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For In-situ Ground Beams & Pile Caps




Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:52 Page 3 A Growing trend Traditional shuttering techniques for forming in-situ ground beams are increasingly being replaced. to meet the Contractor’s requirements. Off-site Fabrication Cost Savings Speed Less Labour Groundform ● Cellform ● Pile Caps Manufactured from heavy duty Correx® polypropylene board to help maintain cover to the re-inforcement. ● Quick and simple to install ● Minimises the need for skilled labour ● Supplied on short lead times ● Components are tailored to site requirements ● Speeds construction and saves money The Cordek range of permanent formwork systems bring added value in a number of other ways however. A trend that is encouraged by the emphasis on fast track build programmes and a shortage of skilled tradesmen Now Cordek supplies the labour Reacting to this trend. This brochure goes on to explain and illustrate the unique features and benefits that have been designed in. Cordek have developed a complete design and supply service for an extensive range of permanent formwork systems. by quicker and less labour intensive alternatives. . they all reflect Cordek’s commitment to quality.

Pile Cap Cost effective support Full take-offs are provided from general arrangement drawings. nearly always require formwork. The Cordek Systems Cordek’s Groundform System is a practical cost effective solution for forming in-situ beams and pile caps. The final system is assembled from multiples of the standard units. Quality matters The Cordek systems are manufactured from an extra rigid grade of Correx® polypropylene board.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:52 Page 4 When forming in-situ reinforced concrete beams it is usually the ground conditions that determine whether formwork is required. like the one below. uniquely it also provides built in protection against ground movement or clay heave. Pile caps however. Groundform Cellform 1 . which are supplied to site together with an allowance for wastage. While the Cellform System offers the same benefits as Groundform.

installation and support Groundform is Cordek’s permanent formwork system for constructing in-situ ground beams and pile caps on both residential and commercial projects. A variety of high rigidity board sizes are used to minimise wastage. Infill Panel Formbrace Corner Connector Re-usable formwork systems require working space for fixing and striking.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:52 Page 5 Groundform System design. Generally supplied as a complete U profile. it removes the need for concrete blinding and minimises dig. on Cordek’s dedicated production lines. to allow for site tolerances. Sides only formwork solutions are sometimes preferred. This may be appropriate when complex reinforcement cages require in-situ fabrication. 2 Straight Connector . The U shaped beam profile is cut and creased to site requirements in standard units. Our standard units generally include an extra 25mm on each side. This invariably results in additional double handling and stockpiling of soil.

adapted for each project ● Made from high rigidity polypropylene board ● Strong but light for easy handling ● Quick and simple to install with basic hand tools ● Packs flat for storage ● Easily adapted to meet site variations ● Provides a clean. The Benefits ● Standard units.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:52 Page 6 All Cordek systems are backed by installation help and after sales support that is committed to solving any problems that may occur. 3 . grout tight shutter ● Minimises concrete wastage ● Production shift system allows for rapid delivery A full range of components ensures easy installation and minimum concrete wastage.

They pack flat for delivery. 4 Shuttering configurations to accommodate two or more piles.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 7 Groundform Pile Caps While Groundform is manufactured in standard component sizes for onsite assembly. Flanged options are available for extra stability Again made from high rigidity polypropylene board. . all joints are welded for strength and ease of installation. storage and easy erection. the Pile Caps are fully pre-fabricated to site requirements.

shape and design ● Full take-offs provided ● Pre-fabricated to site requirements ● Lightweight and easy to install ● Packs flat for delivery and storage 5 . they arrive on site as a complete unit that is ready for immediate installation.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 8 A pre-fabricated system Pile Caps can be pre-fabricated to almost any shape or size. The Benefits ● Made from high rigidity polypropylene board ● Flexible on size. Overall integrity of foundations is ensured and concrete wastage is minimised. Lightweight and easy to handle.

Double Infill Panel Formbrace Straight Connector Claymaster Corner Connector Single Infill Panel Cellform has been patented by Cordek Claymaster Pile Collar Cellcore Patent No. including pile collars. Cordek’s technical department will provide a full scheme detailing all necessary components. 2325677 Suitable for residential. From such drawings. it incorporates the proven Cellcore technology for protection against upward movement. commercial and industrial projects. Cellform is tailor made to specific site requirements based on general arrangement drawings and the predicted ground movement data supplied.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 9 Cellform Product design and application Cellform is a unique permanent formwork system for the construction of in-situ concrete ground beams and pile caps. Claymaster is used to protect against lateral movement. 6 . Manufactured from expanded polystyrene and heavy duty polypropylene. the optimum grade and depth of Cellform to be used and the Claymaster requirements. in areas where ground movement is predicted.

Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 10 For full details of Cordek’s ground movement products and how to specify them. please refer to our brochure: ‘Ground Movement The Cordek Solution’ The Benefits ● Arrives on site tailor made for the project ● Quick and simple to install with basic hand tools ● Can be easily adapted to site variations ● Minimises concrete wastage ● Reduces ‘muck-away’ and the landfill tax it attracts ● A full range of accessories ensures secure construction 7 .

Cordek’s unique connectors provide a grout tight finish to minimise concrete wastage and safeguard beam integrity. to ensure easy installation and foundation integrity. Formbraces are used to maintain the formwork profile during the installation process. including special shapes like the circular sections for pile collars.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 11 Accessories/Components & Installation Cordek have developed a full range of components for their formwork systems. Cordek recommend the use of Tric-Trac spacers to ensure the correct cover to the reinforcement. Cordek provide a tailor made cutting service for Claymaster. 8 . On sites where clay heave or ground movement is anticipated. the use of Claymaster is recommended to accommodate the lateral ground movement that will occur.

of forming in-situ ground beams and pile caps. these new formwork systems reflect Cordek’s long term commitment to the construction industry. 9 . CAD skills and problem solving support ● Two dedicated production lines for rapid reaction supply/delivery ● Major material stockholdings at Cordek and other locations ● Tailored cross sections supplied in standard units. The systems are uniquely supported by a technical team that can supply full take-offs. Off-site Fabrication Cost Savings Speed Less Labour The Cordek Offer ● Built-in ground movement protection where required ● Full take-offs supplied from general arrangement drawings are designed to minimise material wastage ● National sales force providing on-site help and advice ● Technical back-up. a dedicated production facility and a national sales force.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:53 Page 12 Proven Cost Effective Systems Cordek’s new permanent formwork systems provide contractors with a quicker. simpler and less labour intensive way. with extras Like their other products.

we urge contractors and specifiers to call our Technical Sales line on 01403 799601. November 2009 . c o m The contents of this brochure are the copyright of Cordek Limited and may not be reproduced without permission. please call our technical sales on: +44 (0)1403 799601 Gas Protection For venting hazardous gases from under buildings Trough & Waffle Moulds For forming ribbed concrete floors Formwork Solutions For a range of construction applications Cellcore For protecting foundations against ground movement Claymaster Low density polystyrene for accommodating lateral ground movement Piling Accessories A range of product solutions and systems Correx® & Seekure For temporary protection Tipform A system for constructing steep sided landfill sites Filcor EPS For voidforming. For a range of design led applications Cordek Limited Spring Copse Business Park Slinfold West Sussex RH13 0SZ England Telephone +44 (0)1403 799600 Facsimile +44 (0)1403 791718 e-mail w w w. c o rd e k . fill and a range of other applications Creative Solutions If the contents of this brochure do not point to a solution for a particular formwork problem. Our reputation is built on innovation and we have a wealth of problem solving experience for you to call on.Cordek Permanent Formwork Systems:50262_InkonVersion 09/11/2009 15:52 Page 1 For our detailed literature on these other Cordek Solutions.