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May 2008

From the Commodore

Welcome to the 2007 wrap-up and 2008 season kick-off
edition of the Eagle’s Cry. I apologize for the delay in
From the Commodore .................................................... 1 this edition; however, that does not indicate inactivity at
the club. We were blessed and astounded by the
From the Director/2007 Regatta.................................... 2
magnificent dock extension last summer, and I believe we
Series Racing .................................................................. 3 have topped that for 2008. The clubhouse renovation is
virtually complete and will withstand many years of Door
Clubhouse Renovation NEWS ...................................... 4 County winters! A huge thanks to everyone who
contributed time and treasure to this much needed and
Lease Extension/Regatta Chair/FS NAC's ................... 5 well executed project. Special thanks to Bill Hoag for
leading the fundraising and Quinn Brennan for
Fleet Announcment/Education ...................................... 6 engineering and overseeing every aspect of the project.
Please extend them your personal thanks this summer.
Junior Activities/Explorers/Teens/Treasurer ................ 7
We also have agreed to a lease extension with the village
Personnel/A Sailing Perspective ................................... 8 which guarantees that the EYC will continue as a strong
Ephraim organization for many years. Again, another
Congrats/Dock/Volunteers/First Mates ........................ 9
special thank you to Bill Hoag for leading this important
Fleet/Scholarships/Bridge/Gear/Memorials ............... 10 endeavor.

Membership/Internet/Housing Needed ....................... 11 2007 saw the most lessons ever taught by an able and
experienced Instructor team. This summer we have many
2008 Schedule .............................................................. 12 new faces that bring experience and enthusiasm to make
for a great 2008. Christian Pillat will lead the team this
2009 TENTATIVE Schedule ...................................... 13 summer. He brings many years at the EYC and a heap of
additional experience from his college sailing team.
Email & Website/History Book/Other Events ........... 14
We continue to modernize every aspect of club operations
not only with the facilities and equipment but the
administration and management of the organization.
EYC Officers & Directors, 2008-2009 Nancy Claypool continues to improve the membership
David Sauter (Commodore) process while Donna Scattergood and I implemented an
Paul Pillat (Vice Commodore) online registration system for lessons. This has saved
Max Robinette (Rear Commodore) literally hundreds of hours of work. We appreciate the
Marsella Fults (Secretary) participation and patience from members as we continue
Sara Latreille (Treasurer) to improve every aspect of how the club operates.
Kirk Brown
Quinn Brennan Another exciting development is the news that the EYC
Nancy Claypool will host the 2009 Flying Scot North American
Ryan Malmgren Championships. Carol Claypool has agreed to chair this
Scott Pearson event and she will literally need the help of every member
George Reynolds along with most of your friends and family. It is a great
Donna Scattergood honor and responsibility to host this event, so please don’t
Brud Sturgis wait for someone to ask you to help—volunteer!
Planning has already begun.

We have a full schedule ahead, so ready about and hard to
lee, we are off for the summer of 2008.

©2006 Ephraim Yacht Club
P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI 1
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

From the 2007 Director Trophy winners were:
Jay Lott and David Sauter—Overall winners, Vail Cup
Summer 2007 was a great season, thanks to the excellent and Wisconsin Cup
staff, our new dock, interested and competitive students,
our new Facilities and Equipment Manager, and nice, Christian Pillat and Skipper Harsch—Sturgis Trophy
sunny weather.
Mike and Jennifer Faugust—Pedar Knudson Trophy
We thank Hugh for his many years of service and will
miss his daily presence on the dock as he now enters the Frank and Marianne Gerry—Charlie Sauter Trophy
real world!

102nd 2007 Ephraim Regatta

The EYC hosted its 102nd consecutive annual Regatta on
August 4th and 5th, 2007. The Regatta featured excellent
weather, close racing and well-attended parties.

Thirty-one Flying Scots raced, including over ten visiting
boats. The sailors enjoyed three races in medium winds
on Saturday and two races in stronger winds on
Sunday. The regatta winner was not decided until the last
leg of the last race, as Jay Lott and David Sauter in
Reindeer II won a narrow one-point victory over Hugh
Haggerty, Allison Chase and Stefan Peterson in Big Tex.
Tim Devries and Deb Torgerson in Cocheo, visiting from
Madison, were in third place, only two points out of first.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Out-of-town racers were particularly complimentary of
the hospitality shown to them and the assistance provided
in launching and towing at the Firehouse Dock. Thanks
to those many volunteers who understand the difference it
makes to assist our guests. This makes competitors
continue to want to return to EYC.

2007 Series Racing

There was a good turnout for racing in 2007. 21
participants competed in the Saturday Flying Scot Series,
with Cain Goettleman, Dan Engelke, Woody Heidler, and
An excellent time was had by all at the famous Saturday Hugh Haggerty taking the top four places for the series.
night Bratfest, hosted by Bill and Rosie Klein and The Scot Monday Series had 19 participants with Hugh
featuring traditional all-you-can-eat brats and roasted Haggerty, Dan Engelke, Allison Chase and Woody
sweet corn. A new tradition began with a Friday night Heidler leading in points.
Welcome Party, billed this year as a "Meadow Party" at
Jay Lott's house in Baileys Harbor. The Sunday Flying Junior Series had nine participants
with Allison Chase, Nick Muzia, Stefan Peterson, and
Thanks to Carol Claypool who handled registration, Woody Heidler taking the top four spots. The FJ
Karen Brown for heading up lunches and concessions, to Thursday Series had 14 participating. Alden Crowe,
Susan Reynolds-Smith and committee for the great EYC Woody Heidler, Nick Muzia, Stefan Peterson and Isak
merchandise, Joani Lewis for trophies, Bob Sargent who Peterson led that series.
served as chief judge, John Peterson who served as race
committee chairman and his crew of Lal Burridge, Rich In Opti racing, top sailors were Isak and Stefan Peterson,
and Prudy Hall, and Scott Pearson (working with PRO Sam Mielke and Will Nagle.
John Archibald and his SSYC crew), Quinn Brennan who
oversaw towing with his crew of Kevin Harlan, George Congratulations to all our racers!
and Carole Kraemer, and Kurt Zingsheim, Jay Lott for
publicity, Sallie & Frank Heidler for spectator boats, and
all other volunteers who support the many aspects of the

Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Clubhouse Renovation NEWS

I am glad to report that renovations on the clubhouse are
almost complete and that we will all be enjoying a fresh
and more functional facility in summer 2008! The design
of the lower level will accommodate most of our needs
and create a much more open space.

The lower level’s foundation floor was repoured and the
existing footings and frost wall were repaired before the
cold weather set in. We added floor drains and created a
smooth even surface. You won’t recognize the place
without the cracks and uneven floor caused by 50 years of
ice shoves!

As soon as the weather warmed up, the following projects
were accomplished:

- Exterior weatherproof cement board siding

- New windows and lower level enclosure

- Boathouse-style exterior sliding doors that open up
almost the entire front

- Upgrade of all lower level electrical and buried
electrical service

- New lighting throughout the lower level

- Renovation of restrooms and replacement of restroom

- Improved water service and internal plumbing

- Replacement of concrete on apron and patio area for
better water flow

- New decking and stairs (ADA compliant) in
maintenance free material

- New asphalt driveway and parking area.

Thank you for all the support and contributions. Please
consider a final pledge to help us put the finishing touches
on the project. If you are in Door County on Saturday,
May 31, please come by with your work clothes on to get
a sneak peek and help get the clubhouse opened up for the

We will dedicate the new clubhouse on June 21 and
unveil plaques recognizing the major clubhouse and dock
donors. Many thanks to Bill Hoag, our guiding light and
fundraising chair.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Ephraim Village & EYC Agree to • MC Scow National Championship (over 80
Lease Extension
• Southeast Regional Opti Championship (over
110 boats)
The EYC leases its property from the village of Ephraim. • High School Regattas/Championships -- 26 races
Our current 99-year lease expires in 2052. This year, we over 2 days
reached an agreement with the village to renew the
current lease for a new 50-year term starting in 2012 and At Lake Norman, she is a member of Flying Scot Fleet 48
each ten years thereafter. This gives us a 40-50 year lease where she serves as the secretary, treasurer and scorer for
window at all times and protects our ongoing investment the fleet and assists with the food and beverage
in the property. responsibilities for the annual Spring and Fall Flying Scot
We continue to enjoy a close relationship with our
excellent “landlord”. Thank you to John Cox, Village Carol is the regular crew for Bill Ross, the Immediate
President, and the entire Village Board for working so Past Commodore of the Flying Scot Sailing Association.
closely and in partnership with the EYC to make this a She raced with him in the most recent Flying Scot North
reality. American Championship.

Carol’s vice-chair will be Jay Lott, 2007 EYC Regatta
winner and devoted sailor and racer.

2009 Flying Scot North American
Regatta Chair for 2009 Flying Scot
North American Championships The Ephraim Yacht Club has been selected to host the
2009 Flying Scot North American Championships
(NAC) Announced ("NAC")! The NAC is a week-long event. We have
DAVID SAUTER scheduled the regatta starting Saturday, August 1 and
ending Friday, August 8, 2009. A typical NAC schedule
The Ephraim Yacht Club Board of Directors is pleased to
starts with the one-day Flying Scot Junior Championship
announce that it has appointed Carol Claypool as the chair
the Women's Championship on Sunday. The regular
of the 2009 Flying Scot North American Championship
elimination, championship and challenger series start on
that will be hosted by the Ephraim Yacht Club, August 1-
Monday with up to five days of racing, with trophies ten
7, 2009.
places deep in each division, and several additional
specialized trophies and awards.
In addition to being a member of the Ephraim Yacht
Club, Carol is a member of the Lake Norman Yacht Club As we all know, Ephraim is a destination. While it is hard
in North Carolina. There, she serves on the Race to predict the possible number of boats that would travel
Committee and has played an active role in the following this far north, as many as 100 boats from all over the
events: United States and Canada will compete. The event will
be spectacular, and a lot of fun, for competitors,
• Flying Scot Husband-Wife National spectators, volunteers alike. We would also hope to

Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

entice some of the top sailors to come to our neck of the The bow flotation bag and transom port together make it
woods. much easier for a capsized and swamped Scot to be
recovered, by tying a line to the bow, opening the transom
Many members of the Flying Scot class plan their annual port, and towing the Scot (with bow lifted by the
vacations around the North American Championship. floatation bag) until much of the water has drained out.
Visiting racers look forward to experiencing local
atmosphere and customs. So, in addition to high quality The club will install this equipment on all club-owned
racing, we are planning a variety of social events, to Scots which are not already so equipped during 2008.
which all EYC members will be invited, even if not Kits to install this equipment (including instructions and
participating in the regatta. Because many of the racers the proper sized hole saw for the transom port) are
have not been to Ephraim before, this is our opportunity available from Flying Scot, Inc. (
to show off our legendary EYC hospitality.
Because all Scot races at the EYC are raced under FSSA
Be sure to arrange your 2009 calendar so that you will be rules, you can be disqualified from any EYC race
in Door County during this unique event! This will beginning in 2009 unless your boat has this safety
require a big effort on behalf of the club, but it will be equipment upgrade. In addition, if you plan to race in the
fun. We've got a great membership, a great location, 2009 North American Championships at the EYC, you
great hospitality, and great Door County attractions for will not be allowed to compete unless your boat has this
our visitors. Our biggest challenge will be the launching equipment installed.
facilities and towing for this many boats.

Members are already coming up with good suggestions
for this regatta. Just to give you an idea of the scope of
this type of event, the NAC guidelines set forth a
recommendation for about 20 committees. These include
everything from sponsorships to accommodations to
social activities to race committee to trophies.

A number of volunteers will be needed to help make the
regatta and social events run smoothly. Over the next
several months, we will finalize the volunteer roster. If
you are interested in volunteering, whether for the entire
regatta or just one part, please contact the Regatta Chair,
Carol Claypool, at (336) 985-5599 or at, or the Regatta Vice-Chair, Jay
Lott, at (414) 322-7880 or at

In order to serve as a warm-up for the North American Education
Championships, the 104th Annual Ephraim Regatta in DONNA SCATTERGOOD
2009 will be Saturday and Sunday, July 25-26.
2007 was our best year ever for lessons. The Adult Group
was a success and enthusiasm continues to build. The
Fleet Announcement combination of local and outside instructors was very
JAY LOTT effective and will continue.
All Flying Scot racers should note that the Flying Scot This spring, we began online registration for lessons,
Sailing Association has adopted a new class rule, which which has worked very well and will save valuable
requires all Flying Scots raced in any event governed by instruction time this summer.
FSSA rules after January 1, 2009, to be equipped with a
bow flotation bag and at least one five inch diameter We changed the Adult lessons to one-week sessions. We
removable transom port. hope that more adults will take advantage of this fun and
social way to catch up to your kids and grandkids!
These items have been standard equipment on all new
Flying Scots sold since 1992, but have not been required Go to to sign up.
under class rules until now.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Explorers (Not Quite Juniors)
Junior Activities (1 Grade and Up) We brought back the Explorers in 2007 with a sand castle
ALLISON HUEY building contest at the Ephraim Public Beach. It was a
great success and we are planning several events for
The 2007 season brought some changes to the Junior younger children and parents in 2008. Watch for
Activity program. After many years of leadership, Debby announcements at the clubhouse!
Heidler stepped down and turned the reins over to me.
We owe a big thank you to Debby for her leadership and
dedication. Teen Activities (High Schoolers)

NEW - This summer brings a new activity group for those
who have completed ninth grade. The first event is June
27 from 7-10 at the clubhouse. Look for details on this
and more fun planned for summer 2008.

We are planning the following activities for summer

June 25-Cookout at Northaven Condos with swimming,
tennis, and volleyball

July 2-Bowling at Sister Bay Bowl
Introducing Our New Treasurer
July 9-Mini Golf at Red Putter PAUL PILLAT

July 23-American Folklore Theater Sara Latreille lives in Park Ridge, Illinois outside Chicago
with her husband of 15 years, Steve, and their three
July 30-Scavenger Hunt children, Claudia (age 11), Olivia (9), and Drew (7). She
also spends time with her family at their home in Sister
This year, children who have completed first grade are Bay, including several weeks each summer where the kids
eligible to attend. Check the clubhouse for announcement work on their sailing skills with the helpful instructors at
posters and sign-ups for participants and helpers. the EYC. Sara currently works part-time at Baxter

Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

International, a healthcare company, managing many of A Sailing Perspective
their international tax activities. In addition to sailing, she
and her family enjoy biking, cross-country skiing, and
exploring Door County. Many thanks to Sara for taking I started sailing at the EYC when I was 9 years old. At
on this important behind-the-scenes role! that time, I didn’t want to sail and was sure my mom
enrolled me so she could have some free time every
Personnel morning. I ended up taking all four sessions that summer
DAVID SAUTER & PAUL PILLAT and by the time I was 10, I already had my Junior
Skippers license. I was hooked! I ended up taking all four
We did a thorough study last year and made major sessions until I was 14 and finally had to get a job. I
adjustments to the compensation plan. This allowed us to ended up sticking around the yacht club and was hired as
retain and attract the most qualified team in the EYC’s the first “Director of Activities” at the club. I cleaned
history. We had very few issues and Hugh performed toilets, watered flowers, put gas in the club boats, and was
very well in managing a young, passionate group. We the happiest 14 year old in the county! I have taught for
were successful in finding housing for our out-of-area the last 4 years and learned a great deal from the other
instructors but will need to continue to build and organize instructors.
this program.

The addition of the Facilities and Equipment Manager
was a fabulous success, and we will enjoy having Drew
Witteborg back this summer to keep our fleet and facility
in tip top shape.

The Leaders program was also a great success and is
expanding in 2008 to include:

• Racing Director
• Activities Director
• Adult & Private Lessons Director
• Youth Education Director
• Equipment Manager

Christian Pillat will serve as our Club Director this
summer. His team will include: As I left last summer, I was going into a new chapter of
my life…college. I enrolled at the University of Miami,
• Alexander Zalar – Miami of Ohio Ohio and was delighted to find out they had a sailing
• Julian Slagter – Miami of Ohio team. I attended their first meeting and immediately
• Liz Manley – Miami of Ohio joined the team. I began by “sitting on the beach” like
• Ted Lott – Ephraim every freshman must. I was intimidated by the talk of all
• Jillian Brown – Little Sister Bay of the big name yacht clubs they were from and how
• Matt Smith – Ephraim those yacht clubs were powerhouses in the sport.
• Woody Heidler – Sister Bay Everyone seemed to have more experience than I did.
• Olivia Demarinis – Ephraim Upon finally being allowed to participate in a regatta, I
• JP Pillat – Ephraim realized that I could keep up with the best sailors on the
• Sarah Lisle – Baileys Harbor Miami team. I attended the Sloop National Qualifiers at
• Drew Witteborg – Baileys Harbor the Detroit Yacht Club and luckily, this was a Flying Scot
race. We ended up winning this regatta and suddenly I
was pushed into the center of attention. Was I ready to
skipper nationals? Who would crew for me? Should I
decide who was on the boat or should the team? Finally
Sloop nationals came around and we placed 10th. By the
end of the semester, I was thoroughly involved in the
sailing team and team elections came around. I was even
elected Team Captain.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

I have since realized how great my racing and social implement all the necessary enhancements needed to
education at the EYC really was. It is not like other improve safety and usefulness of our fabulous dock.
Yacht Clubs where a newcomer walks in and everyone
wonders what this new person is doing. The EYC, We also want to extend a huge thank you to Bob Davis,
overall, has taught me to be a good sportsman. It helped George Carey and Arv Munson who have taken care of
me win the Team Captaincy because I learned to greet many of the off and on-season items around the club and
every competitor, even though we were bitter enemies on dock over the years. We will continue to need and
the race course. I have the utmost respect for those who appreciate all their knowledge of how things work best
are involved in the sport of sailing and also those who around the EYC.
love the social aspect. The EYC teaches a person
sportsmanship in large part because of the familiar Volunteer Opportunities
Midwestern attitude that everyone matters.
Judging from my experiences this year, one is hard-
As the club grows, the opportunities grow for members to
pressed to find that kind of attitude at many other yacht
put their special talents to use for all. Following are
clubs. At the EYC, you can always get on a boat, and if
volunteer leadership positions we are looking to fill in
you do not understand something, someone is there to
2008. If you are interested or have questions, please
help you. Being forced to take those first lessons has contact David Sauter at (920) 217-5851. Please consider
ended up turning me into a “sailing junkie” who lives for putting your talents to work for the club.
the next race and the thrill of passing on the passion to
others. Eagle’s Cry Publisher: Organize, edit and publish the
Eagles Cry twice a year (October and April). Ideal
A Hearty Congrats to Fleet Captain candidate will work with the Commodore and committee
chairpersons to assemble, edit and publish the Eagle’s
Ryan Malmgren won the Gator Bowl Regatta this winter Cry.
against very stiff competition.
Club Photo Historians: Responsible for collecting,
cataloging and posting EYC photos to the website
Dock & Bleachers using a simple Flickr account.

Our new dock was enjoyed by sailors and spectators alike
last summer. We are still looking at what we can do to
utilize it even better, help cope with our low water level,
and increase safety. We hope to install a swimming
platform that will also serve as a staging area for sailing
lessons, as well as new improved bleachers and a new

First Mates

season is upon us! Please mark your calendars and be
sure to attend the First Mates Coffee on June 16, 2008 at
9:30 am at the clubhouse. We will have time to visit and
catch up and then make plans for the upcoming events.
Bring your calendars and let’s help make 2008 a great
FROM DAVID SAUTER: A big thank you to George
Kraemer from the entire Board for taking on the role of
Dock Liaison. He will work with Quinn to make sure we
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Fleet Couples Bridge will be on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m., with the
option of going out for dinner after play. No advance
registration is required for either of these open play times.
We continue to upgrade and add to our fleet of boats. We Just come as often as you can. (Reminder, you do need to
have purchased new Optis for the sailing program, three be a member in good standing with dues paid to play).
new sets of racing sails, three shore stations so that we
can have additional Scots in the water, a used jet safety Group lessons will be taught by Norma Hammerberg in
craft, and prop guards for the other safety boats. We two separate series. Lessons in both series will be based
continue to increase the safety, quality and usefulness of on the Standard American system, and will utilize
our fleet. Thank you again to Drew Witteborg for a predealt hands based on the lesson presented. Each series
terrific job of keeping our Fleet in sailing and racing of lessons will last 8 weeks and cost $80.00.
Tuesday class: Beginning Tuesday, June 10, at 9:30 a.m.-
A request from Drew: Last summer, I was buying plastic noon. This class is designed for those who know the
mixing cups for epoxy and gelcoat, to the tune of almost a mechanics of the game; bidding, play and defense, but
buck apiece. Just now, as I was doing dishes, I realized want to review and gain more experience. Class will
that sour cream and cottage cheese containers are just include both review and learning of new bids that are in
what I need. Please save and send them down to the club use today.
this summer!
Thursday class: Beginning Thursday, June 12, at 9:30
a.m. – noon. (Note change from afternoons to mornings
for Thursday class.) This class is for the more
experienced player. The concentration will be on the
information needed when both partnerships are bidding
during the auction. Objective is getting to the best
contract while making it difficult for opponents to reach
their best spot. Bidding will be more aggressive; bid
more with less. Innovative methods of hand evaluation
and bids that are in use in competitive situations will be

Registration is necessary for both of these lesson series
and will be done on a first come, first served basis. Class
limit is 20 for the Tuesday class and 24 for the Thursday
class. If there are more requests for enrollment, a waiting
Scholarships Available list will be kept in case openings occur. If a class fills and
KIRK BROWN & BILL HOAG you are on the wait list, you will be notified.

The scholarship program is drawing in local children and For questions, contact Suzanne Lisle or get the form
has been very well received. We plan to continue to get online at
the word out and encourage local families to take
advantage of the program. An expanded scholarship fund Cool EYC Gear for 2008
is being explored.

Summer Bridge Don’t miss this years’ assortment of Tees, Hooded
SUZANNE LISLE Sweatshirts, Polos, Totes, Caps and more. Sport your
EYC pride with the all-new artwork. This year’s Regatta
Bridge will again be offered at the Club in both Open shirt is sure to be a hit! You can order preseason or catch
Play and Group Lesson formats. me on the dock. See you this summer.

Open play will be on Monday afternoons beginning June See the new gear at
9th at 1:00 p.m. People are welcome to bring their lunch
to the club and eat there beforehand, but there is no set Memorial Gifts & Tributes
plan to include lunch.
Thank you for all the Memorials and Tributes that have
helped support the club this year and last. Please
remember to keep the EYC in mind.
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Membership have this and a computer for the Instructors to monitor
weather and keep the race scores on. Just come down
with your wireless laptop and ask for the password!
As of last fall, we had 387 paid members: 2 Honorary, 25
Life Members, 360 Family Members, and also a number Thank you to Randy and Elizabeth Pyle for helping us out
of Student members not included in the total. The in 2007.
membership year is June 1 - May 31.

The Ephraim Yacht Club is moving into its 103rd season
in 2008 and our club activities have never been stronger.
As our club and its programs expand, we are in need of
more resources to operate the club. Our volunteers are
phenomenal, but as we continue to improve on the club's
offerings, there is a need for a larger budget to fund the
quality programs and activities that our members have
come to expect. The Board has worked diligently to keep
costs in line so that we can keep membership as
accessible and affordable as possible, but the Board found
that, after a number of years with no increase in dues, it
was necessary to adjust the structure of and increase dues
for the 2008 season.

As most of you know, the majority of EYC's activities are Housing Needed for Instructors
"pay as you go". Those who participate in an activity pay DAVID SAUTER
for it personally rather than having the club cover the cost
of each activity. These activities are priced to cover the As we continue to recruit qualified out of area instructors,
direct cost of the program/function and return some we need housing for them, either for the entire summer or
contribution to the general operations; however, the costs several weeks. We are in pretty good shape for 2008 but
fall short of providing the funds needed to cover the still need some time covered for one of our female
indirect costs for the club's overhead operations and Instructors.
capital maintenance. The Board asked for personal If you can help out, please call David Sauter at (920) 217-
donations to fund our capital projects such as the dock 5851.
extension and clubhouse renovation rather than assessing
all the members as is typically done at most other clubs.
Notwithstanding the success of our fundraising, the club
requires an increase in regular annual revenue to keep
pace with the annual expenses.

Our annual dues are a bargain for a yacht club or other
club with our offerings. There are many benefits to
membership, including access to terrific sailing and
boating, sail training and racing, water sports, social
activities, and reciprocal rights to numerous yacht clubs in
the United States with significantly higher fees.

Therefore, after not raising the dues in many years, the
Board decided to adjust the dues structure and base dues
as was noted in the renewal mailing. We hope you will
agree that membership in the Ephraim Yacht Club is a
very reasonable value for the money.

Wireless Internet
Well some can and some can’t get high speed Internet in
Door County. But, now our members will be able to log
on to the Internet wirelessly at the EYC. We will again
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Email & Website Communications Egyptian Cup Regatta. Lake Carlyle is a 26,000-acre lake
located 50 miles east of St. Louis, Mo.
- Carlyle's annual Whale of a Sail Regatta will be
We continue to send out and post announcements on the September 13-14, 2008.
Dockside Blog and Email and will continue to do so
throughout the season. If you have an event or For more information on either event, contact Jim Harris,
announcement that should go out to the membership, CSA Flying Scot Fleet Captain, at (314) 966-8404
please submit it to, or check the CSA web site

EYC History Book

The history book has made a successful start by finding
its way into many of your homes. We hope you have
enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. EYC
thanks you for each sale, as this is a fundraiser, and all
proceeds go into the EYC treasury.

The price of the book remains $15.00 (tax included) to
members, but it is also available at Passtimes in Sister
Bay, The Peninsula Bookman in Fish Creek, Novel Ideas
in Baileys Harbor, and Main Street Market in Egg Harbor
at the full published price of $15.95 plus tax.

Several of you pre-purchased a book when you sent in
your dues last year, but haven’t picked it up at our house.
Before ordering a new one, check with us to be sure you
aren’t on the list of those who have already paid.

You may e-mail us at with your
requests. We will be glad to hear from you.

Flying Scot Sailors – Other Events
EYC Scot sailors can put these two events on their

- The Flying Scot Midwest District Championship will be
held at Lake Carlyle, Illinois on May 31-June 2, 2008 in
conjunction with the Carlyle Sailing Association's
Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

Eagle’s Cry – May 2008

The Eagle’s Cry is published periodically by the
Ephraim Yacht Club, P.O. Box 331, Ephraim, WI
54211. For all questions regarding this
correspondence, e-mail us at
or visit our website at

Copyright Ephraim Yacht Club, Inc.