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This is a positive question. Key words: anger, group process.

My thought process
involved allowing the member to have more time to express his feelings, rather
than keeping the attention on the positive attitudes which is what needs to be done,
so the member doesnt learn that angry behavior is acceptable.

This is a positive question. Key words: public health. Providing, shots to school-age
children focuses on the illness, whereas morbidity and mortality is a public health. I
didnt consider immunizations as a community based nursing and not public

Positively worded. Key words: ethical tenet, implement. I originally had this question
right, but then chose public servants (police, EMT, firefighters) because they provide
more for the community than entrepreneurs. My original thoughts placed the
community in general before special groups which was the correct answer.

This is a negative question. Key words: secondary data, air pollution, further
teaching. I read this question as if it were positively worded, which meant that I
chose one of three correct answers to pass by the question. The answer I chose
gave actual information which is not allowed.

This is a positive question. Key words: young-adult, migrant farm workers, plan of
care. Nurses are not allowed to perform dental health screenings to the extent I
understood this question asked, so I did not choose that answer. I also chose to pass
the Medicare forms to the pt so they may apply because nurses are supposed to
inform their pts of available options, although the age would stop the pt from being

This is a positive question. Key words: adolescent, newly dx, type 1 DM, appropriate.
Type 2 DM can be managed with diet and exercise, while exercise increases the
amount of insulin taken up by the cells naturally, the best answer I felt was
reasonable would be to have the pt eat before being physically active. The correct
answer places nutrition above the answer I chose because the pt should eat within
2 hours, not 3, of exercising.

This is a positive question. Key words: do not interfere with academics, role of the
nurse. Counselors usually create schedules to allow for the medical appointments
necessary to promote health, whereas, I understood case manager roles were
completed by the social workers involved in each case, which as nurses we leave
them be and not get involved.

This is a positive question. Key words: DM, older adult, severe peripheral
neuropathy, avoid injury, feet and lower legs. Pts with DM should wear fitting shoes,
but I wasnt sure on the actual measurements so I took a guess. Temperatures need
to be tested with the inside wrist, no heating pads should ever be used because
they cause edema, and any diabetic should be checking their feet and legs every
morning and night to make sure they have no open sores due to how difficult it is
for them to heal.

This is a positive question. Key words: STI, adolescents, primary syphilis. I knew
Chancre are vaginals sores, but I didnt clearly understand the differences between
a primary and secondary form of syphilis. The other three options occur after the

This is negative question. Key words: new hospice, additional orientation. Hospice
nurses dont alleviate symptoms for hospice pts, pts on palliative care get tx for
symptoms. This is why I thought my chosen answer would be correct, but the
correct answer because it no longer seeks curative tx for the illness.

This is a positive question. Key word: home health, difference between PICC and
peripheral IV. Central catheters can stay in for at least a year without being
changed, whereas peripheral IVs have to be changed every 72 to 96 hours.

This is positive question. Key words: terminally ill, end of life, hospice, relieve
anxiety, suggest. Nurses should educate clients to do all non-pharmalogical options
first, which puts giving a hand massage to relieve the stress and distract the
symptoms the hospice pt is having.

This is a negative question. Key words: safety, infant, further teaching. Water heater
settings should not be set above 120 degree Farenhight to prevent burns. Closing
bathroom doors prevents drowning which is what I felt was the safest thing until it
slapped me in the face that I got it wrong.