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Children Bible Overview 52



Teachers to read bible scripture: <1 Sam 24-26> Children to memorize bible scripture: <1 Sam 26:23>

Recap Last week, we saw how because King Saul was jealous of David and was also afraid that he would replace him as King, he continued to pursue David’s life.

Introduction One day, King Saul heard that David was in a desert. So King Saul took 3,000 soldiers and set out to look for David. When he was there, King Saul went into a cave to relieve himself. David and his men were hiding in that cave. David’s men wanted to kill King Saul but because David revered the Lord, His God, he did not allow them to attack Saul. He himself stealthily cut off a corner of Saul’s robe. Later, after Saul left the cave, David called out to Saul, “My lord, the king, look at this piece of your robe. I had the chance today to kill you but I did not do so. This is because I never thought of killing you. Please do not listen to the nonsense of others.” When Saul heard that, he left and did not continue to pursue David’s life. However, not long after, because Saul continued to receive hints from the devil, Satan, he was jealous of David. When he heard that David was in the Desert of Ziph, he took 3,000 soldiers and set out to kill him. In the night, David and his men set out and went to the place where Saul and his men had camped. The Lord put all the men into a deep sleep. David’s men wanted to make use of the opportunity to kill Saul but because David revered the Lord, His God, he said to his men, “You cannot do that! Because he is a king anointed by God, we cannot touch him. He Lord Himself will deal with him but we should definitely not take revenge.” Therefore, David took a spear and water jug that were near Saul’s head. Later, when David reached another hill, he shouted to Saul, “My lord, the king, I am loyal to you. Why do you continue to pursue my life? I took the spear and water jug beside you but did not even touch your head because I value your life.” When Saul heard David’s voice, he said, “David, I will not try to harm you again. May the Lord bless you.” Thereafter, Saul left together with his army. In this way, David had 2 opportunities to kill Saul who was after his life, but because he revered God, he let him go.

1. Because David revered the Lord, his God, he did not go after King Saul’s life although he had the chance

David who revered the Lord, his God, knew God’s work: Although King Saul wanted to kill him, because he was a king anointed by God, therefore, if he did something wrong, God Himself will punish him. However, David should not take revenge himself and kill Saul [Teach the children things related to authority: We should have such principles in treating our parents, teachers, elders and even friends.]

2) David who revered the Lord, his God, knew God’s time-table: Although David was one whom God would greatly use to become King in future, he knew God’s time- table was not ready. God leads people step-by-step. It is not by using man’s own method to succeed or get results quickly. From now onwards, study hard, learn God’s words, often bless the people beside us, follow God daily and one day be used greatly by God, and become like David (who blessed all of God’s people).


David who revered the Lord, his God, knew that the most important thing was not to protect himself, but to listen and submit to God: No one can harm those who listen and submit to God because the more one wants to harm them, the more God will protect them. Therefore, those who listen and submit to God are the most blessed!


2. Because David revered the Lord, his God, therefore, the Lord protected his life

1) Because David was God’s most beloved son, therefore, God protected him! Just like us who know Jesus Christ, we are God’s children. Therefore, no matter where we go

or what problems we encounter, God will always protect us, just like how parents would protect their children.

2) Because David relied on God at the point when his life was in greatest danger, therefore, God protected him totally! Especially when we are God’s children, if we do not rely on ourselves at the most dangerous point, but have the heart to pray and rely on God, we will be able to see God’s greater protection.

3) Because God wanted to use David to lead His people, therefore, He had to protect him to the end! Therefore, when we know that we want to be like David in our lifetime, bless God’s people and lead many people to know and believe Jesus Christ, regardless of how many people Satan uses to frame us, or how dangerous the situations are to attack us, it is to give us greater victory.

3. Therefore, David later became King, not because he had good conditions, but because he revered the Lord, His God


The people whom God is always looking for are not those with good conditions (e.g. with intelligence, with competence, with the gift of the gab, or popular people). God values those who revere Him. Regardless of what they encounter, these people just rely on God, listen and submit to Him.


To find such people, God will test them, just like how he tested David. When we are being tested, we may not immediately pass through, but as the days go by, we will learn to listen and submit to God more and more. God will also often let us go through trials to test us.


God’s final purpose is to use us, to become someone like David, to bless our family, to bless our friends and teachers in school and finally, to bless all of God’s people (because many of them are being deceived by the devil and are wandering).

* Therefore, whenever we encounter problems or people who frame us, do not be afraid, do not grumble, and even more so, do not use our own method (E.g. take revenge, scold each other, quarrel). Instead, pray, listen and submit to God and even give in. God will bless us even more.