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Main cycle corridors

Approach for Bridgeland

Biking safely in Bridgeland
Bike education & bike exam

Sustainable heated bike infrastructure

Involving citizens with designing the corridor

Corridor 1

Corridor 2

Bridgeland 2030:
Corridor 3

Bridging the people of Bridgeland
Strenghtening the commmunity feeling will be achieved with the “Bridging Bridgeland
App”. This is an app which can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets. The app includes
the following features:
- Bikepool planning: with this feature people can arrange to bike together to a school
for example.
- Event calander: in this feature the events which are going to be held in
Bridgeland will be shown.
- Local marketplace: with this feature people can sell their stuff to other Bridgelanders.
- Local retailers: in this this feature the locations of the local retailers can be seen.
- Promoting other modes of transport: in this feature people get personal travel advice.

Timeline for interventions
Bikepool planning

Promoting other
modes of transport

Keeping people without
the app up to date

Event calender

Events in Bridgeland:
Connecting people

Local marketplace

Local retailers

Strengthening the community feeling
by excursions in Bridgeland