Prophetic Relevance

Relevance. Opportunity. Legacy Coaching, Mentorship and Benefits Program Premier Collaborative Program of Bread of Life Ministries and Kingdom Manifestation

 As 21st century leaders, we are in constant search

for relevance in ministry, business and our personal lives. We desire and search for access to the best opportunities along with the opportunity to create a legacy for our children’s children. Thereby, in an effort to maximize the prophetic responsibility that God has entrusted to us, we aim to provide you with a covering and connection that is relevant. As a member of Prophetic Relevance, you will receive ….


  

Spiritual alignment for your prophetic ministry Priority scheduling for meetings, encounters and conferences with Prophets Mosley and Sampson Participation in our annual Prophetic Relevance Conclave

Coaching and Mentorship
Access to our private monthly Prophetic Relevance Encounter (via conference call, Skype, or webcast)  Access to over 100 exclusive interviews with top entrepreneurs, thought leaders and futurists  Access to Prophets Mosley and Sampson via scheduled calls for insight and recommendation on the major decisions of your life  Pre-negotiated discounts for ongoing business consulting with Kingdom Manifestation Partners

Access to branding, marketing, and technology platforms and strategies to expand your ministry and business  Access to new cutting edge business and entrepreneurial opportunities  Pre-negotiated discounts from top partners and vendors

  

Access to a national guaranteed issue health plan for you, your family, ministry and community Access to estate planning and wealth management experts to plan for your retirement and future Pre-negotiated discounts from top partners and vendors

The growth of your ministry and personal life requires an ongoing investment. To go to new dimensions, you must do new things. It is equally important for you to invest into relationships and opportunities that will provide you with the greatest possibility for a positive return on your investment. Your participation in Prophetic Relevance and seeds into Bread of Life and Kingdom Manifestation provide just that unique and cutting edge opportunity . Connect today. We simply ask our enrollees to commit to the following.

Relationship Initiation Seed: A relevant one (1) time activation seed of any amount to initiate the relationship. Throughout the relationship, we encourage to also encouraged to give and sow spontaneously as the Spirit leads you. This is totally at your discretion and between you and The Holy Spirit. Ongoing Donation: Minimum of $100 per month. Sow more as the Spirit leads you.

In addition to the prophetic spiritual connection and covenant, the resources and access that you are afforded will help you grow your ministry, save thousands of dollars each year and potentially generate thousands of dollars for you and your ministry.

____Yes, I would like to enroll in Prophetic Relevance, the Mentorship and Coaching Program. I understand that I can discontinue my enrollment at any time. My initial seed is: $______________________. Signature __________________________________________________________________ Date _____________

Full Name Organization Address

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City/ State / Zip_________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone / Cell_________________________________________________________________________________ Email Twitter Website _________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

If by check. Please send your activation seed and monthly donations to: Bread of Life Ministries. c/o Kingdom Manifestation. 3455 Peachtree Road. NE. 5th Floor. Altanta, GA 30326 USA by the 1st of each month. We thank you for your integrity, your word and your partnership. If by Pay Pal. Please click here to pay your gift via PayPal. If by Twit Pay. Upon receiving your signed enrollment form, please proceed to complete the enrollment form.

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