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Jakobson 1

Emma Jakobson
Mrs. Finn
English 11H Period 7
2 November 2015
Release the Faithful
Thirty- nine women, all innocent, convicted of sinister crimes. What has become of this
town of Salem? Shall we continue to allow guiltless people be murdered with no real evidence
that they have committed these unlawful acts? I say, as a well educated lawyer of Salem, that it is
time to put an end to this ridiculousness. Believe me, I want criminals to be hung just as much as
the next, but we must take a look at the cold, hard facts: These women are not criminals. Justice
needs to be served to these innocent people. More directly I am speaking of Rebecca Nurse. It is
said that she murdered seven babies by sending out her spirit on them (85). This is
incomprehensible. Jury, I am sure you all know of Mrs. Nurse. Well- respected and a good
Christian women, she is looked up to by many of the people of this town, including the youth.
Her strong faith and ability to heal, show that she is devout and unable to commit the crimes she
is convicted of. Good people of Salem, I ask you to free her from these convictions and do what
is right. It is unfathomable that a women of such goodness and heart could commit a crime that is
utterly grotesque: Murdering seven babies.
Not only I, but everyone of this town, knows that Rebecca Nurse has not one bad bone in
her body. She is called on in times of need because the people have complete trust in her. Is it not
true that when Betty Parris fell ill, Mrs. Nurse was called upon first? Reverend Parris himself
called for her saying, Rebecca, Rebecca, go to her, were lost (23). How can a woman that

Jakobson 1
people turn to in times of trouble be sentenced for murder? Goody Nurse is a good woman and
has not done anything to deserve this punishment. Furthermore, Reverend Hale has supported
her innocence. When he first arrived in Salem, he told Mrs. Nurse that she [looked] as a good
soul should and that he had heard of [her] great charities in Beverly(34). Goody Nurse
provides charity to the town of Salem, not death. Reverend Hale came to Salem in hopes of
ridding the town of witchcraft, so it his clear intention that anyone suspected should be
convicted. But even he himself believes these claims of witchcraft have gone too far: If Rebecca
Nurse be tainted, then nothings left to stop the whole green world from burning (67). Such a
well respected women who is the very brick and mortar of the church (67) is being accused of
such ridiculous claims. How is she able to send her spirits upon Goody Putnams babies and kill
them? And for what reason? I believe that the Putnams seek revenge for a rivalry over land, they
have a systematic campaign against Rebecca (24). The two families had a squabble that
grew to proportions of a battle in the woods between partisans of both sides (24). Of course the
Putnams want the Nurses dead, and what easier way then cry witchcraft? How can we trust a
source of such bias? Please, the facts show it all, Rebecca Nurse is innocent, and the victim of
revenge. Just as Reverend Hale said to Mrs. Nurses husband, Francis, Let you rest upon the
justice of the court; the court will send her home, I know it (67).
Jury, I hope you can see the truth in all of this chaos: the facts show that Rebecca Nurse is
no murderer, but that she is being turned in over a family feud. But it is not just this that I ask
you. You must all have family right? Imagine one day your mother, or your husband, or your
wife or your grandmother or grandfather is gone, killed though they are innocent. What would
you do without them? How would that affect you? Rebecca Nurse is a mother, a wife and a

Jakobson 1
grandmother, and murdering her would change the lives of so many people. Look to the truth,
and look to what is right. I ask that you let justice be served.