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W H AT S AT S TA K E F O R T H E U . S . I N 2 0 1 6 E L E C T I O N

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa

Prof. Ronald Rychlak

Copyright 2016 by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Prof. Ronald Rychlak
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Make no mistake about it, America is at a critical crossroads. The

November 2016 elections are not just about Donald Trump or
Hillary Clinton. They will decide whether the United States will
remain a powerful, free-market capitalist country and leader of the
world, or if it will be transformed into one more pathetic, conflicted, socialist welfare state incapable of defending itself against
the growing specter of nuclear terrorism.
After forty-five years of Cold War which, unlike other wars, did
not end with the enemy being forced to throw down his weapons
and a decade and a half of still unfinished wars in Afghanistan and
Iraq, the U.S. is now facing the pandemic of Marxism disguised
as socialism and progressivism, as well as ever-metastasizing terrorism. That makes Americas 2016 elections as significant as the
1860 elections, which led to the end of slavery.
This Novembers elections could go a long way toward neutralizing not only the growing threat of nuclear terrorism, but also the
bubonic plague of Marxism and progressivism, which dispossessed
over a billion people of their properties, killed tens of millions,
transformed a third of the globe into a gulag archipelago, and made
Marxism a religion and the Marxist leader the only god allowed.
Our book, Disinformation: Former Spy Chief Reveals Secret Strategies for Undermining Freedom, Attacking Religion, and Promoting Terrorism, published in 2013, warned about these existential dangers.


Hollywood got the message and is currently making a major movie

based on our book. The U.S. Senate is using our book as the basis
for a bill on foreign disinformation. Unfortunately, the Democratic
Party continues to ignore the threat of nuclear terrorism, while stepping up its efforts at fundamentally transforming the capitalist
U.S. into a socialist state in all but name.
Here are a few little-known facts to consider:
On March 16, 2014, Moscow state TV announced that Russia
could turn the U.S. into radioactive ash.1 That was not an empty
threat, despite how our media and politicians presented it. Over the
years, the KGB killed 94 million people within the Soviet empire
alone.2 That same KGB with new nameplates on the door is
now sitting in the Kremlin.
Our Congressional EMP Commission has established that this
new KGB possesses an electromagnetic pulse bomb, and that North
Korea and Iran will soon have one too. Our Congressional EMP
Commission also established that this EMP bomb could easily be
launched by ISIS terrorists using an old Scud missile from a fishing
boat off our East or West Coasts3 and that would pretty much end
American life as we know it.
In fact, according to former Director of Central Intelligence
James Woolsey, who wrote the introduction to our book, this EMP
weapon would generate cataclysmic destruction, with electrical
power disappearing instantly, communications ceasing and transportation systems grinding to a halt.4 The Congressional EMP Commission established that up to 90 percent of the U.S. population could
possibly perish from starvation, disease, and societal breakdown
within twelve months of an EMP attack.5
Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,
recently told Congress that Russia posed an existential threat to the
United States.6 And Gen. Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATOs deputy
supreme allied commander in Europe, agreed: The threat from
Russia and the risk it brings of miscalculation resulting in a strategic


conflict represents an existential threat to our whole being.7

Ironically, even though the post-Soviet Russia has indeed been
transformed in unprecedented and positive ways, the notion that
the Soviet Union and its global threat suffered total defeat is sheer
disinformation. The Soviet Union changed its name and dropped its
faade of Marxism, but it remained a samoderzhaviye the historical
Russian form of autocracy in which a tsar is running the country
with the help of his personal political police.
General Pacepas old KGB counterparts must have been chortling in their graves on New Years Eve 1999, when their boss,
Vladimir Putin, once Pacepas equivalent in the KGB, was enthroned
in the Kremlin at the end of a KGB palace putsch, detailed in our
book Disinformation. The as-yet unknown KGB officer introduced
himself to the world as a Peter the Great for our times, while grumbling to his fellow Russians that the demise of the Soviet Union
was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.8 President
Putin has been sitting on the Kremlin throne for the last sixteen
years, and there is no end to his reign in sight.
Under the Soviet Union, the KGB was a state within the state.
Now the KGB is the state, and Russia has become the first nuclear
intelligence dictatorship in history. Three years after the KGB took
over the Kremlin, some six thousand KGB-ists were running the
federal and local governments.9 One of them is Russias current
foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, a graduate of the KGB-sponsored
Institute of International Relations and as noted below one of
Hillary Clintons close buddies.
The KGBs super-secret nuclear cities, described in our book,
also survived. General Pacepa became familiar with them during
the twenty-two years he spent managing the Romanian branch of
the KGBs scientific and technological intelligence. Chelyabinsk was
on a map of Russia, but Chelyabinsk-40, a city of forty thousand
people located in the Urals, where the weapons-grade plutonium
was stockpiled, was not. Nor did even the most highly classified


Russian military maps show Chelyabinsk-65, Chelyabinsk-70,

Chelyabinsk-95 and Chelyabinsk-115, all in the Urals. These KGB
cities were so enormous, they could not be disassembled. So far there
is nothing to indicate that they have been.
Yet our Democratic Party continues to ignore all these political
and terrorist threats. Case in point: None of the sixty-one speakers
on the first full day of the Democratic National Convention
which opened July 25, 2016 mentioned the words ISIS, Islamic,
terror, terrorist, or terrorism.10 All the speakers talked about was how
to tax the rich out of existence so that everyone else could enjoy
free healthcare, free college, and more or less free everything the
same old Marxist siren song used to buy the peoples votes and
how to transform the country into a kind of Americanized Russia.
No wonder Bernie Sanders supporters marched with Soviet flags
outside the convention hall.11
Likewise, listening to campaign speeches of Hillary Clinton, we
get the distinct feeling of listening to former Soviet Socialist bloc
Stealing from capitalism is moral, comrades, Nikita Khrushchev used to preach. Then he would elaborate: Dont raise your
eyebrows, comrades. I intentionally used the word steal. Stealing
from our enemy is moral.
Marxim, socialism, and progressivism means stealing.
Hopefully, considering the decades America spent fighting
Marxism throughout the Cold War, its liberty-minded population
will never succumb to Marxism, American-style. On the other
hand, Marxs manifesto of communism has endured more than
a century and a half, and the worlds remaining Marxists are still
clamoring to see their biggest fantasy finally come to pass: the eradication of American capitalism. But if history is any guide, todays
American politicians, of both parties, will never be able to defeat
nuclear terrorism and the deadly plague of Marxism. What we need
is a contemporary Abraham Lincoln, who once grabbed one of his


political assailants by the neck and the seat of his trousers and
tossed him out.12
Lincoln once wrote that God could have either saved or
destroyed the Union without a human contest. Yet the contest
began.13 America is currently facing another existential contest.
Unfortunately, right now Marxism (i.e., socialism and progressivism) is fashionable in the United States, and being successful in
business seems almost to constitute a political crime. Even some
leaders of Reagans Republican Party have been boycotting their own
presidential candidate, Donald Trump, although he has built a vast
capitalist empire like John D. Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt,
Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and J. P. Morgan, who played such
a large part in making the American dream a reality for millions.
We are not personally acquainted with Donald Trump, but
we firmly believe that the whole of America Republicans and
Democrats and fringe thinkers should unite behind him in order
to defend capitalism and our great country during these existentially
dangerous times. The alternative is unthinkable.
We have collected our evidence and spelled out our reasoning
in this e-book. And we want to express our thanks to Joseph Farah,
the publisher of our book Disinformation, for deciding to distribute
this e-book as a service to our country. Like General Pacepa, Farah
was a Marxist at one time in his life, and now he is likewise doing
everything in his power to protect our country from the forces that
intend to destroy it.
This e-book is written in the first person, as Disinformation was,
to emphasize the unique perspective of General Pacepa, who paid
with two death sentences for helping his native Romania stop seeing
government as a boon bestowed from on high. Both this e-book and
our book, Disinformation, have however been conceived and written
by both General Pacepa and Professor Rychlak working together.


I was not privileged to be born in this unique land of freedom, but

I grew up with the picture of the American president hanging on
the wall of our house in Romania. My father loved America he
had spent most of his life working for the Romanian branch of the
American car company General Motors but he never set foot in
this country. For him, America was just a vague place thousands
of miles away. The American president was its symbol. During
WWII, we learned from the Voice of America and the BBC that
America loved President Truman, and so we also loved him. It was
as simple as that. For us, and for millions of other Romanians, he
symbolized American capitalism, which had saved civilization from
the barbarism of National Socialism and restored our freedom at
least for a while.
Ive spent almost thirty-eight years in America under six presidents some better than others but my happiness at being a part
of this unique land of liberty is surpassed only by the realization that
Im still alive. I still regard the American president as the symbol of
this greatest country on earth. To me, he embodies the essence of
our unique democracy: a government of the people, by the people,
and for the people. The president of the U.S. is not a figurehead,
as in parliamentary democracies. He is the chief executive officer
of the United States, its chief diplomat, and the chief guardian of
its economy. He is the commander in chief of the most powerful

S o cialism I s Disin formation

military force on earth. He also heads the immense U.S. intelligence

community, a cooperative federation of sixteen government agencies
necessary for conducting our foreign relations and for preserving
our national security. Of course, he also has a very significant role
in all federal legislation.
Since 2009, we have had a president who bought into the siren
call of Marxism, as I myself once did, along with millions of others
like me around the world including, for a while, Ronald Reagan.
But President Obama did not come to power following a coup dtat.
He was brought to the White House by 69,297,997 American voters
who were proud that the U.S. had become mature enough to elect
a black president. They were also overcome by Obamas self-confidence on stage and his outstanding oratory skills. But his socialistic
solutions to Americas problems, however well-intentioned, have
not worked. More Americans than ever before are not working,
with almost 95 MILLION people out of the workforce.1 The current redistribution of U.S. wealth has generated an unprecedented
national debt which is now past an astronomical 19 trillion dollars
in one dollar bills, it would stretch five times the distance from Earth
to Moon (238,855 miles). The U.S. debt per citizen has passed
$202,000. The U.S. trade deficit is now $729,932,126,457, and it
may generate inflation and another economic crisis.
I learned the hard way that socialism is a disinformation, and
that it does not work. In my other life, in Socialist Romania, I
spent twenty-two years managing/ supervising that countrys technological and industrial espionage. Without private ownership and
lacking the vitality that competition and private incentive nurture,
Romanias socialist system proved unable to bring about any real
technological progress. To make up for this scientific impotence, it
had to steal from capitalist countries the technologies its socialist
system of government could not develop on its own. My book Red
Horizons, which deals in depth with this subject, has been translated
into twenty-seven languages. Industrial theft is, evidently, still la


mode in a good part of the world.

The 1989 sudden collapse of the almighty Soviet Union and its
socialist empire proved that stealing and killing do not pay, even
when committed by the government of the largest country on earth.
The economic disintegration of that colossus came without warning.
In 1991, former CIA Director Stansfield Turner wrote in Foreign
Affairs: I never heard a suggestion from the CIA or the intelligence
arms of the departments of Defense or State about a growing,
systemic economic problem in the Soviet Union.2
The Great Depression of 1929 also took the U.S. by surprise
on October 29, the stock market crashed and the whole economy
collapsed. Millions lost their jobs and their properties. The recent
economic implosion of socialist Venezuela (which has the worlds
largest oil reserves) provides new proof of the colossal danger posed
by a governments reckless redistribution of wealth.
There is no reason to believe that Hilary Clintons progressivism,
based on more borrowing, more taxing, more spending and more
redistribution of Americas wealth, will work either. As the New York
Times once reported, a group of twenty-one people in San Jose,
California, were treated for burns after walking barefoot over hot
coals as part of an event called Unleash the Power Within, starring
motivational speaker Tony Robbins. If you are anything like me,
wrote the articles author, a cynical retort might suggest itself: What,
exactly, did they expect would happen?3


Let me go back to the first page of the first chapter of our book Disinformation. The current efforts to transform America into a socialist
monument to the Clintons one of the most powerful and enduring
political teams in modern history seems even more relevant today:
In March 1996, a sensational story jolted the American conscience. The
National Council of Churches (NCC) and the Center for Democratic
Renewal (CDR), two secretly Marxist organizations headquartered
in the United States, held a joint press conference to announce a
huge increase in the number of arson cases committed against black
churches in the United States.
On June 8, President Bill Clinton denounced those fires in a radio
address, and he proposed a new federal task force to investigate them.
The president spoke with emotion about his own vivid and painful
memories of black churches being burned in my own state [of Arkansas]
when I was a child. Charging that racial hostility was the driving
force behind the fires, he pledged to place the full power of the federal
government behind the investigation.1 On June 15, the Federal Bureau
of Investigation and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
Explosives assigned two hundred federal agents to a new task force
charged to investigate black church fires. By July the accounts of arson
committed against black churches had snowballed, with more than
twenty-two hundred articles appearing in the press to condemn what


the Center for Democratic Renewal called a well-organized whitesupremacist movement.

The story spread like wildfire, inflaming decent people everywhere
against the perceived American racists who had caused such terrible
crimes. In Geneva, Switzerland, the World Council of Churches
(WCC) the international affiliate of the National Council of
Churches flew thirty-eight pastors to Washington, D.C., to provide
the American government and people with more information about
this unprecedented racist tragedy.
On July 13, President Clinton signed into law the Church Fire
Prevention Act of 1996, which made church arson a federal crime. On
August 7, he also signed a spending bill that included $12 million to
combat fires at churches with black congregations. A few days later,
the NCC ran full-page ads in the New York Times, Washington Post
and numerous other papers soliciting donations for its new Burned
Churches Fund. On August 9, the Wall Street Journal reported that the
NCC had managed to raise nearly $9 million, and that contributions
were continuing to pour in at about $100,000 a day.2
Then the bubble burst. It was eventually established by a private
group, the National Fire Protection Association, that in recent years
there had been far fewer church fires than usual, and law enforcement
officials in the South could not confirm any as having been racially
motivated. No church burning had occurred in Arkansas during
Clintons childhood, in spite of his vivid and painful memories, and
the National Council of Churches was accused of fabricating a great
church-fire hoax.
Average Americans looked upon the NCC/ CDR hoax as simply
a slip of the pen, and forgot about it. No one at home or abroad asked
why the whole slanderous hoax had occurred in the first place. The
political damage was done, however.
The United States, which had paid with 405,399 American lives
to save the world from the evils of Nazi racism and the Holocaust,
now found itself slandered as a neo-Nazi, racist country. Within a few


D isinfo rmatio n as in Dezin formatsyia

years, over 40 percent of Canadian teenagers were calling the United

States evil, and 57 percent of Greeks answered neither when asked
which country was more democratic, the United States or Iraq. In
Berlin, a German cabinet minister, Herta Dubler-Gmelin, compared
new president George W. Bush to Hitler. Western Marxists, such as
Venezuelas ruinous dictator Hugo Chavez also leapt into the fray,
gleefully entertaining the United Nations in 2006 with an indirect
(but clearly understood) reference to the American president by saying:
Yesterday, the devil came here. Right here. Right here. And it smells
of sulfur still today. By 2008, in the United States itself, some leaders
of the Democratic Party even began describing their own country as a
decaying, racist, capitalist realm, unable to provide medical care for
the poor or rebuild its crumbling schools.3

This brings me to baseball now my favorite sport for our

politicians and the media seem to understand baseball much better
than disinformation. The Tampa Bay Rays, a baseball team that won
the 2008 American League championship, was subsequently in a
slump, and its manager Joe Maddon (currently serving as manager
of the Chicago Cubs), asked Seminole tribal leader Bobby Henry
for help. I guess this guy made it rain in Tampa in the mid-80s at
some point, so I guess hes got some supernatural powers, Maddon
explained. He had also reportedly brought a python, penguins and
a magician into the clubhouse in the last couple of years to help the
Rays shake their funk.4
Hillary Clinton did not bring a rainmaker to Foggy Bottom
when she was Americas secretary of state between 2009 and 2013,
but she performed the equivalent by asking the KGB to help us
fight the war with our old archenemy, the KGB. Her official policy
toward Russia now run by the KGB was called Reset (erroneously translated by the State Department as Peregruzka, which
means overcharged). There are quite a few meanings for reset in
dictionaries, but all tend to signify restore except in Scotland,



where reset is the legal term for knowingly and dishonestly receiving
stolen goods.5 Unfortunately, most of our foreign policies have been
built on navet, stolen goods and wishful thinking.
Our disastrous war against Muammar Qaddafi, which generated
the birth of ISIS, was just one such policy. Do not take me wrong:
Qaddafi had set a $2 million bounty on my scalp, and I celebrated
his death. Qaddafi was, indeed, a crazy killer, but during the Cold
War the United States deposed quite a few such crazy killers without
firing a single bullet. My former boss, Romanian tyrant Ceauescu,
was one of them. The U.S. government stayed out of the limelight,
but it secretly helped the Romanians send him before the firing
squad. Now Romania is a prosperous East European nation.
We all want to see democracy succeed in the Arab world. For
that, however, we should learn from Americas Cold War leaders
how we can rid the world of crazy tyrants without firing a shot. That
strategy was expressed in one of the most important U.S. political
documents of all time: the NSC 68/1950, a fifty-eight-page topsecret report of the U.S. National Security Council, declassified in
1975. The issues that face us are momentous, the document stated,
involving the fulfillment or destruction not only of this Republic
but of civilization itself. NSC 68 was signed by President Harry
Truman on September 30, 1950, who then launched a Campaign
of Truth, defined as a struggle, above all else, for the minds of
men. The Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, and Radio Liberation (soon to become Radio Liberty) all became part of Trumans
Campaign of Truth.6
I know a few of Donald Trumps intelligence advisers from my
past cooperation with the U.S. intelligence community, and I have
no doubt that a President Trump will start a new Campaign of
Truth that will wreck ISIS and remake America as leader of the
world without firing a shot.



History usually repeats itself, and if you have lived two lives, as I
have done, you have a good chance of seeing that re-enactment with
your own eyes. The attempted cover-up of the 2012 assassination of
the U.S. ambassador to Libya, John Christopher Stevens, by Islamic
terrorists, gives me reason to fear that Hillary Clinton may follow
her husbands policy of shielding terrorist leaders for the purpose
of hiding the Clintons own lenient attitude toward terrorism. Let
me take you back in time to four decades ago.
In 1973, the Romanian espionage service my DIE learned
that PLO leader Yasser Arafat had sent a commando to Sudan
headed by his top deputy, Abu Jihad (n Khalil al-Wazir), to carry
out an operation codenamed Cold River (Nahr al-Barad). Abu
Jihads task was to take a few American diplomats hostage in Khartoum, so that Arafat could use them as exchange pieces for freeing
Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian assassin of Robert Kennedy.
Stop him! Ceauescu yelled when I told him the news. He
knew that his close friend Arafat had been trained in terrorism at the
KGBs Balashikha special-operations school,1 and he feared that his
excellent relations with President Nixon would be compromised. It
was too late. We soon learned that, after Nixon refused the terrorists
demand, the PLO commando executed three of their hostages: U.S.
Ambassador Cleo A. Noel Jr.; his deputy, George Curtis Moore; and
Belgian charg daffaires, Guy Eid.



A few years after I published Red Horizons, which documented

Arafats terrorist ties with the KGB, I got irrefutable evidence from
James Welsh, a former analyst for the National Security Agency
(NSA), that Arafat had ordered these murders. Welsh gave me NSA
transcripts containing the secretly recorded radio communications
between Arafat and Abu Jihad during the Cold River operation,
which ended with the killing of Ambassador Noel. These conversations were recorded by Mike Hargreaves, an NSA officer stationed
in Cyprus, and were kept in an NSA file code-named Fedayeen.
According to these NSA documents, Arafat used a Racal singlesideband radio tuned to 7150 kHz to communicate with Abu Jihad.
On March 2, 1973, at around 8 p.m. local time, Arafat radioed
the order to execute the hostages taken in operation Cold River.
Because an hour later the international media had still not reported
the killings, Arafat reiterated, via his Racal radio, the order to kill
the hostages. Later that same day, Arafat radioed his gunmen again,
telling them to release Saudi and Jordanian diplomats and to surrender themselves to Sudanese authorities. Explain your just cause
to [the] great Sudanese Arab masses and international opinion. We
are with you on the same road.
The U.S. government never charged Arafat with this crime in a
court of law, or even in the court of public opinion. Hence Arafat,
who spawned the suicide-bomber movement and played a substantial role in creating todays international terrorism, was granted the
Nobel Prize for peace in 1994 a year after Bill Clinton became
president of the United States. Four years later, Clinton received
Arafat with grand honors at the White House, praising him highly
for decades and decades and decades of tireless representation of the
longing of the Palestinian people.2 Soon after that, Arafat started a
second intifada. By June 2002, there were already a recorded 13,494
acts of Palestinian terrorism against Israelis.
Because Nixon chose not to expose Arafats involvement in
Ambassador Noels assassination, Arafat and his KGB masters felt it


Coveri ng U p Terr o rism, an Existen tial Dan ger

was safe to carry out a new wave of anti-American terrorism. Richard

Welsh, the CIA station chief in Athens, was murdered on December
23, 1975. That assassination was followed by: a Brussels bomb attack
on Gen. Alexander Haig, commander of NATO, who escaped with
his life, though his armored Mercedes was damaged beyond repair;
a rocket attack against Gen. Frederick Kroesen, commander of
U.S. Forces in Europe; a grenade attack against Alfred Herrhausen,
the most pro-American chairmen of the Deutsche Bank, who was
killed.3 These assassinations were followed by the 1979 takeover of
the U.S. Embassy in Teheran, the 1983 bombing of our Marine
barracks in Beirut, the1993 bombing of the World Trade Center
in New York, and the 1998 destruction of our Embassies in Kenya
and Tanzania.
Then on September 11, 2001, anti-American terrorism moved
into the U.S. homeland as well, killing 2,996 people and injuring
over 6,000. That was the deadliest terrorist act in world history and
the most devastating foreign attack on American soil since Pearl
Fast forward to 2012. The evidence that has come to light shows
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew who authored the killing
of Ambassador Stevens just as Nixons administration knew who
authored the killing of ambassador Noel but she decided to publicly deny that Ambassador Stevens was murdered by anti-American
terrorists. After all, Bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive
was the administrations main slogan during the run-up to the 2012
presidential election. Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton continues to
discount Islamic terrorism, although the evidence overwhelmingly
shows that Ambassador Stevens and the other Americans were killed
by terrorists armed with Kalashnikovs, Soviet-made rocket-propelled
grenades and Molotov cocktails, and that the attack was about as
spontaneous as the May Day parades in Moscow.
In fact, a batch of more than three thousand new pages of
emails that Secretary of State Clinton sent on an unsecured server



included many to her daughter Chelsea and others shortly following the attack: Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by
an Al Qaeda-like group: The Ambassador, whom I handpicked
and a young communications officer on temporary duty w a wife
and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the
same tomorrow.4 Publicly, however, Hillary Clinton described the
violence as the unfortunate result of a spontaneous protest over an
American YouTube video critical of Islam.
It is also noteworthy that Ambassador Stevens was quietly buried
in his native town, not with national honors at Arlington Cemetery,
as ambassador Noel was. It is even more noteworthy that no active
officers of the State Department attended the burial of Ambassador
Stevens. The highest officials present were former U.S. secretary of
state George P. Schultz, former undersecretary of state Thomas R.
Pickering and the Libyan ambassador to the U.S.5
In the contemporary world, when nuclear arms had made military force obsolete, terrorism has become our main weapon, used
to be the message of my former boss, Gen. Aleksandr Sakharovsky,
the chief Soviet intelligence adviser in Romania before becoming
the Soviet Unions spy chief for an unprecedented term of fourteen
Cold War years. Sakharovsky proved to be a reliable prophet. To an
insider, the transformation of terrorism into the main anti-American
weapon also proves that Hillary Clinton is not fit to lead America
during these dangerous days.



A few years ago, when I read Why isnt capitalism working? by

Lawrence Summers, former secretary of the treasury in the Clinton
administration and head of President Obamas National Economic
Council, I had the sudden feeling of being back in socialist Romania
during those old Cold War days, when the KGBs disinformation
machinery was putting all its effort on doing nothing but discrediting capitalist America.
According to Summerss essay, Americans have been disillusioned with market capitalism: Only 50 per cent of people had
a positive opinion of capitalism, while 40 per cent did not. The
reasoning: [Capitalism produces inequality and] declining social
mobility The problem is real and profound and seems unlikely to
correct itself untended. Unlike cyclical concerns, there is no obvious
solution at hand. ... When outcomes are unsatisfactory, as they surely
are at present, there is always a debate between those who believe
that the current course needs to be pursued with increased vigor and
those who argue for a radical change in direction.1 Summers called
for change: In effect, replace capitalism with socialism!
A follow-up article in Russias Pravda cried: It must be said, that
like the breaking of a great dam, the American descent into Marxism
is happening with breathtaking speed, against the backdrop of a passive, hapless sheeple, excuse me dear reader, I meant people.2 Robert
Reich, former secretary of labor under Bill Clinton, added his own



two-cents worth, calling American capitalism Casino Capitalism,

which uses other peoples money to make big bets which, if they
go wrong, can wreak havoc on the economy . Its been terrible
for the American economy and for our democracy.3
Summerss article, which crowns the Democratic Partys description of the United States as a decaying, racist, capitalist realm,4
reminded me of the memorable day of August 15, 1947, when the
prosperous kingdom of Romania (whose capital was even known as
Le Petit Paris) began being transformed into a socialist country. On
that day, Vasile Luca, the Communist Partys Politburo member in
charge of Romanias economy, suddenly and without any warning
converted the countrys venerable old currency, called the leu, into
a new socialist leu. Each Romanian, regardless of how much money
he had owned, now received just the same small amount of the new
From one day to the next, there were no longer any capitalists
in Romania, which on December 30, 1947, was declared a socialist
country. Thirty years later, when I broke with socialism, Romania
once the second largest oil producer in Europe had rationed gasoline, the temperature in public places during the winter was limited
to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and all shops were required to close at
5:30 p.m. to save energy. Life in Ceauescus Romania became so
unbearable that according to U.N. statistics the country had
come to lead the world in the rate of suicides.
Today, no one remembers that Ceauescu (executed for genocide
in 1989) was once Washingtons fair-haired boy, contemporary political memory being increasingly afflicted by a convenient amnesia.
But in 1978, I was standing next to Ceauescu at the White House
when President Carter praised him as a great national and international leader.5 As we were driving away from the visit, Ceauescu
splashed alcohol all over his face, which had been affectionately
kissed by President Carter. Peanut head, Ceauescu whispered.
Three months later, President Carter approved my request for


M arx ism , Another Existen tial Threat

political asylum, and I informed his intelligence community how the

Romanians had been feeding him a pack of lies. Unfortunately, he
continued to believe Ceauescus disinformation. On the memorable
day of July 19, 1979, President Carter affectionately kissed Leonid
Brezhnev on both cheeks during their first encounter in Vienna.
Like Ceauescu, Brezhnev also despised appeasers in his way.
Five months after that infamous Carter-Brezhnev kiss, a KGB terrorist squad assassinated Hafizullah Amin, the American-educated
prime minister of Afghanistan, and replaced him with a Soviet
puppet. Then the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. President
Carter reacted with the feeble protest of boycotting the Olympic
Games in Moscow. That compromise gave rise to the Taliban regime
and Osama bin Ladens anti-American terrorism. On September
11, 2001, nearly three thousand Americans paid with their lives for
President Carters infatuation with Marxs socialism.
I am grateful to President Carter for signing off on my political
asylum, but it was he who laid the groundwork for the Democratic
Partys disastrous flirtation with undercover Marxism that has now
gained a strong hold over the party. Laura DAndrea Tyson, former
chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under President
Clinton and later an economic adviser to President Obama, has kept
that undercover Marxism alive in the U.S. She even wrote her PhD
dissertation on the merits of the allegedly mixed socialist-capitalist
economies in Ceauescus Romania and Titos Yugoslavia.6
Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is one of
Hillarys highest-profile supporters. Her populist rhetoric and support among the Far Left wing of the Democratic Party have caused
it to become known as the Warren wing. In fact, she is one of a
very few leading Democrats to have criticized President Obama
from the Left. Of course, she has encountered a lot of criticism
over having listed herself as a Native American minority when she
taught at Harvard, a claim for which no one has ever found any
supporting evidence.



A progressive axiom central to Warrens philosophy is: Many

feel that the game is rigged against them, and they are right. The
game is rigged against them. She has sought to correct the rigging
with programs to forgive debt, raise the minimum wage, and assail
Wall Street. Yet, on a recent Sunday morning talk show, she said she
had no idea why people think she is a socialist.
When socialism lost credibility after the devastating economic
crisis in Greece, our Democratic Party started favoring the label progressivism, which has become the latest cover name for Marxism.
The Progressive Movement in the U.S. was born after the financial
crisis of 1893, which it tried to solve by redistributing Americas
wealth. The progressives pushed through the federal income tax,
created a string of labor standards that opened up the floodgates
of corruption and financial excess, which in turn gave us the Great
Depression. A later phase of the Progressive Movement, dubbed the
New Deal, produced steep top tax rates, strict financial regulations,
Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, laying the groundwork for
todays gargantuan federal deficit and ongoing economic crises.7
To be on the safe side, Americas Democratic Party now embraces
both terms progressivism and socialism. Bernie Sanders, a lifelong
Marxist, ran for the White House as a democratic socialist, and
Hillary Clinton whose husband hid in Moscow during the Cold
War to escape the draft8 prefers the term progressivism. Their campaign speeches, however, proved to be nothing but calls to arms to
change the United States from a country run by We the People
into a one-person-run Marxist entity. The Communist Party USA
(CPUSA), which preaches the abolition of private property and
the overthrow of global capitalism, enthusiastically endorsed both
Sanders and Clinton.9



A recent Rasmussen poll showed that only 53 percent of Americans

preferred capitalism to socialism.1 Why would so many citizens of
the U.S., which restored capitalist freedom to Europe, now succumb
to the noxious socialism that America spent forty-four years of Cold
War to defeat?
Just before he died, French philosopher Jacques Derrida, who
claimed he had broken with Marxism but confessed to still being
choked with emotion whenever he heard the Internationale (the
traditional anthem of the socialist movement), reminded us that
the first noun in Marxs Communist Manifesto is specter: A
specter is haunting Europe, the specter of Communism. According
to Derrida, Marx began The Communist Manifesto with specter
because a specter never dies.2
Evidently, Derrida was on to something. In 1915, Alfred Mosley,
one of Europes most celebrated economists, stated: Of only one fact
do I feel certain, and it is that no thinking man can imagine that the
ultimate result of the Great War can be anything but disastrous to
humanity at large.3 Mosley was prophetic. Marxs specter has risen
from its grave in ever-new corners of the world after every long war.
The Great War brought Marxs specter to life in the shape of
the Soviet Union, which made stealing a national policy. The Soviet
leaders confiscated the wealth of the imperial family, seized the land
owned by rich Russians, nationalized Russian industry and banking,



and killed most of the property owners. In the mid-1930s, the Communist Party itself became a target for theft. By 1938, Stalin had
arrested and executed virtually the entire party leadership. Once he
had finished that massacre, Stalin stole all the top-level positions in
the country and pinned them onto his own chest like war decorations, thereby establishing a dismal new feudalism in the middle of
the twentieth century.
The socialist redistribution of wealth generated not only political
changes, but spiritual changes as well. These changes made socialism
a religion the only religion permitted and the socialist leader the
only god allowed. In 1917, when Marxs socialism grabbed political
power in Russia, that country had 29,584 churches. By 1940, it
had only 500. Church documents record that 168,300 Russian
Orthodox clergy were arrested, and over 100,000 were shot.4 Then
Stalin became that countrys god.
In 1945, Great Britains young voters, also tired of five years of
war and ignorant of world history, turned to Marxs specter for help.
Two months after World War II ended, they kicked the legendary
Winston Churchill out of office although his leadership had been
critical to winning WWII and brought in Clement Attlee, an
undercover Marxist leader of the Labour Party. Attlee started his
reign with a populist move: he nationalized the healthcare system,
which had been heavily damaged by the war. Since, as the saying
goes, lapptit vient en mangeant (the more you have, the more you
want), Attlee went on to further nationalize the financial system,
the automobile and coal industries, communication facilities, civil
aviation, electricity production, and the steel industry. The British
economy collapsed and the British Empire passed into history,
giving a stern but ignored lesson to all who would later look
upon Marxs specter as savior.
Famous British brand names, such as Jaguar, became international jokes. Apart from some Russian factories in Gorky, Jaguars
were the worst, stated Ford executive Bill Hayden, when Ford


Marx s Ghost

bought that carmaker from the British government in 1988. 5

In 1950, British voters repented and brought Churchill back to
Downing Street, but it took Great Britain eighteen years of conservative governments to repair the catastrophe generated by Attlees
government in a mere six years.
Two years after the end of WWII saw the creation of the Soviet
Socialist Empire. That changed Eastern Europe into a dismal
feudalism smack in the middle of the twentieth century, when
much of the Western world was enjoying unprecedented economic
Red China was created after eight years of Sino-Japanese war
(19371945) and four more years of civil war. On October 1, 1949,
when the civil war ended with the Communist Party of China taking
control of the mainland, millions of Chinese cheered. Socialism
had won! Soon, however, an estimated 45 million Chinese died of
starvation and the effects of Maos Cultural Revolution, and a billion
ended up being deprived of their properties.
Few if any people now remember that over 90 million human
beings were killed by various socialist regimes around the world in
order to transform their countries into monuments honoring their
tyrants. China tops the list (65 million), followed by the Soviet
Union (20 million), Cambodia (2 million), North Korea (2 million),
Ethiopia (1.7 million), Afghanistan (1.5 million), Eastern Europe (1
million), Vietnam (1 million) and Cuba (150,000).6 Terror was and
still is the only way to keep Marxism in power, as it utterly denies the
motivational forces that have always kept mankind alive throughout
history: private property, competition and individual incentive.
Now, following forty-four years of Cold War and fifteen more
years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Marxism is infecting the U.S.
as well. American essayist George Santayana, an immigrant like me,
used to say that those who cannot remember the past are condemned
to repeat it.



On February 7, 2009, shortly after the inauguration of Barack

Obama as president, the cover of Newsweek magazine proclaimed,
We Are All Socialists Now.1 That was also what Ceauescus official
newspaper Scnteia announced when he began changing the country
into a monument to Marxs specter and to himself. Scnteia went
bankrupt, and Newsweek was sold for one dollar. A few conservative political commentators, like Sean Hannity, Bill OReilly, and
Rush Limbaugh, have warned that Marxism is infecting the U.S.,
but the Republican Party has failed to unleash any war against this
deadly heresy. Although the GOP calls for cuts in taxes and federal
spending, taxes and spending are not our enemy. They are just
weapons used by power-mad socialists in our government.
The brutality of the 1917 Soviet revolution, which exterminated
millions of people, made Marxism a kind of a scarecrow. Hiding its
ugly face under the smiling mask of socialism became a Marxist
science, one conceived by Lenin, who coined the term useful idiots
to describe those who naively promoted Marxism without knowing
what it really was. I was once one of them, and I will never forgive
myself for that.
Stalin perfected that science. At his request, East European
countries liberated by the Red Army at the end of World War
II began their march toward Marxism by donning socialist masks.
Just a few months after the Red Army liberated the Kingdom of


Th e Art of Con cealin g Marxism

Romania, that countrys Communist Party merged with the Social

Democratic Party, producing the Workers Party. East Germany
went the same way. Overnight, Germanys old Communist Party,
which had become infamous after being accused of setting the
Reichstag on fire in 1933, was renamed the Socialist Unity Party of
Germany. The Hungarian Communist Party, which had created the
short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919, was re-baptized the
Hungarian Working Peoples Party.
The 1963 missile crisis generated by socialist Cuba gave the
socialist mask of Marxism a dirty name in the West, and few Western
Marxists wanted to be openly associated with it anymore. They
therefore began hiding their Marxism under the cover of economic
determinism, which became all the rage among leftists who no longer
wanted to be labeled socialists. Economic determinism is a theory of
survival rooted in Marxs Manifesto (another theory of survival), but
it pretends that the economic organization of a society, not the socialist
class war, determines the nature of all other aspects of its life.2
I was among those who wrote the script of Romanias President
Ceauescus determinism, which was hidden behind the nickname
New Economic Order and was highly endorsed by President Jimmy
Carter. Over the years, this bit of prestidigitation called economic
determinism used different names. Khrushchevs slogan dogonyat i
peregonyat (catching up with and overtaking the West in ten years)
and Gorbachevs perestroika were the best known. Both wrecked the
Soviet economy even more than classical communism did, and both
eventually cost the West many billions of dollars to clean up after.
In the early 1980s, Marxism became glasnost. Unless you read
our book Disinformation, you probably think Mikhail Gorbachev
invented glasnost to describe his effort to lead the Marxist Soviet
Union to democracy, to freedom, to openness.3 Dont worry,
youre not alone. All of the Western media and most Western experts
believe that too as does the committee that awarded Gorbachev
the Nobel Peace Prize.



But glasnost is an old Russian dezinformatsiya tool used for polishing the rulers image. Originally it meant, literally, publicizing,
i.e., self-promotion. In the mid 1930s, the official, governmentissued Soviet encyclopedia defined glasnost as a spin on news released
to the public: Dostupnost obshchestvennomy obsuzhdeniyu, kontrolyu;
publichnost, meaning, the quality of being made available for public
discussion or control.4
Glasnost got out of the KGB confines in 1982, when the relatively
unknown Yuri Andropov became the first KGB officer enthroned in
the Kremlin. His disinformation machinery introduced him abroad
as a Western-oriented man who enjoyed Scotch, liked to read English
novels, and loved Beethoven and American jazz. I knew Andropov
well. Already terminally ill from a kidney disorder, he did not drink
at all. The rest of the portrayal was equally false. In the brief span
left to him on earth, Andropov could not accomplish much more
beyond promoting his protg, Mikhail Gorbachev, a callous communist who began working for the KGB while studying at Moscow
State University.5 Gorbachev, who studied law, interned at the KGB
headquarters where he came under the influence of Andropov, under
whom he began his communist career in Stavropol.6
According to recent revelations, before dying in 1984, Andropov
suggested that the Politburo elect Gorbachev as his successor on
the Kremlin throne. Konstantin Chernenko, however, grabbed the
power but, also terminally ill, died a few months later. The Politburo
proceeded to elect Gorbachev as head of the Soviet Union on
March 11, 1985, three hours after Chernenkos death.7 Gorbachev
was introduced to the West by the KGB disinformation machinery
almost as a copy of Andropov: a cultured sophisticate and aficionado
of Western classical music, opera and jazz.
Since the sixteenth centurys Ivan the Terrible, the first ruler to
become Tsar of All Russia, all that countrys leaders have relied on
their personal police to keep the country quiet, and on glasnost to
promote themselves inside and outside the country. Until Lenin


Th e Art of Con cealin g Marxism

came along, Russia never had a real political party, and Lenins
Communist Party was from the start a mere formalism, a tool for his
autocracy. A 1993 book written by British writer John Costello and
Russian intelligence officer Oleg Tsarev, based on KGB documents,
reports that in 1921, Soviet Russia counted more Cheka officers than
party members.8 That had been the standard in the Soviet empire
and it is still so in todays Russia, which has now become the first
nuclear intelligence dictatorship in history.



On June 23, 2016, the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives began picketing the floor in a bizarre attempt to force
Congress to curtail Americans constitutional right to keep and bear
arms. This Occupy Congress protest, as many pundits labeled it,
indeed resembled an aristocratic version of the infamous Occupy
Wall Street (OWS) movement, which had Marxist roots and had
been promoted by the international communist movement.
Lets back up a bit. It all started with the French Marxist
movement. Soon after stepping into this millennium, a nonagenarian French diplomat, Stphane Hessel, who dreamed of transforming the universe into a Marxist paradise, published a booklet
preaching the redistribution of the whole worlds wealth. People love
free lunches, and this booklet, Time for Outrage (original French
Indignez-vous!), was translated into fifteen languages and sold several million copies. In 2013, when Hessel died, the U.N. Human
Rights Council observed an unprecedented international moment
of silence in his memory.
Hessels book is credited with inspiring the 2011 Spanish
socialist protest against capitalism, nicknamed Los Indignados (The
Outraged) and the recent socialist uprisings in Greece. Time for
Outrage also inspired the OWS movement in the U.S., which
revealed the foreign Marxist hands behind its puppeteers.
OWS demonstrators were instantly joined by the Workers


Fro m U ndercover M arxism to A n ti-Semitism

World Party (an undercover KGB outfit when I was at the top of its
community) calling for the beheading of Americas bankers and the
rich who wont give up wealth.1 The then president of Venezuela,
Marxist Hugo Chavez, promised the OWS demonstrators financial
and political support.2 Irans Ayatollah predicted that OWS would
bring down the capitalist system.3 The Communist Party USA
held a national teleconference to endorse the OWS movement.4
The bourgeoisie wont go without violent means, a CPUSA speaker
announced. Long live the Revolution!5 Many leading Democrats
also cautiously embraced the movement.6
On November 22, 2011, President Barak Obama expressed
support for the OWS movement, which advocated the abolition
of capitalist America. Addressing one such protest group in New
Hampshire, the president said: Young people like the ones here
today ... are the reason that I ran for office in the first place.7 House
Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi concurred: God bless them, she said
about the OWS movement. Its young, its spontaneous, its focused
and its going to be effective.8 Former White House green jobs
czar, Van Jones, who resigned after some of his controversial associations were revealed including having founded a radical communist
organization also announced his support for Occupy Wall Street,
which he said he believed was the start of an American Autumn.9
President Obama and other leading Democrats have also
embraced the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement,10 but it too is
a tool used by communists for their own benefit. Many observers
have noted on pre-printed signs at BLM events.
Revcom stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Its web
page purports to support the Black Lives Matter movement: Black
people stood up in Ferguson, Missouri, after a pig pumped at least
six bullets into Michael Brown murdering Michael Brown in
broad daylight. The pig who did this was not even arrested. 11 As
also reported on its website, at a recent protest in Chicago, Revcom
had a truck with large signs that read: Black Lives Matter Friday,


LO O M I N G D I SASTER; Ferguson Is Everywhere. Police Brutality and Murder

MUST STOP! and a huge Justice for Mike Brown. Of course, the
policeman in question (Officer Darren Wilson) was actually cleared
by the U.S. Justice Department of wrongdoing in the shooting of
Brown, who was proven to be the aggressor in the matter. Justice
for African Americans, however, was not Revcoms goal.
As explained on its website, Revcom sees the BLM movement as
a means to an end, a way to bring about the communist revolution:
Hastening the time when we can in our millions and millions rise
up to get rid of this system to overturn it to defeat and dismantle
it its repressive forces its system of police courts its prisons
its military that backs up and enforces this capitalist-imperialist
system and all the suffering and horrors its brings down on tens and
tens of millions of people here and literally billions more around the
world. The article goes on to make clear: It is about revolution. It is
about getting free. A world community of freely associating human
beings. Communism. This is what it is all about. Communists are
happy to exploit minorities when it suits their purposes.12
This brings us to the current wave of anti-Semitism. Long
before we had the word Holocaust, we had the Russian word pogrom,
meaning massacre. Russias first pogrom against the Jews took place
in 1881 in Yelisavetgrad, which was experiencing grave disorders
and gross corruption. Its local administration called for the peoples
wrath to be vented on the Jews, and the impoverished peasants
obliged. A wave of killings, rapes, and the pillaging of Jews spread
quickly to hundreds of other towns. It soon reached Warsaw and
from there, on to the rest of the Russian empire.
The tsarist authorities held the victims responsible for the violence. In an 1881 memorandum to Tsar Alexander III, the minister
of interior, Count Nikolay Ignatyev, blamed the pogroms upon the
Jews themselves: The passion for acquisition and money-grabbing
is inherent in the Jew from the day of his birth; it is characteristic of
the Semitic race, manifest from almost the first page of the Bible.13


Fro m U ndercover M arxism to A n ti-Semitism

These anti-Semitic ideas were soon embodied in a document

titled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, forged by Tsar Alexander IIIs political police, the Okhrana,14 which claimed it to be
the minutes of the first Zionist Congress held in Basel, Switzerland,
in 1897, at which the Jews had allegedly plotted to take over the
world. The author of the Protocols was a disinformation expert
with the Okhrana (a secret police force of the Russian empire), Petr
Ivanovich Rachovsky, who was assigned to France at that time and
had been inspired by the enormous wave of anti-Semitism aroused
by the Dreyfus controversy that had divided France into two irreconcilable factions.15
I once saw both original documents in the KGB archive. Rachovsky had done nothing more than substitute the words the world
for France and the Jews for Napoleon III. In 1921, the Times
of London published a devastating expos of the forgery by printing
extracts from the Protocols side-by-side with the passages from
the Joly book that had been plagiarized.16 Yet, that did not stop
the Protocols from becoming the basis for much of Hitlers antiSemitic philosophy as expressed in Mein Kampf, written in 1923.
The anti-Semitism plague that killed over six million people not
long ago, has raised its head again, but not from within the greedy
capitalists. The Anti-Defamation League reported on its website:
As the OWS demonstrations expand from New York to other cities
around the country and overseas, several videos and images showing
individuals holding anti-Semitic signs or voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories at the OWS rallies are circulating online. A widely
reported news story from Los Angeles focused on an Occupy protestor who said: I think the Zionist Jews who are running these
[US] banks and our Federal Reserve ... need to be run out of this
country. New York occupiers grumbled: Jewish money controls
American politics. Still others hollered: Jews control Wall Street.17
The BLM movement also has been noted for its anti-Semitism.
FrontPage magazine published a piece entitled The Marriage of



Black Lives Matter & Jew Hatred: How BLM and Anti-Israel Activists Found Common Cause. It explains that BLM co-founder
Patrisse Cullors is a co-signatory to a statement proclaiming solidarity with the Palestinian struggle [for] liberation; demanding an
end to Israels occupation of Palestine; and urging support for
anti-Israel the Boycott, Divestment, & Sanctions movement. The
motivation may primarily be opposition to capitalism (the statement explains: we aim to sharpen our practice of joint struggle
against capitalism, colonialism, imperialism, and the various racisms embedded in and around our societies.), but the hatred it
cultivates is real.18
At a BLM rally in Seattle, held to mark the one-year anniversary
of the shooting in Ferguson, a speaker in front of a Jewish-owned
marijuana store accused the owner of bullying the neighborhood
by, among other things, taking down posters for an African heritage
summer festival from property that he owned. You dont come into
black neighborhoods trying to throw your weight around, especially
when youre coming from Israel and former IDF [Israel Defense
Forces].19 Referring to the posters that his weirdo ass had taken
down, the speaker threatened that if such things continue, someones going to come see you, alright. Were not playing out here.
Weve been seizing buildings. Weve been dealing with reactionary
crackers just like yourself... Give me a whats up if youre the soldiers
for Omari out here.20 The crowd cheered. The threatened business
owner contacted the Anti-Defamation League.
It begins to sound like Nazi Germany, or more recently like
the slogans launched by the Soviet blocs disinformation machinery
during the Cold War, which portrayed the U.S. as an imperial
Zionist country financed by Jewish money, the aim of which was
allegedly to transform the rest of the world into a Jewish fiefdom.
Communism is inherently anti-religious, and perfectly willing to
be anti-Semitic or even racist if that serves the anti-capitalist cause.



Our Democratic Party and its front-runners for the White House are
bending over backwards to persuade America that the current wave
of terrorism is homegrown and that canceling our constitutional
right to bear arms would make America safe. This is disinformation.
Todays international terrorism was born in the KGB, and Romanias
foreign intelligence service my DIE was one of its midwives. In
a substantive article published in 2006, I synthesized my knowledge
about the birth of todays anti-American terrorism.1 In Disinformation, published three years ago, I detailed that knowledge.
Recent revelations show that even the dreaded anti-American
ISIS might have been born in the KGB/FSB. Consider that six years
after defecting to Great Britain, former Russian intelligence officer
Alexander Litvinenko claimed that Osama bin Ladens right-hand
man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who had once been arrested in Russia for
terrorism, was later (1996 and 1997) secretly trained in terrorism
by the KGB/FSB.2 Al-Zawahiri later became the head of al-Qaeda
in Iraq (AQI), which would ultimately morph into ISIS. How
did Litvinenko know all this? Former KGB officer Konstantin
Preobrazhensky, who defected to the U.S. in 2006 and is a regular
speaker on the Voice of America, testified that it was Litvinenko
himself who was responsible for securing the secrecy of al-Zawahiris
presence in Russia while he was trained by FSB instructors.3
The revelation that al-Zawahiri, who essentially created ISIS,



is a secret KGB/FSB operative has been totally ignored by our

politicians. Not by the Kremlin, however, which savagely killed
Litvinenko with Polonium-210, a highly toxic isotope known to
be used by the former Soviet Union as neutron trigger for nuclear
weapons. In 2007, Great Britain called for the extradition to the
UK of Russian citizen Andrey Lugovoy (a former KGB officer) on
charges of having murdered Litvinenko. Russia declined to extradite Lugovoy, who overnight became a member of the Duma, thus
receiving parliamentary immunity.
On July 22, 2014, the British Secretary of State for Home
Affairs, Rt. Hon Theresa May MP (who would later become Britains prime minister, taking office July 11, 2016), announced in
a written statement that an inquiry would be held into the death
of Litvinenko. Sir Robert Owen, a retired High Court judge, was
charged with chairing the investigation.4 In January 2016, he
presented the House of Commons with a 328-page report that
concluded Litvinenko had indeed been killed by the Russian FSB
and that the killing was probably approved by [then FSB Director
Nikolai] Patrushev and President Putin. The House of Commons
released the report January 21, 2016.5 A Wall Street Journal editorial
published the same day suggested President Putin never be allowed
to set foot on British soil.6
Unfortunately, Americas policy toward Russia is still built on
Hillary Clintons foundation of navet and wishful thinking. On
October 9, 2008, when the current U.S. secretary of state, John
Kerry, was the Democratic candidate for the White House, he stated
in a worldwide televised interview with PBSs Jim Lehrer: Well,
let me just say quickly that Ive had an extraordinary experience of
watching up close and personal that transition in Russia, because I
was there right after the transformation. And I was probably one of
the first senators ... to go down into the KGB underneath Treblinka
Square and see reams of files with names in them. It sort of brought
home the transition to democracy that Russia was trying to make.7


Fro m Anti-Semitism to Terrorism

If the Democratic contender for the White House did not know
that Treblinka was a Nazi death camp in Poland, whereas the KGB
headquarters was, and still is, the Lubyanka, what should we suppose
he learned about disinformation from seeing all those files written
in a language he could not read?
Speaking of not knowing the language, on March 6, 2009, in
Geneva, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton presented Russian Representative to the United Nations Sergei Lavrov with a red button
with the Russian text . Clinton thought
this was the Russian word for reset, explaining she wanted to
reset relations between the two nations. As mentioned earlier,
Lavrov explained that actually means
overcharge. The two pressed the button anyway, but the dealings
between Russia and the USA following the reset suggest that
Clintons diplomacy was on par with her linguistic skills.
I do not doubt Hillary Clintons and Secretarys Kerrys patriotism, but I have reason to believe they have been deluded by the
KGB disinformation machinery. Once I was deluded too. So was
the ever-optimistic President George W. Bush, who in his second
inaugural address said of the former KGB head Vladimir Putin:
Were friends, and thats important.
The KGB is indeed a difficult read, but I believe that Russias
upper class enthroned the head of the KGB in the Kremlin for a
reason. That countrys aristocrats love Byzantine disinformation
generations of them kidded themselves about the glorious state
of their Soviet Union and the new KGB makes them feel clever
again. Over the years, this Russian, Soviet, and now again Russian
political police has changed its name many times, from Okhrana
to Cheka, to GPU, to OGPU, to NKVD, to NKGB, to MGB, to
MVD, to KGB, to MSB, to MB, to FSK, to FSB, and the anagram
game will certainly continue in order to hide its real roots. Since
the sixteenth centurys Ivan the Terrible, all Russian rulers ran the
country with the help of their intelligence organizations. That was



the standard in tsarist Russia and in the Soviet empire and it is

still so in todays Russia.
Of course the French, those clever diplomats, have the perfect
saying for this: Plus a change, plus cest la mme chose (the more
things change, the more things stay the same.) It is high time
for unafraid and undiplomatic American leadership and for the
whole truth to finally emerge.



The still little-known science of disinformation can change night

into day. After meeting Vladimir Putin for the first time in Slovenia
in 2001, President George W. Bush said he had looked the man in
the eye and found him to be straightforward and trustworthy. On
the other hand, Bob Gates, who as director of central intelligence
and secretary of defense knew something about Russian disinformation, looked into Putins eyes and saw a stone-cold killer.
Disinformation is as old as human life. Do you remember
the story of how Satan, in the form of a snake, tricked Eve? Many
nations throughout history have used disinformation to confound
their wartime enemies, most famously when the Greeks in the
second millennium BC presented the Trojans with a huge wooden
horse, in the hollow belly of which the Greek army succeeded in
entering the otherwise impregnable city of Troy. The American and
British intelligence services also managed in 1944 to trick the Germans into believing the Allies would invade the continent at Calais,
rather than on the beaches of Normandy. In peacetime, however,
disinformation has been employed mostly by tyrants attempting to
deceive others about their real agenda.
Although publicly claiming disinformation was a French word
used for Western deceptions, among themselves the Soviet leaders
took credit for inventing the science of disinformation, just as they
took credit for most of the worlds major inventions. Do you know



what street the Romanian radio broadcasting headquarters is on?

my KGB adviser for science and technology once asked me out of
the blue, when I was running Romanian espionage in the field of science and technology. Puzzled at the question, I correctly answered,
Alexander Popov Street. Everyone in Bucharest knew that. The
KGB adviser enlightened me that the street was so named because,
it was really our Popov, not Marconi, who invented the radio.
In the highly classified KGB manual that only a few chosen
people were allowed to read, the science of dezinformatsiya was
defined as a super-secret KGB discipline responsible for disseminating information, reports and documents fabricated around a
kernel of truth, but unattributable to the socialist camp, as the
Soviet bloc was called. During the twenty-seven years I spent in the
KGB community, this definition remained unchanged. Dezinformatsiyas tasks, however, were subject to constant revision, reflecting
the changing needs of the moment as spelled out by various Kremlin
leaders and their East European viceroys for disinformation was
an instrument serving the communist dictators alone.
During the Cold War, more people in the Soviet bloc worked for
the dezinformatsiya machinery than for the Soviet army and defense
industry put together. The blocs intelligence community alone had
almost one million officers and several million informants around
the world. All were involved in deceiving the West and their own
people or in supporting this effort. To them should be added the
vast number of people working for the international dezinformatsiya
organizations that the KGB secretly created.
All these deceptive dezinformatsiya organizations were headquartered outside the Soviet Union and pretended to be independent
international entities, publishing their own newspapers in French
or English several secretly printed in Romania. Some of those
international Potemkin villages in which I was personally involved
include: the World Peace Council (with branches in 112 countries), the World Federation of Trade Unions (with branches in 90


Th e M ind- Bo ggling P ower of Disin formation

countries), the Womens International Democratic Federation (with

branches in 129 countries), the International Union of Students
(with branches in 152 countries), and the World Federation of
Democratic Youth (with branches in 210 countries). Few outsiders
ever knew that these international organizations were in fact disinformation outlets financed and managed by the KGB community,
because dezinformatsiya was buried in the deepest secrecy.1
In 1978, when I was granted political asylum in the U.S., I
found out that most people in American academia, the military and
the media did not know what disinformation really meant. As late as
1986, the word disinformation was not even listed among the three
hundred thousand entries of Websters New World Thesaurus or in
the twenty-seven volumes of the New Encyclopedia Britannica, for it
was widely and erroneously believed that the word was simply a
foreign synonym for misinformation. Even the Microsoft Word 2010
software underlined the word disinforming and suggested replacing
it with misinforming.
In reality, disinformation is as different from misinformation as
night is from day. Misinformation is an official government tool.
Disinformation is a secret intelligence tool, the task of which is to
privatize the governments lie. Lets suppose that the FSB (the new
KGB) fabricates some documentary material likening the American
liberation of Iraq (yes thats right before the Obama administration pulled out Americas troops, creating the vacuum that allowed
ISIS to spread like a cancer, America and her allies had won that
war!) to the Mongol sack of Baghdad in 1258. If that material were
published by the FSB or by a Russian governmental media outlet,
this would be misinformation and the West would rightly take it
with a grain of salt. If, on the other hand, that same material were
made public by the Western media without mentioning that it had
originated in Russia, that would be dezinformatsiya, and the storys
credibility would be substantially greater.
In April 2003, the Western media were indeed inundated



with hundreds of horror stories about the looting of the National

Museum in Baghdad. Television stations around the world showed
the weeping deputy director of the museum blaming the Americans
for allowing the destruction of 170,000 items of antiquity dating
back thousands of years.
That was dezinformatsiya. Eventually it was reliably confirmed
that museum employees had hidden the supposedly looted treasures
in a safe place long before the Iraq war started, and that at the end
of hostilities they were safe and in American protective custody.
Museum officials later listed only twenty-five artifacts as definitely
missing not 170,000.2 But the damage was done. Millions of
people around the world would talk for months, and perhaps for
years, about the devastating images of empty display cases repeatedly
seen on their television screens, accompanied by accusations that
the Americans had allowed that to happen.




During my days in the Romanian foreign intelligence service, I had

a banner posted in my office proclaiming all in upper case letters
IT. Elsewhere in the world, foreign intelligence services are primarily
engaged in collecting information to help their heads of state conduct
foreign affairs. The Kremlin and its viceroy, however, already knew all
the answers, and they frequently took offense when we tried to tell
them something new. Throughout the Kremlins sphere of influence,
the main intelligence task was to fabricate a new past for the countrys
leaders and for their enemy targets in order to manipulate their future.
That task is still the main task in todays Russia.
The U.S. media seem to be now doing the same thing in order
to manipulate Americas elections. During the last election cycle in
2012, a five-thousand-word article published by the Washington Post
depicted GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney as an anti-gay
bully who had psychologically murdered one John Lauber, an allegedly gay classmate, by forcefully chopping off his shock of bleached
hair. According to the Post, Lauber was a fragile young man, and four
decades later his body collapsed around a spirit broken by Romney.1
Wow! How dare that anti-gay brute Romney now presume to
run for the White House?
A few days later, however, the Washington Post story proved
to be disinformation but the damage was done. Laubers sister,



Christine, slammed the story as a political ploy.2 If he were still alive

today, she said, he would be furious [about the story]. Lauber
was not, in any way, a broken spirit. He was a tough guy who had
toured the world with the Royal Lipizzaner Stallion riders. Moreover,
Lauber did not die because his spirit was broken by Romney. Lauber
died of cancer. According to his obituary published in the South
Bend Tribune at the time of his 2004 death, Lauber led a full life,
graduating from Vanderbilt and becoming a member of the British
Horse Society. He earned seaman papers, was licensed in three states
as mortician, and was head chef of the [upscale] Russian Resort in
California. He also served as a civilian contractor during the war
in Iraq.3 Romney was never able to recover after that framing, and
lost the election.
The leaders of the Soviet bloc intelligence community, when I
was one of them, looked at the Washington Post as one of the most
credible Western newspapers. Its courageous Watergate reporting
made even Ceauescu fear it. In that socialist world, fear meant
respect. In January 1990, when U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) got
my daughter out of Romania, the Post published a powerful condemnation of socialism signed by Judith Weinraub.4 Soon after that,
I became acquainted with the Posts Book World editor, William
McPherson, and I was amazed by his staunch exposure of what he
called Marxist heresy. He even went to Romania to see the horrible legacy of Ceauescu.
The transformation of the Washington Post from an outspoken
defender of truth into a tool for changing the historical past was,
in my view, the beginning of a new era in the U.S. mainstream
media. This is an era in which even some of the most prestigious
U.S. newspapers have lost their political independence.
There is a widespread belief that the worst damage from enemy
intelligence operations against the U.S. has been the theft of highly
classified secrets, such as the technology for the atom bomb. Not so.
The absolutely worst and often irreparable damage done to the


H ow D isinfo rmatio n Allows Elec tion s to B e Stolen

Free World has been caused by disinformation operations designed

to change the past in order to suit current priorities. In KGB jargon,
changing the past was called framing, and it was a highly classified
disinformation specialty.
Changing the historical past is like building a mosaic, made
up of hundreds, or even thousands, of tiny pieces carefully fitted
together. In January 1934, the XVII Soviet Communist Party Congress was hailed as the Congress of the Victorious. A few years later,
Stalin decided to change that past, because it no longer fit his own
plans for the future. Accordingly, 1,108 out of the 1,966 heroic
delegates to this Congress were declared counter-revolutionaries.
Most of them were charged with secretly plotting to assassinate the
leadership of the party, an insinuation that gave Stalin a free hand
to execute other party activists in order to eliminate all competition to himself. And 848 of them were shot.5 A few years later, the
Congress of the Victorious was renamed the Congress of the
Condemned, and Stalin became the Soviet Unions unchallenged
ruler for the rest of his life.
Because of the Soviet/ Russian framings, there are few things
more difficult for historians than to predict Russias past. Unfortunately, it is now becoming difficult to predict Americas past as well!
Throughout much of the 2016 presidential campaign season, an
apocalyptic media attack on Donald Trump, sustained with equal
force from the conservative and liberal media, attempted to change
his past. I will not besmirch this e-book with the specifics, but you
may click here for a sample.
Even the Wall Street Journal, once deathly feared by communists,
now writes: For conservatives, a Democratic victory in November
means the loss of another election, with all the policy reversals that
entails. That may be dispiriting, but elections will come again. A
Trump presidency means losing the Republican Party. Conservatives
need to accept that for most conservatives of wisdom sometimes,
losing is winning.6



The peace and freedom of the world depend on the economic

power of the United States and the essential unity of its core values,
as was long the case. Make no mistake: If our capitalist economy
and national unity go, so will our prosperity, our security and the
peace of the world.




At the end of April 2016, a communist organization called ANSWER

(Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) organized violent demonstrations against Donald Trump in California, New Mexico, and
Chicago. U.S. flags were burned, police cars were destroyed and
people were hurt. ANSWER is a front group of the Workers World
Party (WWP), created by the KGB in 1957 with the initial task of
helping the Kremlin create a favorable impression of the 1956 Soviet
invasion of Hungary among the trade unions and colored population of the United States. During my years in the KGB community,
the WWP was run by a Soviet-style secretariat whose members were
secretly indoctrinated and trained by the KGB, which also financed
its day-to-day operations.
In 1959, the WWP got its own newspaper, Workers World,
edited by the KGBs disinformation department. To camouflage
Moscows hand and give the paper a broader appeal, the early
issues showed both Lenin and Trotsky holding up a banner saying,
Colored and White Unite and Fight for a WORKERS WORLD.
In those years, the WWP had a national office in New York
(55 W. 17th Street) and eighteen regional headquarters across the
United States, presenting itself as a national Marxist-Leninist
party promoting socialism, supporting working class struggles and
lesbian/gay/bi/trans liberation, organizing protests, and denouncing
racism and sexism. Two of its leaders, Larry Holmes and Monica



G. Moorehead, repeatedly ran for president of the United States

on the WWP ticket. Both portrayed America as a country run by
war-mongering governments and alleged the nation was full of
political prisoners.1
Over the years, the Workers World Party created several front
organizations along Soviet lines, such as the Youth Against War
and Fascism, the United Labor Action, the American Servicemens
Union, and ANSWER. ANSWER was run by the same people
running the WWP and was supported by various foreign Marxist
bodies (the Lebanese Communist Party, the New Communist Party
of the Netherlands, the Partido Comunista de la Argentina) and
other anti-American organizations (the Italian Tribunal on NATO
Crimes, the Green Party USA, the Canadian-Cuban Friendship).2
Even a superficial look at ANSWERs webpage of those days
revealed its KGB roots. Its spontaneous demonstrations were
organized in the typical Soviet manner: The participants were bused
in by ANSWER, which also provided the posters to be carried and
the slogans to be yelled. ANSWERs website contained ready-to-use
anti-American flyers (among them Surround the White House and
Vote to Impeach Bush) that could simply be downloaded, printed,
and posted. ANSWER provided dozens of buses to transport the
spontaneous demonstrators from over one hundred cities around
the United States to Washington, San Francisco and Los Angeles,
where the main anti-American demonstrations were scheduled to
take place. Its website contained the name, phone number and
e-mail of the contacts in charge of handling each bus, as well as
detailed instructions for reaching the buses.
Of course, the American media never revealed the Marxist roots
of ANSWER when reporting on the groups demonstrations, such
as the one held in Washington. D.C., on September 15, 2007.
ANSWER bused in thousands from around the country and armed
them with posters and slogans discrediting Gen. David Petraeus, at
that time the U.S. commander in Iraq. The general came to Wash-


Fro m D isinfo rmation to B loody Vi olen ce

ington to report on the success of the surge in Iraq to Congress,

and success was just not something ANSWER could swallow. Its
slogans, distributed to the demonstrators, portrayed the general as a
traitor and Vietnam-style American butcher. The bused-in demonstrators became violent and some 190 were arrested. The inspired
willingness of thousands to die-in and risk arrest those were the
features that made September 15 somewhat more akin to the militant marches and actions that became a characteristic feature of the
movement that helped end the Vietnam War, states an article still
posted on ANSWERs website.3 That is virtually word-for-word how
the KGB and my Romanian DIE portrayed the anti-American
demonstrations organized by the Soviet bloc intelligence community
in Western Europe during the Vietnam War.
Now ANSWER has headquarters in New York, Chicago, Los
Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and six other major U.S. cities.
Fighting tooth and nail against the capitalist Donald Trump and
fomenting hatred toward the police are now its main objectives.
Check out its Facebook page.




On September 11, 2001, a staggering 2,996 people were killed and

over 6,000 injured by terrorists in the U.S. On November 13, 2015,
130 people were killed and 389 injured in the terrorist attacks that
struck Paris the deadliest day in France since World War II. The
attacks are becoming more frequent. On March 22, 2016, 34 people
were killed and 198 injured in Brussels. On June 28, 2016, 44 people
were killed and 239 injured by terrorists at the Atatrk Airport in
Istanbul, and two days later, 28 people were killed in Bangladesh.
ISIS, which proclaimed a worldwide terrorist caliphate in 2014, is
now bragging that it will soon wreak havoc in London and New
York with a [nuclear] dirty bomb that will kill thousands of people.1
Soon after September 11, 2001, the U.S. declared war on
terrorism. Fifteen years later that war is still on, and nuclear terrorism has become an existential danger to the U.S. Why? Today
it is considered bad manners to point to any outside source of
anti-Americanism. But Americans are proud people who love their
country, and who won every military conflict up until its Vietnam
War against communist expansion.
From 1776 to 1782, the Americans challenged Great Britain,
the most powerful empire in the world at that time, and won. In
the War of 1812, the United States forced the British to retreat back
across the Atlantic. In 1846, Mexico attacked the United States
and was soundly defeated. In 1898, the United States went to war


Fro m D isinfo rmation to Losi n g Wars

to support Cubas desire for independence from Spain, decimating

the Spanish fleet and forcing Spain to sue for peace. During World
War I, in which over 40 million Europeans were killed, the U.S.
put together an army of four million and became instrumental in
defeating the German aggressor. During World War II, more than
four hundred thousand Americans died to defeat Nazism and the
Holocaust, but our country won that war.
Then, suddenly, a number of Americans began turning against
their countrys own wars. By 1968, the anti-Vietnam War protesters
in the U.S. numbered almost 7 million. They came to regard their
own government, not communism, as the enemy.2 Today, to the
Washington elite, losing a war is as American as apple pie.
How did we get to this point? Democrats under Roosevelt,
Truman, and Kennedy forged and conducted a foreign policy that
was principled, internationalist, strong and successful, said former
Democratic Sen. Joseph Lieberman, explaining the problem in a
nutshell on May 27, 2008. Now, the Democratic Party sees America
as the main danger to the worlds peace. The Soviets and their allies
were our enemies not because they were inspired by a totalitarian
ideology fundamentally hostile to our way of life, or because they
nursed ambitions of global conquest. Rather, the Soviets were our
enemies because we had provoked them, and because we failed to
sit down and accord them the respect they deserved. In other words,
the Cold War was mostly Americas fault.3
Senator Lieberman was right on the money, but he knew only
one side of the coin. Here is the other. The general perception in
the United States is that the anti-war movement was a homegrown
product. In reality, it was the result of a worldwide KGB dezinformatsiya operation ignited during the Vietnam War for the purpose
of counteracting American efforts to protect the world against communist expansion, and in order to create doubt around the world
about American power, judgment, and credibility. Unfortunately,
it has fulfilled both aims.



KGB chief Yuri Andropov, a former ambassador and by far the

best-educated chairman the KGB ever had, baptized this dezinformatsiya operation with the codename Ares after the Greek god
of war. Ares was usually accompanied in battle by his sister Eris
(goddess of discord) and by his two sons, Deimos (fear) and Phobos
(terror). Andropov was convinced the war in Vietnam provided a
once-in-a-lifetime chance to make Europe fear Americas military
terror and instill discord between the Old Continent and its own
leader at that time, the United States. Therefore, Andropov made
Operation Ares a foremost priority for the whole Soviet bloc foreign
intelligence community.
In the summer of 1965, Andropov charged Romesh Chandra, a
KGB asset who was chairing the KGB-created World Peace Council
(WPC), to transform the Stockholm Conference on Vietnam into
a permanent international organization secretly subordinate to the
KGB. Chandra obliged. The Stockholm Conference was subsequently staffed with undercover officers of the Soviet bloc foreign
intelligence services. This new organization also received an average
of 15 million dollars yearly from the International Department
of the Soviet Communist Party which in addition provided 50
million dollars annually to Chandras WPC. The money for both
organizations was delivered by the KGB in the form of laundered
cash dollars in order to hide its origin. Nevertheless, Moscows hand
was all over the new organization.
Copying the WPC (described in our book Disinformation),
the Stockholm smaller sister established a Soviet-style secretariat
to manage its general activities, created Soviet-style working committees to conduct its day-to-day operations, generated Soviet-style
bureaucratic paperwork, used Soviet-style vocabulary, and launched
Soviet-style slogans. Moreover, it resorted to the same modus operandi as the World Peace Council. The Romanian DIEs operational
program for 1968, for instance, contained the task of obtaining one
hundred thousand signatures worldwide on the WPCs ban-the-


Fro m D isinfo rmation to Losi n g Wars

bomb appeal, and also one hundred thousand signatures worldwide

on the new stop-the-Vietnam-War appeal just launched by the
Stockholm Conference.
The so-called Stockholm Conference held yearly international
meetings through 1972, and during those years regularly provided my DIE with documentary materials about the abominable crimes committed by American soldiers against civilians in
Vietnam. All these materials were produced by the KGBs disinformation department and contained mostly fabricated descriptions
of American debaucheries against civilians in Vietnam, as well as
fraudulent pictures supporting the allegations. The DIE was tasked
to distribute this material all over Western Europe and to spread the
rumor that Washingtons adventure in Vietnam had wasted over 200
trillion dollars, and that this waste would soon generate European
inflation, recession, and unemployment.
It seems the anti-American seeds planted by the Ares operation
have grown and flourished in this great nation. Today, it is not only
hot-headed Americans like the young lieutenant John Kerry, who
on April 12, 1971, told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
that American soldiers told him they had raped, cut off ears, cut
off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals
and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly
shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis
Khan.4 The 2004 Democratic National Convention focused almost
exclusively on the Vietnam days, throwing more mud on our military forces and their commander-in-chief than Andropov and his
satraps had ever dared to imagine. One after the other, the convention participants denigrated Americas armed forces and portrayed
their commander-in-chief as a renegade, a liar, a deceiver, a
fraud, who had concocted the war for personal gain.5 The U.S. at
that time had some 140,000 soldiers engaged in grueling wars who
needed political support from all sides, but all they got from that
Democratic Convention was insult and hatred.



On November 19, 2005, Democratic Rep. John Murtha, a

member of the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, told
the Washington Times: All of Iraq must know Iraq is free free from
United States occupation.6 By 2007, most leaders of the Democratic Party were engaged in a frantic campaign to condemn the U.S.
war in Iraq, and to withdraw our troops unconditionally. Sen. Harry
Reid, the Democratic majority leader, famously declared, The war
is lost.7 House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced, This
war has been a grotesque mistake. Wealthy corporate interests
would get a windfall, and the middle class would get the bill.
Lets hope the 2016 elections will not send to the White House
a Hillary Clinton or a John Kerry who voted for the war before
voting against the war. I do not intend to join the armchair experts
on the war in Iraq, but that war was not solely the presidents war. It
was Americas war, authorized by 296 House members and 76 U.S.
senators. War is a matter of life and death. It cannot be approved
today and disapproved tomorrow.
Now we are at war with Islamic terrorism. Dealing with it is
daunting, and the vast majority of our politicians and media dont
know what to do. However, if a united America would reclaim its
former courage, values, resolve and resourcefulness, qualities in full
display during eras preceding the Vietnam War, America will win.
Otherwise, nuclear terrorism might win.




Two days after September 11, 2001, my wife (an American writer)
and I landed in Berlin. We were having lunch with friends at the
enormous KaDeWe department store, and I wandered off to get
some food for dinner. The manager, noticing the American flag on
my lapel, came up to me and asked if I was an American. Champagne for everyone, he ordered, when I told him I had just flown
over from the U.S. Without capitalist America and the Berlin
Airlift, we would be speaking Russian now, he explained.
This capitalist America, which has kept freedom, democracy,
and economic prosperity alive in the world for the last hundred
years, was not created by socialists and progressives, nor was
it embodied in the lives of those political bureaucrats who do
nothing but give speeches.
Americas reputation was built around a procession of patriotic
capitalists, like Donald Trump, who were elected president because
they had been successful in business and in defending our countrys
wealth and freedom. George Washingtons assets are estimated at
over half a billion dollars in todays money, Thomas Jeffersons at
$212 million, Theodore Roosevelts at $125 million, Andrew Jacksons at $119 million, James Madisons at $101 million, Lyndon
Johnsons at $98 million, Herbert Hoovers at $75 million, Franklin
Delano Roosevelts at $60 million, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy,
who may not have earned his own fortune but inherited one, at



an estimated $1 billion.1 Even those who were from more humble

means did not assail the wealthy.
On May 8, 2016, the seventy-first anniversary of V/E Day, we
celebrated the triumph of this promised land over Nazism, another
destructive form of disinformation. At the start of World War II in
1939, the armed forces of the U.S. were ranked as eighteenth in the
world, just ahead of the Netherlands. The U.S. Army had only 325
tanks, while Hitler had more than 2,000. The Army Air Corps, the
forerunner of the U.S. Air Force, had only 1,700 planes, mostly
fighters and trainers, while Hitlers Luftwaffe had nearly 8,500
bombers and fighters.2 Time magazine summed it up: The U.S.
Army looked like a few nice boys with BB guns.3
A congressional commission in which the legal counsel was
Soviet spy Alger Hiss proposed nationalizing our military industry.
Fortunately, President Franklin Roosevelt was a capitalist himself. He
asked the capitalist industry to rearm the country, and appointed a
capitalist William S. Knudsen, chairman of General Motors as
chairman of a capitalist commission charged with coordinating
that huge task. This country has been good to me, and I want to
pay it back, Knudsen said. He was an immigrant like me.
Japanese admiral Yamamoto once famously said he was afraid the
attack on Pearl Harbor had awakened a sleeping giant.4 Yamamoto
was right. That attack awakened capitalisms spirit in America a land
of opportunity unparalleled in all of history which in the following
months created the most powerful military industry on earth, eventually producing two-thirds of all the Allied military equipment used
in World War II. That included 96,000 tanks, 2,5 million trucks and
a half million jeeps, 286,000 warplanes, 8,800 naval vessels, 5,600
merchant ships, 2,6 million machine guns, and 42 billion rounds of
ammunition. That also included the atomic bomb, which ended the
war and brought the world into the nuclear age.5
After World War II, that same spirit of capitalism generated an
unprecedented technological explosion that threw open the gates


A merica: Freedo m and C apitalism s Promised La n d

to an unimaginable new era of television, automation, and computerization. At the same time, on the other hand, the countries of
Eastern Europe redistributed their wealth, devolving into the Soviet
Socialist Empire, which dispossessed a third of the worlds population of its properties and killed tens of millions of its citizens to
keep the disinformation called socialism in power. In the end, our
promised land of capitalism had to assume the burden of freeing
the world from the boot of Soviet socialism as well.
In 1989, as I watched the Berlin Wall being torn down, I
felt incredibly proud to be an American citizen. I had been with
Khrushchev when the idea of erecting the Berlin Wall germinated
in his head. He had landed in Bucharest on October 26, 1959, to
solicit Romanias political support for seizing West Berlin, which
had become the escape-hatch through which millions of starved East
Germans were fleeing westward, draining East Germanys already
crumbling socialist economy.
At that time I was running Romanias intelligence station in
West Germany, and as a German expert I had been brought back
to Bucharest to attend the discussions with the Soviet leader. No
power on earth can stop us, Khrushchev spat out. But capitalist
America did. On August 13, 1961, Khrushchev made the humiliating decision to close off East Berlin with a barbed wire fence that
later became the Berlin Wall, and he proclaimed that a major victory.
But the Wall did not last.
On December 26, 1989, Leonard Bernstein conducted a magnificent concert before that toppled Berlin Wall. His centerpiece was
Beethovens Ninth Symphony containing Schillers Ode to Joy,
but with the word joy (Freude) changed into freedom (Freiheit). The
orchestra and choir were from both East and West Germany, as well
as from the United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union, and the
United States. That concert celebrated the most astonishing defeat
of Marxs disinformation system, which we call socialism and the
fall of its supreme monument, the Soviet Socialist Empire.



I was twenty-five years old when the doctors advised my mother to

have a just-discovered malignant tumor surgically removed as soon
as possible. Whats the rush, if it doesnt hurt? my dear mother
kept asking me every time I tried to take her to the hospital. One
year later I was kneeling at her grave. That was the last, and most
important, lesson I learned from my dear mother: get rid of cancer
any way you can.
On Christmas Day 1989, the president of Marxist Romania,
Nicolae Ceausescu, was executed at the end of a trial whose main
accusations came almost word for word out of my book Red Horizons,
serialized by Radio Free Europe and republished in samizdat Romanian and Hungarian editions. From one day to the next, my native
Romania became free of cancer. Now it is a flourishing country again.
The United States had spent forty-four years of Cold War to
protect the rest of the world against the Marxist cancer hidden
under the smiling mask of socialism and progressivism, which has
killed over a hundred million people and left behind only countries
looking like trailer camps hit by a hurricane most recently Venezuela. All Marxist, Socialist and Progressivist leaders have ended
up in hell all, from Trotsky to Stalin, Tito to Zhivkov, Kamenev,
Zinoviev, Buckarin, Enver Hoxha to Mtys Rakosi, Skou Tour,
Nyeree and Hugo Chavez. All had their days of temporary glory,
but all ended in eternal disgrace.



Now a new generation of young Americans who have not been

taught real history in school are falling for the siren song of Marxist
disinformation, labeled as socialism or progressivism. The United
States won the Cold War because Ronald Reagan was elected president long after he had purged himself of his own youthful infatuation with Marxism. He was able to identify the Democratic Partys
undercover Marxism as the cancer it really was. Once identified, he
could stamp it out. Our current Republican presidential nominee
may not have Reagans political experience, but he is a contemporary
version of the capitalist presidents who made America the undisputed leader of the world.
It is high time America eradicates the malignant tumor of
Marxism and returns to its traditional and proven free-market capitalist entrepreneurial system, once defined by Winston Churchill
as the worst form of government, except for all the others. There
are lots of people who know, much better than I, how to persuade
these young Americans to keep America American. Nevertheless,
for the final twenty-two years of my other life, I was running Romanias share of the Soviet blocs industrial espionage. So allow me to
suggest one simple yardstick for measuring the difference between
capitalism and socialism/progressivism. Over the last century, the
capitalist United States of America won a total of 331 Nobel Prizes,
while socialist Russia got only twenty, and Ceausescus progresivist
Romania won none. Two worlds, light-years apart.
Make no mistake: If our capitalism goes, so will the worlds peace
and Americas security.



Lt. Gen. (ret.) Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking official from
a socialist country ever to have been granted political asylum in the
United States. His defection made him the most hunted American
citizen alive. The Romanian Securitate, along with Libyas Muammar
Qaddafi and the Palestine Liberation Organizations Yasser Arafat
(both of whom were surrogates of the Soviet KGB and had officially
dealt with Pacepa), set multi-million-dollar bounties on his head.
The Securitate also created a super-secret intelligence unit staffed
with one thousand officers whose sole task was to assassinate Pacepa,
denigrate his name and deny the accuracy of his revelations.
After two years of unsuccessful efforts to kill Pacepa, the KGB
community gave the task to the infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal.
Although unable to find Pacepa, on February 21, 1981, Carlos
exploded a 20-pound bomb at the Munich headquarters of Radio Free
Europe, which was broadcasting Pacepas revelations. Eight employees
were injured, and five Romanian diplomats assigned to West Germany


A bout I on Mihai Pacepa

were expelled for their involvement in that operation.1 Several other

assassination attempts against Pacepa organized by Qaddafi and Arafat
were quashed by the U.S. intelligence community.
Pacepas first book, Red Horizons, was published in 1987,
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one he himself had managed. In March 1989, a picture in Time
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Ronald J. Rychlak is professor of law and holder of the Jamie L.

Whitten Chair in Law and Government at the University of Mississippi School of Law, where he has been on the faculty since 1987.
He also serves as the universitys faculty athletic representative.
A graduate of Wabash College and Vanderbilt University School
of Law, he is a member of the Mississippi Criminal Code Revision Committee, the Mississippi Advisory Committee to the U.S.
Civil Rights Commission, and the Executive Committee of the
Southeastern Conference (SEC). He serves on editorial boards of
The Gaming Law Review and Angelico Press, and also serves on
advisory boards to Ave Maria School of Law, the Catholic League
for Religious and Civil Rights, and the Society of Catholic Social
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