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Step 1 : While connected to the LTE modem with cables , type 192.168.1.

1 into your
browser (e.g internet explorer or Mozilla) and hit the enter key.

STEP 2: Once administrative page comes up, type the following as your log in
Username: user
Password: user;

(Leave the Language settings as ‘’English’’ and hit the enter

Change your wireless password by editing the “WPA-PSK” field.Step 3: Once logged in. 4. Click “Apply” after each change. you can: 1. 2. go to “Wi-Fi” tab on the menu bar as highlighted below. scroll down to where you have “SSID Profile” under the WIFI settings as highlighted below. . Change your wireless password by first going to the “Security” field to select the “WPA-PSK “ option 3. Step 4 : After clicking Wi-Fi . After scrolling down to “SSID Profile”. Change your “wireless network name” by editing the “SSID” field.