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Civil Engineering CDR Sample No.


Package Contents:
Career Episode One
Career Episode Two
Career Episode Three
Summary Statement
Project: Civil Engineering
Category: Professional Engineer
ANSZCO Unit Group Code: 2332
Assessment Result: Successfully Assessed in 2016

Career Episode One: CDR-CV-2900-1

Role: Civil Engineer
Engineers Responsibilities:
Assisting the Lead Engineer in the overall construction works and project
management on the site
Coordinating the multidisciplinary engineering activities to ensure that project was

executed in a safe, efficient, cost-effective and timely manner.

Reviewing the method statements, risk assessments and safe work procedures
Reviewing the civil / structural designs and calculations, shop drawings and
material proposals
Inspecting and monitoring the construction works on the site, and being ensured
that non-conformances of works were rectified on time and according to the
recommended corrective actions
Key Words: construction, wastewater treatment, plant, circulating fluidized bed,
office construction, civil and structural designs, structure calculations, shop
drawings, preparing proposals, construction monitoring inspection, project
management, English proficiency, codes and standards, construction drawings,
minutes of meeting, specifications, perimeter road drains, sanitary drains, reverse
osmosis, concrete slab, corrosive environment, hydrostatic pressure, groove cut,
cracked surface
Document & Word Count: 5 Pages - 1777 Words

Career Episode Two: CDR-CV-2900-2

Role: Civil Engineer
Engineers Responsibilities:
Supervising and coordinating the site associated works with drill and blast rock
tunneling, shaft excavation, grouting, rock bolting and shotcreting works
Managing the site activities of contractors / subcontractors to ensure the
compliance to the site safety, quality and progress of the project
Reviewing the civil / structural designs and calculations, shop drawings and

material proposals
Monitoring the site progress against the approved construction program and
highlighting the project consultants if the progress was behind the schedule
Liaising with the suppliers, vendors and third parties in relation to the project
execution and deliverables
Preparing the reports for daily/ monthly progress, general safety inspection, and
site coordination meetings as required by the project manager
Key Words: transmission cable tunnel, tunnel digging machine, references and
standards, site management, construction activities, engineers and supervisors,
subcontractor personnel, manpower resources, PPM, senior resident engineer, site
daily report, pipe leakage, fissure grouting, Microsoft Office, environmental
Document & Word Count: 5 Pages - 1605 Words

Career Episode Three: CDR-CV-2900-3

Role: Civil Engineer
Engineers Responsibilities:
Assisting the project manager in the technical conceptualization of the project,
concerning plant and equipment layout, schedules, budgetary estimates, and
Designing the conceptual drawings of the facility for evaluation and approval of
the Project Manager and Facility Director
Preparing the plans, technical specifications, bid documents and other requirements
for the project bids

Evaluating the submitted technical bids of the contractors with regards to the
owners specifications and project standards
Preparing the contracts and other documents needed for awarding of the specific
project to the complying bidder
Coordinating with the clients, consultants, department heads and contractors on all
the technical matters in the project
Ensuring the safety measures and construction procedures of the contractor are
implemented in accordance with the construction drawings and contract
Preparing the weekly progress report and schedules, using Microsoft Project or
Assisting and performing other duties of the Project Manager

Key Words: agricultural land, project management team, development and

manufacturing of a plant, conceptual study, technical bid evaluation, planning,
design review, construction management, technical specification, conceptual
drawings, evaluation and approval, client coordination, weekly progress report,
construction phase, conceptual layouts, facility director, planning stage, tender
documents, HSE, discrepancies, Primavera, Microsoft Office
Document & Word Count: 5 Pages - 1491 Words

Resume: CDR-CV-2900-4
Package Content: Word Format of the Resume ready to be Modified based on
your own Resume, and Expertise. You only need to copy paste your qualifications
in the format attached. This Resume is chronological order which is required by
Engineering Australia.

Document: 2 Pages - 483 Words

CPD: CDR-CV-2900-5
Package Content: Once Sheet Word Format CPD with all the Qualifications, and
Document & Word Count: 1 Page - 101 Words

Summary Statement: CDR-CV-2900-6

Package Content: Six Pages of the competency demonstration reports that totally
matches all three career episodes qualifications.
Document & Word Count: 6 Pages - 1324 Words