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System Specification

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Custom Server Configurations

Accessing The Server/Device

Change Management & Control
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Full SUN6 SQL Server with reporting services added – Default instance

System Specification


CPU: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2683 v3 2Ghz

HDD C: 80GB Thin Provisioned D: 300GB Thick zero Layered

Operating System: Windows Server 2012R2

OU Location: Datacenter>infrastructure>servers>SQL Servers

IP Address

Software Installed None Custom Server Configurations Note any custom configurations on any servers Accessing The Server/Device Remote Desktop Change Management & Control What is the change management for this application and who signs off on changes Change Log Date 23/9/1 6 Change Installed VM through Template.are there any tests that need to be performed/how do you know it still works Common Issues & Resolutions . added to domain and added 300GB for SQL DAta Person Responsible Ben Kha Testing Methodology & Steps If changes are made .

typically this is resolved by opening the windows and letting in fresh air Further Details / Associated Pages Vendor Documentation https://testservice.ok/support .checkhere.Letter X The letter X on the keyboard keeps falling off. It can be fixed by pressing it down while shuffling right Error code 2 When error code 2 occurs .