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Building Bridges in Bridgeland

Experience Memorial Drive Crossing sundays and a +15 cycle track
1. T-Track

Why should Bridgeland change?

The T-Track is the most important aspect of the vision . It will provide a safe, comfortable, fast and fun link between Bridgeland and Downtown. On its way it will link 5 important places: 1 Ave - The Bridges - St. Patrick’s Island - East Village and Downtown.

The car dependency of Bridgeland and Calgary creates a lot of serious problems:
Physical health problems because people don’t get enough exercise;
II. Social isolation because people stay in their cars and therefore don’t meet people outside;
III. Air– and noise pollution by cars causes mental and physical health problems;
IV. The immense use of cars results in climate change which increases natural disasters;
V. The construction and maintenance of roads is a major and ever rising expense.

1 Avenue
The T-Track starts at 1 Ave, the heart of Bridgeland, which will be redesigned to make it
an attractive public space and the built-up on the north side will become more dense just
like the south side.
To make people excited about the redesign of 1 Ave, it will immediately be transformed
with temporary plants, road markings and terraces which will already give it some of the
new vibe. This will also be precursor of the 2 public spaces that will be created in cooperation with businesses along 1 Ave.

Due to the population growth and urban sprawl these problems will intensify if nothing is done.
Another problem in Bridgeland is that there aren’t very many things to do while this inner-city
neighborhood has high potential.

15+ Track and Memorial Drive Crossing
From 1 Ave, the T-Track goes south and will become a +15 cycle track which results in an
easier, faster and safer ride. Finally, this track will cross Memorial Drive and connect with
Bow River Pathway and St. Patrick’s Bridge which directly connects to the cycle network
in Downtown that’s being developed.

Visionary statement on Bridgeland

To get people excited about the new crossing of Memorial Dr. there will be started right
away with Memorial Drive Crossing Sundays. On these days Memorial Dr. is closed for
cars and people can cross it on ground level on the location where the new bridge will be.

“Before I enter the Tom Campbell’s Hill Centre on Campbell’s Hill to spend a day with my family, I
watch over Bridgeland, my home district. Since a couple of years I enjoy my surroundings more and
more, mainly due to my daily trips with my bicycle. Years ago I made almost all my trips by car, making me isolated from the rest of Bridgeland. Of course we did fun things with the family but we always had to go outside of Bridgeland and go by car. Since the improvements I can spend time with
my family in Bridgeland itself. Last winter we went sleighing from Tom Campbell’s Hill and we went
ice-skating in Riverside Park. Today we are visiting Tom Campbell’s Hill Centre where we are going to
see the new butterflies they have in the inside garden, the kids love it. After this we’re buying some
fresh groceries at the themed public market also inside. Finally, we are going to have a drink on a terrace at 1st Avenue. From there it’s a 5 minute ride home, by bicycle. It’s a safe and comfortable ride
because of the new cycle network. The bicycle network has also made it possible for me and my
neighbor to commute together to the office downtown where we both work. The new bicycle bridge
to downtown makes my daily commute as short as 10 minutes which beats car. Looking from the top
of Tom Campbell’s Hill I see my home district Bridgeland. I am proud to be a Calgarian living in Bridgeland.”
- A citizen of Bridgeland in 2025

2. Tom Campbell’s Hill Center
The top of Tom Campbell’s Hill will be transformed into a place to be, The Tom Campbell’s
Hill Center. This will be accomplished by developing a new landmark on top of the hill
which can be seen from the wide vicinity.
This landmark will be an real eye catcher but even more so it will be a place with things to
do. There will be made an indoor garden where people can walk around, meet and rest.
In addition there is going to be a public market with an Italian and/or German theme.
In a large part of human history, public markets have been the dynamic and productive
hearts of cities where people build and solidify the social ties that are necessary for a healthy
society. This is also the vision for Tom Campbell’s Hill Center.

3. Cycle network
To make people more comfortable, there is going to be created a comprehensive network of recognizable cycle lanes with a clear green color. The routes are is designed to:

Provide direct connections for a fast and comfortable ride;


Connect destinations;


Make routes through green and parks;


Use and enhance existing routes.

The network also includes school routes with traffic calming measures. Together with the
safe cycle education program this will let kids safely cycle to school and other places.

“Connecting people with
people, people with places
and places with places”

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