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Remote Weapon Station

M 153 P R OTE C TO R

Prote c to r wi t h b a l l istic p ro tec tio n

M153 PROTECTOR is designed for small and medium caliber

weapons,and can be installed on any type of platform.
Detached Line of Sight (DLOS) enables the gunner to keep his sights on
target, independent of ballistic solution for the weapon/ammo in use.
Fully stabilized system provides unmatched observation and
engagement capabilities.
Thermal Imager with dual field of view, autofocus and e-zoom.
Color Daylight camera allows a wide field of view up to 45 degrees while
observing, and more than 30 times optical magnified close-up view of
the target area when identifying and engaging a long distance target.
The eye-safe Laser Range Finder provides extremely accurate range
measurements, providing the PROTECTOR first round on target
Incorporates a high volume ammo can & add-on armor for improved
sensor and servo protection.

F e at u r e s
Operation from within the safety of
the vehicles hull
Proven and in active service
Fully stabilized
Automatic Tilt and Cant
Accurate, reliable and safe
Qualified for global operations
Low life cycle cost
Flexible and modular
Automatic Lead Angle Correction
Classroom and embedded trainer

op e r at i o n a l c a pa b i l i t y
In August 2007, KONGSBERG was awarded the prestigious contract of CROWS II
(Commonly Remotely Operated Weapon Station) by the US Army. CROWS is a joint
acquisition program for weapon stations for the US Army vehicle programs.
In August 2012, KONGSBERG was awarded the follow-on CROWS contract, enabling
KONGSBERG to continue the well-established cooperation with the the US Army.
The PROTECTOR family of Remote Weapon Stations are systems suitable for any
missions whether on land or at sea, on mobile or static platforms for remote
operation of payloads ranging from small caliber weapons to medium caliber
automatic cannons. The system is modular, and all of the different variants of the
PROTECTOR RWS share the same baseline technology.
The PROTECTOR RWS is built for operation in extreme environmental conditions with
capabilities that allow soldiers to operate from a protected position using stabilized
precision optics and laser to observe, detect and engage targets with increased
accuracy and reduced collateral damage.
The feature of the PROTECTORs aim and fire function is the Detached Line of Sight.
It enables the gunner to keep his sights on target, independent of the ballistic
solution for the weapon in use.
PROTECTOR is a mature and proven product based on millions of hours of
operational experience in combat zones combined with a close cooperation with
Defence Forces world wide. The PROTECTOR has an unprecedented Operational
Readiness Rate of 99%.

Weight of weapon Station excl.
weapon and ammunition : 172 kg (379 lbs)
Height of weapon Station excl.
weapon and ammunition : 762 mm (30 inches)

Vibration MIL-STD-810,
Method 514,4
(custom vibration spectrum)

World class
- through people, technology and dedication

Kongsberg Protech Systems

P.O. Box 1003
N-3601 Kongsberg
Phone: + 47 32 28 82 00
Fax: + 47 32 28 88 80

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operating: - 46 C to + 65 C
(-51 F to + 149F)
Temperature, Storage:
-51C to +71C
(-51 F to + 160F)