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Weight of the garment:
To determine the GSM of a fabric so as to get weight of 1 (one) square meter fabric in gram.
That means if we cut one square meter fabric and measure the weight of it then which result we
will be get, it will be the GSM of the following fabric.
The GSM of fabric is one kind of specification of fabric which is very important for
understanding and production of fabric. By this we can compare the fabrics in unit area which is
heavier and which is lighter.
In a normal situation, the approval samples quality could be slightly different from the
production quality.
To determine the GSM of the given sample of fabric.
The weight of a fabric can be expressed in two ways, either as the ‘weight per unit area’ or the
‘weight per unit length’; the former is self-explanatory but the latter requires a little explanation
because the weight of a unit length of fabric will obviously be affected by its width. In woven
fabric, the weight per unit length is usually referred to as the ‘weight per running yard’. It is
necessary therefore to know the agreed standard width upon which the weight per running yard
is based. Usually this width depends upon the width of loom. Before coming the term ‘GSM’
there was another term called ‘lb./100 yards’. This expression is used by British Standard. For
measuring this there are a template and a quadrant balance. The template area is 1/100 square
yards of which each arm is 1/10 yards in length. For measuring GSM, a GSM cutter is used to
cut the fabric and weight is taken in balance. Both of these measurement and method is equally
used for both woven and knitted fabrics.

Instrument: Specification Brand Model Capacity of the Tester Accuracy Pan size Essae Essae AJ 220E 0 – 0. 0.22 Kg.001g 235 × 182 × 170 mm (including wind shield) .001g 0.001 gm ∅ 118mm Readability Repeatability*1 Dimensions 0.

5” Lengt-10cm 3.100cm2 Width- 1.Sample: Sample Preparation: Cut each specimen with help of standard size – Width.0 .10cm Length-10cm Area.

Take five readings Now find out the average of these found weights. By this way we get the weight in gram per one square meter fabric.Working Procedure: 1 For measuring with Electric balance.712 4 1.712 Avera ge 1.712/5 = 1.713 3 1.714+1.713+1.7126 . at first we should cut the fabric sample of (10 × 10) cm 2 3 4 5 Now weigh these samples by electric balance in grams.712+1. gm/meter2 1 1. Now multiply the weight by 100 (10 ×10 cm = 100cm2) 6 Sl No.7126 Result: Average GSM of the sample of fabric: 1.712+1.714 5 1.712 2 1.