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First Kiss (1500 words

Dark eyes, so dark, so deep, drowning. But light too, laughter, heat and passion. A spark, just
there, yes, right there. Those lips, so full, lightly smiling, oh crap he saw me.
As he looked up at her, he caught her staring at him and the past ten years melted away.He
thought back to the last night he was in town before leaving to make his mark in the world. He
had been so stupid to leave, but she was only 19 at the time and just starting to get into the
swing of being an adult. She was having fun in college and he was itching to leave; see what
was on offer other than working in the family business. She had cried that night and he had
never even asked her if it was because she would miss him as a brother or something else, he
had just turned and walked away. But that didn’t matter. He had come home; he had come
home for her.
She had been madly in love with him all those years ago and still was now, desperately so,
but she would be damned if she would let him know that. Especially after the last night she
had seen him, the night he had walked away from her. Seeing him tonight, after deliberately
avoiding him for the last four weeks, she wanted to fling herself into his arms and tell him
never to leave her again. But self-preservation had won in the end. She may have only been
19 but she knew then that he was her soul mate and still felt the same way now. He was the
only one who could push all her buttons and make her melt like an ice-cream under the suns
hot rays with the same breath. When he had left her behind all those years ago she felt her
heart shatter into a million tiny shards and knew she would never feel the same way about
anyone ever again. So she had thrown herself into a marriage with a nice enough guy at age
22. That had lasted all of a year and then she came back home to start up her own business.
And now here she was, bathing in the glory of her successes at a gathering for her benefit,
only to be caught staring at him like a school girl ogling a movie star.
Trying to regain her composure she casually turned and walked around the towering black
marble pillar towards the grand French doors leading to the terrace outside the main
ballroom. The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and she knew he was coming after her.
From the minute she walked into the party two hours earlier she had felt his eyes following
her, caressing her exposed shoulders, tracing her spine before heading straight back to her
mouth. Before she had even spoken to him, he stood behind her at the bar and whispered in
her ear ‘Soon’. The memory filled her with a heat that pooled low in her stomach. Is it hot in
here or I am coming down with something?
The cold night air hit her flushed skin and cooled it so quick the goose bumps were formed
before she was clear of the doorway. She headed straight for the intricate hedge maze, the
prize winning feature in the City Hall botanical gardens. He can work for it. The damp leaves
from the bushes lent moistness to the chill in the air and dappled the light from the lamps
overhead turning the night into an enchanted mystical landscape.
‘Come out, come out wherever you are.’ The lyrical sing song taunted her through the dark
and for a second she felt more like prey than a willing participant. That’s what you get when
you pull the tiger’s tail, next time I won’t pat his butt as I walk past. She almost giggled as she
recalled his face when she glanced back. He had almost looked like he had been slapped, with
big round eyes like a deer in the headlights, all the while trying to remain composed among
the city’s highest profile businessmen and social elite. She had surprised him with her cheeky
juvenile move, considering her successes and her high profile in the community, this type of
playfulness was reminiscent of the good old days. And it had given him hope. The surprise

One hand slowly skimmed up her dress to her ribcage. taking in her swollen lips and slightly disheveled hair. And here they were up close and personal.’ He grinned at her. He looked down into her eyes and struggled to draw breath. He stroked her cheek. throwing in the odd nibble and teasing flick of his tongue. . He felt her start to pull away and knew it was time to make his move. After hiding in a secure nook for a few minutes she turned a corner and walked straight into a wall of hard muscle. She smiled at the thought. a welcome contrast to the cold air. but remarkably he held back. She wanted to turn. the curve of her collarbone exposed under moonlight. She tilted her head back to look up into his eyes and her knees almost buckled when she saw what she had suspected for so long. His tongue danced and twined with hers. He cradled her body to him. She leaned into him and ran her hands up his sides to his chest. wanting more. like the cat that had gotten the cream. His hands roamed as he devoured her. running over her teeth before pulling away to gently flick her top lip. even though she now faced away from him. The crisp air danced around them. then coming back to taste more of her sweetness.’ He cringed inside as he thought again how foolish he had been all those years ago. His hands were searing hot as they slid down her back.lasted only a heartbeat until after he had seen her walking away at which point his look turned predatory. they had just grown hazy over the years. Well this little kitty won’t purr so easily. ‘Not soon enough’ he growled. Her nipples hardened and he raised his hand from her rib cage to gently caress the hardened nub through her dress. drawing a moan from deep in her throat. ‘I hope you don’t intend on disappearing any time soon. He brought his hand up to cradle the back of her head and crashed his mouth to hers with all the hunger and desperation he had locked away for ten years. She raised up on her toes and with her hands gently tangling in his hair. feline. unable to get close enough. utterly satisfied. the small dip at the top of her full pink lips. You’re not going anywhere. to taste and tease. pulled his lips to hers. as he bent his head to graze his lips slowly down her neck along her right shoulder. ‘Certainly took your time. ‘I’ve waited so long to do that. so she was captive to his torment unable to return the favor. He tightened his embrace pulling her back to him hard. ‘Soon’. enveloping their embrace in the light mist between the green walls of the maze. With a gentle push she deepened the kiss and felt his body respond instantaneously. He really loves me! Well she would teach him a lesson he would never forget. pulling her hard against his tightlyt muscled body at the same time leaning into her until they were so close it was hard to tell where one ended and the other began. but his arms hadn’t loosened. barely able to catch their breath. but the small details.’ She responded tartly. not that he had ever thought otherwise. the mischievous look she got in her eye when she thought she had the upper hand. His mouth continued the journey back towards her neck until he reached her ear and with a gentle tug on her unadorned lobe he turned her in his arms. she purred a heartbeat away from his lips. almost at once captured by his strong as steel arms. relieved that she apparently had forgiven him for leaving her behind. His tongue darted out to moisten his lips in anticipation and his eyes darkened to a deep emerald. lingering. She nibbled gently at his lower lip before running her tongue across the same path. her warm breath fanning over his skin as her fingertips gently threaded up the back of his neck and into his hair before she moved to take a step back and walk away. She was so stunningly beautiful. always more with her. I want to do it again. They raised their heads to look at each other.

many more kisses to come. This was the first of many. .finally letting go of the self-regret that had plagued him for ten years.

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