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vManage™/Valor® MSS Release Notes

Software Version MSSVM11.0.0
January 2012

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0 installation issues. Due to this change.0 requires new authorization codes (license files). No prior version of vManage or Valor MSS will be migrated to MSL authorization codes.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. vManage/Valor MSS MSSVM11.0. MSSVM11.0. new authorization codes are required. Older releases of vManage and Valor MSS will not work with MSL authorization codes.0.0 These Release Notes relate to the following aspects of vManage/Valor MSS version MSSVM11.0 January 2012 Description vManage/Valor MSS version MSSVM11. and the return of the old SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro dongles.0: • • • • Installation Issues Changes and Enhancements Corrected Problems Known Problems and Workarounds Installation Issues This section describes vManage/Valor MSS version MSSVM11.0. Complete details and Frequently Asked Questions may be found behind the login on SupportNet News at: 3 .0. Table 1.0.mentor.0 Installation Issues ID Title dts0100815977 Align to Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes.

0.MSI to NetworkDataCaptureSetup.MSI to ComponentManagerSetup.0 Changes and Enhancements .0 Changes and Enhancements ID 4 Title Description dts0100814376 Enable Valor MSS Work Order Integration on screen printers Implemented.0. For example.0. scanning of a reel that is not on the picklist.0. MSSVM11.0.0 January 2012 . dts0100814535 Install API web services automatically on Windows Server 2008 Implemented.MSI Implemented.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.MSI Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements Changes and Enhancements This section describes vManage and Valor MSS enhancements that were implemented in version MSSVM11. dts0100815127 Add Juki automatic splicing detection functionality Automatic splicing detection support implemented for Juki KE Series machines dts0100815289 Rename the Component Manager setup file from SETUP. Table 2. in the Micro Splicing mobile application vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. dts0100814441 Add support for picking trolleys and family setups in Material Management Changeover application Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements Valor MSS MSSVM11. dts0100815468 Enable selection of work orders on PDAs You can now select a work order for a program on a PDA.0 Changes and Enhancements vManage MSSVM11.0. dts0100815290 Rename the NetworkDataCapture setup file from SETUP. vManage MSSVM11. which is insufficient.0. or scanning of a Quantity barcode. dts0100814592 Improve the display color-coded scanning result for last operation in the Material Manager Verifier client The last-operation status bar turns red when the scan is invalid or insufficient.0. which is invalid. including the following: • • vManage MSSVM11.

vManage MSSVM11. dts0100816265 Display machine ID of selected program in Material Manage Change-Over Setup window Implemented. Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 2. refer to the vManage Micro Splicing User Guide.0 January 2012 5 . For information. dts0100819479 Add support for trolley groups in Material Management Implemented by new Trolley Editor.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description dts0100815525 When material is manually ordered Implemented. Change the machine ID in this entry from the Scheduler machine ID to the ID of the machine for which the material is ordered. Older releases of vManage will not work with MSL authorization codes. dts0100815673 Siemens API service: Support for SPI version 8. through the Material Pull tool.0. an entry is made in the OperatorTrace table.31 Implemented.4.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. dts0100817239 Generate a default recipe name for assemblies.0. dts0100818634 Integrate Generic Program Loader with Siemens OIB Implemented with OIB version 2. dts0100816806 Add support for Juki FX-1 and FX-3 Implemented. dts0100815977 Align to Mentor Standard Licensing (MSL) vManage v11.0. a generated recipe name is displayed on the Recipes tab of an assembly. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. No prior version of vManage will be migrated to MSL authorization codes. If a recipe pattern has been defined in the factory. dts0100818095 Same reel ID can be used on multiple Safe Feeder Verification option machines added. MSSVM11.0. dts0100819704 Trace data replication and other special queries Implemented.0 requires new authorization codes (license files).0.

the feeders • -REMOVEMFU. MSSVM11. When the Material Verifier Client is in Storage mode.0.disconnects the from the MFU. under License > License Information. Settings don’t have to be constantly retrieved from the database. dts0100822186 Enable editing of trolleys in trolley group without the use of a mouse Implemented. and the reels from the feeders 6 dts0100820329 Shopfloor Manager doesn't fully support passive alternate feeders on Fuji NXT machines Implemented. dts0100820890 Add option to ignore CAMX buffer on Assembleon AX machines Implemented.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. dts0100821187 Add support for Fuji AIMEX machines Implemented. dts0100820731 Improve indication of current Material Manager Verifier client operation mode Implemented. Passive feeders are displayed in blue.disconnects the MFU from the machine and the feeders from the MFU • -REMOVEMFUFDRLdisconnects the MFU from the machine.0. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. dts0100820925 Support alternative parts Implemented.0. dts0100822096 Add machine setting for trolley group barcode pattern Implemented. vManage MSSVM11. dts0100820716 Cache vManage machine settings Implemented. dts0100821417 Align the licensing generator with Assembleon-related part numbers Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description Implemented: dts0100819857 Add barcode that disconnects the MFU from the machine.0 January 2012 . a gray STORAGE bar is displayed above the Status bar. The parameter MFUGroupPattern is mandatory for machine type Material Manage MFU Editor Server.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 2. dts0100821280 Display licensing information in Material Management Implemented. Licensing information is displayed in the Config & Test window. and the reels from the MFU from the machine feeders • -REMOVEMFUFD. the feeders from the MFU.

0 January 2012 7 . dts0100839435 Remove machine setting Assembleon Implemented. The following settings Mentor Graphics Licensing Server were added: • UsePerformanceMonitor • UseVariant • UseTraceability • UseVerification • UseMSD • UseKittingStation • UseLMS • UseExactTrace.0. all reels with the same part number that are in dry storage are listed in the Dry Storage application. Tray can be Siemens machines replenished without stopping the machine. dts0100837230 When scanning a reel ID. vManage MSSVM11.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title dts0100822292 Add version number information to the DataAPI and ReportAPI web services Description Implemented. regardless of whether the scanned reel is in dry storage or not. dts0100836251 Add new machine settings to support Implemented. Implemented. You can toggle between modes using the following: • Scanner Mode radio buttons • -FILTER.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 2.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. dts0100840595 Add mode-toggling in Dry Storage Implemented. MSSVM11.and -IN/OUTbarcodes vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. Both reel IDs are displayed.0. SVS Connected dts0100839493 Tray replenishment enhancement for Implemented. dts0100840570 Remove MSD components from Material Manager changeover guide if they are not needed for this component in the next program Implemented. dts0100837251 Dry Storage filter should be case insensitive Implemented.0. dts0100837266 Dry Storage message to operator when scanning spliced reel displays “OldCompID” instead of the “splicedCompID” Corrected.

press Ctrl+C the list of components in Dry Storage when the Dry Storage application is active.NET Implemented.0 Material Management localization improvements Verifier Server and Verifier Client now fully support localization to Japanese for user messages Valor MSS MSSVM11. Implemented.NET Framework Implemented. 'work phase') from a route (previously.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description Add copy/paste functionality to copy Implemented. for example.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 2. dts0100814231 Adjust the initial user interface to be Implemented fully visible in 1280 x 1024. To copy. dts0100814528 Remove the default text that is displayed in the name and revision fields of a new product. Implemented. Microsoft Office Excel.0.0. Operation removes an operation (previously. 8 vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. 4. Implemented. MSSVM11.0.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 3. dts0100813134 Allow the file scanner to move imported files to a separate folder.5 SP1 has been installed. into external applications. 3.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description dts0100812924 Installer should detect whether .vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. vManage MSSVM11. or a text editor Support Microsoft . Implemented. dts0100813260 Prompt the user if trying to launch Valor MSS WorkSpace using an older. Valor MSS MSSVM11. 'production plan').0. dts0100813165 Provide a menu for removing a work Implemented. dts0100814531 Allow importing and exporting vManage settings at both factory and machine level. incompatible server version.0 January 2012 .0. Actions > Remove phase from a production plan. The folder can be specified when installing the file scanner.

dts0100818311 Display 'Modified' in the status bar when there are unsaved changes. dts0100816146 All properties should have an informative description text. Implemented. Implemented. Implemented. Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description dts0100815180 Allow selecting the default resource of a work phase. dts0100816396 Manage server-side licenses with Mentor Graphics Standard Licensing. dts0100816549 Allow double-clicking to add a resource to an operation type.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.0. Added an Operation Types view to Factory.0. dts0100816347 Allow linking an assembly to a route Implemented. Implemented. Implemented. Valor MSS MSSVM11.0 January 2012 9 . dts0100818315 Allow the user to select panel from the toolbar. and managing route properties. the system should check that tags in recipe name patterns are valid. above the table view. dts0100816391 Localize Valor MSS WorkSpace into Implemented. Implemented. MSSVM11.0. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. dts0100816270 Display the full path to the resource of an operation type: area . Implemented. dts0100816196 When saving. Users can drag the Status column to the Group By box. The default resource can be selected for each scheduling operation (previously called 'work phases') of a given route.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 3. of a released work order. Implemented. dts0100816684 Provide client-side validation that prevents the user from adding the same entity multiple times. dts0100818273 Enable users to arrange work order view by status Implemented. name. dts0100816346 Allow managing of operation types. dts0100816344 Allow managing of routes. dts0100817523 Do not allow replacing the assembly Implemented. Implemented.line equipment number . Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

dts0100818388 In the factory layout. dts0100818392 Enhance the REST API to cover all functionality supported by Valor MSS WorkSpace. dts0100818635 Allow the user to undo the latest actions. not display a tree.0.). All changes since the last save can be undone by selecting File > Revert and Refresh. Implemented.0 January 2012 . Implemented. 10 dts0100818347 Allow all possible actions to be performed using the right-click context menu. dts0100818389 Allow vManage configuration import to also import lines and equipment that are not found in Valor MSS. Implemented. Implemented. New equipment can be imported to a matching line name. dts0100818633 Prompt the user to save changes when closing the application.0. See the installation guide for details. device type.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title Description dts0100818325 Enhance managing of route revisions.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 3. Implemented. dts0100818702 Add all relevant properties to assemblies. Implemented. dts0100818393 Add equipment type to equipment properties. Implemented.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. etc. Valor MSS MSSVM11. Implemented. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. The REST API has been fully revised. Implemented. dts0100818719 Add the 'Setup Calculation' property to operation types. Implemented. Use the Routes view of Product and Route to manage routes. old functionality can be accessed by using Legacy/ in the URL. dts0100818704 Add properties for describing the electrical sub elements of parts (subclass. dts0100818391 Allow migrating the database from the previous version. the MSS properties should display the operations performed by each resource. dts0100818331 The Schedule navigation pane should Implemented. Existing machine settings are updated based on Machine ID.0. Implemented. and allow the user to change it. Implemented. MSSVM11. Lines not found in Valor MSS are imported to a separate area.

dts0100818873 Allow the user to delete recipes and sort the recipe list by clicking column headers. Implemented. dts0100818833 Save the layout of the user interface when closing the application. Implemented. dts0100819224 Allow importing and exporting vManage settings at both factory and machine level. dts0100819174 Allow the user to edit the order of operations in the route of a work order. Implemented.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. Implemented.0. dts0100820447 Allow removing operations from a route by using the keyboard. Description Implemented. Implemented. dts0100818723 Add the properties 'Accept Alternate Implemented. dts0100818821 Categorize the properties of a work order.0. Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements ID Title dts0100818720 Allow managing of customers. dts0100819649 Allow specifying that a work order does not require a route. Implemented. dts0100819829 Allow dragging resources to and from an operation type. dts0100820680 Allow importing the vManage settings of a single machine.0 January 2012 11 . Ctrl+Shift+Del removes the selected operation.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 3. dts0100820537 Allow the user to edit route number. Added an Assembly Groups view to Product and Route. MSSVM11. The properties of a work order include a 'No Route' check box. Position can be edited in the Properties pane. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. Added a Customers view to Product and Route. Implemented. Implemented. dts0100819004 A new work order should by default display the current date in the date fields. Implemented. and allowed linking an assembly to a predefined assembly group. Valor MSS MSSVM11. Implemented. IPNs' and 'Measurement Unit' to assembly parts. dts0100819558 Allow managing of assembly groups.0. and allowed linking an assembly to a predefined customer. Implemented.

Valor MSS MSSVM11. Implemented.0 Changes and Enhancements Table 3.0.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. Implemented.0. MSSVM11. dts0100823695 Allow linking a part to an assembly by selecting the part number from a list. Implemented. dts0100822260 Allow only active assemblies to be linked to a work order.0 January 2012 . Implemented.0. dts0100822294 Provide client-side validation that prevents the user from removing mandatory values and entering invalid values.0 Changes and Enhancements ID 12 Title Description dts0100821058 Use equipment type as the default equipment name instead of 'New Equipment'.

config file Corrected. MSSVM11. dts0100814650 After upgrade of Siemens line station Corrected.0.MSS.0. the automatic replenishment system should not be running.Client. dts0100816263 API web services do not include the Valor.0 Corrected Problems vManage MSSVM11.0. although the system is enabled dts0100815126 Value of NumComp in PcbTrace data Corrected. and restarted after changeover is complete and all positions are verified.0 Corrected Problems Valor MSS MSSVM11. changes when an error occurs dts0100815156 Unhandled error occurs after opening Corrected. including the following: • • vManage MSSVM11.0. Shopfloor Manager client shows System is Disabled.0 Corrected Problems Table 4. Screen Printer and pressing Work Order dts0100815159 Part number is limited to 10 characters in the partno2comptype database table Limit increased to 64 characters. dts0100815433 Wrong Part No generated in picklist label During changeover. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes.0 January 2012 13 .0. Delivery to the line should be stopped from the Pull application.0. dts0100815465 Traceability PCB report generates wrong data Corrected.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.0.0 Corrected Problems ID Title dts0100814497 Shopfloor Manager doesn't display feeder-to-maintenance message in Assembleon-AX-5 machines Description Corrected. computers and SiPlacePro. vManage MSSVM11.0 Corrected Problems Corrected Problems This section describes problems that were corrected in vManage/Valor MSS version MSSVM11.0.

0.0 Corrected Problems Table 4.4.0. dts0100819789 Valor MSS work order errors in Material Management Scheduler Corrected.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.0. dts0100820433 Dry Storage does not remove expired Corrected.4. component after it is scanned out 14 dts0100820456 PCB Reader does not distinguish between top and bottom scans Corrected.0 Corrected Problems ID Title Description dts0100817150 No program change on Siemens machines Corrected with the upgrade of Siemens OIB to version 2. print preview is empty on Window 7 dts0100819215 Material Management Verifier shows multiple picklists when only one exists in the database Corrected. dts0100821182 Generic Program Loader doesn’t function as expected Corrected. dts0100822078 Material Management Scheduler issue when AutoGenerateReelIds=true Corrected. vManage MSSVM11. dts0100819179 OIB lost connection errors Corrected with the upgrade of Siemens OIB to version 2.0 January 2012 . dts0100818208 Offline Verifier does not start Corrected. dts0100836282 Generic Program Loader doesn’t function as expected Corrected. MSSVM11. dts0100821708 Can’t update the setup with Generic Program Loader Corrected. dts0100818707 Repair Station’s Close and Cancel buttons freeze Corrected. dts0100821675 Wrong consumption for boards on panel Corrected. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. dts0100819809 Feeder Maintenance questions Answers provided. dts0100817682 Additional auto snooze caused by wrong order of MaterialChanged message processing Corrected. dts0100819214 Material Management Configuration Corrected. dts0100822285 Picklist is not sorted according to part number Corrected.

0. vManage MSSVM11.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. Valor MSS MSSVM11. Other types of grouping or sorting are not allowed. dts0100837700 Duplicate PNs are allowed to be set into StockLocation table.0. Users can delete unreleased work orders. dts0100817079 Provide a sample file for importing work orders with the file scanner service Implemented.0 Corrected Problems ID Title Description dts0100814352 Trying to save after entering invalid recipe name patterns caused the client to crash. dts0100817872 Enable users to delete work orders Implemented.0 Corrected Problems ID Title Description dts0100837229 Dry Storage—cannot scan in material when in Filter mode Corrected. tool deletes data from the database Valor MSS MSSVM11.0. the user can add and remove resources to operations. causing Scheduler to stop Corrected. Corrected.0 Corrected Problems Table 4. dts0100844206 Material Management Config & Test Corrected. vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes. dts0100817080 Allow grouping and sorting of columns in the Schedule view The view is grouped by Resource.0. MSSVM11. and jobs are listed in the order in which they are manufactured. and select which resource to use.0 Corrected Problems Table 5. In the route definition of a work order. XML example included in the file scanner specific chapter of the installation guide.0.0 January 2012 15 . dts0100817241 Enable users to define resources at the work order level Implemented. dts0100817835 After saving. mandatory vManage parameters that the user had already defined were displayed in the red (“Must Be Specified”) category Corrected.

vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11. 2. services to be available. where available.0 Knows Problems Problem Workaround The following vManage functions have not been integrated with Valor MSS in version MSSVM11. Rename the folder you copied in step 2 to TX Component Manager. These OR. Wrong shortcut created for vManage Component Manager when the usage option Just me is selected during Component Manager installation. the database (Delayed Start). This installed in the same computer. the server is applicable to all supported database service knows to wait for the other two engines. perform the the server service might fail to start.0 January 2012 .0: • Global Performance Monitor • DataAPI method GetMachinesInLine • DataAPI methods using line IDs • Set the service’s Startup type to Automatic If the Valor MSS server. MSSVM11.0. 16 It is recommended that you select the option Everyone during installation.0. and engine. Copy the Component Manager folder to the following folder: • 64-bit operating systems: Program Files (x86)/TraceXpert • 32-bit operating systems: Program Files/TraceXpert 3. the dependency that allows name OracleServiceValorMSS or a the server to wait for the database to be Microsoft SQL Server service by the name available is not automatically set.0 Known Problems and Workarounds Known Problems and Workarounds This section describes known problems in vManage/Valor MSS version MSSVM11. the dependency to be created. If you select the option Just me. and the license server are all verify that the service has been started. and. In other circumstances. Table 6. To allow MSSQLSERVER.0.0.0. Locate the vManage installation folder. dependencies are automatically set when installing the server and the database • If the database engine is Microsoft SQL service is either an Oracle service by the Server Express. procedure that is described in the troubleshooting section of the Installing Valor MSS guide. take the following steps to correct the problem: 1. vManage/Valor MSS MSSVM11. restart the computer. the workaround to the problem.0.

3. The Siemens API version 5.0.0 Known Problems and Workarounds Table 6.0. and the property has only been selected in the Work Order view when adding the respective operation to the route of the work order. If the error has already occurred. vManage/Valor MSS MSSVM11. correct the operation type definition as described. vManage Database Cleaner does not function.60 installation file. is missing from the vManage installation CD vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes.0. Make sure that the Scheduling property is selected for each applicable operation type already in the Operation Types view of Valor MSS WorkSpace before linking the operations to work orders.0 January 2012 17 .0 Knows Problems Problem Workaround Error when opening a work order in vManage Shopfloor Manager or vManage Screen Printer. SiplaceProAPIServiceSetup. and create a new work order. MSSVM11.0. This can occur if the Operation Type has been defined in Valor MSS WorkSpace without selecting the Scheduling property.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.msi.

MSSVM11.0 January 2012 .0 Known Problems and Workarounds 18 vManage/Valor MSS Release Notes.0.0.vManage/Valor MSS Version MSSVM11.