Neelu Chandrasekhar
+919980130086 Experience Summary:
Working on Web Services using C++ & Symbian. Experience also includes design development using Object Oriented Methodologies for developing Nokia S60 software platform.

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Experience in coding and developing of applications using C++ frameworks and Symbian Worked in projects with web related technologies such as such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and WebServices Frameworks like REST, WS-I, ID-WSF. Knowledge on C and Core Java. Experience in developing applications for Series60 mobiles for Nokia. Highly motivated with the ability to work as an integral part of a team with skills and abilities such as: o Good analytical / problem solving skills o Sharp in meeting deadlines and handle conflicting work priorities o Cooperative and fast to learn new technologies o Good communication and organizational skills

Technical Skills:
Languages Web Technologies Operating systems Tools C, C++, Core Java. : XML, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, Web Services Protocols like (REST, WS-I, ID-WSF) : Windows XP, DOS, Symbian. : Quality Centre, Synergy (version control tool), Metro TRK (on device debugging tool), STIF, EUnit (Test automation tools), Code Test, BAPPEA (memory, performance, and code coverage related tools) :

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Nokia, Series60 Bangalore, India.
Project #1: (Training Project) Title : Resolving IP Address Responsibilities : Design, Coding, Unit Testing, Support and Maintenance. Environment : Symbian, C++ Description : Project resolves the given IP address to URL. 1. Client sends the request to Server asynchronously at regular intervals which includes recently visited websites IP Address. 2. Server receives this message from the client and resolves after contacting asynchronously to the DNS server resolves the IP Address in question 3. Sends URL of the Website back to the client.

Nokia, Series60 Bangalore, India.
Project #2:


Title : Web Services Framework (WSF) Component : XML Extensions Responsibilities : Coding, Unit Testing, Support and Maintenance. Platform : Symbian, C++. Description : XML Extensions is one of the key structures of Web Services. It is the component layer beneath almost every component at some level of inheritance. These XML classes have been done to make a higher level implementation for basic XML classes, to enable parsing of XML fragments without implementing totally new classes. 1. Web Service Framework (WSF) provides functionality to use services, for instance Web Services. 2. The Service Consumer (client application) defines a service to be used and makes a request to the service. 3. The response from the invoked service is an XML document. 4. The document can be parsed using the XML Extensions component described in this document. 5. You can delegate the parsing using XML Extensions XML Extensions can of course be used in many other situations than just the handling of a service response. In conclusion, the XML Extensions component hides the details of XML parsing from the client

Nokia, Series60 Bangalore, India.
Project #3: Title : Web Services Framework (WSF) Component : Password Transforms Responsibilities : Coding, Unit Testing, Support and Maintenance. Platform : Symbian, C++. Description : Password Transforms plug-in implements the services provided by the CPasswordTransform interface. There are four implementations of the interface, which transform the provided passphrase in the following ways: 1. Changes all the characters in the pass phrase to uppercase. 2. Changes all the characters in the passphrase to lowercase. 3. Truncates the passphrase to the specified length 4. Removes unallowed characters from the passphrase. ID-WSF Security mechanisms uses this password transforms for encrypting confidential information like body of the message, credentials, etc such that user doesn’t face any loss of information.

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, AndhraPradesh, India 2001 – 2005 Computer Science & Information Technology Bachelor of Technology