coats and velvet. Anything goes as long as it is new and that is the key, says fashion maven Mitch, who runs
her plus-size shop in Temple Fortune with one eye on the trend and the other on what suits her customers. Mitch
knows the big flowers paraded on the catwalk will not appeal, unlike the long waistcoats she sells along with a wide
range of trousers and long-sleeved T-shirts. Check out the key pieces by Joseph Ribkoff (pictured right) while they
last and adhere to Mitchs mantra new clothes make you look and feel younger. Now go shopping

Wild Thing

Bombs Away

The cats out of the bag again, but

only one item at a time, as less is
more when it comes to leopards
particularly for the holidays

Essential for the school run and

now the bomber in satin or suede
is required garb for a night out

House of Fraser

V by Very 50

Miss Selfridge 89
Shirt 45,
Coat 95,
H! by
Henry Holland

Phase EIghts Belluci

sequin embellished
bomber and
(both 120 )

Dune 75


National Velvet

Smart or casual, a woman in

uniform is a thing of beauty

Luxury and warmth combines in the smooth fabric,

which is available in on-trend frills. Note that black
velvet works well with the must-wear big earrings

River Island

Zaras velvet

Check dress
Miss Selfridge

Military coat,
Nine by Savannah
Miller, 100

Striped military
blouse 35 Next

Monsoon Simone
bomber 69

Zara velvet top 19.99


Myleene Klass military coat

99 from

Flowers, plaids
and oversized
sweatshirts as
channelled by
Gucci and worn
by those who
know how


Miss selfridge frill

dress 99

Dress by Matthew
Williamson 250

Durga earrings
by Eina Ahluwalia at 131

Velvet boots
Zara 69

Ruffle blouse
Top Shop 34

29 September 2016 Jewish News RH27

Working Life / Rosh Hashanah


Choosing childcare for your kids is never easy. Mum of three Debbie Lightman
highlights some of the most popular options for Jewish working parents

hen youre living in maternity

PJs, are knee-deep in milkstained muslins and believe
three hours sleep is an
achievement, the last thing on your mind
is the job you left behind and the childcare
youll need when you return. But, like it
or not, its worth researching your local
provision now, especially if you want your
baby cared for in a Jewish environment.
While some of us can depend on doting
grandparents, many of us live too far to rely on
them for babysitting (and even when theyre
close by, it doesnt automatically mean theyll
want to spend their week changing nappies).
From various types of nursery to childminders
and nannies, we take a look at Jewish childcare
designed with working mums in mind.

option could be your best bet. While there

arent too many Jewish-run daycare centres
that are open all year round, there are some,
including Shofar Daycare Nursery in Finchley
and Tracy Lewis Childcare in Hendon.
Otherwise, there are all-day, year-round
nurseries that do not have a Jewish ethos but
do provide exemplary care for kosher kids.
Asquith Nurseries, which have branches
nationwide, are extremely sensitive to religious
needs and buy in kosher meals. Theyre open
from 7.30am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday,
51 weeks a year and take babies from three
months old.
Orthodox mother of two, Samara
Braverman, sent her sons to Asquith Golders
Green, when her oldest was a year old and when
her second son reached nine months.
It was easy getting there by public
transport, on my way to work, explains
Samara, whos a medical administrator. Also,
the long hours offered meant I could fit my
working hours into two long days. Theyre so
professional and fantastic with the children and
its helpful not having to send in kosher lunch.

Childminders in Borehamwood. With the help

of two assistants, she opens her home to up to
nine under fives, from 7.30am to 6pm weekdays.
As a working mum myself, I understand
the pressures of juggling a family with a career,
explains Jackie. Childminders offer a clear
progression towards nursery, as a childs
confidence grows. We offer short, long-term
and ad hoc placements. We have large indoor
and outdoor spaces and offer freshly-cooked
vegetarian meals. The children take part in a
wide range of activities and outings, and are
treated as if they were our own.

For tailor-made
childcare, a nanny
may be the answer.
While pricey,
its more costeffective than
paying for two
at daycare.
Mum of
three and
director of
a fundraising
agency, Debra Yardley employed a nanny
(pictured left) who came recommended by
another family. I returned to work when
my second was six months and decided on a
nanny because of the greater flexibility. My
children were in the comfort of home with
individual attention and had kosher meals
made in my kitchen. Shed take them to
music classes or the park and theyd end the
day with a bath, unlike if they were rushed
home from nursery. She still babysits as she
developed a strong bond with all my kids.

Parents preferring a smaller environment may
consider a pre-nursery, which generally caters
for children up until theyre two and a half.
If youre looking for a lively, structured setting
that will see your little one through until school
age, a nursery is a great choice.
Of the 63 Jewish nurseries listed on www., frustratingly, few
accept children under 18 months. However, there
are exceptions, such as Gan Kinneret, in Edgware
United Synagogue, and its new sister branch,
Noahs Ark, at Edgware Masorti Synagogue.
Gan Kinneret, rated outstanding by Ofsted,
is open 8.30am 4pm (until 12pm Fridays),
and runs a summer holiday scheme. We have a
big beautiful classroom for one-year-olds thats
separate from the bigger children, describes
owner Dina Samson, whos been running the
nursery for 36 years. Theres a qualified teacher
for every three toddlers. Around 80 percent of
our mothers have jobs, so I help them by being
flexible with finishing times and have teachers
who care for the children at home after closing.
Id finish later if there was interest.

If youre planning a short maternity leave, start
work at 8am, or distance is an issue, a daycare

North West London Jewish Day School is a warm, happy, high-achieving

Modern Orthodox Zionist Primary School, always aiming for excellence whilst
supporting everyone to reach their full potential Every Child Matters.

Taking place on

Sarah Bookbinder, who runs Bookies

Babes nursery at Edgware Reform Synagogue,
together with her team (pictured above),
looks after 13 children, from the age of three
months. Open from 7.45am to 5.30pm (and
until 2pm Fridays), they only close for a week in
December and the High Holy Days.
Bookies Babes is small and nurturing, says
Sarah, who originally set up as a childminder
at home in Stanmore, when her sons were
little. I bend over backwards for working
mums because I know its hard and they always
tell us how much easier we make their lives.
They appreciate that I charge per hour rather
than for sessions, because I cant tell them
when their working hours are. I have mums
registering when theyre pregnant as our
waiting list is huge!
For a home-from-home environment,
childminders are ideal. Often the most costeffective choice, they tend to offer long hours
and wraparound care if your child also attends
a nursery.
Former teacher Jackie Liff runs Little Land

Monday 14 November 2016

7.30pm 9.30 pm
You will be able to view the facilities of the School.
There will be a presentation, tour and refreshments.
An OPEN MORNING, taking place next day,
Tuesday 15 November 2016, 9.30am - 10.45am, will be an
opportunity to see around our working school.
We invite applications for admission to our Nursery & Reception for
September 2017, and look forward to welcoming prospective families
to our Open Evening and Open Morning.
Please let the school know if wish to attend:
Tel: 020 8459 3378; Email:
Please look at our website:
Please note that the closing date for all applications for entry into
the Nursery in September 2017 is 30 November 2016.
Closing date for Reception is 15 January 2017.
North West London Jewish Day School
Headteacher: Miss Judith Caplan
180 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7PP
020 8459 3378

RH28 Jewish News

29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / Developments at JFS


his summer, JFS was confirmed
as the top performing totally nonselective school in the country
at A-level as well as the third top
comprehensive nationally at GCSE. Its
exam results are truly outstanding and
this is something about which the Jewish
community should be hugely proud. While
the results students achieve are important,
it is essential to look beyond the headlinegrabbing success as there is so much
happening at JFS that its hard to keep up.
One of the most exciting developments has
been the publication of its updated vision and
values statement. Work by the governing body,
senior leadership team, students and staff has
resulted in a newly-articulated aspiration for
JFS as a co-educational inclusive, modern,
Orthodox Jewish school that strives to
produce well-educated, faithful and proud
Jews who will be responsible and contributing
members of society.
This is being put into practice with a
comprehensive review of the Jewish education
provision at the school which looks to use local
and international expertise to offer a Jewish
experience that will truly educate and inspire
students in their Jewish skills, heritage,
culture and identity. Executive headteacher

Deborah Lipkin says: The aspiration is that

every child should leave feeling comfortable
with their Judaism so that if you go into shul
you can pick up a Siddur and daven if you need
to; if unfortunately, you lose a parent, you can
say Kaddish; if you need to say Kiddush on
Friday night, you know how. If you want to
go to Israel, you have a strong identity with
Israel. If you want to be a cultural Jew, you are
very aware of your history.
They also wait with anticipation for the
successful appointment of a new deputy
headteacher for Jewish life and learning, with
the vacancy representing the prime role in
Jewish education in the country.
In years past, the JFS model of behaviour
management was often held up as a shining
example, but the past few months have seen a
complete rethink of behaviour management.
A full-time behaviour lead is now in place
and listening to the students was key in
developing a new policy. Standards and levels
of expectation remain high but alongside a
ladder of consequence there is now a ladder
of reward to recognise and incentivise positive
conduct. Gone are silent detentions, replaced
by a reflection room and the introduction
of restorative justice. Students are being
challenged to behave as one would expect, but

rather than just facing retributive punishments

are now being asked to reflect on their
behaviour and work to repair relationships. The
impact has been quite pronounced and the new
dialogue has already changed the atmosphere
in the classroom and across the school.
There was much made of the decision
allowing students to bring in packed lunches.
A month in and approximately a quarter of
students have chosen a packed lunch option.
The variety and health of the food has been
particularly impressive, with a wide array of
salads, home-made sushi and wraps being a
daily feature. It has placed at the forefront a
discussion about kashrut and students are really

appreciating what it means to keep kosher in

ways that were previously unaddressed.
Lipkin says there are many more exciting
developments on the cards, including the
raising of 600,000 at its recent gala dinner.
We will be making some adaptations to our
already impressive site, offering an enhanced
curriculum with expanded pathways that meet
the needs of all our students, she says. JFS is
a great school and we all remain dedicated to
ensuring the best opportunities and outcomes
for every single student. The changes we have
made have taken a great deal of effort and the
governors and staff are to be commended for
their dedication and commitment.

Little Bicks Nurseries offer a fun and caring

Jewish environment providing outstanding
education for children aged 18 months to
Primary School Entry.


Kerens Nursery

...where learning
is childs play

Opening hours 8am - 6pm.

Hot kosher meals included in our fees.
Contact us to book a tour today.
Activities include:
weekly sports
session, Israeli
Music classes and

Holland Park
Opening September 2016
An Ofsted Outstanding level of education and childcare,
in a loving and caring home atmosphere.
Come andYE
part of our home away from home!

Contact us today
020 74313823 (option 1)

Find details below for your nearest Little Bicks:

Gan Yisrael
Bex on 07789 190 928

Gan Shani
Jo/Ruth on 020 8954 0841

Gan Orre
Tash on 020 8959 1137 (Option 7)

Email: or visit website to register

the line starting with Bi-lingual please add:

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Prospective Parents Open Day

Sacks Morasha Jewish Primary School is a vibrant, Modern
Orthodox, voluntary-aided school. We are dedicated to providing
the best education possible for every one of our pupils.
Ofsted recognised our rapidly rising standards and graded us as
Good in June 2014, with Outstanding grades given for pupils
behaviour and for the leadership and management.
With places available for Reception in September 2017, we invite all
prospective parents to visit Sacks Morasha JPS and find out more.

Monday 10th October at 9.30am

Monday 10th October at 7.30pm
Please contact the School Office on 020 3115 1900 to book your
place now and visit for more information.

A leading independent day and

boarding preparatory school for boys
and girls aged 3 -13, set in 28 acres of
beautiful Hertfordshire countryside.

RATED 100%

in All AREAs

Independent Schools Inspectorate

september 2015

Join us at our
Open Morning
saturday 1st October 2016
10am 12pm
no pre-booking necessary

Edge Grove, Aldenham Village, Hertfordshire WD25 8nl | 01923 855724 |
A68639 Edge Grove JN Press Ad 260x165.indd 1

27/09/2016 10:17

RH30 Jewish News

29 September 2016


Wishing all our clients a

Healthy and Happy New Year!
Please contact us to view our Venue
for your forthcoming Simcha!
Oakington Manor School
Oakington Manor Drive
Wembley HA9 6NF

Contact Adriana on 0208 795 7517 or

Your future starts here...

Help your child reach their full potential in small, nurturing classes in a warm,
Jewish environment filled with happy, thriving children.
For more information or to book a tour please contact Lynda Dullop, Director of Admissions: or 020 8955 8938

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Education / Rosh Hashanah

Location alert for

SOCIAL SKILLS, confidence, self-esteem
children are provided with freshly prepared
and independence are exactly what you
breakfast, hot cooked lunch and dinner daily
would hope your children learn at school,
from a kosher in-house kitchen.
which is why Kerens nursery has it at the
The nurseries have invested in high quality
top of their list of must-dos. That the nursresources and learning stems from the chileries offer these skills within a Jewish and
drens own interests.
Israeli context is all the more reassuring to
We make sure that all children make
parents who are wondering where to send
progress and reach their full potential while
their infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
nurturing their emotional well-being, says the
Kerens is a private Jewish Nursery and Pre- Nursery founder Keren Ben-Ezra.
School which takes children from 18 months
Make an appointment to see for yourself by
to 5 years ,was judged outstanding by Ofsted in
calling nursery manager, Miss Emer Pateman
their last inspection in 2015 (its Belsize Park
on 07494 540518 or email hollandpark@
and Hampstead Garden Suburb Nurseries)
and now it is opening a new nursery at Holland
Park Synagogue.
Priding itself on establishing strong and
happy relationships between staff and children
as well as among the children themselves, the
team in charge are highly-trained early years
specialists, teachers and practitioners. Their
established track record ensures that children
will be best prepared for a successful admission
into top primary schools.
Keren Nursery is open throughout the year
and its location Holland Park Synagogue is
close to many transport links which makes it a
convenient choice for working parents. There
are several outdoor areas for the children as
LJN garden
Ad 150716.qxp_Layout
1 15/09/2016
12:18 Page 1
a large
opposite the nursery


SACKS MORASHA is a modern Orthodox

voluntary-aided Jewish primary school
in Finchley, north London. It promotes
educational excellence, a commitment to
Orthodox Jewish practice, a love of and
commitment to Israel and active involvement within the Jewish community, the
British community and the wider world.
The name of the school honours
Lord Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi, and
Morasha meaning legacy and it aims to be
a source of immense pride to the community, passing on Jewish values as a living
inheritance. Sacks Morasha is a nurturing
and warm community school, where every
teacher knows every child. Ofsted particularly noted its outstanding leadership,

management and pupil behaviour.

It is passionate about achieving excellent results in both Chol (secular) and
Kodesh (Jewish) studies and pride themselves on their innovative approach to
education, integrating Chol and Kodesh
where possible to provide meaningful
links between the two subjects. Interactive, exciting and multi-sensory lessons are
taught throughout the school and learning
is individualised according to every childs
needs. It is especially proud of the interventions that take place on a daily basis,
enabling each child to fulfil their potential
both inside and outside the classroom.
The school welcomes you to visit and
experience Sacks Morasha for yourselves.

The Haberdashers Askes Boys School

Habs Nurturing Excellence

The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School is a
single-sex, independent day school offering an
enthusiastic, positive and challenging learning
environment for creative and inquisitive pupils.
Habs Boys is known for its academic excellence
and the results achieved this year speak for
themselves. The School was ranked the
second-highest independent boys school in
the UK in The Times A Level League Table.
Habs Boys 2016 A Level results were once
again outstanding, with almost 39% of
applicants achieving the sought after A* grade.
This year an amazing 79.6% of results were in
the A*/A range and 98.1% received A*/B. 41%
of Mathematics and a remarkable 85% of
Further Mathematics entrants achieved the top
grade of A*. The consistent attainment of such
high standards across the entire range of
academic disciplines is a testament to the work
ethic inculcated at Habs.
Jordan Bernstein, School Vice-Captain and
Chairman of the Jewish Society at Habs, achieved
3 A*s. Jordan said: Im really happy, particularly
with obtaining full marks in English. Ill be
studying Law at Pembroke College, Oxford.
Aaron Gelfand, who achieved 3 A*s, said: I am
ecstatic with the results and excited to be
studying Medicine at Leeds University. I believe
Habs has set me up for life and Ill truly miss it.
Habs Boys 2016 GCSE results were the highest
in the Schools history, with 95.5% of boys

achieving A*/A grades; this reflects the

incredible drive of both boys and staff to attain
academic excellence. Highlights from this
exceptional performance included the A* grade
awarded to 91% of entrants in Mathematics,
alongside 85% across the three sciences.

Nurturing Excellence

Open Day
Saturday 8 October 2016 14pm
Booked tours available through the year

Joshua Baumring-Gledhill, who also received

10 A*s, added: Im delighted to receive
straight A*s across the board. It proves that if
you try, you can achieve your potential.
However, academic achievement is only part of
the experience of life at Habs. The range of cocurricular activities is enormous. Sport, music,
drama, art and debating are popular, with
students regularly gaining national distinction.
The Schools brand new state-of-the-art sports
complex, the Medburn Centre is one of the best
sports facilities available at a British school.
The Medburn Centre boasts a 25 metre, eightlane swimming pool, fitness suite, squash
courts, climbing facilities, sports hall,
conference room, school shop and caf.

An outstanding independent
day school for boys aged
between 5 and 18.

The School produces confident and selfmotivated young men who are fully prepared
for the challenges of the future.
The School is served by a unique coach
service with over 100 stops, spanning a 30mile radius, offering easy access to the School,
and provision for pupils staying for
after-school activities.
registered charity no: 313996

Butterfly Lane, Elstree, Hertfordshire WD6 3AF

Tel: 020 8266 1700
Headmaster Peter Hamilton MA


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / An Education

Insight into


his year, Immanuel College

Preparatory School reaches a
milestone in its development
since opening in September 2011.
This is its first year running classes
covering a full age range from Reception to Year 6. Located on the campus of
Immanuel College, it offers private space
in addition to being located on a large site
with specialist facilities.
The schools aim is to give children the
very best start to their learning careers. In
Reception, the learning objectives are taught
in relation to the interests of the children,
addressing both information to be gained
and opportunities to be enjoyed. There is
a balance of independent and teacher-led
learning, giving the children autonomy and
support, formal and informal opportunities.
The children are taught by specialist
teachers for Jewish studies, music, modern
Hebrew and PE. The focus is on giving them
the tools and support they need to become
confident, mature people with a lifelong love
of learning.
In Key Stage 2, they build on the KS1
learning and add breadth wherever possible.
One way they do this is through their modern
foreign languages programme; in addition to
modern Hebrew, they introduce French in
Year 4, switch this to Spanish in Year 5 and
then Mandarin in Year 6. Their intention
is to expose the children to the languages,
cultures and lifestyles of others.
In Year 6, the pupils who are in a
maximum class size of 22, are taught in the
senior school for art, music and science,
preparing them for transition into secondary

education. It continues to include opportunities for them to ask questions to develop

independence in their learning.
The individual is at the heart of Immanuel College and the school places significant value on the happiness and well-being
of every pupil. The possibility of doing
something better, achieving something
greater, trying again to make something
more effective influences the style of
teaching and the interactions that take place
in classrooms and around the school.
The third pillar of provision is an exciting,
inspiring and relevant Jewish education. The
curriculum is broad and balanced, modern
Orthodox in outlook, giving the pupils a
detailed understanding of Jewish customs
and practices, access to and understanding
of biblical and rabbinical texts and a love for
Get in touch if you have any
questions or would like to visit. Time spent
at Immanuel College will tell you more
about the school than reading about it ever
could and will help your decision.


he Haberdashers Askes
Boys School is a single-sex,
independent day school offering
an enthusiastic, positive and
challenging learning environment for
creative and inquisitive pupils.
Habs Boys is known for its academic
excellence and the results achieved this year
speak for themselves. The school was the
second-highest ranked independent boys
school in the UK in The Times league table.
Habs Boys 2016 A-level results were once
again outstanding, with almost 40 percent
of applicants achieving the sought after A*
grade. This year an amazing 78.5 percent
of results were in the A*/A range and 97.7
percent received A*/B. A total of 40 percent

of mathematics and a remarkable 85 percent

of further Mathematics entrants achieved the
top grade of A*. The consistent attainment of
such high standards across the entire range of
academic disciplines is a testament to the work
ethic inculcated at Habs.
The pupils are the best placed to speak
about their achievements and the school,
among them Jordan Bernstein, school vicecaptain and chairman of the Jewish Society at
Habs who achieved 2 A*s and 1 A.
Im really happy, particularly with
obtaining full marks in English, said Jordan,
who will be reading law at Pembroke College,
Aaron Gelfand, who achieved 3 A*s, said: I
am ecstatic with the results and excited to be
going to university. I feel Habs has set me up for
life and Ill truly miss it.
Habs Boys 2016 GCSE results were the
highest in the schools history, with 95.4
percent of boys achieving A*/A grades; this
reflects the incredible drive of both boys and
staff to attain academic excellence. Highlights
from this exceptional performance included
the A* grade being awarded to more than
91 percent of entrants in maths, alongside 85
percent across the three sciences.
Im delighted to receive straight A*s across
the board, said Joshua Baumring-Gledhill,
who gained 10 A*s. It proves that if you try, you
can achieve your potential.
However, academic achievement is only
part of the experience of life at Habs. The
range of co-curricular activities offered is
enormous and the level of participation by

pupils very high. Sport, music, drama, art and

debating are popular, with students regularly
gaining national distinction.
The school has just opened its new state-ofthe-art sports complex, the Medburn Centre,
one of the best sports facilities available at a
British school. The Medburn Centre boasts
a 25-metre, eight-lane swimming pool, fitness
suite, squash courts, climbing facilities, sports
hall, conference room, school shop and caf.
The centre further enhances the schools
already comprehensive sports facilities,
which include seven rugby/football pitches,
two all-weather pitches for hockey (one

floodlit), which become 15 tennis courts in

the summer term, three grass cricket squares,
three artificial cricket wickets (plus grass and
artificial cricket nets), the Solai Indoor Cricket
Centre, a 400-metre grass running track with
synthetic sprint track and jump/throw areas.
The school produces confident and selfmotivated young men who are fully prepared
for the challenges of the future. The boys leave
knowing that they have benefited from an
outstanding educational experience, and take
with them the knowledge that this privilege
brings with it a duty of ethical leadership and
social responsibility.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


wishes its 1,800 students from 86 countries, and their families,



Yaniv Mazin



Amalia Gherson


Coralli Azouri


Yoel Knopf




Live in Israel, Study in English

BA Info Session - Wednesday, November 23, 5:30 PM
BA Business Administration | Business & Economics (double major) | Communications | Government | Government & Sustainability (double major) | Psychology
BSc Computer Science
MA Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Security Studies | Diplomacy & Conflict Studies | Financial Economics (MAFE) | Organizational Behavior & Development (OBD)
GLOBAL MBA Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Strategy & Business Development
MBA One-Year Program

UK & FRANCOPHONE EUROPE +44 (0) 778 384 6852 |



Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah/ Check-In


If you are stumped for somewhere to stay in Israel, theres a chain you
can rely on in every place you want to go, writes Brigit Grant

here are certain things you can rely

on in Israel. You are never more
than 50 yards from a falafel stand.
There will always be two handsome
soldiers waiting at a bus stop and the sun
will always set gloriously through the
window of the lobby at the Dan Tel Aviv.
It is even more spectacular if you happen
to be seated by the window enjoying a
cocktail after checking in as a guest.
Much like the falafels and handsome
soldiers, the Dan hotels are in all the right
places. They differ in size, shape and design,
but the name is synonymous with luxury
accommodation, great service and has been
since the first property was established in 1947.
The hotels of which there are now 12 are
also in prime locations around the country and
so it is possible to see the very best bits of Israel
without ever leaving a Dan.
In Tel Aviv, there is a choice of two perfect
locations. Dan Tel Aviv, the first luxury hotel
to be built in Israel is situated right by the
Mediterranean, so ask for a sea view. Its a
five star superior property (naturally), with
280 rooms and only a short walk from the city

Above: The Dan Jerusalem Hotel. Below: Dan Panorama Tel Aviv lobby. Bottom: Dan Panorama Jerusalem and the citys King David Hotel

centre and Tel Avivs amazing nightlife. Like

all good hotels, this Dan is always looking for
ways to enhance its guests stay, and the latest
temptation is a Restart workshop designed

to refresh the body and mind using tools from

different disciplines, including yoga classes once
a week on the sun deck overlooking the pool.
For those who like more of a buzz, there are jazz
nights in the lobby, every Thursday evening.

Hays Travel

for all your ISRAEL and




David Intercontinental
Dan Panorama
Art Plus



Dan Accadia
King Solomon


Dan Panorama
David Citadel



AMAZING RATES. Prices are per person
per night sharing a double/twin room
and include breakfast. Subject to
availability. Date restrictions may apply.


Book early to avoid

Flights and packages
filling up fast!

without DELAY
ELAL flights to TEL AVIV
from only 275.00 return
SEATING included.


Flights Cruises Hotels

Package holiday or tailor made


Call Naomi Mendel on 020 3384 0564 or 020 8904 7808

Dan Panorama Tel Aviv (above) is located

further up the coast and a 10-minute walk
from the fascinating ancient port of Jaffa. A
very popular holiday hotel with families who
struggle to leave the pool, it also provides
parents with downtime as there is an excellent
childrens club. It is also close to the beach and
opposite Tel Avivs oldest neighbourhood, Neve
Tzedek, with trendy cafs and bars.
The Dan Accadia takes pride of place
on the Herzliya coastline. Everybody loves
the beautifully-designed chalets that lead
out onto the lawns surrounding the pool
and then its down to the beach. Herzliya is
a thriving city with excellent restaurants,
an array of water sports and many tourist
attractions within easy reach.

A visit to Israel without a stay in

Jerusalem is like a visit to New York without
seeing Liberty, and that is true no matter how
many times you have been there. Luckily,
there is a choice of four Dan hotels to suit all
tastes and budgets. Everyone should stay at
The King David Hotel at least once, as the
flagship property overlooking the Old City
is the jewel in the crown, which is fitting as
it has hosted kings and queens, along with
presidents and celebrities.
There are three other properties in
Jerusalem: Dan Panorama Jerusalem
centrally located just around the corner from
the King David, Dan Boutique situated opposite
Mount Zion and Dan Jerusalem, which is
on Mount Scopus with 505 guest rooms
and wonderful views of Jerusalem and the
surrounding areas.
With customer care being high on the list
of priorities throughout the chain, training
courses are run on a regular basis for all
members of staff, and ways to enhance guests
stay are constantly being introduced. The Dan
internet loyalty club, e-Dan, is free to join and
offers members many benefits on accumulation
of points, received after every visit, and advance
notice of special offers.
So if you are thinking about spending
October half-term in Israel or looking
ahead to Pesach next year or even the
summer, wherever you want to go, you can
rely on there being a Dan hotel nearby.
As well as a falafel.

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Check-In / Rosh Hashanah


Are concerns about kashrut the only thing
keeping you from taking an exotic holiday?
Brigit Grant has solutions
FOR PEOPLE perpetually on the move
throughout history (albeit not out of
choice), its no surprise we enjoy travelling.
For some, this begins and ends in Marbella,
but there are others who long to do long
haul, but worry
about how they will
keep kosher in exotic
destinations. Luckily
for them, this is no
longer a problem.
Two industrious
companies, which are
travel experts and
know about kashrut,
are offering incredible holidays to
observant adventurers. So if you thought
India was off-limits because of food restrictions, but have always longed to go there

India Kosher Travel can make it happen. Its

Israeli-born Moshe Goldstein and his brother
Rabbi Shimi went to India 16 years ago to set up
a Chabad House in Pushkar.
I spent months visiting India, became fascinated with the country
and wanted to bring
Jewish people here, says
Moshe. And so he started
a tour company as well as
a catering service from
a glatt kosher kitchen in
Delhi, from where food
is sent to all the cities to
which their groups travel.
The response was
incredible and now
Moshe runs three tours annually for up to 30
people coming from the UK, USA, Israel and
Australia to visit Rajasthan, Kerala and Cochin.

They meet local people, experience the

culture and see forts, palaces and villages,
informs Moshe, who also guides his clients
through the Himalayas during the summer
months. Camel and elephant safaris and
exploring the Jewish heritage sites of Cochin
are all on offer to the group and individual
family tours who will never have to worry about
what or when they are eating during their stay.
Clever Ben Miller has broadened kashrut
horizons further still with his company
Bespoke Kosher Travel, which will take you
to Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, South
Africa and any European destination you care
to choose and deliver kosher food directly to
your door or table.
We provide personalised custom-built
programmes, which include kosher menus,

says Ben. The whole itinerary, from accommodation and transport to activities and tours,
is based on your wants and your budget and
you never have to worry about where the next
kosher meal will come from.
The company also offers bespoke tours to
America, where kosher grub is available in
LA and New York, but head for Texas and youll
need Ben to help you find a restaurant or plan
something for Shabbat.
We are happy to help, chirps Ben who
confirms that all meals are supplied under local
kashrut authority supervision for simchas,
family trips and groups who will never go
hungry because Ben wont allow it. /+972-3-6708285 3151 1660

Dan Hotels Israel

Gorgeous beaches - Thrilling destinations - Endless sunshine

Discover the ongoing pleasures of a Dan Hotel vacation. Whether its the legendary King David in Jerusalem or resort hotels on the
Mediterranean and Red Sea, every Dan hotel is a landmark destination that reflects the spirit of its surroundings. And thanks to our wide
range of locations, the options are endless for enjoying the beauty, history and diversity of Israel.
For information & reservations, please call your travel agent or
ISRAEL: Call Dan Reservation Center: 972-3-5202552
Toll Free from: UK, Germany, France, Belgium: 00-800-326-46835
King David, Jerusalem | Dan Tel Aviv | Dan Carmel, Haifa | Dan Jerusalem | Dan Eilat | Dan Accadia, Herzliya-on-Sea | Dan Caesarea
Dan Panorama Tel Aviv | Dan Panorama Haifa | Dan Panorama Jerusalem | Dan Panorama Eilat | Dan Boutique, Jerusalem

Experience The Best

Connect with us on
Dan Hotels Israel


Jewish News 29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah/ Check-In

Isnt it time you tried a new hotel in Israel?

hen it comes to visiting Israel

we tend to be creatures of
habit. Staying in the same hotel
and lying on the same sunbed, beside
the same people year in year out, isnt
a problem. Until it is. That is when you
should stay at the newly-built Ramada
Resort in Hadera Beach.
There is nothing quite like a sojourn in

Ramada Jerusalem

a hotel that has just been unwrapped for its

debut. It literally sparkles with newness and
theres the joy of knowing that you are one
of very few guests to have slept in the beds
or soaked in the baths. How can a hotel that
stands on Menachem Begin Boulevard be
anything but stately, though it is also superluxurious and situated on the beach with
suites overlooking the gorgeous lagoon.
Uniquely the Ramada Resort is a 100
percent non-smoking hotel and there is
an on-site spa with a Turkish hammam.
Hadera itself was founded in 1891, by Jewish
immigrants from Lithuania and Latvia on
land purchased by Yehoshua Hankin, who was
known as the Redeemer of the Valley.
For a long time, it has been thought of as
the ideal stopover for those on their way to Tel
Aviv, Caesarea or Haifa, but changes are afoot
and the city is slowly but steadily attracting
new homebuyers and businesses, with a plan
for it to become a future vacation destination
because of its proximity to the Galilee beaches.
Ideal as a location for conferences and
business meetings, the Ramada Resort will
soon be on the radar of discerning visitors to
Israel. Particularly those who are tired of lying
on the same sunbed.

Ramada Netanya

Ramada Hadera

If you happen to be a fan of Netanya,

the Ramada Hotel and Suites, which was a
recipient of the 2015 TripAdvisor certificate
of excellence award, is also an excellent
hotel and offers multiple dining options with
restaurants such as the Natalia, Green Cafe
or Saquella Caffe. For international flavour,
head to Taipei Restaurant or Simaki Sushi and
there is beach front dining at the Artik.
The hotel has wheelchair-accessible suites,
which are good to know about, and there is the
very comforting full American breakfast on
offer, which you dont expect to get in Israel.

Pancakes and maple syrup anyone?

You will also get a hearty breakfast at the
Ramada in Jerusalem, which is ideal if you are
there for business or on a sightseeing mission.
For politicos in the making, the Knesset
is very close to the hotel, as well as the
interactive exhibits at Bloomfield Science
Museum Jerusalem, the Bible Lands Museum,
and the Tower of David Museum.
Less than 15 minutes from the Old City, the
Ramada Jerusalem has tennis courts, a sauna
and two pools, which are always welcome after
you have toured historical sites or made your
debut at the Knesset.
For more information on Ramada Hotels
in Israel and other countries




















020 8954 0077



29 September 2016 Jewish News

Kosher Travel





Ben Robbins
Director, Kosher Tours Group

t. 07932658255 e.


destinations include:
south africa
south america
and neW Zealand
Plus many other

destinations include:
Plus many more

Beautiful sunny warm weather Exotic sprawling resort

Delectable haute Italian Glatt Kosher Cuisine Stunning spacious Sukkah
Exciting historical optional touring Two championship 18 hole golf courses
Gorgeous Outdoor & Indoor Pools Spectacular 9,600 sq ft Spa & Health Club




You choose the destination and dates

We assist with creating a bespoke itinerary to meet your needs

We handle all the bookings in relation to your trip including hotels,

car hire, excursions and all your kosher requirements

You enjoy your perfect holiday









ContaCt us now to disCuss your next Bespoke kosher trip or for travel ideas
info@Bespokekoshertravel.Com - 020 3151 1660 - www.Bespokekoshertravel.Com


Ramada Jerusalem - The Affordable Luxury Hotel

newly renovated lobby

Only USD $94 per person per night sharing double room on bed & breakfast basis
applicable for Tourists staying a minimum of 5 consecutive nights*.

November 24 , 2016 to December 21 , 2016


January 03 , 2017 to February 28 , 2017

Student to age 21 stays free of charge on bed & breakfast basis in rollaway bed in parents room.

One Shabbat Lunch free per full paying adult for those staying a minimum of 5 consecutive nights. For those staying 7
consecutive nights in addition also one weekday meal free .

Early arrival / late departure at no charge (subject to availability).

Year Round Glatt Mahadrin certification under the Badatz Rabbinate of Jerusalem and the Orthodox Union.
Facilities include: shul, shabbat elevators, deluxe health club, indoor pool with separate swimming on alternative evenings free of charge,
on site parking free of charge & Free WIFI throughout the Hotel.

Ruppin Bridge at Herzl Blvd, POB 3369, Jerusalem 91033 Israel,

Tel: 972-2-659-9999, 972-2-6599950 Fax: 972-2-651-1824

Email:, or via your travel agent

RH38 Jewish News

29 September 2016

Rosh Hashanah / A Trip Down Memory Lane

Debra Barnes went
to visit her in-laws, but
found many other
reasons to holiday in
the Holy Land

f you havent been to Israel since

tour and youre aged over 35, then its
definitely time to go back. We returned
this summer after a long absence and
realised we shouldnt have left it so long.
And just because the sun is lower in the sky,
dont panic , as the weather makes it a great
destination for autumn.
Our first stop was the northernmost coastal
town of Nahariyha, where my in-laws live. It
has a long and well-kept promenade, good

beach areas and some cool bars. We also caught

some rare Pokmon there, which is more
important than you think.
If you dont have family to visit, then best
stop for lunch at Nahariyha on the way to the
incredible Rosh HaNikra grottoes or the historic
port of Akko. I suggest Eyals Bar, where four of
us ate the best falafel and hummus ever for 10.
The Ghetto Fighters House, established
in 1949 by survivors, was the first Holocaust
museum in the world, and can be found on the

A dream trip to India,

memories for a lifetime
Jewish Heritage and the Golden Triangle

A fascinating journey into the land of the palaces

and its rich Jewish history

Groups tours
Nov 13 Nov 29, 2016
2 seats available
Jan 15 Jan 31, 2017
Limit seats available
19 - March 07, 2017
Registration started

You just dream it

We will
it happen

Tour leaders,
Dr. Rona and Dr.
Aaron Michelson
5* hotels
(where available)
Exotic sites
Rich itinerary
Glatt kosher
Israel: 972-3-6708285 USA: 1-718-3086955

main road between Nahariyha and Akko. Its

a good option for anyone wanting to avoid the
crowds at Yad Vashem and has the excellent
childrens exhibition, Yad Layeled, which provides
a first journey into the world of the Holocaust.
Once the family visit was over, we made
our way down to Tel Aviv and chose the Port
and Blue Hotel in the Port area, which is the
trendy place to be, and the boutique residence
has large, comfortable rooms and the beach five
minutes away.
Tel Aviv is the city of contrasts, with Arabs
peacefully enjoying the sea in their burkinis and
the frummers coming out of the religious beach
with their tzitzit hanging over their Bermudas.
If you dont get run over by a crazy cyclist testing
the speed limit on their electric bike, then
chances are youll get hit by a runner instead.
As soon as the sun goes down they come out,
in their hundreds, jogging late into the night,
headphones on, dog by their side, weaving in and
out of the strolling tourists. We even had a guy
jog through a restaurant we were eating in.
There was no such thing as a bad meal in
Israel, and even the McDonalds in a service
station was better than London thanks to the
Israeli salad on the menu. Highlights were
breakfast at Cafe Nimrod, which included a
shot glass of yoghurt and granola, 14 dishes
of salads and dips, plus eggs, bread, juice and
coffee overlooking the sea, and dinner next
door at Benny the Fisherman, where we ate
a delicious salt-baked white fish after enjoying

the complimentary starter of 14 dishes.

While the Kikar Atarim, where I misspent
my teenage summers, has been in a state
of ruin for some years , the newest place to
hang out is Sarona Market. This was the site
of the terrorist attack in June and for me a
reason to want to visit and show my solidarity,
so it was good to find Israels largest indoor
market (think Borough Market), a haven for
foodies and menopausal women in need of
air-conditioning on a hot day in Tel Aviv.
Despite the weak pound, there are still
bargains to be found and in the Shuk HaCarmel
there are colourful Israeli trousers for a
fiver (incidentally, Israelis do not wear these
trousers and call them Thai trousers), fake
IDF sweatshirts and synthetic opal hamsa
necklaces. On Tuesdays and Fridays next door
Nachalat Binyamin turns into an arts and crafts
market with some great characters parading
for anyone interested in street photography hence these by my husband Adam Soller.
As I said, we left it too long, but we will be
back and not just for the Pokmon GO.

Head Office: 4-6 Canfield Place, London NW6 3BT

020 7644 1500 Email:
Edgware Office: 70 Edgware Way, Edgware, Middlesex, HA8 8JS
020 8958 3188 Email:

West End
Travel would
like to wish all
their clients
and friends
a Happy and
Peaceful New
Year and well
over the Fast

Jewish Heritage Escorted Tours 2016/7

Luton Special

Economy from 289

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business class fares


Ex Luton every Thursday

from November.
Special prices flights and hotels


1 November (11 days)

Mumbai, Triangle and Kerala

Cantors convention
4days/3 nights
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All imperial cities Fez,

Meknes, Rabat, Purim in
Casablanca and Marrakesh

Repeating our Jewish

Renaissance Greek tour
Salonika to Athens 8 days


Call Marcel
020 8954 5074 or
email marcel.manson@

Porto to Lisbon


6 countries over two weeks

29 September 2016 Jewish News


Travel / Rosh Hashanah



Brigit Grant asks the travel experts

In the weeks leading up to the summer

holidays, there were times when cancelling your trip, staying home and buttoning
down the hatches seemed like the best idea.
Granted, a two-centre vacation in Somalia
and Afghanistan was never going to be on
the cards, but Israel, Turkey and France
certainly are and from January, after civilians were killed in a bar on Dizingoff Street in
Tel Aviv, we lost count of the terrorist attacks
happening in places we love to visit.
Just two months after Rosh Hashanah
last year, there was the attack at the Bataclan
in Paris, followed by the horror of the truck
incident in Nice in July. But for all the global
tragedy, people still went on holiday and for
those in the travel business, finding destinations and keeping up with trends is part of
their job. After so many years in the business,
David Segel of West End Travel is eternally
optimistic , but notes that it certainly hasnt
been the easiest year owing to security
worries and concerns about travelling in the
wake of so much terrorism.
Popular destinations for the Jewish traveller have all suffered Paris, Nice, Brussels,
Istanbul and then New York but, looking at
the positives once nerves have settled, there
will be an upsurge in travel, particularly to
Israel, with many bookings already made for

Pesach and excitement

for the Maccabiah
games next July.
David predicts that
the New Year will see Eilat regain its popularity
with the help of direct flights with Monarch.
There is also an upswing of bookings to New
York, Miami and Los Angeles notwithstanding
threats of terrorism and uncertainty owing to
the USA election result, he says.
City breaks in 2017 will be much in demand,
with many families looking for short interesting
destinations two, or even three, times a year in
addition to their main summer holiday.
Jewish interest tours are booming, adds
David, who cites a high demand for places such
as Budapest, Prague, Berlin and Poland, where
he does heritage trips.
While cruising will continue to be a
big seller, as all major cruise ships value
the Jewish traveller, Anthony Gothold at
Travelink thinks Costa Rica will be a great
destination for 2017 with a new direct British
Airways flight to San Jos.
It is attractive for families, with exceptional wildlife in cloud forests and rainforests,
and a range of exciting activities on offer, from
white-water rafting to ziplines through the
forest canopy and beautiful beaches to relax
on, says a clearly-enthralled Anthony, who
also recommends Peru as a fascinating country
to visit with direct British Airways flights now
also available to Lima.
As an Israel specialist, Anthony has noticed

Olivia Ambrose created her own bucket
list in West Sussex
When summer still feels a grasp away, but
the nights are drawing in, its a good time
to get out of London and head somewhere
to ease the family into winter. To quote
the recently-resurrected Bridget Jones:
There is nothing like a mini-break,
and everyone seems to be taking them.

Hence our visit to Bailiffscourt Hotel &

Spa in Climping,West Sussex. Country
hotels can be hit and miss with kids,
but when our nine-year-old daughter
Ruby was presented with the Bailiffscourt Bucket List on arrival, we knew
she was impressed. The list set tasks to
be completed during our stay and with a
choice that included beat your family at
croquet, walk through our underground
tunnel after dark or take a family selfie
on our swing so there was no time to lose.
Bailiffscourt is a beautiful hotel set in 30
acres of private land, 25 miles from Brighton,
with views of the Sussex countryside in one
direction and Climping Beach in the other.
There are 39 bedrooms and suites, and we
stayed in the Baylies Room in the Medieval
House, which Ruby renamed a castle.
Decorated with paintings and tapestries,

that spa resorts are increasingly popular for

clients who want a few days relaxation after a
busy touring itinerary.
Isrotel has recently taken over Mitzpe
Hayamim spa, with its organic farm in Rosh
Pina. The Beresheet in the Negev remains
exceptionally popular, and also trending is
the Elma Arts complex in Zichron Yaacov, a
contemporary hotel with art installations, top
restaurants and contemporary spa.
At Travlin Style in Stanmore, the owners
have watched destinations go in and out of
fashion for more than 14 years. Well-versed in
the needs of business and holiday travellers,
this family-run firm knows its way around five
star properties, particularly in the Far East
and the UAE.
Youd be surprised how many of our Jewish
clients do like to go to Dubai and that will
continue, says longstanding team member
Michael Phillips, who is predicting that Croatia
will be huge next summer. Dubrovnik is also
growing in popularity, and deservedly so, as it
is beautiful and Split, particularly, where I
recommend the Radisson Blu followed by
a second week at the Amfora Grand Beach
Resort in Hvar. So now you know where you
are going next!
Visit : Travlin Style 020 8954 0077
West End Travel 020 7644 1500
Travelink 020 8931 8000

there was a four-poster bed, not one but two

freestanding baths, a comfortable sitting area
with TV and DVD and a log burning stove,
which is perfect for winter.
A relaxed walk in the grounds offers the
chance to meet Bailiffscourts resident peacock,
Kevin. We didnt meet Kev, possibly because
Ruby was completing the Perfect your Tarzan
yell task on the new woodland rope.
The luxurious spa has fantastic facilities,
including indoor and outdoor swimming pools,
a Jacuzzi, steam room, and wide selection of
beauty and body treatments. We swam inside
and out as the pools were warm.
Having done more exercise than I do in a
month in London, I decided it was time for a
break and one of Bailiffscourts famous cream
teas in the pretty courtyard. After melt-in-themouth scones, it was on to a game of Swingball
in one of the gorgeous gardens. Beat the Bailiffscourt keepy-uppy record was the task with the
tennis ball we had been given on arrival, which
Ruby didnt quite manage, but made up for with
a run of cartwheels across the hotels helipad.
Other guests made extremely welcome here
are dogs, which can go in all areas of the hotel,
as long as they are well behaved. Your dog
wont have to miss out on the luxury on offer
either, with doggy treats on arrival and even
the option of a dog-friendly one night package,
known as Sandy Paws.
Our dinner in the Tapestry Restaurant
was delicious with a choice of two menus, and
children are also very well-catered for. We were

Elma Arts complex in Zichron Yaacov

Synagogue in Prague

For Radisson Blu, go to

eating again the next morning hot Belgian

waffles before I went for a pedicure at the spa
and husband and daughter went for another
swim. I dont know about their swim, but the
Pristine Pedicure was the best I ever had. I had
to force myself out to see Ruby, with all tasks
completed, collect her Bucket of Fun certificate. I now have my own Bucket of Fun list and
returning to Baliffscourt is at the top of it.
Visit: or
call 01903 723511.

RH40 Jewish News

29 September 2016