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Children Bible Overview 09 27/05/07


Teachers to read bible scripture: <Gen 10-11>

Children to memorize bible scripture: <Gen 10:8>

Children, we are all on Jesus’ boat, right? Those who know Jesus can all be on Jesus’ boat. On this
boat, we are protected by God forever. There is nothing that can harm us. However, those who do not
know Jesus cannot be on Jesus’ boat. They will be drowned by the floodwaters and after they die,
they will go to Hell.
Quickly continue introduction
After the flood sent by God, people were slowly being born to this world. However, slowly,
these people did not know about God again, they did not know about Jesus. There was a
man called Nimrod. He was a hero in this world. People listened to his words because he
was very powerful and very intelligent. However, he did not know Jesus. God said, the
people who do not know Jesus in this world, the smarter they are, the more God is
displeased with them. This is because they would use their intelligence to tell many people
not to know Jesus, not to rely on Jesus, not to follow Jesus.

1. Many people who did not know God followed Nimrod to build a city with a tower
that aimed to reach the heavens
1) God dislikes everything that is done by people who do not know Him. This is because
they do everything out of obedience to man, and not according to what God asks
them to do. This is what God dislikes most! [Therefore, no matter how powerful a
person is, we should only listen to God]
2) Although the people who do not know God may seem to be doing well in the things
that they do, build lovely buildings or do well in their studies, they do not rely on
Jesus. God does not like those who do not rely on Jesus. [Children, do you often rely
on Jesus? In which areas?]
3) People who do not know God think that they do not need God (i.e. do not need
Jesus) because they are doing well, they can study well, they can draw and dance
well, they are healthy and pretty. Therefore, God does not like.
Conclude: Therefore, children, God want us to obey Him in doing what today? [Let them
Answer: To know Jesus, learn about Jesus in Sunday school, pray to Jesus, ask a lot
of people (father, mother, friends) to know Jesus. Therefore, for this reason,
we should listen to our father and mother at home, always help our friends,
share our toys/ television programs with our brothers and sisters, etc

2. Those people wanted to prove that they themselves were the most powerful and
most intelligent
1) People who do not know Jesus do everything for themselves. God says, “They are all
2) People who do not know Jesus do everything to boast about themselves. God says,
“They are proud”
3) Therefore, everything done by people who do not know Jesus ‘cannot lead others to
know Jesus” = [The world’s heroes]
3. Finally, God made them the lousiest and the most foolish
1) God made those who did not listen to Jesus also failed to understand one another’s
words. Therefore, when they worked together, they would quarrel.
2) As a result, although people who did not rely on Jesus seemed very powerful and
intelligent at first, they could not accomplish anything in the end.
3) Finally, the people who were not guided by Jesus were scattered, they got lost on
their own. After they died, they were separate from God forever.