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Neo-TechCorp Pvt.

UK Toll Free: - 0808-238-9842
Website: -

Billing & Compliance Team (Neo-Techcorp Pvt Ltd)Support & Working Hours:
Call : UK 0-808-238-9842 /0-808-169-65399 AM To 7 PM Monday to Friday
Call : USA/Canada- 1-855-221-6324Emergency Support:
Email: Support@Neo-TechCorp.comSaturday toSunday: 9 AM To 7 PM

Proof of Services
(Document of Work Acceptance&ServiceDelivery)
I, K V REDDY, approve the payment of $ 299.99to be rendered to Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltdfor the
technical services of Premium Web Security, Web Optimization, Web Enhancement and
Web Protection
I am fully aware that Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltdis a Third Party service and is not associated with any
brands unless specified. I have read and understood the terms and conditions, the privacy policy and the
disclaimer before the payment has been authorized.
I have verified that my device is completely functional after the services were rendered and before
signing this document.
I am completely aware that Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltddoes not provide any backup copies or support /
installation of unlicensed software.

Customers Name: K V REDDY

I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that I have a licensed copy of all necessary software
installed on my computer and I am also responsible for maintaining the Backup of all Data/ information
including Text Messages, Emails, data, software and/or any other material owned by me.

Customers Name: K V REDDY

I acknowledge and agree that Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltdhas no responsibility or legal liability under any
circumstances, at anytime for the loss or corruption of any of the customer data, software and/or
hardware that may arise out of services provided or due to a hardware malfunction.

Customers Name: K V REDDY

I also understand that the services provided to me do not comply with any Hardware warranties.
I am aware of the fact that if I experience a problem with the services provided to me, then I would have
to contact the provider of services by the following means:-

Phone: Email: -

0808-238-9842(UK Toll Free)

Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltdwill use commercially reasonable efforts to try to resolve the problem at no
additional charge. If those efforts are unsuccessful, Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd willprovide a
reasonablerefund for fees charged at the sole discretion of Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd.
The customer must note that thecharge that will appear as Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd on thebilling
statement.All Payments charged to the customer will be processed via a secure payment gateway
portal / server provided by third party merchant(s).
Disclaimer:Allserviceswillbesupportedfor2 weeks or 14calendar days.Allproductsprovidedwillbesupportedforthelengthofthe
licenseprovided.Weaskthatyoucontactusforanyissueswithbillingoranyservicesprovided. AllchargesMUSTbe disputed within
14calendardaysfora refundtobeconsidered. Refunds (including partial refunds)aresubject tothe decision no Neo-TechCorp
Pvt. Ltd. Foranyquestions,pleaseget in touch with us via above mentioned phone numbers or email address.

Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd


Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd

US Toll Free: - 1-844-274-2587
E-mail: -
Website: -

I, K V REDDY, hereby declare that the below filled questionnaire is legitimate.


Are you 18 or older, and of sound mind to authorize the

charge for this service?



Are you aware that this is a third party service, and not
affiliated with any other company or service?



Were you forced or under any duress to authorize the

charge for the services received?



Did your issue get resolved?



Are you satisfied with the services you received?



Would you contact us again to use this internet service?


I, K V REDDY, hereby declare that the above filled questionnaire is legitimate.

Customers Name
Customers Signature



Date of Sale
Customers Email


19th July, 2016

Customers Phone

778-099-6048 (UK)

Neo-TechCorp Pvt. Ltd



IP Address:


Digital Fingerprint Checksum




2016-07-19 07:30:19 -0700

All parties have signed document. Signed copies sent to: K V REDDY and
Primo-TechSupport LLC.

2016-07-19 07:30:18 -0700

Document signed by K V REDDY ( with drawn signature.

2016-07-19 07:28:58 -0700

Document viewed by K V REDDY ( -

2016-07-19 07:22:18 -0700

Document created by Primo-TechSupport LLC (

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