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Put these words under the right table below

a cup of


two grams of


a jar of


a loaf of


a slice of


a bag of


a piece of


a carton of


a box of


(half) a bottle
(half) a can
(half) a carton



Watermelon is a delicious fruit. It is called watermelon because
it is mostly water. In fact it is 92% water.
Its usually round and green on the outside. When you cut
open a watermelon its red or yellow inside. Sometimes there
are black seeds inside and sometimes the watermelon is
Watermelons are grown all over the world. The largest producer of this fruit is China.
More watermelons are grown in China than anywhere else in the world. Many people
like to eat watermelon, especially on a hot summer day!

Are these sentences true?

1. The outside of a watermelon is red. Yes or no?
2. When a watermelon has seeds they are usually black. Yes or no?
3. Some watermelons have no seeds. Yes or no?
4. Most people don't like to eat watermelon. Yes or no?
5. Watermelon is a fruit that is mostly water. Yes or no?

Fill in the Blanks:

6. Watermelons are 92% _________________.
7. Watermelon is a ________________ that grows in most countries.
8. The ___________ of a watermelon is green.
9. The ____________ of a watermelon can be red or yellow.
10. More watermelons are ________ in China than in any other country.
11. Watermelons are usually a ____________ shape.

If you are like a lot of other North Americans, you like to start
your day with a cup of coffee. Coffee contains a substance called
caffeine. In humans caffeine is a stimulant. It makes you feel
more awake and alert. Many people start their day with a cup of
coffee because of the stimulant effects. In fact, about 90% of
North Americans drink coffee.
Coffee is the third most popular drink in the world. Only tea and water are more popular than
coffee. Coffee beans are actually the seeds of coffee cherries that grow on coffee plants. The
beans are green when they are picked. Most of the coffee that is sold in coffee shops and
grocery stores is brown. It is brown because the beans have been roasted at high
temperatures. The roasting gives the beans their different flavours. Some coffees are darker
and stronger tasting than other coffees. You can buy green coffee beans from some stores if
you want to roast your own beans.
In North America, a latte is coffee that has steamed milk added to it. A cafe mocha is coffee
with steamed milk and some chocolate added to it. Sometimes whipped cream is put on the
top of a cafe mocha. Coffees with different flavours added to them are very popular.

Are these sentences true?

1. Coffee beans are green before they are roasted. Yes or no?
2. Many North Americans have coffee in the morning. Yes or no?
3. Not very many North Americans drink coffee. Yes or no?
4. In North America, a latte has chocolate in it. Yes or no?

Fill in the Blanks:

5. Coffee beans turn _______________ when they are roasted.
6. Roasting coffee beans needs high _______________________.
7. A cafe mocha is coffee with ___________________ milk and _______________________
added to it.
8. Both tea and _______________ are more popular drinks than coffee.
9. The caffeine in coffee is a ______________________. It makes you feel more awake.

Many countries have foods that start with a flat bread. Pizza is one of these foods. You can find
pizza in almost every country in the world including Canada. Here pizza also starts with a flat
bread bottom. It is usually round.
Almost anything can be put on a pizza! What is your
favorite pizza? Do you like pizza with chicken on it? Maybe
you like pizza with just tomato and cheese on it.
Most pizza in Canada starts with a layer of tomato sauce on
the bread. Toppings are then added. Vegetables such as mushrooms, olives, green peppers
and onions are popular toppings. Different meats can also be used as toppings such as
pepperoni, ham, bacon or sausage. Herbs such as oregano or basil can be used. Cheese is then
usually put on top before the pizza is baked in the oven.

Are these sentences true?

1. Pizza is found only in Canada. Yes or no?
2. Pizzas usually have a flat bread bottom. Yes or no?
3. People like different things on their pizza. Yes or no?
4. Cheese is usually put on the top of a pizza. Yes or no?

Fill in the Blanks:

5. Most pizza in Canada starts with a layer of tomato __________ on the bread.
6. Some pizza toppings are _______________ like mushrooms, olives and onions.
7. Other toppings are different __________ like ham, chicken, pepperoni or bacon.
8. ______________ is a food that is found in most countries of the world.
9. Pizzas are _______________ in the oven.


Tea is easy to make. You just pour hot water over some dried tea leaves and let it steep for a
minute or two. Milk, sugar, honey and lemon are some things that people put in their tea. On
a hot day it is nice to have a drink of iced tea.
Tea is one of the oldest and most popular drinks in the world. There are different types of tea
such as green tea, white tea and black tea. They are all made from the leaves of the tea plant.
Tea plants grow in the warmer parts of the world.
Some people like to drink flavoured tea. Earl Grey is a popular black tea that has had bergamot
added to it. Jasmine tea is a green or white Chinese tea with jasmine flowers added to it.
Jasmine tea has been popular in China for more than a thousand years. Mint tea is popular in
northern Africa and in Arab countries. It is made with green tea, fresh mint leaves and sugar.

Are these sentences true?

1. People have been drinking tea for a very long time. Yes or no?
2. Tea plants can grow in cold places. Yes or no?
3. Iced tea is hot. Yes or no?
4. There are many different kinds of tea. Yes or no?
5. Not many people drink tea. Yes or no?

Fill in the Blanks:

6. Mint tea is usually made from water, mint leaves and _______________.
7. Tea leaves come from tea __________________.
8. Bergamot is added to tea to make ______________________ tea.
9. Hot water is poured over _______________ tea leaves to make tea.
10. Some people add milk, sugar or ___________ to their tea.
11. One of the popular flavoured teas in China is _________________ tea.