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Ref: SHEL/CS/SE/2016-17/ Date: 29.09.2016 To, ‘The Department of Corporate Services, BSE Limited, Phiroze Jejeebhoy Towers, Dalal Street, Mumbai ~ 400 001 BSE CODE: 532711 NSE CODE: SUNILHITEC Dear Sirs, We are pleased to announce that our company SUNIL HITECH ENGINEERS LIMITED has been awarded a certificate of recognition for the immense contribution to the Infrastructure sector at Best Infrastructure Brands 2016 function held in Delhi on 274 September, 2016. Honorable Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways Govt. of Indi, She. Mansukh Mandaviyahas given the award to the Company. Dr. Arun Kumar Verma, Jt. Secretary-Power, Govt. of India has delivered the inaugusal address. ‘This is for your information. ‘Thanking You. Yours faithfully, For Sunil Hitech Engineers Limited fe Shirikant C. Rikhe Company Secretary Encl: Certificates. Sunil Hitech Engineers Ltd. 57, East High Court Road, Rance Nagpur CIN’ L2aszome 88, Regd. Office Ones), Fax 2562001 | én Floor © Wing, So” eos" — Sunilhitech) vw suite eo ‘Bandra (8), Mumba - 400050, i GF OE) Oren: Certificate of Recognition | oT OG OG z Ge j | 4 THE Economic TiMEs : BEST BRANDS . Recognizes : Sunil Hitech Engineers for their immense contribution to the Infrastructure Sector Recognizes for their wunmense contribution to the Infrastructure Sectol _