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The UN in East Timor:
building Timor Leste, a fragile state

by Juan Federer
This is a unique book: an insider's account of the East Timor liberation struggle. It is also an academically rrigorous study of the creation by the United Nations of Timor Leste, the world's newest independent state. Dr. Juan Federer, for many years closely involved in the struggle for the liberation of the territory, examines the UN state-building work in East Timor. He concludes that it was insufficient to lay the foundations for a wellfunctioning state. Timor Leste is a very fragile state, whose future is uncertain. Once again, the UN was hamstrung by the limited commitment shown by its member states. The author argues for a stronger international state-building effort to strengthen fragile or failing post-colonial states. East Timor/Timor Leste would have provided a perfect opportunity to do such work properly. He stresses the need for the international community to seriously address the international humanitarian and security problem presented by fragile states - a long-term legacy of the 20th century colonial experience. The book's publication on the eve of the creation of the UN Peace Building Commission is well timed. East Timor would have greatly benefited from such a UN body, had it existed at the time. The international community and the new Commission would do well to keep the experience described in this book in mind. ISBN: 0-9757614-5-5
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Foreword Chapter I : Introduction Independence celebrations; The beginning; A personal note Chapter II : State sovereignty , the international system, state failure Post-Second World War trusteeship, decolonisation, self-determination; The postcolonial international system; The contemporary world; Pre-modern fragile, failing and failed states; Shadow states; International tutelage, trusteeship PART 1-East Timor background Chapter III : Portuguese Timor, failed decolonisation, Indonesian Timor Timur Decolonisation in Asia and Portuguese imperial collapse; Timor history; Portuguese Timor; Failed decolonisation: stillborn first Democratic Republic of Timor Leste Chapter IV: Response to Indonesia's East Timor occupation The international community; The 1980s; The 1990s; The Timorese diáspora; The international solidarity network for East Timor; Nobel Peace Prize Chapter V: International intervention in East Timor: UNAMET, INTERFET Developments at the UN in the late 90s; UNAMET-UN Assistance Mission in East Timor and the Popular Consultation; International intervention and INTERFET PART 2-STATE BUILDING and OUTCOMES Chapter VI: UN state-building administration-UNTAET East Timor: a special situation; The UNTAET mandate; A unique mission: sovereignty and state-building; Genesis of the mission; The initial phase: late 1999 to mid 2000; The middle phase: mid 2000 to August 2001; The final phase: September 2001 to May 2002 Chapter VII: Timor Leste-an early assessment Timor Leste, early 2004; A lost opportunity?; State failure?; What went wrong and who is at fault?; What if? Chapter VIII: Conclusion APPENDIX I Acronyms and Abbreviations APPENDIX II A Gradual Path to Full Sovereignty in East Timor BIBLIOGRAPHY (PHOTOGRAPHS appear between pp 72-73.)