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Children Bible Overview 44 17/02/08


Teachers to read bible scripture: <Sam 1-3>

Children to memorize bible scripture: <Jn 14:21>

Last week, we saw how the Israelites continued to be weak whenever the Judges died. Even the
Levites and Priests who led the Israelites were very weak. Therefore, God left them into the hands of
the enemies. The enemies, the Philistines soldiers exploited the Israelites daily.
At that time, Eli, the Priest led the Israelites. He was a very weak priest who could not hear God’s
voice. At that time, among the Israelites was a woman called Hannah. She was in anguish and grief
as she could not give birth. She continued to pray earnestly to God to give her a son. However, after
many years, God still did not give her a son. She was therefore very miserable. However, one day,
God gave Hannah the conviction and she understood God’s desire. She knew how God saw that
there was no leader among His people and His people continued to be weak and worship idols. God
was therefore very upset. One day, she went into the Lord’s temple and prayed to God, “O Lord
Almighty, if you give me a son, I will call him to become a Nazarite. For all his life, I will ask him to be
set apart for God. I will give him to the Lord all the days of his life, and no razor will ever be used on
his head.” [Recap: Similar to Samson]. When Hannah understood God’s will, God fulfilled what she
prayed for. Not long after, Hannah conceived and gave birth to a son. She named him Samuel. When
the child was weaned, Hannah took him to the temple and let him be brought up there. He would then
serve the Lord all his life. Samuel grew up in the Lord’s temple. Therefore, since young, God revealed
Himself to Samuel, and allowed him to hear His voice. Because Samuel could hear God’s voice since
young, he eventually became God’s prophet who led God’s people – the Israelites.

1. The Israelites continued to be weak. Even the Levites and Priests who led the
Israelites could not hear God’s voice
1) When Eli was the Priest to the Israelites, all the Israelites could not hear God’s voice.
This was because they all forgot the 4 Gospelization that God had promised them.
They did not know that they were in fact God’s royal people with a royal mission
2) As a result, their hearts pursued the things of this world and they became busy,
frustrated and worried over the things of this world etc. (e.g. When they wake up
daily, they will only think about what they can play in this world, what are the good
food they can eat, the good things they can buy and fight for… [Children, are we like
that? Are our concerns on this world? This is Satan’s deception!]
3) When God’s people forgot God’s promise and lose God’s concern, they could not
see God’s guidance. Therefore, they gradually lose strength and the enemies, the
Philistine soldiers easily exploited them. [Children, the same applies to us. Whenever
we are concerned with matters of this world e.g. eating, drinking, playing, buying, the
devil, Satan will easily deceive us and cause us to be unhappy, compare and quarrel
with others over things that we eat, drink, play and buy, etc]

2. Hannah understood God’s will to save His people – the Israelites, and hence
prayed to God for a Nazarite son
1) Hannah was initially like the rest of the people. Because other women had children,
she also wanted one. Therefore, when she saw that she could not conceive, she was
very upset, and earnestly prayed to God daily to ask for a child. Her only concern
was that she could have a child
2) However, one day, she finally understood that all of God’s people – the Israelites were
living in sins. In their weaknesses and problems, they could not hear God’s voice.
Therefore, she understood that the problem of the Israelites was not that the people
had no children but because there was no one who really knew God and was able to
be set apart for God to lead God’s people. Therefore, she prayed to God and asked
for a Nazarite child, saying, “If the Lord gives me a son, I will bring him to the holy
temple and he will serve the Lord all the days of his life.”
3) Hannah understood God’s will and God answered her prayer, and blessed her with a
son called Samuel. Thereafter, God’s most important plan to save the Israelites was
in the hands of Samuel
* Therefore, whenever we pray according to God’s will, God will surely answer us! Do we
pray according to God’s will?

3. Because of Hannah’s prayer, Samuel could hear God’s voice since young
1) Samuel could hear God’s voice since young because he had a blessed mother who
prayed for him, or in other words, teach him. Similarly, today, we have parents,
teachers and friends who know the Lord Jesus Christ, and they pray for us and teach
us. Therefore, we will also become like Samuel
2) Samuel could hear God’s voice since young because he grew up in the Lord’s
temple since young. He heard teachings relating to God daily. Therefore, similarly,
whenever we pay attention and learn about God’s words in Sunday school, we will
one day become like Samuel.
3) Samuel could hear God’s voice since young because after he had heard God’s voice,
he experienced what he heard. Therefore, he let none of God’s words fell to the
ground. Similarly, when we experience God’s words in our daily lives, we are like