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City of Malolos, Bulacan

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Directions. Encircle the correct answer in the following statement. ERASURES ARE
1. It is the study of beauty and beauty treatment.
a. Cosmetologist

b. Cosmetology.

c. Cosmetics

2. It means skilled in adornment.
a. Cosmetologist

b. Kosmetikos.

c. Cosmetology

3. Cosmetics were used in ______ and what is today the Middle East from ancient periods.
a. Egypt

b. Peru

c. Persia.

4. This powder is used by the Romans to make blush.
a. Red Powder.

b. Red Ochre

c. Ceruse Powder

5. In European Period in what century did the women bleed themselves?
a. 13th century

b. 16th century.

c. 20th century

6. In this period the skin of people was light color but it was darkened by exposure to sun

because of agricultural jobs.
a. Meiji Period

b. Japanese Period

c. European Period.

7. The black powder used by women in middle east is called ___ ?
a. Kuhl

b. Kohll

c. Kohl.

8. Cosmetics in Middle east influenced by the Egyptians in what age?
a. Bronze.


b. Old

c. Gold

9. This is one of the most competitive and lucrative careers.

What is the color of the first nail polish? a. a. c. Avon. Revlon 13. a. Eugene Schueller. L'Oréal b. ______ introduce lady saleswoman. c. Pink. Concealer.a. Eyeliner b. 10. c. Lipsticks 11. founder of _____ invented modern synthetic hair dye in 1907.Cosmetology. Revlon . Red b. Green 12.Teacher c . What is the common cosmetics use by a cosmetic-conscious men in the modern period? a. L'Oréal. Doctor b . Avon c. b.