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Titanium David Guetta feat.

Sia analysis by Rachael Lau

This song amplifies the message of being strong and
overcoming obstacles. This is supported by the narrative that is
shown to the audience in the music video. At the start, we see
a close up of a boy that was crouched down with his hands
protecting his head. This has connotation of fear and self-defence. To make the
audience feel more sympathy for the boy in fatal position, the pace of the music
was slow which amplifies the sad mood of the video.
Then, we have a long shot featuring the destruction that
has happened to the school with the boy in the centre, at
this point the audience is left to question about who
caused the chaos which gives the video a sense of
anticipation and eeriness. This helps to promote the
mysterious star image that Sia has because she does not appear in video at all,
instead everything was illustrated and amplified by the boy actor which helps to
keep her audience engaged because her persona is so hidden.
In the next scene, the pace of the music picks up while the
boy runs away from the school. This amplifies the feeling
of fear and urgency for the audience, also the steadicam
and quick editing matches the pace of the music making
the video seem realistic and dramatic.
When Sia sings ghost town and haunted love, the lyrics
was illustrated by a long shot of a big house with the boy
being the only one around. This has connotations of
emptiness and loneliness as well which shows that the boy
has no-one he can rely on and has to deal with his problems alone, once again it
enhances the message of being strong in a tough
At the end of the video, the music video illustrates and
amplifies how obstacles would appear and you just have to
overcome the troubles. This is shown through witnessing the outburst of the boys
supernatural power and he returns to the same fatal position he was in at the start
of the video which shows the inescapable cycle.
In conclusion, the music video illustrates parts of the song
and generally amplifies the message it shows.