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College of Rehabilitation and Treatment Enterprise


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Arch. completed all the requirements needed ahead of time. Andrea A and Arch Art Garcia  How did you prepare for your thesis defense? I prepared my drawings. I made sure that I mastered my presentation so the jury would be impressed that I really know my project (even if I don't hahashhh)  What did you consider the most in your design? I considered the basics like anthro and ergo since it is the norm but I focused on the zoning.  What took the most time in your project? 426 . I cannot move on to the elevs and sections. adjacency. Rino F. Thus taking my drawings a lot of time to finish.  Which aspect of your project did each member dwelt/focus on? The jury focused on the plans since it is critical in hospital design. If my floorplans aren't finished.  What problems did you encounter during the production of your drawings? I had difficulty in moving on to the next phase of the project because I have to really make a flawless plan. Manlulu  Thesis Name: . ate a lot and prayed a lot. LUMINO: LunduyanngMedisinaparasa Pilipino  What was the most difficult question asked? The most difficult would probably be about medical utilities.  Who are the jury? Arch. and prepared my script and powerpoint.SAN BEDA CREATE College of Rehabilitation and Treatment Enterprise  Name: Dhanna Mae M. I practiced a lot. and safety because those are critical in hospital design.

And in cases of revision. 427 .  Were there questions that you were not able to answer? How did you answer it? To the questions I didn't know the answer to. He is the best! He gave me uno. he didn't spoonfed us. I took the risk of giving a wild guess. the aesthetics aren't really focused on but rather the intricate details of the plans.)  How did your thesis adviser influenced your thesis? My adviser influenced a lot. it is intellectual and is backed up by something that I really know. He basically rejected my first proposal which is an Innovation Center that includes crazy R&D labs. Wild guess. you don't have to reprint. structural and consulted on how to pull off a great presentation.  How much did it cost you to produce your thesis? And did you make your thesis by yourself? It only took me *drum roll please* 1500 hahaha! I made the drawings myself. Also. In hospital design. Archt. He wanted us to grow and develop as aspiring architects.SAN BEDA CREATE College of Rehabilitation and Treatment Enterprise The planning part really took a lot of time. I made use of powerpoint presentation which is for free instead of boards because each board would cost you about 1200. Manalad was amazing. if not 100%. (I highly recommend ppt because you can animate your presentation. It's free. He spared me from a deadly thesis and I loved him for that!!! Since I still want to pursue a medical related project. Jury will not be bored. however. I consulted with professors who has specialty in hospitals.  Did it help that you consulted other professors other than your adviser? Yup. I settled for hospital. I made friends with the ates and kuyas in printshops that's why I got discounts. I enjoyed it since I'm into logical plans than shallow facades.

But given the same chance. I wouldn't go back to experience the deliberation again hahahaha 428 . which is part of my design objectives. which part of your design solution. would you have paid more attention to? Given the chance. I would have paid more attention to Green Design.SAN BEDA CREATE College of Rehabilitation and Treatment Enterprise  After the deliberation.