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MSB® Client and MSB® App

Become independent of your hardware. Whether it is Windows,
Android, iOS or BlackBerry: You can use the mobile or stationary
hardware in your project that best suits your process or your
company, without having to make any changes to the existing
MSB applications.
The Mobisys MSB Client is a so-called
"thin" client, which connects directly
with the SAP system on which the Mobisys
Solution Builder Add-on is installed.
The MSB App is the counterpart to
the MSB Client and enables you to use
iPhones, BlackBerry and Android
smartphones/tablet PCs – in this way,
you can easily access the data of your
SAP system!

The MSB Client and the MSB App connect mobile devices with the
SAP NetWeaver Application Server. The communication is carried
out using the SAP Internet Communication Framework, which connects
the http or secure https protocol with the MSB Runtime Module
installed on the SAP Server.

Special Features / Benefits

• Simple installation
• No logic on the mobile device
• Support of specific features such as bar code, RFID,
camera function, GPS, touchscreen, smartcard reader
• Uniform look and feel, the same interface is installed
on all hardware types
• Developed once – can be used everywhere - No operating system
specific programming is necessary
• Development is carried out only in ABAP www. shipping. production. service and plant mobisys Mobile Informationssysteme GmbH CH-8105 Regensdorf E-Mail: info@mobisys. Communication The communication is carried out via the HTTP or HTTPS protocol via the SAP Internet Communication Framework. and the entries made are then sent back to the SAP system. Switching from WLAN and GSM can be done automatically. The prerequisite is a version of the MSB Runtime that is installed and licensed for the SAP system.mobisys. you can use the MSB Screen Designer (which forms part of the product "MSB Developer").ch www. Rapid Implementation Customer requirements can be implemented rapidly. with the MSB Client and the MSB App. the screens are called by the mobile devices or smartphones.0) • Windows Mobile (from 5. displayed there. Conventional Browser applications require 8 to 10 KB per screen and are considerably slower in the case of slow connections. The flow and control logic for the screens is developed exclusively in ABAP and is stored directly on the SAP NetWeaver Application Server. without any further modifications. that is where there is no connection via network or cell phone. From there. At runtime. iOS or BlackBerry. As soon as you are back in the area of wireless reception. change and enhance your own mobile applications.16 . iPad. synchronous access to the SAP system. an application developed for Windows devices can be run immediately with Android. Headquarters in Germany: Swiss Subsidiary: mobisys Mobile Informationssysteme GmbH D-69190 Walldorf E-Mail: info@mobisys.: +49 (0) 62 27 / 86 35 . all screen information of the MSB application is sent from the SAP system to the Client. for example.3. Tablet PCs or mobile devices with Android from Version 2. In addition to the WLAN Tel. without having to log on again. The data transfer via the Mobisys Solution Builder is only 1 to 3 KB per screen. There are also a large number of already developed MSB standard transactions for the areas of inventory management. you can also use the connection via GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA and the GSM or UMTS network.0) MSB Screen Designer To develop graphical screens. this means that no special Web developer skills are required. For online Contact: vertrieb@mobisys. from the Apple App Store. you can send the entered data to the SAP system. By using the MSB app. you have very good response times. In this way. • Windows 7 • Windows Vista • Windows XP and on mobile devices with • Windows CE (from 5.MSB Client Online or Offline The MSB Client can be installed on PCs with the following operating systems: You can also use the MSB Client in areas where you are offline. This connection permits communication both via a network connection and via a telecommunication connection. warehouse management. MSB App Via the MSB App. you can connect the following devices directly with the SAP system: • iPhone. since programming is done entirely in ABAP. Development in ABAP The new MSB App can be downloaded. iPod • Smartphones with BlackBerry 6 or higher • Smartphones.mobisys. no additional programming outside of the SAP system is necessary. With the MSB Developer you can develop. you can enter data anywhere you want and still have a direct. meaning that even for slow connections.