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Project Proposal for

Senior Citizens
Let us bring smile to Elders
(Free Denture)

A Requirement for the partial fulfillment of the subject English 8

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Group 4


Grade 8 Sec.3F


Group 4
Leader:Lieneth Maylas
Ass.Leader:Jeramae Tan
Princess Diwa
Elgracel Oliverio
Anselmo Lazatin
Jerome Macmac
Sherwin Zoleta

Table of Contents

Introduction:What is this
all about?

Healthy teeth and gums are important not

just for a pretty smile and easy eating, but
also for overall senior
health. According to
the CDC, 25 percent of
adults over 65 have no
natural teeth. As you
age, your mouth tends
to become dryer and
cavities are more
difficult to prevent, so
proper oral health care,
including regular dental checkups, should be
a senior healthcare priority,Dr.Wei said.

our bodies age, they develop a unique set of
dental health needs. Without regular visits to the dentist
and good oral hygiene a number of problems can arise:
According to the Center for Disease Control and
Prevention one in four seniors have lost all of their
Dental disease was widespread, and in a time before
fluoride, floss and dental implants, many people had dentures at a
relatively early age. Dentures are used to replace teeth damaged

by decay and periodontitis (gum disease). With advances in

dentistry, a focus on preventative maintenance and widespread
use of fluoride, the number of people with "false teeth" has
declined. But even today,
nearly one out of four
people age 65 and older
have lost all of their
teeth, according to the
Academy of

Background Strategy
Step 1:Compile all of the information you need about the
elements of the project prior to developing a project plan
Step 2:Write an overview of the plan that describes its mission,
purpose and anticipated outcomes. This will provide a big
picture overview of the project for interested parties.
Step 3:Create workflow charts that track each individual
project element
Step 4:Assign point people to various project tasks. Make sure
these individuals are qualified, knowledgeable and have a firm
understanding of the role you expect them to play in the project.
Step 5:Set deadlines and make project team members aware of
them. Deadlines should be reasonable and achievable. Outline
consequences for not meeting target dates.
Step 6:Hold mandatory project planning meetings. This is an
opportunity for all team members to gather and assess progress.

Step 7:Ask for regular project updates. If a project has

numerous aspects or is complex in nature, encourage team
members to let you know the status on a regular basis. This will
help you stay on top of the plan and trouble-shoot any problems
or delays before they get out of hand.


I dedicate this to my Grandpa because I love him
Lieneth Maylas
I dedicate this to my grandmother because she helps

Sherwin Zoleta