September 28, 2016

To: Interested Parties
From: Mike Florio, Suozzi for Congress Campaign Manager
Re: ICYMI- NY-03: Momentum for Suozzi

Glen Cove, NY- A new GBA Strategies poll of 400 NY03 likely voters conducted September 1921 shows Democratic nominee Tom Suozzi leads Republican nominee Jack Martins by
17-points, 55% to 38 %. Suozzi’s lead far outpaces Hillary Clinton’s 4-point lead over Donald
Trump. Suozzi leads by 11-points with Independents, while taking a sizable 24% of
Republicans, compared to Martins getting only 4% of Democrats.
“Tom Suozzi holds a
commanding lead in the race for New York’s 3rd Congressional District. Jack Martins’ campaign
has failed to put him anywhere near striking distance because Tom Suozzi enjoys strong, crossparty appeal on Long Island and Queens,” said GBA Strategies Partner Mike Bocian.
The tracking poll by the Suozzi campaign follows the positive results of a GSG poll
commissioned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last month that showed
Suozzi leading Martins by an overwhelming 16 points, 52% to 36%.
“These poll results match what we are getting on the ground here in the district,” said Mike
Florio, Suozzi for Congress campaign manager. “Voters know who Tom is, and what he is
about, they trust that he will go to Congress and do what he has always done, which is to take
on the powerful interests and those benefitting off a flawed system, and fight to make things
better for his constituents.
“All of our internal polls, as well as the public polls, reflect how much support Tom has.”
Currently, the Suozzi campaign has been on cable television for two weeks, while the Martins
campaign has been on air for three weeks.

Also on Tuesday, September 27, Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia Center for Politics
changed the ranking of NY-03 from Toss-Up to Leans Democrat in his Crystal Ball House
Rankings. NY-03 was the lone ratings change in favor of Democrats.
Sabato’s forecasting update comes on the heels of the Cook Report’s decision, from earlier this
month, to change the race from a toss-up to “lean Democratic.”