Children Bible Overview 33


Teachers to read bible scripture: <Nu 27:12-23> <Deu 31:1-8> <Jos 1:1-9> Children to memorize bible scripture: <Deu 31:7> Recap Last week, we learnt what it means to center our lives on the Tent of Meeting (church) so that we will be led by God from Sundays to Saturdays, and hence live happy days while receiving God’s blessings. [Recap a bit on their blessed schedule from Sunday to Saturday] Introduction After 40 years, God’s time-table was up. God wanted to lead the entire Israel to conquer the land of Canaan. At that time, Moses was already 120 years old and about to go back to heaven. Therefore, God chose Joshua to be the leader of the Israelites, to lead the whole Israel to attack the land of Canaan, to conquer the beautiful land that God wanted to give them. At that time, Moses followed God’s instructions to bless Joshua, asking him to be strong and courageous because God had already chosen him. Therefore, God would always be with him and help him in everything, so that he would have victory in all things. Thereafter, Moses passed away and went home to the Lord. Joshua hence became the leader of the Israelites, and led them into the land that God had given them. Because God was with Joshua, he was able to overcome all the enemies. [Do we wish to become Joshua?]

1. God’s greatest desire: to bless His people, Israel with the most beautiful land (Canaan) 1) Because God loves us the most, the blessing He gives us is the greatest. What is the greatest blessing? i.e. land of Canaan = 4 Gospelization. All our blessings (whether it is the things we play, the things we eat and drink, friends who love us), they can be found in the land of Canaan (the 4 Gospelization) [Recap 4 Gospelization] 2) Therefore, although Moses passed away, God did not forget the blessing He wanted to give the Israelites. God prepared Joshua to lead the Israelites so that they could be led towards the land of Canaan. Therefore, everything that God has prepared for us today is for the 4 Gospelization. God gives us parents who love us, teachers who teach us in our studies, He prepares for us Sunday school, friends and play time, all for the 4 Gospelization. 3) Therefore, when we do everything for the 4 Gospelization, we will succeed in everything. When we play for the 4 Gospelization, we will have a more enjoyable time; when we eat for the 4 Gospelization, we will be healthy; when we study for the 4 Gospelization, we will be smarter, etc. Without the 4 Gospelization, everything will not be well!

2. To conquer the land of Canaan, God chose Joshua, who knew God best among the Israelites, to lead Israel 1) Why did God choose Joshua? This was because after Moses passed away, Joshua was the one who knew God best among the Israelites. No one else knew God’s heart better nor could submit to God as much as Joshua. 2) Recap Joshua’s life: In those 40 years, he was most obedient to God. E.g., when spying on the land of Canaan, he believed and relied on God’s promises; when Moses went up to Mount Sinai, Joshua often followed him and listened to his words; and Joshua kept following the Tent of Meeting (Mondays to Sundays), etc.

3) Therefore, Joshua was most clear of God’s heart. No matter how difficult it was, he still led the Israelites towards the land of Canaan. Therefore, God’s spirit was on him and he was able to overcome all things. 3. Therefore, if we know God (Jesus Christ) just as Joshua, we would also be chosen by God 1) Today, Joshua too had already passed away. Therefore, God is searching for people to save and lead His people. Therefore, if you are one who knows God the best, God will also choose you today, like the way He chose Joshua. 2) But then, who are the ones who know God the best? i.e. They are those who believe in Jesus Christ; those who love God, love people, and live for the 4 Gospelization; therefore they would often pray to receive God’s wisdom to preach about Jesus, evangelize and spread God’s words, free others from the clutches of the devil, Satan; they are those who live a blessed schedule daily, those who follow God, etc. Such people are like Joshua! They are those whom God will choose! 3) Children, all of us who know Jesus Christ can become like Joshua. Do we want to? If yes, in what areas must we improve today to be more like Joshua? Ask, confirm and test their hearts and actions before God: See the extent to which they understand the 4 Gospelization; the extent of their obedience in their living, as well as their submission to God in matters like studies and play, how much do they like to pray, intercede for others, tell others about Jesus, etc.

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