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Vol XCI - Issue 1 - September 30, 2016

Trump and Clinton Face Off

Presidential candidates confront each other at first debate
After a long and contentious
campaign, rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took the
stage at Hofstra University in
New York Monday night to discuss issues facing the country
during this election season’s first
presidential debate.
In the early stages of the debate, Mrs. Clinton answered
most questions with detailed policy-based responses, while Mr.
Trump painted a more blunt picture of the crises he saw Americans facing. His simple language
and direct style initially held up
well against Mrs. Clinton’s personal slights, but exposed vulnerabilities later in the evening.
Bill Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky scandal and Trump University weren’t the only things that
didn’t make an appearance. Libertarian presidential candidate
Gov. Gary Johnson, now polling
at 7.4% in the latest Real Clear
Politics average, and Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein were
not permitted to participate in
the debate because each failed to
meet the threshold of 15% support. (Many blame the The Commission on Presidential Debates’
refusal to use online polls in de-

Trump vs. Clinton: The

two candidates’ very different styles clashed during the
first 2016 Presidential debate
on Monday.

Football Beats Waterpolo: LJHS football defeated
the waterpolo team at their
own game during Tuesday’s
“Tangle in the Tank” matchup.

LJHS Homecoming is
October 15
Campus May Lose One
Teacher: Due to lower than
expected enrollment, LJHS
may lose one teacher from
the Industrial Arts department, sources say.

California Heat Wave:

Santa Ana winds are raising
temperatures in La Jolla.

This is your
termining eligibility.)
Both candidates Tweeted criticisms during the debate. Dr.
Stein wrote, “It’s telling that the
#birther issue is a topic during
the #debates. Don’t the American people care more about jobs,
healthcare & justice?”
Most political analysts concurred that Mrs. Clinton won the
debate, saying that her strategy of “baiting” Mr. Trump with

touchy issues from his past elicited unbecoming responses.
Mr. Trump also neglected to
force difficult issues, such as Mrs.
Clinton’s use of a private email
server as Secretary of State, her
involvement with the Clinton
Foundation, or the Benghazi attacks.
“I was going to say something
extremely rough to Hillary, to
her family,” he said. “And I said

Meet School Officer Noyes
Get to know LJHS’ new campus police officer
Q: Where were you born?
How was your upbringing?
A: I was born here in San
Diego, raised in Skyline, in
southeast San Diego by my
mom, a single parent, [and]
older brother. I had a great
Q: How long have you been
on the force? What made
you want to become an officer?
A: I have been a police officer for twelve years; thirteen
years in February. Honestly,
I never wanted to be a police officer. When I was in
the Marine Corps, which I
served eight years in... I was
getting out [and] my uncle
worked for SDPD… He was
offering me to come and
work for them, [and] I told
him, “Go pound sand, dude;
I don’t want to work for the


Photo via Elle Necoechea

police, no way.” When I first
got out [of the Marine Corps]
I was doing campus security, like David and Shelley do
here on campus. I did that
for five years, and when I did
that, I worked primarily with

campus police officers. Every
officer I worked with told me
that I should join the academy
and become a cop, and eventually it wore on me, and well,
See “NOYES,” page 14

Students at Knox
College watch the first
2016 Presidential debate
Photo via Knox College

to myself I can’t do it. I just can’t
do it. It’s inappropriate, it’s not
nice. But she’s spent hundreds
of millions of dollars on negative
ads on me.”

The official school paper of
La Jolla High, the Hi-Tide
has been giving voice to
students for 91 years.
We welcome ideas and
submissions of any type at:

See “DEBATE,” page 16

SDUSD Spokesperson Jokes
Reporter Could Wash Up Dead
San Diego Unified School District’s new public information officer (PIO) Andrew Sharp joked
twice to a Voice of San Diego reporter this summer that if one of
his colleagues - who was investigating district affairs - wasn’t
careful, she might find her body
washed up on the shore.
According to an editorial from
VOSD Editor-in-Chief Scott
Lewis and Managing Editor Sara
Libby, Sharp made comments
regarding reporter Ashly McGlone that were “inappropriate
at best and a warning or threat
at worst” to Mario Koran.
VOSD, a non-profit news organization, said that its relationship with Sharp had been rocky
from the start.
After VOSD contacted the district, Superintendent Cindy Marten later issued a statement saying, “As indicated by Mr. Sharp,
his comments were taken out
of context. He, in no way meant
to threaten harm to anyone. We
recognize the importance of a

safe workplace and regret an
employee was unnecessarily
made to feel unsafe in any way.”
While Sharp also apologized
for his “terrible sense of humor”
in a voicemail to McGlone, the
SDUSD still proposed that McGlone avoid working with Sharp
going forward, an arrangement
that would cripple her ability to
do her job as a reporter.
Sharp made his comments
during an off-the-record conversation, but VOSD determined
that the remarks were too significant to be kept private and sent
a letter to the SDUSD.
“We can’t work with someone who jokes, in the context
of talking about criticism of our
work, that we will be murdered
for what we’ve done,” wrote
Lewis and Libby.
SDUSD schools have regularly
gone on lockdown as a result of
far more indirect threats.
“There is no circumstance in
which joking about a journalist’s
death should ever be tolerated,”
wrote Matthew T. Hall, president
of the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists.



September 30, 2016

Kendall Jenner’s Photo Shoot:
Not On Pointe

The La Jolla High School

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Vogue España cover features Kendall Jenner as a ballerina
In a recent shoot for Vogue
España, Kendall Jenner is
shown playing the part of a
ballerina. In the shoot, Kendall speaks about how she
loves “being a kid.” She leans
on a ballet barre and parades
around in pointe shoes with
different costumes.
In doing so, she has caused
many dancers around the
world to feel downright disrespected.
Ballet is more or less an ancient art form, beginning in
the early 14th century in the
courts of France. Technique
was formed based on the idea
of never turning your back to
the throne, hence, the turned
out feet. Styles have evolved
and the look and lines of a
dancer have changed. In the
beginning, lines were softer,
arms and shapes were rounder. Legs were lower than you
typically see today.
Over time, different choreographers changed style, such
as Balanchine, who is most famous in the non-ballet world
for The Nutcracker. His lines
were straighter, sharper, and
elongated. His curriculum is
the basis for many American
ballet schools today.
A typical dance student
starts around the age of seven, and moves through each
movement until she becomes

strong enough to handle
more advanced steps. Baby
ballerinas spend lots of time
strengthening their ankles to
hold themselves up in pointe
shoes, where the majority of
your weight is suspended by
your anklebones while you
stand on your toes.
This training takes at least
three to four years, and continues even after you are approved for pointework.
Getting the privilege to
dance en pointe is a right of
passage for many dancers. We
work extremely hard, putting
in as many as thirteen hours
of training a week. For Kendall to just throw on shoes (or
for Vogue España to demand
that) is a disgrace for dancers
everywhere. The backlash on
Twitter and social media is
harsh, and Kendall has not yet
I am insulted that Vogue
España would choose a ce-

lebrity with no training over
a real dancer, such as American Ballet Theatre’s first black
ballerina Misty Copeland,
who has already danced to
promote companies like Under Armour. Kendall has no
idea what she’s doing; in fact,
some of the pictures show her
lacking so much technique
that it’s dangerous for her to
be on her toes.
If the purpose of the shoot
was to show Kendall as “being a kid,” like she mentions,
she should be playing with
dolls instead of touching tools
that dancers use for their
I do respect Kendall for being a model and working with
publications such as Vogue España, however, I am insulted
that Vogue would choose this
model for the shoot they had
in mind.


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Present valid LJHS Student ID at the Box Office • One discount ticket per ID.

Not valid on FRIDAYS or SATURDAYS.

September 30, 2016


On Brock Turner

The Burkini Ban

Rape culture exists, and it needs to end.

The absurdity of telling women they are not
allowed to cover themselves



It’s been only a meager
three months since the verdict of Brock Turner vs. The
People came to a close, and
many were outraged by the
minuscule punishment of six
months given. However, September, 2nd reinstated fear
in the hearts of many adolescent females as Turner was
released early, having served
only half the time that he was
originally sentenced. Turner is just one of many cases
of injustice when it comes to
campus rape throughout the
past decade. Elite universities
such as Vanderbilt, Columbia, Baylor, and USC have all
had similar cases that have
resulted in the same unsatisfactory vengeance towards
the perpetrators. Statistically, females ages 18-24 have a
higher chance of sexual assault, with around 21% experiencing it throughout their
undergraduate career.
The problem stems not
only from an overwhelming
amount of apathy towards
cases of those victimized by
white males, such as Turner,
but that the definition and
guidelines of sexual assault
are overwhelmingly vague
and unclear. California has
adopted a very narrow definition of rape that allows for
leniency in cases like Turners,

Fear, as defined in the dictionary is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that
someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain,
or a threat. There are many
outcomes of fear, for example
discrimination or the necessary need for control. Over
the years there have been
many devastating terrorist
attacks from the extremist
group ISIS.
France has recently been a
victim to these attacks, sparking fear among residents. A
desire to feel safe has caused
“Ostentatious symbols” to be
banned in public. These can
be categorized under head
veils, long skirts, and swimsuits.
Muslim women no longer
have the freedom to dress
according to one’s religion
and beliefs. As of this year,
French government officials
have enacted a ban on the
burkini, a swimsuit that covers the entire body except the
face, hands, and feet. Muslim
women are being stripped
down at public beaches by police in order to follow the law,
yet a similar swimsuit known
as the diving suit is allowed
on the beaches of France.
Though unfair, it is understandable why government
officials would want to take

no matter the emotional trauma that the victim endures. It
is time that we adopt a more
accurate definition of rape
that doesn’t allow for rape to
be treated as a misdemeanor.
Due to California’s laws and
definitions, Turner was tried
as a sexual assaulter--not a
rapist--allowing for him to
take a much easier sentence.
In June, Turner’s victim released her personal letter that
was read in court, and anyone
who could endure reading
the letter all the way through
knows that her emotional and
mental state after the atrocity
is not justified by three negligible months. Case after case
we have seen mishandlings
and a lack of true justice being served. At universities it
seems as though sexual assault is handled as lightly as

other common campus crimes
of under age drinking or
cheating, when it is in fact a
way more serious matter.
Only 20% of the female victims (ages 18-24) of undergraduate rape go on to report
the circumstances, and many
site that it is because they fear
reprisal, or believed that law
enforcement would not do
anything to help. If only 20%
of robbery victims reported
burglary because they feared
for the same reasons, we
would see it as a huge societal issue and be more prone to
address and remedy the situation. American universities
may surely be doing an excellent job at educating their
students academic wise, but
lack in affirming proper consequences for campus rape to
ensure security for all.

extra precautions in order
to avoid terrorist attacks, on
the other hand it is not necessary to discriminate against
an entire race/religion. But
banning clothing is not going
to stop terrorist attacks from
Women in general should
not be degraded in such a way
that they are having to strip
their clothing and are being
accused of bombing just because of appearance. Because
of these unnecessary and unhelpful bans, France remains
blind to the prejudice among
race, ethnicity, and religion.
In order to justify the current
events of unclothing Muslim women in public, French
prime minister Manuel Valls
invoked an attack in Nice in
order to accuse the Muslim
women of France of setting
a terrorist attack in motion.
Though Valls has claimed to
be accepting of Islam, his actions show otherwise.

Refusal to Stand for the Anthem
A necessary statement or an unpatriotic act?
When you consider the
concept of patriotism, what
comes to mind? Perhaps the
Fourth of July? The phrase,
“no taxation without representation”? It is often easy to
forget that our country originated from rebellion and refusal to accept what was not
right. Our First Amendment
guarantees us the right to free
speech and peaceful protest
because our country was designed with the idea that government should represent the
wishes of the people. How is
it unpatriotic to exercise that
Late in August, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not stand
for the national anthem at an
NFL event in protest of the
oppression black Americans
still face today. He asserts that
the message of the national
anthem: that our freedom and
equality have been preserved,
does not apply to our country today. His actions sparked
controversy, but also a movement: quite a few athletes
have followed his lead.
For many, the disagreement with Colin Kaepernick’s
kneeling for the national anthem lies not in legality but
morality. They say that his

refusal to stand is a sign of
disrespect, but Kaepernick
is protesting with intention.
Would it not be a greater
disrespect to stand for the
national anthem without
conviction? His actions were
not disrespectful, but in fact
thoughtful-- Kaepernick obviously believed in what he
was doing.
Others see it as an empty
gesture from a rich athlete.
While it may be simply a gesture, it is an important and
meaningful one. Kaepernick
has an adequate platform to
start a movement that can
make real change, and indeed he has. Furthermore,
he was aware of how his actions could impact his job and
Other athletes have already
followed Kaepernick’s example. From college football
to women’s soccer to other
NFL players, his actions have
inspired many to protest, as
Kaepernick’s actions have
brought about a significant
national conversation about
inequality. Already Kaepernick’s actions have broken
the ice for protests by other
athletes, and brought forth
discussion of the injustices in
our country--from racial inequality to gay rights-- back
into the spotlight.

Colin Kaepernick’s decision
to protest by not standing
during the national anthem
was wrong.
While he has every right to
sit out the anthem, it was a
poor decision and he should
accept the consequences.
Kaepernick has gained national attention not for what
he did on the football field, but
his actions off the field. This
is not what great athletes and
the NFL are about. It is not all
about him putting himself in
the spotlight and trumpeting
his personal beliefs. Furthermore, he is setting a bad example, and encouraging other
athletes and students to disrespect this patriotic American
Football is a team sport. In
the NFL there are many very
specific things that you can
and can’t do, including rules
regarding what you can and
can’t wear. This is because
what you wear and what you
do reflects back onto your
team. Team unity is a very
important aspect of successful teams. No one person gets
to decide that they won’t follow the rules. The saying goes
there is no “I” in team.
Kaepernick is prioritizing
his own personal beliefs over

49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick attempts a pass
during Super Bowl XLVII
Photo via Flickr user Au Kirk

the team, and focusing too
much attention on himself.
He is disrespecting the tradition and views of the other athletes on his team, and
exhibiting bad sportsmanship.
People do not go and watch
a sporting event to see a protest. People go to see a game
for entertainment. It is not the
place. Kaepernick’s act has
inspired many other athletes
to participate in his protest.
His actions have also inspired
several incidents of vandalism against the American
flag itself. Do they have no
respect for the country that
they live in? There are going
to be things about America
that not everybody will love
but that is no excuse to betray
it. Without consequences,
people will think it is okay to
disrespect America. For in-

stance, we have the right of
free speech, but that does not
mean you can run into a public place and scream, “Fire!”
It’s about timing, and Kaepernick’s timing was bad.
The national anthem is a
symbol of our country, and the
many men and women who
have courageously fought
and protected our great nation. Standing and singing the
national anthem is a token
of our gratitude and respect.
Our country does not have
to be perfect to deserve this
level of respect. It is insulting
to all those who have fought
and died for our country, to
reject this great tradition. We
should all be grateful for their
sacrifices, and demonstrate
a degree of love and respect
for our country, even though
we still have work to do and
progress to be made.


Bench to Bat

NFL to Spend Millions on
Head Injuries

Sports Swaps are not New
When people hear the name
Tim Tebow they tend to reflect on many things, such as
his legacy as one of the best
college football players of our
time, or maybe even for his
famous touchdown dance,
“Tebowing”, which swept the
nation in 2011, or how his career in the NFL was short (and
not very sweet) and marginally unsuccessful. But do they
ever think of him as a Major
League Baseball player? Soon
maybe they will, Tim Tebow
announced this past August
that he would be trying out
for the MLB.
Tim Tebow is most notably known for his remarkable
college football career at University of Florida from 20062010. He was the first college
football player to win the
Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, surprising many with
his extreme athleticism. He
also led his team on a 13-1 record and to their second national championship in three
years in 2008. College football fans either loved him or
hated him, and if you weren’t
a University of Florida fan
you most likely hated him. As
his talent and skill improved
throughout his college years,
it seemed like he was destined
to have a bright future in the
National Football League
After college, Tebow was
drafted in the first round, pick
#25, to the Denver Broncos.
Tebow’s career in the NFL
was surprising, but not in the
way everyone expected it to
be. Brief late season success
in 2011 that included a Bronco
play-off win notwithstanding,
he bounced around from team
to team in the NFL after that.
He went from the Broncos
to the New York Jets in 2012,
than to the New England Patriots in in 2013 where he
signed a two year contract
and only ended up throwing
the ball 5 times early in the
season. Lastly, he signed a
one year contract with the
Philadelphia Eagles in 2015
where he played in all four of
the preseason games but was
released on September 5th.

In 2013, Tebow was hired by
ESPN as a college football analyst, with his contract allowing him to continue pursuing
other opportunities as a player. Many thought the phenomena of Tebow was over
due to unsuccessful career in
the NFL.
Most recently, Tebow has
been making headlines again
with the news of his pursuit to
have a career in professional
baseball. In August 2016, Tebow invited all Major League
Baseball teams to his tryout,
in spite of the fact that the
last time Tebow had played
baseball full-time was his junior year in high school. At
that time he was an all-state
player, and by his senior year
major league teams had interest in him. Even prior to his
call out to the Major League
teams, there was interest from
the Los Angeles Dodgers. On
August 9th, Tebow received
contract offers from many minor independent professional
baseball teams, including an
offer of a contract from Áugilas del Zulia, a professional
baseball team in Venezuela.
Tebow held his tryout on
August 30th, with over 50
members of media and 40
MLB scouts there having all
eyes on the Heisman winner
once again. On September
8th, Tebow signed a minor
league contract with the New
York Mets. Tebow seems to
have given up in his dream
of being an NFL quarterback,
but seems in high hopes and
excited to start his new journey in the baseball world.
When asked by CBS Sports if
it was a difficult decision for
him to close the door of football world, Tebow responded
by saying, “Obviously, I love
the game [of football]. I love
all the opportunities that I’ve
had. It’s fun. I’ll always love
the game and I think I’ll always be a part of it in someway, but I also love hitting
baseballs, and it’s really fun,
so I’m excited about the pursuit of [baseball].” The exit of
Tim Tebow from the football
world is surprising, but the
odds seem to be in his favor.
There are many other professional athletes who have
been multi-sport athletes who

You may know that a large
portion of LJHS students are
playing sports for the school,
but do you know about the
students that are playing for
club teams? Some of those
athletes are in the sport of
rowing, a very athletically
demanding sport requiring
physically capable athletes
that are extremely committed
to their sport.
These athletes compete
with other high school students from Francis Parker,
Canyon Crest Academy, The
Bishop’s School, Point Loma
High School, and many more,

additionally racing against junior rowers nationwide. The
clubs they row at are San Diego Rowing Club (SDRC), or
Zlac Rowing Club (Women’s
only), the only 2 clubs in the
area. Rowers start as novices
the high school year of their
choosing, then work their
way up to varsity after their
first year as rowers.
In the years 2016-17, SDRC
is racing in 14 races. Though
novice and varsity athletes
will be racing at the majority, some only novice athletes
are attending, others are only
for varsity or selected varsity
SDRC has had athletes move
on to Brown University, Cor-

head injuries and the problems that they cause.
Although the league has already given copious amounts
Recently, the NFL has spent of money to technology and
$100 million to invest in new research, the NFL is still untechnology and do more re- der extreme scrutiny for they
search on the effects of head way they have handled head
Unlike previous invest- Leading medical officers
ments, this time the league from the NFL answered quesclaimed that the money spent tions on Capitol Hill, admitwill be used for “indepen- ting that there is a link bedent medical research and tween head hits and chronic
engineering advancements”. traumatic
Commissioner Roger Good- (CTE), which is a degeneraell shared details to address tive neurological condition.
criticism and answered ques- The NFL will spend hundreds
tions to other sports leagues, of millions of dollars to redoctors, researchers, and the solve a lawsuit from former
parents and family members players who claimed that the
of football players.
league has hidden the dangers

of concussions from them.
The NFL has also funneled
tens of millions of dollars to
USA Football to teach young
players and coaches safe tackling techniques. The league
established an independent,
scientific advisory board, including doctors, scientists,
and clinicians to “engage in a
clear process to identify and
support the most compelling
proposals for scientific research into concussions, head
Although the NFL already injuries, and the long-term efhas existing programs, new fects,” Roger Godell said. The
rule changes, and has already NFL has also already donated
spent money on research, the $14 million of the $30 million
league is committed to spend that it pledged to the National
even more money to address Institution of Health.

have decided to either switch
to a different sport during
their professional career, or
after college; Tim Tebow is
special but not in this regard.
Many people would never
guess in a million years that
certain athletes have played
a different sport due to how
remarkable these athletes are
in the sports they play. Due
to their extreme athleticism,
they’re able to have a variety of skills across the board.
Most notably would be Michael Jordan, known as the
greatest basketball player of
all time to ever to play in the
National Basketball Association (NBA).
He played 15 seasons in the
NBA, universally known as
the player who helped publicize the NBA around the
world in the ‘80s and ‘90s.
Then, out of nowhere in 1993,
Jordan announced he was going to retire and try baseball.
This came as a shock to many,
the most legendary basketball
player of all time was retiring
to play a different sport. Jordan said he made this decision not only on his lost interest in the game, but also his
decision was also based on his
desire to pursue the dream of
his late father for him to be a
Minor League Baseball player.
Even though Jordan’s time in
the baseball world was short,
he only played from 1993-95,
it was meaningful to him, and
towards the end of this journey, he was actually exhibiting major league like ability.
Jordan later rejoined the NBA
in March 1995.

Any professional athlete will try their hardest to
excel at anything they do, so
maybe Tim Tebow’s adventure into the world of Major
League Baseball will end up
becoming the new legacy of
a multi-sport athlete in the
community of sports.

Discover Club Rowing

September 30, 2016

nell University, UC Berkeley,
Harvard, Princeton, Stanford,
and many more as recruits
or with full time scholarships from the junior rowing
program. The club has also
had rowers go to Youth Nationals, a regatta in which all
the boats that qualified from
Regionals compete again for
medals and trophies in this
regatta. And Youth Worlds,
top junior rowers from almost
every country compete to get
be the top youth boat world
Club rowing is way for
LJHS athletes to get involved
in a sport outside the school,
and try something that is very
competitive and fun as well.

Hope Solo’s Career in

Hope Solo was the goalkeeper for the women’s national soccer team, and she’d
been playing for the team for
17 years. Solo has been known
as one of the best goalkeepers, but has also been known
for causing trouble which has
caused her to get a one month
suspension in 2015. However, this time she took it to another extreme by calling the
Swedish women’s team “A
bunch of cowards” after the
team had lost against them in
the Olympics.
Solo called the Swedish
team “a bunch of cowards”
because of the defensive way
that the Swedish were playing. The members of U.S Soccer considered what she had
said unacceptable. Solo was
suspended for 6 months without pay, effective immediately, and her contract was terminated.
Many believe that what
Solo said, not only speaking

badly of the Swedish but also
speaking badly about their
new coach was her way of
embarrassing not just herself but the country, as Solo’s
words did not meet the conduct that was set for soccer
players. Solo will once again
have to earn her place in the
national team, as despite her
contract being terminated,
she can once again play for
the U.S National Team after
the six month suspension has
been complete.
Solo was devastated at the
fact that U.S soccer is refusing to tolerate her bad actions
and controversial statements.
Solo’s had quite a tough year
that she blamed her conduct
to what’s been going on in
her life So much so that she
decided not to play for the
Seattle Reigns this season
because she’s so devastated
emotionally and mentally.
Solo has yet to decide whether or not she will continue her
soccer career.

All stock photos via Wikicommons; athlete photos via Dominic Scurio



September 30, 2016

Fall Players to Watch

Check out the LJHS stars of this season!

Field Hockey: Evie Bass
A third year Varsity player, Senior Evie Bass has been
playing Field Hockey since
her freshman year. Bass is
hoping to finish her last high
school field hockey season
with a CIF win. Her coach,
Lisa Griffiths reflects this positive outlook, saying that Evie
is “very good at being in the
right place at the right time to
put the ball in the back of the
cage…she’s like a silent assassin.”
10/7/16 vs. Valley Center
11/2/16 vs. Serra
11/4/16 vs. Point Loma

Boys’ Water Polo: Connor
Connor Carpenter’s dedication to water polo is evidenced by his position as
team captain. He began playing water polo at the age of
nine when his brother and
dad “forced” him into the
pool and has been playing
ever since. Coach Atwell said
“Connor cares about the sport
and has been playing a long,
long time and he brings all
that experience as a senior
leader to the team.” Atwell
then added, “What makes
him a great player is that he
doesn’t just want to be a great
player, but he wants make everyone around him great too.”
Carpenter is looking forward
to beating Bishops this season
and winning a CIF title. Part
of the CIF Division 1 Championship team in 2015, he hopes
to win the Open Division title
this year.
9/30/16 vs. Los Dueblos HS
10/3/16 vs. University City
10/18/16 vs. Catherdral

HB2 to the NCAA


How the law will change sports
This past March, the state
of North Carolina passed the
Public Facilities Privacy and
Security Act, most commonly
know as House Bill 2 or HB2.
The bill states that individuals may only use restrooms
and changing facilities that
correspond to the sex of their
birth certificates. This bill has
caused much uproar among
the citizens of North Carolina, the bill seems to be focusing in on discrimination towards the LGBT community.
It has also caused frustration
from many across the United
States, as many people will
now refrain from visiting the
state due to the passage of
this bill.
Not only does this affect the
individual’s rights of the citizens and those who visit the
state, it is also affecting the
revenue income throughout
the state.
Most notable is the impact
the bill has had on the sports
community in North Carolina.
North Carolina is known
for their sports, having four
Atlantic Coast Conference
(ACC) powerhouses, an NBA
team, and an NFL team, thus
the community value of
sports is important in North
Because these sports are
also one of North Carolina’s
biggest sources of income and
publicity, this law will end up
costing the state major dollars.
When the law was first
passed, many North Carolina
Universities were not happy
about it, before even realizing the impact it would eventually have on their school’s
athletic teams. On September

12th, the N.C.A.A. announced
their removal of all tournament games from North Carolina because of the bill.
Not only will this affect the
revenue income of the state it
will also affect the success of
the school’s teams. Duke University, University of North
Carolina, North Carolina
State University and Wake
Forest University are all top
rated teams in the N.C.A.A.
The moving of the tournament game this academic
season of 2016-2017 may cost
the teams the opportunity to
be playing in Greensboro in
March, closer to their schools
if they are a top four seed in
the first two rounds of the
tournament. This bill may im-

pact North Carolina schools
in March Madness, removing
the dynamic of an earned advantage. Opposing schools
playing North Carolina teams
have also shown their protest
toward the bill.
Albany University decided they would not travel to
Durham, North Carolina to
play the Duke in the Hall of
Fame Tournament in basketball due to the bill, costing an
out of state school the opportunity to play in historic Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke
head Coach Mike Krzyzews-

ki stated, “It’s an embarrassing bill…that’s all I’m going
to say about it.” Many other
coaches from North Carolina
Universities have spoken out
on their disappointment and
toward the bill, STUDENT
hoping that
like Albany’s will cause there
to be a change.
The negative impacts the
law has on sports don’t stop
The NBA announced that
they will be pulling the NBA
All-Star game from Charlotte,
North Carolina in protest of
the law. “While we recognize
that the NBA cannot choose
the law in every city, state
and country in which we do
business, we do not believe
we can successfully host our
All-Star festivities in Charlotte in the climate created by
the current law,” the league
Even Stephen Curry, an All
Star NBA player of the Golden State Warriors, and a Davidson College graduate, said
that as a native of North Carolina he is ashamed in what
this law means for the state’s
reputation and for how it is
going to affect North Carolina as a whole. In another even
more immediate consequence,
the ACC just announced that
they will be removing all neutral-site conference championship games out of North
Carolina, including the ACC
football championship game
scheduled for December 3rd
in Charlotte.
This law has caused a great
deal of damage to a state’s
athletics, and the bill needs to
be reevaluated as soon as possible.

Pitcher Dies at 24
Remembering Jose Fernandez

Girls’ Indoor Volleyball:
Natalie Coy #13
Natalie Coy has been a player on the varsity Volleyball
team since her sophomore
year. Her coach, Kelly Drobeck says “Natalie Coy will
be a standout player for us
this year. She is a six rotation
player and is one of our best
attackers and best passers.”
Coy is excited to see the talented new varsity players on
this year’s team. Although
she has played indoor volleyball since fifth grade, she
plans to play beach volleyball
during college.
10/5/16 vs. Scripps Ranch
10/19/16 vs. OLP
10/26/16 vs. Point Loma

Early Sunday morning on
September 25, Jose Fernandez, star pitcher for the Miami
Marlins, died in a boating accident off of Miami Beach. The
32- foot vessel was found upside down by the Coast Guard
patrol near a rocky jetty. According to the severity of the
damage, it was concluded that
the boat hit the rocks at full
speed. Fernandez, along with
two others, were passengers

on the vessel and were also
killed in the accident. Drugs
and alcohol did not seem to
be a factor in the incident, but
autopsies have yet to be conducted.
Fernandez was a star pitcher who was drafted by the Miami Marlins in 2011. He was
also named National Rookie of the Year in 2013 and
was a two time all star. The
Marlins also cancelled their
home game on Sunday. Major
League Baseball’s commissioner, Rob Manfred said, “He

was one of our game’s great
young stars who made a dramatic impact on and off the
field since his debut in 2013.”
Fernandez’s girlfriend, Carla
Mendoza was pregnant with
their first child at the time of
the accident. Fernandez was
born in Cuba, and pitched for
the Miami Marlins from 2013
until the time of his death.
He was the Marlins’ first pick
in the 2011 MLB draft. Fernandez will be missed by fans,
teammates, and all who knew



September 30, 2016

Coach Lindenblatt’s 1966 Ford Mustang
The LJHS wrestling coach and math teacher shares his new ride
La Jolla High School math
teacher and wrestling coach
no longer pulls into the faculty parking lot in a bland
sedan, truck, or SUV like his
Instead, he arrives with
a bang - literally - in a 1966
Ford Mustang.
The following is adapted
from two separate Hi-Tide interviews with Mr. Ryan Lindenblatt (RL) and LJHS auto
shop teacher Mr. Ken Davis
RL: I wanted to get an older
car that i could do the maintenance on myself; I wanted
something simple, but i wanted something that was just …

classic. Classic muscle car.
Before I had that car, I had
a Mini Cooper and I was getting frustrated with it because
in order to fix it or anything
you had to take it to the dealership because it had to have
specialty parts.
[Auto shop teacher] Kenny Davis has been absolutely
amazing in helping me … he’s
got all the tools I need here to
do a few of the more simple
things to fix it.
KD: My early experience
with that Ford Mustang is
when I was in high school,
I had a 1966 Ford Mustang
coupe kind of like his; of
course I didn’t have a lot of
the badging and Shelby Cobra
stuff on it, but we worked on

Cinnamon Roll in a Mug
Recipe of the Month

I blew 2 transmissions out
of it trying to have too much
fun with it, but they’re fun little cars!
RL: Of all the Mustangs, I
particularly like the first generation ‘64 ‘65 ‘66 body type
the best, so that’s the type I
really, really wanted because
I just like the look of that particular car.
The reason why I picked
that particular car was that
the paint and the interior
were pretty much flawless
and those would be one of the
hardest things to fix myself.
KD: We’ve done a lot of
work on that thing as far as
keeping the exhaust tightened
up. He had problems with the
ignition, problems with the
choke, and we worked on

Watch Video Now:

It’s a Ford, so it’s “fix or repair daily.”
RL: When I got it, it was
mostly fixed up … there
was an exhaust leak [Davis]
helped me with, and we were
having a couple issues with
the choke and throttle and

he’s been able to help me with
that as well.
KD: It’s a nice little car,
somebody’s put a lot of
wrench time into it. It has a
high-p erfor- RIDES OF
cubic-inch V8 L A JOLL A
engine, which
requires a good deal of maintenance and upkeep if you
want to keep that thing running.
RL: Even though I knew it
looked good, what has always
surprised me is how many
people come up to me and
tell me “Wow, that’s a beautiful car” … I wasn’t looking
for that much attention, but
its really nice to get people to

Art or Illegal Structure?
Muirlands structure draws awe and ire

The best way to start fall; getting warm and toasty with
your favorite treat. This tasty
cinnamon roll is both easy
and fun to make on any occasion.
Bonus: it fits in your favorite
coffee mug!
Cake Ingredients:
4 tbsp all purpose flour
3 tsp granulated white sugar
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/16 tsp nutmeg
3 tbsp milk
1/2 tbsp butter
Combine all wet ingredients
into your favorite mug (at
least 8oz.) and microwave for
20-30 seconds and all ingredients are melted. Stir until the
mixture is smooth and contains no lumps.
To add some more flavor try

Photo via Flickr user grongar

adding one of these toppings.

Photo via Ryan Robson

Cream Cheese Frosting:
1 Tbsp Cream Cheese or
Neufchatel Cheese, softened
2 Tbsp powdered sugar
1 tsp milk


Whisk ingredients together
and swirl into the cinnamon
Cinnamon Sauce:
1 1/2 tbsp brown sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tbsp butter
Melt butter and stir in the dry
ingredients and swirl onto the
cinnamon roll.

As you drive up Nautilus
Street in La Jolla, past Muirlands Middle School, you
come across a large white
house with art and other intricate sculptures surrounding it. 6706 Avenida Mañana, facing Nautilus Street, is
home to La Jolla artist, Nasser
Most recently, Pirasteh
created a sculpture titled “In

Out,” an 8-by-10 foot display, made of concrete, metal,
glass, and other materials that
is cemented to the ground
just outside the house.
Last December, there were
complaints made to the city
about the structure, and the
city had requested the structure be taken down, with additional fines. Pirasteh argued
that it was not an illegal structure, but a fine work of art
that should not need permits.
However, because the structure is so big and too close

to the street, the city claimed
that he had an “unpermitted accessory structure” that
needed to be taken down.
After two court hearings,
the court ruled in favor of the
city in the case that the structure was illegal and needed
to be taken down within 60
days and that Pirasteh owed
$1,143.57 in administrative
costs and $5,000 in civil fines.
Pirasteh claims that he still
does not know if he will move
the piece, or demolish it altogether. It still stands.



September 30, 2016

Get to Know Dr. Hom
She doesn’t practice medicine, just piano.

“Cotton Picken Friberg!”

LJHS photography teacher: taking selfies & delivering bounce houses
Q: What do you usually do
on the weekends?
A: Well, I do the jumpie business, so I deliver kids jumpies to happy families having
birthdays and other events.
Q: Do you have a favorite
A: I like Tommy the Train,
that’s our signature jump.
He’s got a big smiley face and
is very happy and I like him a
lot. I also like the dog house,
because I have puppies and
dogs, it has a big face of Scooby Doo on the front.
Q: Are there any weird
things that have happened
to you while delivering
A: Yes, we delivered last year
out to Lawson Valley, which
is way out in East County,
and we drove off into a little
dirt road and we had to stop
because there were chickens
crossing the road and my wife
had to shoo the chickens out
of the road. Then, as we were
driving up the road there
were dogs just sitting in the
road, and they watched as we
drove by. About a mile later
as we were driving up to the
gate of the owner’s property
there was a mountain lion just
watching us and I stopped to
take a picture of it and it just
kind of watched us and then
wandered off.
Q: Who is in your family?
A: Living with me is my two
daughters and wife. We also
have some pets. Well, we
lost two dogs this year, but
we have three left. We have
Romo who is the youngest
and he’s blind, we call him
“Romo Babyyyyy”. And then
we have BoBo who is a typical, white, snooty french dog,
one of those maltese bijan lap
dogs. We also have Mr. T, he’s

a bada**. He’s named after the
Mr. T with the shaved head
because when we got him he
bit us. I still have scars on my
fingers from when he almost
ripped them off. He’s a terrier
mix, which are unpredictable.
They never have any problems with animals around the
property because he will attack them and protect us.
Q: If you weren’t a teacher,
what would you be doing?
A: I just didn’t get out of college and teach. I had another
career, I worked my way up
from an apprentice to a senior
mechanic and then I was in
charge of a high rise building.
I went to HVAC school (heating/air conditioning school),
and I’m carrier trained in big
centrifugal air conditioning
units that would be in big
ships or high rise buildings.
I could literally run a huge
building, which I have done.
For the last four years I was
working for the federal government, and running a couple buildings downtown. It
paid really good, but I lost my
job there because the federal
government cut it. After that
I applied to some other buildings, as well as teaching and
I ended up getting back into
Q: What kind of music do
you listen to?
A: I listen to all genres of music, but the only type of music
I don’t like is rap. I think that
rap is too violent and cusses
too much and it doesn’t really
sound like music to me. I really like peaceful music, like
Christian Worship type music
and contemporary music. The
two radio stations that I listen
to are Air1 and K-LOVE.
Q: What is your favorite
LJHS event to attend?
A: I used to work a lot of the
football and basketball games
and I really enjoyed going to

them. I don’t work them as
much anymore because I am
working on the weekends and
Friday night is my big family
night and we
go out to plac- TEACHER
es like Barona. PROFILE
So, I’ve been
less for the school. I used to
participate in drama events
all the time but I don’t do that
anymore, living a long way
away from school makes it
hard to volunteer at school
Q: Which teachers do you
hang out with outside of
school or are close to while
at school?
A: I don’t like any teachers,
well actually my daughters
are teachers and I hang out
with them. But I do eat lunch
every day with Mr. Palm, Mrs.
LeCren, Mrs. Bertier, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs. Savoia, and Mr.
Morgan; I’ve also had some of
them to my house.
Q: What is your favorite
restaurant in La Jolla?
A: I don’t really eat in La Jolla, I just eat at the Mexican
restaurant down the street,
Rigo’s. It’s not very good
Mexican food though, I would
rate it as a B-. The town next
to mine, Casa de Oro, is the
Mexican fast-food capital
of the world. We have more
Mexican food restaurants
than gas stations there.
Q: What is your favorite
movie of all time?
A: I’m a Die Hard man, I
love the Die Hard series with
Bruce Willis.
Q: Do you have any good
selfie tips?
A: The key selfie is to slightly hold your camera above
eye-level, and don’t take the
selfie with the camera side
(selfie camera), use the lens
side, because it’s a real lens.


cinos from Starbucks with a
mellow almond hint.”

Q: What do you do on the
A: On the weekends I usually clean the house and spend
time with my family. I try to
go to cultural activities as often as possible, like this past
weekend I attended the Greek
festival in Cardiff by the Sea. I
really enjoy going to the symphony and the La Jolla Playhouse when I get a chance.

Q: Do you play any instruments?
A: Yes, I am a classic pianist.
I’ve performed TE ACHER
concerts at La
Valencia, and PROFILE
I recently performed at a private home in
Sunset Cliffs called the Panda House. Everything in the
house was panda décor. I have
also given concerts at the Miramar Ranch library and I really enjoy it.

Q: What kind of music do
you listen to?
A: I like almost any music, but
my favorites are classical, jazz
and Broadway and an array of
music that I like. Except rap; I
don’t like the language.
Q: What is your favorite
A: I am not a picky eater, I like
any kind of food. I like meat
but not in large quantities. I
also really like fish because
it’s good for you with all of its
omega 3s and vitamins. My
family and I are very experimental, we try everything.
Q: Do you hang out with
any teachers outside of
A: Yes, Mrs. Sadler and I go
to SeaWorld because they
were very generous and gave
teachers free passes. I’ve also
kept good relationships with
some of my colleagues from
Muirlands like Mr. Hernandez, Mrs. Tejada and Mr. Cisneros. We’re a strong faculty and try our best to all get
Q: What are you a doctor
A: I am a doctor of Education,
similar to Dr. Podhorsky.
Q: What is your favorite
A: Well I like yogurt, and I
really like “creamy frappuc-

Q: Do you have any other
A: Yes, I teach people who already have bachelor’s degrees
and want to get their teaching
credential. I train them to be
acclimated to classroom management and discipline. The
students range from their mid
20s all the way up to their
60s. I’ve even taught a former
Charger player.
Q: What kind of student
were you like in high
A: I was a very good student,
I always was on task and very
attentive. I never got in trouble because I was a goody

Q: Any recommendations
for students taking their
driving test this year?
A: Use auditory skills because
they don’t give you the directions visually. You should
hone yourself to listening to
your teachers for correct directions to be trained automatically with good habits for
your test.



Ian Brown (12)



Elle Dyksra (11)

James Dean is my style
Hygiene is very important.

My style is dusty.

Ephrata Abate (11)



I shop at boutiques, Mimi and Red, and Urban

Luna Love God from Harry
Potter, and the models of
Forever 21

My mom and the styles
around the world inspire

Only wear three colors unless
one is black or white.

Go thrifting and find cool
I mostly shop at FlashBacks and Urban Outfitters.

Victoria Byrne (9)


My sister inspires my style.


My style is very urban.

My style is on trend.


I shop at Urban Outfitters and Topshop.

I shop at Urban Outfitters, LF, and on
the street .

Wear what you want

Rhianna inspires my style.

Wear what makes you comfortable.

Lili Davis (12)

My style is whatever is
popular .

Vale Bonomie (9)


September 30, 2016

Brayden Links (12)
Una Smool (10)


The decades inspire
my style.

We asked 15 trendy students who or what inspired their style, and
where they shopped.

Incorporate a color,
something neutral,
and a pattern into each

Photos and reporting by Georgie Morris, Elle Necoechea, Maia Pearl,

I dress dark and mystically.
I shop at Zumiez, Vans, and by window

My fashion is very

Chris Minaj (9)
Catherine Angulo (12)

Interesting designs inspire me.

Misto Fame inspires my makeup

I get my inspiration from my sister
or blogs

Sophia Ross (12)

Blend, blend, blend!

Sophia Ross (12)

My style is childish and cute
My favorite stores are Japan LA and
Charlotte Russe

I shop mostly at Sephora

Have your own unique style.

My style is comfy and thrifty.

Hannah Kinsey (10)
My favorite stores are Goodwill and Buffalo Exchange.

The 90’s inspire my style

Tico CondePorto (11)
My style is very unique and eclectic

I love to shop at Urban Outfitters, TopShop, and
thrift stores

Dolce&Gabana and myself inspire my
Don’t be afraid to “break the rules” of
My style changes depending on my
mood each day.

Victoria Wolf-Llop (12)
My style is inspired by the 60s.

Wear comfortable, but interesting
My style is random, thrifty, and artistic


September 30, 2016







Photos 3, 6, and 7 courtesy of Sam Spencer
Photos 4 and 5 courtesy of Ryan McCasland
Photos 1, 2,and 8 courtesy of Alexa Kideys

September 30, 2016

By: Calvin Zhang

By: Calvin Zhang

By: Tanner Ford

By: Tanner Ford

By: Tanner Ford

By: Tanner Ford




September 30, 2016

Terrorism Grips

Another attack in the wake of
destruction caused by extremists
In the wake of the recent
terrorist attacks, France and
her people have lived in a
shadow of constant threat
and danger. Now, there have
been even more terrorist
threats that have pushed
the stability of France to the
breaking point. On September
7, French police discovered an
abandoned car parked close
to the Notre Dame Cathedral,
packed with explosives. According to police, the vehicle
contained seven large cans of
fuel, three bottles of diesel,
and had pages of Arabic writing inside. After further investigation, the French police
found a pledge of allegiance
written to ISIS, and managed
to arrest the three women
who staged the plot.
During arrest, the women attacked the officers with
knives and managed to severely wound on of the officers. Another case of threatening terrorism would be a
15 year old that was accused
of plotting an “imminent”
terrorist attack. The police

arrested him on the fact that
they had strong evidence of
the boy having connections
with French ISIS Militant
Rashid Kassim. These recent
terrorist developments have
taken their toll on France’s
way of life. As of now, France
is still in a state of emergency.
On September 11, the French
Prime Minister, Manuel Valls,
made a public statement on
the matter. “Every Frenchman
suspected of being linked to
terrorism, because he regularly consults a jihadist website,
or his behavior shows signs of
radicalisation or because is in
close contact with radicalized
people, must be preventively
placed in a detention center,”
he stated. The French Prime
Minister concluded his speech
with the words, “There will be
new attacks. There will be innocent victims.” At this point
it seems that France is spiraling down to an imminent major terrorist conflict. However
these new measures could
make a difference. Whatever
happens, this terrorist conflict
will surely test the foundation
on which all of French society
lives on.

Venezuela Facing a Major Crises
An economic crisis grips the South American Country
Venezuela has been steadily
falling into greater and greater crisis since 2013.
Currently facing shortages
on many staple products as
well as protests and general
discord. The origin of this can
be traced back to 2013 when
popular Socialist president
Hugo Chavez died, leaving
Venezuela in the hands of
Nicolas Maduro.
Maduro is unpopular and
faces heavy protest as well as
a congress that is attempting
to oust him from office.
He stopped import of goods
after the price of oil dropped
forcing Venezuela to dig into
gold reserves to pay off outlying debts. Imports of goods
dropped significantly, according to Panjiva (a New York
based trade data company)
the import of meat is down
63%, bread is down 94%, and
fruit is down 99%.
In mid July of this year, the

border between Venezuela
and Columbia was reopened
temporarily after being closed
due to disputes between the
two countries.
Taking this opportunity an
estimated 100,000 tearful Venezuelans crossed the border
to buy basic foods and necessities. As a possible solution,
Jamaica is sending up to $4
million in food and goods in
exchange for oil, these goods

chest in an attempted robbery
and after what was supposed
to be merely a minor surgery
turned into several days of
hospitalization as well as being charged for all the supplies down to the gauze and
Buried in a 48 page government publication a decree
states that citizens who work
in both the private and public
sector can be made to work in

Unemployment is currently at
17% but is expected to rise as
much as 30% in the coming years
include medical supplies
which Venezuela is incredibly
short in.
According to a CNN source,
the lack of medical supplies
has led many including Jose
Luis Vazquez to have to pay
for every aspect of their treatment. Vazquez was shot in the

the country’s fields for a minimum of 60 days that can be
While Amnesty International has called the decree
unlawful, some say it may be
a necessity to stop the population from starving to death.

Trump’s Visit to Mexico

GOP Presidential Nominee Meets with Mexican
President Peña Nieto

Russian Hackers Seize
Athlete Health Data

Medical information stolen and published

International tennis
icon Serena Williams
had private prescription
data leaked.
Photo via Wikimedia

On September 14, 2016, the
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) confirmed that
the “Fancy Bears,” a group of
Russian hackers, had leaked
confidential medical files.
They leaked the medical files of well known athletes such as Simone Biles, as
well as Venus and Serena Williams.
Although the Fancy Bears
leaked only 10 files of American athletes, they also leaked
files of other famous international athletes.
The files that they seem to
have leaked were TUE’s otherwise known as ‘Therapeutic
Use Exemptions’, which gives
the athletes permission to use
substances that are being used
for specific medical reasons.
Simone Biles, a USA gymnast, justified why she was
taking medication.
The medication she was
taking was for her ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity
Disorder), so her use of the

drugs was permitted for medical purposes and approved
by WADA.
Venus and Serena Williams,
whose files were also leaked,
were said to have taken many
medications during the off
season, in which they were
not part of the Olympics.
Most of the medication
that Venus had taken was because she had been injured
at the time; medication that
had been prescribed mainly
through the years of 20102015.
Serena Williams was mainly taking anti-inflammatories
and painkillers.
Other Olympic medical files
have been leaked but these
have caught the most attention.
The motive of the Fancy
Bears was said to be to prove
that the United States cheated
in the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Therefore nothing that they
had done was illegal according to the World Anti-Doping
Agency, because they had approved of the substances that
had been used.

Mexican President Peña Nieto in a meeting with U.S. President Obama.
Photo via White House

“When Mexico sends its
people they’re not sending their best,” said Donald
Trump. The U.S. presidential
candidate who has constantly bashed the United States’
southern neighbor, and despite his highly negative image within Mexico, the Mexican President Enrique Peña
Nieto invited both him and
Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to conference in Mexico City.
Although Hilary declined
the invitation, Trump proceeded, departing from Phoenix, Arizona and arriving in
Mexico’s capitol on August
30, 2016. The visit caused predicted opposition from hundreds of thousands of Mexicans, infuriated by the “open
arms” of the candidate.
Both men spoke about various issues and possible solu-

tions they might be able to
agree upon.
Of most interest to the public was the multi-billion dollar southern border wall proposed by Trump to keep out
illegal immigrants.

Trump has pledged repeatedly that Mexico - not the U.S.
- will pay for the wall.
After the meeting, Donald
Trump admitted the wall had
been discussed but the payment wasn’t.
In a contradictory statement, Nieto said they had
discussed the wall but that he
had made it abundantly clear
that Mexico would not be financing the project.
Clinton refused the invitation altogether, claiming that
Nieto had disrespected his
own nation by personally inviting a man he had compared
to Hitler and Mussolini in the
The idea for Trumps invi-

tation came from Mexico’s
finance minister Luis Videgaray who resigned from his
high-level position a week after Trump’s visit.
The meeting itself was said
to be far civil than expected.
Nieto later declared that he
was prepared and committed
to working with whoever is
elected U.S. president in November.
The economies of the U.S.
and Mexico are closely linked,
with more than 6 million jobs
existing as a result of the nations’ economic relationship.
Trump again vowed that
Mexico would pay for construction of a “great border
wall” between the two countries. He spoke hours after
Mexican President Enrique
Pena Nieto told Trump in a
face-to-face meeting in Mexico City that Mexico would
not pay for it.



September 30, 2016

LJHS Weighs in: Trump & Clinton


We took the pulse of the LJHS campus on Republican and Democratic Party Presidential
Nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.



He’s arrogant, selfcentered and downright

I believe Hillary Clinton is a
hardworking candidate and
she is qualified to be president
and she will cause a lot more
change, which is what we

- Alex Romano, senior

The wall can only be so high.

- Maya Landsberg, freshman

- Tanner Ruane, junior

North Korea Executes
Successful Nuclear Test
North Korea has its largest successful test

I think he has the potential to
be a good president, as long as
he behaves.

Could be a good president if
she didn’t lie so much about
the emails
- Paige Rogge, freshman

- Bernardo Trejo, junior

He lacks the political experience, but is good at managing
big industries.

I think she’s great. We were
fans of Bernie Sanders; so
much better than Trump.
- Azure Sweetan-Abbot, sophomore

- Alexander Gross, freshman

She would do anything to get

He’s all talk.
- Pablo Jativa, sophomore

- Mr. Essex, teacher

I’m upset with both candidates and concerned with international
decision making.
- Mr. Mateo, teacher

- Aidan Traey, freshman

There will be another scandal.
- Alexander Gross, freshman

- Kendall Colletti, junior

I like his hair.
- Mr. Friberg, teacher

She’s good and is supportive
and has good speeches.
- Katelyn McCasland, sophomore

Third Party’s a Charm?
We asked students about third-party Presidential candidates Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and
Jill Stein (Green Party). Many were familiar with Johnson, but few with Stein. See our debate
article on page 1 for more on these third-party choices.



Johnson needs to find out
where Syria is.

Jill Stein is a granola-eating
treehugger that has no chance.

- Mr. Essex, teacher

- Ethan Lerner, senior

He’s not popular enough to be

She wants to give everyone
jobs that are related to the

- Alexander Gross, freshman

Photo via The Official CTBTO Photostream


They are going to start World War III.

He is going to make us great
again; he is going to “trump”

Officials detect the 2016 nuclear tests

- Monaghan Cromeans, sophomore

On September 9th, 2016,
North Korea conducted the
fifth and largest nuclear test
in its history. The explosion
first registered as a 5.3 magnitude earthquake on the Richter Scale, but was later confirmed to be a nuclear test.
It was estimated to have 10
kilotons of explosive force,
nearly two times as large as
their previous test in January
2016, which was said to have
an explosive power of between 4 and 6 kilotons (One
kiloton is the equivalent of
1,000 tons of TNT).
North Korean state media
claimed that this test would
allow them to produce “a variety of smaller, lighter and
diversified nuclear warheads
of higher strike power.” Although it is hard to verify this
claim, Melissa Hanham, a senior research associate at the
James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, voiced
her concerns over the danger
that North Korean Nuclear
capabilities could bring.
“My deep fear is that they
will launch a live nuclear
weapon on one of their missiles, but that would be extremely dangerous as that
could trigger a war,” she said.
The United Nations security
council convened a meeting
where they “strongly condemned” the test, stating that
it was a “clear threat to international peace and security,”
and that they “will begin to

work immediately on appropriate measures. …”.
President Barack Obama
also said in a statement that
North Korea will face “consequences to its unlawful and
dangerous actions,” and that
“the United States does not,
and never will, accept North
Korea as a nuclear state.”
South Korean President
Park Geun-hye reflected
Obama’s ideas, saying, “The
only thing that the Kim Jong
Un regime can gain from the
nuclear tests is stronger sanctions from the international
community and its isolation.
Such provocation will eventually hasten its path to self-destruction.”
Although North Korea has
been successful with increasing its nuclear and missile capabilities, it has been unable
to pair the two together.
Kim Byung-kee of the opposition Minjoo Party made
a statement after a meeting
with South Korean defense
When asked if North Korea can now mount a nuclear
warhead he said “It doesn’t
appear to be the case. Even
if they can mount [a nuclear
warhead], the technology for
weaponizing it is a separate
issue. It doesn’t appear they
will be able to complete [this]
in the next one or two years,
but the intelligence authorities said it may be able to be
weaponized sooner than expected.”



San Francisco Building is Sinking

Developers accused of receiving special treatment from city
The Millennium Tower in
San Francisco is sinking.
The Millennium Tower is a
fifty-eight story condominium
This $350 million tower was
built in 2009 and became one
of the iconic buildings on San
Francisco’s skyline.
The tower has sunk by sixteen inches so far.
Some say the Millennium
Tower is sinking because it
was built on sand., which provides a much less stable foundation than the bedrock that
other San Francisco buildings
are constructed on. The weak
foundation has caused the slow
sinking affecting the building.
The worst part is that it is
sinking unevenly. The tower sinking has shown to be

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

more political now after Aaron
Peskin, member of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, had
official documents, these documents showed San Francisco’s
building inspection department had concerns about this
building sinking seven years

ago. Yet the city declared the
building safe for occupancy in
August 2009.
Mr. Peskin said, “I believe,
and I know this is a very serious allegation, that there are
some level of political interference.”
“Suggesting the firm received
special treatment from the city
is simply outrageous”, said P.J.
Johnson, spokesman for Millennium Partners, told the San
Francisco Chronicle this.
Class-action lawsuits are being brought against the Millennium Tower developers.
One of the lawyers for the
apartment owners, Mark Garay
says, “What we do know is that
the foundation of this building
does not go into bedrock. It’s
all landfill. It used to be part of
the bay.”

Self-Driving Ubers

First autonomous rides take place in Pittsburgh

Photo via Uber

Uber and Ford have partnered together to come up with
the self-driving Ford Fusion
These cars are equipped with
a rotating 360-degree laser system, around 20 cameras, 7 different lasers, and around 1,400
other pieces of machinery capable of providing enough information for a computer to
These cars, stationed in Pittsburgh, were being test “ridden”
by select journalists and Uber
drivers. The reviews are very
“The ride feels pretty much
like a ride in any other car, with
an extremely cautious driver.
We may go maybe one or two
miles an hour over the speed
limit. Turns feel particularly
slow,” said one NPR reporter.
According to an article in the
New York Times, there were
40,000 vehicle related deaths
that occurred in the United
States last year.
The deadliest automated-related deaths since 2008 and had
the largest year-over-year percentage increase in 50 years according to the National Safety

September 30, 2016

Despite accident prevention
technologies, one driver was
killed while using the autopilot
system in his Tesla Model S.
A vehicle operated by Alphabet, Inc. (the parent company of Google) suffered the
worst accident of Alphabet’s
self-driving fleet on Monday
when another van ran a red
light and hit the side of the car.
Further fatalities or accidents
such as these could shift public
opinion on self-driving vehicles.
The Wall Street Journal noted
that Uber is considering making the cars more aggressive as
a result of criticisms that the
cars move too slowly.
“Uber generally has programmed its cars to drive within the speed limits, but is considering making the cars a bit
more aggressive to blend with
traffic flows where people routinely speed.”
The cars are not completely self-sufficient, however. An
engineer rides along to take
over control in an emergency.
One had to during a test drive,
when a truck illegally backed
The New York Times described the interior experience,

noting “... a big red button
in the center console - suspiciously similar to a seat ejector
switch from a James Bond film
- to disengage from self-driving
mode. To turn the self-driving
feature back on, he needed only
press a sleek steel button to an
embossed nameplate stamped
on the console.”
All riders were required to
sign a waiver releasing Uber
from liability in the event of
their death of injury in a crash.
The Department of Transportation recently released a
new set of guidelines to regulate self-driving technologies, where vehicles will be
reviewed and approved for the
road on a case-by-case basis.
While President Obama has
given his approval to looser
regulations, the NHTSA is still
investigating the Tesla death
from May.
Meanwhile, many are concerned about the impact of autonomous vehicles on the millions of full-time and part-time
drivers worldwide.
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick disagreed, saying, “I don’t
think the number of human
drivers will go down anytime
soon. In fact, I think in an autonomous world, it goes up.”

NOYES (continued from page 1)
there you go.
Q: What is your purpose
here on campus?
A: My purpose here on campus is for every student and
staff member to go home
safely at the end of everyday. That is my sole goal.
Q: How familiar are you
with La Jolla and La Jolla
A: Somewhat familiar with
La Jolla High and La Jolla High students. I’ve done
basketball games out here
over the years and I’ve done
football games out here over
the years. I’ve never been
assigned as a campus officer
before, [but] I have responded to a couple calls out here
over the years.
Q: Do you have any comments on the student
body since you have been
A: Extremely respectful,
forthcoming, mostly freshmen come up and speak to
me, shake my hand. I think
that’s a good deal, you don’t
get that at a lot of campuses.
Q: Do you patrol La Jolla
after the school day ends?
A: I’m in the area for your
dismissals to ensure there
are no car accidents, no one
driving around crazy, no
fights, that kind of stuff.
Q: With this generation,
a lot of anti-police sentiment is prevalent. Seeing that you were booed
at the senior assembly a
few weeks ago, how do
you feel being on campus
with some people that
might not want you here?
A: You gotta have thick
skin as a police officer. That
doesn’t faze me at all. Like I
said in the auditorium when
they did that, they have
their reasons whatever their
case may be, but given time,
I think people will see that
I’m not your typical police
officer. I like to look at my-

self as more laid back, low
Q: Have you ever experienced racial profiling in
your life?
A: Yes and no, I couldn’t necessarily give you an example
of when I knew 110% that’s
what it was, but over time,
different things happen
throughout your life that
you look back on, and you
think “I wonder if that’s because of?…” So I’m the type
[that] I don’t run to the “Oh
it’s because I’m black” as the
first thing, and I see a lot of
people who do that ... But, is
racism still prevalent in the
United States? Yes.
Q: I see you have a utility belt with weapons on
your person, do you see
any circumstances that
might require you to use
it here at LJHS?
A: No, as I can’t see into the
future, no I don’t see any
I never have to use any of
Q: Have you ever had to
draw or use your weapons
during your time as a police officer?
A: I have had to draw it, I
have never had to fire it other than in training. I have
had to draw it maybe one or
two times, and that’s it.
Q: What is your opinion
on gun control?
A: It’s an amendment right.
Q: What is the biggest
misconception you find
people have of police officers?
A: That we’re all the same.
Because there are some bad
officers out there ... there
are. Not every officer is
good, but not every citizen
is good either, but you can’t
jump everybody into the
same barrel, based on the actions of a few. We’re not all
the same.

DEBATE (continued from page 1)
The debate was moderated
by NBC Nightly News host
Lester Holt, who struggled to
keep the two candidates on
schedule and on topic.
Both candidates talked over
or ignored the moderator; Mr.
Trump frequently spoke over
Mrs. Clinton to point out what
he viewed as inaccuracies in
her statements.
“Wrong,” interrupted Mr.
Trump at multiple points
during the debate.
Mrs. Clinton for her part,
largely stayed silent during her
opponent’s time, but directed
viewers to her website instead.
There, Clinton campaign staffers published live “fact checks”
on statements made during the
Mr. Trump faced difficulties
in responding to Mrs. Clinton
on race issues, his early position on the Iraq War, and his
decision not to release his tax

“Why won’t he release his tax
returns?” questioned Mrs. Clinton. “Maybe he’s not as rich as
he says he is, maybe he’s not as
charitable as he claims to be, or
maybe because he owes about
$650 million to Wall Street or
foreign banks.”
The impact of the debate will
not be fully seen until new polls
are released, but experts say
Mrs. Clinton may draw supporters away from third-party
candidates. Mr. Trump, meanwhile, needed to make up his
deficit in support from women; GOP strategists say his responses to past comments may
not be adequate.
Neither candidate is expected to lose significant support
from their core bases.
One in five Americans polled
prior to the debate said it would
be a factor in making their decision.



September 30, 2016

High School Theatre Shows Produce
Promiscuous content leads to administrative backlash
In today’s society, teenagers are exposed to a variety
of controversial topics such
as drugs, alcohol, racism, and
bullying. In high school, students are exposed to these
things through music, books,
television, social media, and
school productions.
School drama departments
do not have the ability to
choose any show they wish
because many popular productions have been deemed
schools to produce.
students performing a show
For ex​ample, Grease, a sto- with inappropriate themes.
ry about two teenagers who This then makes the school
fall in love, but also happens uncomfortable with producto include teen pregnancy and tion, which leads to them not
other high school stereotypes, allowing it. The question that
was rejected by a high school has been raised is: Who gets
in North Carolina due to the to decide whether or not a
“mature content”.
high school production is ap However, the themes in​ propriate?
Grease have been seen in high Most recently, in the spring
schools across the nation even of 2016, La Jolla High School
before the film and the musi- presented the musical, Th
cal had been released.
Toxic Avenger, a comedy set
In most cases, the students in New Jersey around 1980,
want to perform the produc- during a time of great pollution, but there are always tion and toxic waste in the
some parents who feel un- area.
comfortable with high school
The musical features many

adult themes that were
deemed questionable. “It had
language and content above
PG-13 ratings for high school
standards,” says Katie Wilkinson, ​The Toxic Avenger’s Stage
Manager, “but in the end, the
show was a huge success and
the drama department was
lucky to be able to perform
the show.”
There is no single root to
this problem, because parents
and teachers want to protect
their kids and students from
certain ideas that are prominent in society; however,
most high-school age students have likely already been
exposed to these elements in
films, music, and now via the



17 Artists to Hear
Before 2017

2. Young Greatness

1. Xenia Rubinos

4. Lil Uzi Vert

3. Daya

6. Dreezy
5. Raime

7. Moxie Raia

La Jolla Art and Wine Festival

8. Lil Yachty

9. Innanet James

Beloved cultural event returns for seventh season

10.Jorja Smith

11. Kyle Craft

12.Vintage Lee

For its eighth year, La Jolla
will be hosting the annual La
Jolla Art and Wine Festival
which will take place on October 8 and 9 from 10 to 7 and
10 to 6 respectively.
Stretching from Torrey
Pines Road to Prospect on
Girard, The LJAWF will have
over two hundred unique
artists from across the country and the world (Italy and
Japan) showcasing their artistic abilities.
The Festival contains a
style of art for everyone: jewelry, sculpture, painting, and
drawings are just a few of the
dozen art trends showcased.
While the Festival is completely free, all profits benefit
our local La Jolla School programs: arts, science, technology, and physical education.
Don’t forget to grab tacos

from Puesto, Ahi Poke from
Poke Go, Boba, pizza from Giuseppe’s, and more!
The Festival will highlight
performances by our own La
Jolla High School Marching
Band, Ooh La La Dance Academy, San Diego bands, and
singer/songwriters on every
corner of the mile long festival. This year’s silent auction
includes trips to New York,
Cabo, and Chicago; sporting
events like the NCAA Final
Four Tournament, Kentucky
Derby, and NASCAR races.
If you’re in need of a little relaxation, don’t miss the
BarkThin’s 40 foot indoor
lounge with complimentary
chocolate, the Geppetto’s
Family Art Center that will
have a limousine to paint and
will showcase artwork from
our neighborhood schools,
and even a Land Rover Car
“The goal is to help the

13. Seramic

schools and help the community,” says Founder and President Sherry Ahern. In addition to the $100,000 already
granted to each La Jolla Public
School, the festival’s proceeds
will also benefit the cause.
This year the LJAWF Foundation estimates that 40,000
people will come and visit the
festival and our beautiful city
of La Jolla.
In addition to being a visitor, teenagers are more than
welcome to volunteer for any
date and time of the festival.
Those interested in volunteering or in learning more about
the event can find information at
The LJAWF is not to be
missed, and as Ahern put it,
“It’s a beautiful weekend in
La Jolla!”

15. Kaleo

17. The Bangles

14.King Krule

16.Barns Courtney

Photos via Imgur




September 30, 2016

Frank Ocean 2.0

Dispute Over Vantablack

R&B artist drops surprise album after 4 years
Staff Writer
After the release of his debut studio album, Channel
Orange, Frank Ocean’s fans
were anticipating another album from the R&B singer.
Channel Orange was released in July 2012 and highlighted his love life and stories that have had an impact
on his life.
After its release the album
went on to win a Grammy
for Best Urban Contemporary
Album in 2013, beating out
Chris Brown and Miguel.
Ocean’s main purpose for
releasing music is to tell people a story, as said in an interview, “Storytelling is the
more interesting part about
making music for me, or making albums and songs and
stuff. So much so that I might
not make another album.”
After officially announcing that he was working on
his next album, fans began to
speculate what the new music
would sound like and when it
would be released. Later that
year, Ocean announced that
the album would be different
from his last, this time inspired by The Beatles and The
Beach Boys.
Leading up to the official release of his next album, Frank
Ocean released Endless, a forty-five minute visual album
that streamed from Apple

The next day Ocean released his sophomore album
on August 20, 2016 after four
long-awaited years. The fulllength album, Blond, consists
of seventeen songs and features lyrics and vocals from
multiple musicians, such as
Beyonce, Andre 3000, Kendrick Lamar, and Kanye West.
The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200
charts and made approximately $1 million in profits
after its first week of availability.
Weeks after Blond was released, news headlines began to claim that the release
of Ocean’s new album would
spark controversy among
the music industry. Ocean’s
visual album, Endless, was
released in partner with his
recording label (Def Jam) to
fulfill his contract, but he then
went on to release Blond independently.

One news source claims
that his move “marks the first
shot in an inevitable fight
between music labels and
streaming services.”
The move towards becoming an independent artist is
very frightening for most record labels, because artists
who already have a strong
fan base, like Frank Ocean,
can simply sign deals with
streaming services instead of
signing their strict contracts.
Most artists would rather
be independent so they don’t
have to abide by any rules or
make changes in their musical
style that are usually enforced
by the major record labels.
Ocean’s decision may create a ripple-effect within the
music industry, as more and
more artists are following in
his lead.
With the success of Frank
Ocean’s past two albums, and
the new-found freedom he
has received from ending his
record deal, fans are already
awaiting another album,
hopefully in less than four
years this time.

Anish Kapoor studio claims sole rights to
world’s least reflective substance

“It’s effectively like a paint...
Imagine a space that’s so dark
that as you walk in you lose
all sense of where you are,
what you are, and especially
all sense of time.”
Vantablack is the world’s
least reflective substance. Designed for the insides of telescopes and for military use, it
may also be used as a finish
for expensive watches and
It absorbs 99.6 per cent of
light using carbon nano-tubules, making even crumpled
tinfoil look completely flat.
While incredibly useful and
visually stunning, Vantablack
is also expensive-- by weight,
it is more pricey than diamonds or gold, and the application can take days. Vantablack is causing a stir in the
art community because while
it is an incredibly desirable
material, only one artist is allowed to use it.
The studio of Anish Kapoor
has the exclusive rights to using Vantablack in art. Kapoor
is a widely acclaimed artist
who has long made projects
on a large scale and with
strange materials. He said of
the material, “It’s so black
you almost can’t see it. It has
a kind of unreal quality.”
Kapoor’s artistic monopoly

has sparked controversy from
the art community.
There have been precedents: artists have seized
rights for colors; however,
they had made the colors
themselves. Surely it must be
immoral, critics say, for him
to restrict the use of the material to himself!
However, the makers of
Vantablack argue that applying their product is not just
slathering it on: there is a
grueling and time-consuming
process, and dealing with export controls is difficult.
It remains to be seen how
Kapoor will use the material
in his creative endeavors.

October 2016 Entertainment Calendar
The Observatory

ZZ Top

Vejas Arena

Jessie James
House of Blues

Chief Keef
House of Blues

Desert Trip WK. 1

Florida Georgia
Sleep Train Amp.

Colbie Caillat

R. Kelly
Valley View Cntr.

Young the Giant

Desert Trip WK. 2

Music Box

Zeds Dead
The Observatory

Young the Giant

Balboa Theatre