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My observation & reflection report

Amairani Fuentes Beltrn

When I started with my first micro-teaching class I was very nervous because all was new
for me. First we have to did the lesson plan but when my team and I finished it all was
already clear. The day of the first class I gave was a disaster my colleagues and I were
very nervous and did not respect the times we agreed for each activity and we were very
disorganized with the activities, the good thing was that the subject and activities were all
In my second class apparently everything would be better, I was still nervous. By giving the
class my team and I were more organized but we failed again in the time and some details
of the class. All these details discouraged me because we planned everything very well
and we had many ideas but apparently the time we won.
The first two classes I gave for me was fundamental because motivated me to prepare
more, leaving nerves and throw more to the next. When was my fourth or fifth class we did
a good time, the subject was well and also the activities.
Gradually, I lost the nerves and I realized that I liked to give classes and that I had many
Prepare a class is not easy, because before we have to make a lesson plan : Choosing the
Right Content for the specific level, check the time, choose the activities and materials, but
being in front of a group preparing turned Everything Easier, for me the hardest part was
overcome my nerves, control the group and the activities fulfilled their objective.
Then I had the opportunity to gave class in the language center together with my
colleagues and it was a very nice experience because was something true and I realized
that I could control my nerves but we still made mistakes with our speaking grammar and
with vocabulary activities.
In my last micro teaching I continued preparing more and we had little mistakes and
continue to control my nerves and we took into account the time that even we still missing
a little.
My last experience was 4 -skill teaching, for this class had to prepare a lesson plan that
should take Speaking, grammar and vocabulary , listening , reading and writing. For me
was a little more complicated to adapt the activities.
The day of the class I was very nervous and was the reason why the first activity was
confusing for the students (I forgot How i have to give the instructions), the time was a
small problem, I had prepared my class for an hour and was 45 min so I had to take time
away from my activities.
I also had problems to make participated the students and joined to the class but
eventually they did. As the activities passed the nerves too and class was better and
students participate more, the good news is that the class ended well.
I learned a lot during my micro-teachings experience and my 4-skill teaching because now
I know how to do a lesson plan with all the details, to administer the time for each activity

for achieved the goal and also the activities should be according to the level of the
students. I also realize about my mistakes and I have the opportunity to correct them
If I had the opportunity to change something definitely I would take outside my nerves and
trust what I know and in the class that I prepare, I think my nerves are a big problem
because it did not leave express myself better and at the same time give a more fun class
without being the students confused. Also find more dynamic activities and finally always
have the time control of my activities .