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September 30, 2016


H e ral d
No 9

Can God spread a table in the wilderness?

Psalm 78:19
Setting the table of peace
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Every day, we are witnesses to conflict. We read news stories of violence and supposedly irreparable divides. Angry rhetoric fills our airwaves, inboxes, and social media
feeds. We see conflict tear apart communities, families, even people we know. Surrounded by this strife, its easy to see the world through a dark lens of discord. We may
even come to share the doubt expressed in Psalm 78:19: Can God spread a table in the
Yet our faith tells us despite our doubts, sins, distrust, or even anger, God not only sets
a table, but invites us to join it and partake in an abundance of peace.
The Peace & Global Witness Offering challenges us to look at the world not as a place
where conflict is inevitable, but where Christs peace is possible. The programs supported by the Peace & Global Witness Offering to help bring people tables of peace, justice,
and reconciliation even in the wilderness of war, violence, and division. And everywhere, this Offering supports witness, because by sharing the abiding love and mercy of
Christ, more people can find their way to a seat at Gods table.
Your support of the Peace & Global Witness Offering acknowledges that a wilderness of
conflict may surround us, but we are not abandoned there. If we open our eyes to the
possibilities of peace, we see God has set a table for anyone willing to take a seat.
Peace and Global Witness offering will be received during the worship service on Sunday, October 2.

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the He ral d
Christian Education Cheryl Moles
Sunday School classes meet each Sunday morning from 9:30 10:20am.
Adults and high school youth have an intergenerational Lets Discuss class that is currently studying the Confession of Belhar and the historic events that led to its writing.
This is a very timely topic. Join Al Holder and all in the lounge, room 200.
Middle School students meet in the youth room, room 201, for discussion and activities
on Faith in Action with Mission and Service.
The elementary children, grades K-5, meet in room 103 for Growing in Grace and Gratitude lessons.
Children ages 3 to 5 year olds have a Preschool class in room 108. Toddlers and infants
are cared for in the nursery during the Sunday School and Worship times.
No one is too young or too old for learning the love and work of our God.
William Seo will present an update on the work of the HEMEFund at both 9:30 am and
11:30 am (following worship) in the fellowship hall classrooms. All adult and youth Sunday School classes will attend.
We have another new nursery worker. Tiffany Smithhart is an ISU freshman from Brazil
(IN) that has joined our staff. Welcome Tiffany!
Childrens Worship provides an age appropriate w orship for our children age 4
years through 1st graders. Valeri Kershaw, Donna Paul-Bonham and Cheryl Moles lead
this worship in room 202 following the Childrens Moment. The children return to the
sanctuary to participate in communion, baptisms, and other special events in the life of
the congregation.
The family prayer group meets on Mondays at 11:00 am at the church. Lunch is
served ONLY on the 2nd Monday of each month. Childcare is provided.
The next Parents Night Out w ill be October 14. Supper and childcare is from 5:30
to 9:00pm at the church. Please notify the church office if your child(ren) will be attending.
T3EM Supper and Childcare is October 18.

HEMEFund Project update. William Seo will be presenting the very latest on the vocational school projects in Afghanistan. So much has been happening in just the last year
and he deeply desires to tell us all about it. He will be making two approximately 30 min.
presentations on Oct. 9 one during the Sunday school time period at 9:30am and again
right after church. All are welcome and it will be in one of the Fellowship Hall classrooms.

the He ral d

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As we
the mentoring year, I thought I would relay a personal story about my own experience with Kids
Hope USA. If I am to be totally honest, when I first heard about Kids Hope over a decade ago I
thought to myself, What a great idea! Someone else would be great at that! It took over a year for
me to finally sign up for my first mentor/mentee assignment because I was convinced that someone
else would do it and would be much better than me at it.
If I would not have said yes to Kids Hope I would have missed out on meeting some amazing kids. I
am so thankful that I finally took the plunge and made the time available to be a mentor. I am sure
that it has been helpful to the little girls that I have had the privilege of mentoring through the years,
but it has also been a wonderful experience for me as well.
This last week I met up with my new little mentee for the first time. She told me her name and that
she loved to wear dresses and that her favorite color was pink and sparkles. I laughed and said we
are probably sisters and don't even know it because I love all those things too. The connection was
instantaneous. She asked if I would be back next week and I said of course.
The beauty of a Kids Hope relationship is that it is one that is special to each child and each child
knows their worth because of that one to one relationship. I hope that you will prayerfully consider
being a mentor. The school counselor let me know that the need was big this year and they could
use all the mentors that we could send. Currently we have 10 mentors from Central going in to the
school every week.
Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about Kids Hope or would like to be trained as a
mentor. There is a child right now waiting for you to say yes to this plea. I promise you, that saying
yes to Kids Hope is a decision you will not regret.
Suzanne Downs, Kids Hope Director

To the Session and other members of Central Presbyterian Church

I had the privilege of leading worship and preaching at Central 16 times between Lants departure
and Kevins arrival. It was a wonderful period of spiritual growth and joy for me, because I knew I
was being faithfully prayed for by the congregation. I was immensely grateful for the steady attendance during the Spring and Summer, even though I was bold to select a great variety of hymns and
use some different worship styles. I appreciate the great support and encouragement of Central
Presbyterians Worship Commission and the wisdom and grace of the Session during this interim
season. I have been presented a most generous monetary gift from the congregation. I will use
these funds to go visit Nathan at Presbyterian College in October and travel around the southeast
a bit with Donna. I have been so deeply blessed by Central Presbyterian, and I trust and pray our
gracious God has brought good out of my preaching and teaching.
In Christs Love,
Scott Paul-Bonham

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the He ral d
Can you believe it's happening in just 5 weeks ?

The Central Presbyterian Church Fall Bazaar !

Cl-CA will be sponsoring the Fall Bazaar Nov. 4 - 5. It is time to start
bringing "bargains" and "books" for our newly named bazaar, "Books"
"Bakery" and "Bargains". You may put your items in the storage room off
the fellowship hall, and we will attempt to keep them organized. We will
have a new "department" this year for children's and young people's
items, separate from the regular household items, so please keep that in
mind if you have any out-grown toys, or games. Books for this age range will be in their own section
of the book "department".
We will have the Fri. night dinner for church members again, with games afterward as well as the
breakfast on Sat. morning, so be watching for those tickets to go on sale! Discussion of the youth
lunch on Sat. is still in the works.
We will also have "Bazaar Bucks" for the children coming soon!
The 5th Sunday lunch for Oct. 30th, which falls in the same week as the Nov. 4th Fri. night dinner
for the bazaar, will be postponed until the next 5th Sunday on Jan. 29th.

Capital Campaign Meetings

Information was recently sent to all members regarding our church renovations and the need for
a capital campaign to raise monies for said repairs. Below is a list of meeting to discuss the repairs
and capital campaign. Sign up sheets will be in the fellowship hall for your to select which meeting
best fits your schedule.
Monday, October 10

7 pm9pm

Bob & Mary McLaughlin, 10 E. Wedgeway Drive

Tuesday, October 11

7 pm9 pm

Chuck & Sandy Culp, 335 So. Lakeview Drive

Wednesday, October 12 7 pm9 pm

Scott & Sinwon Racop, 4060 Golf Bag Lane

Friday, October 14

7 pm9 pm

Brad & Susan Bough, 1391 Watertree Road

Sunday, October 16

3 pm5 pm

Kevin & Beth Christ, 7760 N. Weger

Tuesday, October 18

7 pm9 pm

Dave & Diane Giltner, 175 Deming Lane

Saturday, October 22

1 pm3 pm

Central Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall

Sunday, October 23

After worship

In sanctuary

Sunday, October 30

After worship

In sanctuary (if necessary)

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V o lu me X XX XX III ,

October 2016







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Sunday school






Fred Rubey



Sunday school




3 Family Prayer Group 4

5 Deacons



6 Womens Book Club 7

@ McLarens


Youth Group Girls Bible

Sophia Spencer,
Jack Turman Jr

10 Family Prayer


James Turman


12 Session




15 Church Workday

Youth Group Girls Bible


Paul Foree, Emma


Jevy Lenderman




9:30 Group
Communications ComMatt Clinkenbeard,
Theo Conner, Charlie mission
Sinwon Racop,
Conner, Nancy Edgerton, Stephen Payne,
Ricka Woodruff
Susan Guell, Ezrina
Rachael Spencer

Zachariah Spencer

Hannah Grossman

Andrea Paul-Bonham





Lance Weatherwax

Lucille Merrill,
Katherine Whitaker


17 Family Prayer


Sunday school

Sunday school




Congregational meeting
Violet Taken

Sunday school

24 Family Prayer


Andrea Clinkenbeard, Christopher



31 Family Prayer


Beth Chironna, Alan

Harder, Jacob

Aidan Taken

18 T3EM meal and


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25Seekers & Searchers 26

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Mason Giltner, Brenda Green, Jessica


Maxine Bough


Personnel 12:30

Emily Haan

Central Presbyterian Church

Central Presbyterian Church
125 North Seventh Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Sunday School for all ages 9:30 a.m.

Phone: 812-232-5049

Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.

Fax: 812-232-5040

Rev. Kevin Buchanan, Interim Pastor


Scott Paul-Bonham, Parish Associate


Cheryl Moles, Christian Educator

Sarah Kelsheimer, Church Secretary


Church Happenings

Next Herald
October 24, 2016

Womens Book Club

The Womens Book Club
will be meeting on Oct. 6
at 6:00 at the McLaren
home. The book to be
discussed is Boys in the
Boat by Daniel Brown.
At this meeting, spouses
are invited to attend for
supper and discussion on
the book. All women of
the church are invited to

Womens Bible Study


The 2016 study Between a


Rock and a Grace Place by

Carol Kent will continue.
The group will meet in the
church lounge (this is a video
series) from 10:00 to 11:30
am on Tuesday, October
25. All women are welcome. Molly Wadsworth
will be hostess.

There will be a called

meeting of the congregation on Sunday,
October 23 in the
sanctuary after worship. The purpose of
the meeting is to approve a bridge loan to
finance building repairs.