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Internship (Accy 98) is part of the college curriculum that aims to train and orient
students about the actual work and their future career. It also provides students the opportunity to
apply the theories and computations learned from school as they are exposed in different work
On-the-Job Training is one of the best training methods that enhances ones people skills.
It gives student trainees chances to work and be acquainted with seasoned professionals, as well
as to learn how to adjust with other peoples personalities and attitudes. It also helps students
acquire relevant knowledge and skills by being immersed to an on-hand experience in an actual
workplace. Moreover, it also helps the student trainee to build competence and develop
professionalism. It also enhances the students critical thinking abilities and discipline, including
the ability to make sound decisions and evaluate apposite factors.
An effective internship program serves with mutual benefit to the student and the entity.
Not only that the workplace becomes a development venue for the student trainee in learning
more about his chosen field, but also, an effective internship program benefits the company by
providing additional manpower for lesser labor cost than a regular employee.
On-the-Job Training requires not only effort and seriousness, but also, dedication,
perseverance and passion because this can become a trainees useful tool in preparing for the
next chapter of life as a real professional. Someday, it can possibly be a source of
recommendation upon taking that big lift from being students to becoming career professionals.



The internship course is part of the college curriculum which is an applied academic
experience conducted under joint faculty and employer supervision that requires a minimum of
one semester and will include a minimum of 200 contact hours. This may be in the areas of
accounting, external audit, internal audit, or tax. Each intern registers for this course which will
be given three hours credit. A regular letter grade will be given at the end of the internship with
input from both employer and the Accountancy Program Chair or Dean.
This course provides students an opportunity to not only apply the theories, principles
and ideas learned in the academe but also enhance the technical knowledge, skills and attitudes
of students towards work necessary for satisfactory job performance. It will also allow them to
train and be oriented about office works and their future career.




To provide opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a specific job using

the real tools, equipment and documents.

To learn more about his/her chosen field and practice what he/she have learned from the

To provide the students with a venue to achieve efficient knowledge to the use of office

management skills in industry, government and academy.

To build up the students competence, professionalism in dealing with people, quality
awareness, collaboration skills, critical thinking abilities, discipline, ingenuity and

To provide agencies with opportunities to observe and evaluate potential staff.


To allow students to develop strong organizational skills and high ethical standards.
To gain ability to communicate with people at all levels.
To develop good judgment, discretion and initiatives.
To gain self-confidence and maturity through attention to qualities which are needed in

the word of work to prepare us.

To acquire ability to work harmoniously with employers, workers and customers.



It was in March 8, 2006, two (2) years after her resignation from a government agency
where she worked for eight (8) years when Loraine Llanita-Jarabelo was inspired, resolved and
decided to pursue her own professional practice as a CPA and formed a solely owned and
managed accounting firm under the trade name of Jarabelo Accounting Office (JAO).
Before commencing into managing an accounting firm, Loraine L. Jarabelo started
providing her services as a freelance bookkeeper. Now, JAO is successfully operating for ten
years offering various accounting services ranging from bookkeeping, accounting, taxation,
management and allied services.

It is the mission of Jarabelo Accounting Office to provide personalized accounting and
tax services at affordable rates.

Quality and affordable accounting and tax services at par with the industrys best.



A. Highlights of Internship Course
My internship in Jarabelo Accounting Office has been filled with learning experience. I
was assigned to different tasks such as photocopying, assembling the BIRs Annual Income Tax
Return (ITR) and the SEC requirement regarding the financial statements, basic auditing such as
validating receipts, inputting the Summary List of Sales and Purchases (SLSP) in the BIRs
RELIEF Data Entry System, bookkeeping and logging of document transmittals. I have learned
that the Annual ITR contains a series of statements and forms such as the complete set of
financial statements, in its concise form, and the withholding taxes for the year or the 2307 form.
Regarding the SLSP, I was able to had an insight on the different types of Value Added Tax
(VAT), aside from the VAT and Non-VAT, there are Zero, Exempt, or on Gross VAT, and can
either be a service, capital goods or goods other than capital.
Most of all, I learned that being organized in your work gives you the convenience to be
effective and efficient. In a workplace, it is the best attitude to be polite and be presentable to
everyone coming in and out of the office. Synergy or Synchronized Energy should be observed,
like doing tasks simultaneously. One should keep record on all the documents to be released and
received. I learned that the core principles of an accountant are guides to being productive and
trustworthy, such as being timely, complete, accurate and confidential, at all times. In dealing
with problems or situations, it should be practiced to be calm to solve the situation or problem. In
the line of being successful in ones career, the manager of Jarabelo Accounting Office imparted


us that, You cant be a millionaire with a minimum wage earner attitude. She also quoted that,
Its not what you earn but its what we save that counts. My internship experience has been a
rollercoaster ride, I was scared, nervous but excited, most of the time.
B. Problems Encountered and Lessons Learned
During my internship with Jarabelo Accounting Office, I had encountered different
problems. I was pressured to do things without making a mistake since most of my work has
been assembling ITRs. In my task regarding with validating expenses, some transactions are not
properly recorded such as misrepresenting the meals account to representations account which
causes an overstatement of the other account.
Every person has its unique personality thus no one can change it but one can improve it.
In dealing with this problem, I just had to understand what the other person meant and observe
how he or she acts, how she uses her facial expression and the tone of her speech. In receiving
vague instructions, I had to ask several times to be able to understand the instruction and for me
to avoid doing mistakes. Printers play a great role in the office since every now and then we have
to print files for the ITR, it causes us the time to do our work fast, but since printers cause much
of a money we simply had to do our printing task as fast as we could. Organization is at most
important in a workplace; it helps you do your work effectively and efficiently. In dealing with
having a lack of organization in the workplace, I had to re-organize the files before I record,
assemble and file it, for the convenience of the next person to handle the files. I also had to put a
summary of the names or a heading for the files, for it to be located at a minimum. Nevertheless,
problems are just problems if you think they are one.


A. Highlights of Internship Course
"Experience is the best education". I proved this statement when I spent my 200 hours OnJob-Training at Jarabelo Accounting Office. Being given a chance to apply the knowledge I've
learned from my academe on a real-life situation was a privilege and great experience. The first
thing I learned during my intern's life was being courteous at all times to your coworkers and
especially to the clients. Being courteous maybe simple to do but it leaves an impression of what
your client thinks about you.
I was assigned to the field every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I went directly to the
client on my scheduled days and performed QuickBooks (an accounting software). At first I was
afraid because my supervisor was always not around but as time goes by, I learned to adapt and
lessen my fear. Throughout my Internship, I learned how to use the QuickBooks, Bookkeeping,
Logging of Documents, totaling amounts using MS Excel, Validating Receipts and Attachments,
Filing of Income Tax Return, Summary and List of Sales and Purchases (SLSP) Program using
the BIR's RELIEF Data Entry System, Petty Cash Replenishment, the used of Cash Voucher and
online submission of tax due to the BIR. Photocopying, Scanning, Sorting and Segregating of
Documents as well as Depositing money is some of basic things I learned during my Intern's
Life. I also learned that Synergy or Synchronized Energy will achieve more output than
individual work. And with the application of cost-benefit principle, it can save more time, effort
and cost.
Through this Internship program I observed, taken and developed qualities like Passion,
Commitment, Integrity, Teamwork, Politeness, Punctuality, Confidentiality, Professional


Behavior, Patience, Communication Skills, and Professional Competence and Due Care. And
lastly, my supervisor taught me to be cost efficient even when I will earned a lot of money
because as she said "It's not what you earn but It's what you save that counts." My experience
was full of fun, hard work, and learnings.
B. Problems Encounteredand Lessons Learned
During my internships life, I encountered minor problems like adapting to a new
different environment, adjusting to different personalities in the workplace, unorganized
materials and documents, power loss and slow internet connection. However,I happened to
encounter one major problem when I was at one of the clients offices. I noticed that they have
no proper control of inventory. The amount of the actual inventory delivered and on-hand cannot
be reconciled with the amount recorded in the books.
How they resolved it? All employees who are related to the transaction are all liable for
the inventory lost. They contributed personal money to pay for the loss incurred by the company.
And in order that those mistakes will not occur in the future, they revised their control on with
help of some expert. The lesson I learned on that situation is control would properly planned with
the help of an expert so that those lapses will not occur in the business operation again.


A Highlights of Internship Course
According to Isaac Marion, every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collectors
item. I couldnt agree more to this quotation especially after the one-month journey that I had
with Jarabelo Accounting Office (JAO); to which I consider an ecstatic incomparable experience.
JAO taught me with things that I couldnt comprehend before Ive been exposed to reality and
allowed me to do things I wouldnt have imagined myself capable of. My internship with them
boosted my motivation to pursue my dreams of becoming a Certified Public Accountant even
In my training, Ive been assigned to various tasks starting with encoding of financial
statements, logging document transmittals, validating and checking balances of receipts and
disbursements, photocopying, sorting documents, filling up BIR payment slips and depositing
them to the accredited banks. Also, since April is a tax season, Ive been exposed to transactions
relating to the Bureau of Internal Revenue such as making Summary and List of Sales and
Purchases (SLSP) using the BIR Reconciliation of Listings for Enforcements (RELIEF) Data
System, and filling up and submitting online eBIR forms and printing them along with the BIRs
e-mail confirmation. I have also been given the chance to go on field in BIR Revenue District
099 Malaybalay City to deal with the transactions of some clients located there, to which I
have learned how to improve my patience, endurance, initiative and decision-making skills.
This internship program exposed me to how an accounting firm operates and made me
realize some of the many waiting opportunities that lies ahead in the future. Moreover, I learned
to develop and improve some of my interpersonal skills like communicating with clients and


teammates of varying age levels and adjusting to their personalities and attitudes. I realized the
necessity of always being courteous and polite especially when meeting clients and answering
phone calls. I learned the value of commitment, hard work, persistence and discipline. Ive also
learned how to uphold the core values of integrity and confidentiality. I also developed an
attitude of ensuring that outputs are polished with professional due care and timeliness for
prompt submission of reports. I also managed to maintain poise over pressure and learned how to
multi-task while keeping the synergy going. Lastly, I learned how to be humble in dealing with
superiors and supervisors.
B Problems Encounteredand Lessons Learned
During my stay in Jarabelo Accounting Office, I did not encounter any material problems.
However, I just had difficulty at first in adjusting with the pressure involved with the deadlines.
But, later on I just managed to cope up with this setting. Also sometimes, due to busyness and
stress, instructions from the supervisors become unclear. So what I did was to keep on asking for
clarification and explanation every time I feel confused. I also find it quite a disadvantage that
the office setting is a modern one, because sometimes things get a little bit disorganized. Yet, I
still managed to adapt to such working set-up. Moreover when power supply is interrupted, our
working paces are also disturbed. Every time this happens, we can do nothing. However, when
power gets back, we double our efforts to cope up with the delayed tasks. I also struggled a little
bit with the unstable internet connection, especially upon using the eBIR program. It really tested
my patience but I still managed to make it through somehow. Nonetheless, theres no more
issues I have observed.

~ 10 ~


A Highlights of Internship Course
Nothing beats experience as the perfect learning tool. This On-the Job Training served as
my stepping stone to pursue my dream to be a Certified Public Accountant someday and having
my 200 hours internship program at Jarabelo Accounting Office was a privilege. It helps me
acquire knowledge and skills for future purposes and it sets my mind of what does a real world
of accounting is all about.
The privilege to comply my internship program at a respected firm was kind of fulfilling.
Through this I was able to learn lot of things such as logging documents, bookkeeping,
photocopying, scanning, sorting and segregating documents, encoding financial statements,
depositing money, writing checks, validating receipts and attachments (basic audit-like task)
manually and using peach tree program, filing of Income Tax Return and using Summary List of
Sales and Purchases (SLSP) program in the BIRs RELIEF Entry Data System. All this tasks I
encountered provided me lot of opportunities to go through the actual methodologies of a
specific job using the real tools, equipment and documents that I only learned in academe. In
addition to my training I learned to improve my whole personality in terms of socialization and
vision towards life. Also, I learned to adapt and adjust to different kinds of personalities observed
in the workplace and different working environment. To be honest, its simpler to apply learning
from academe to the actual workplace rather than solving problems at school. Moreover, to
become productive individuals of the organization, the following are the core values, knowledge
and ability that I have taken, developed and observed during my internship: Commitment,
Integrity, Interpersonal Relationship, Teamwork, Confidentiality, Professional Behavior,
Enthusiasm, Politeness, and Punctuality. On the other hand, through this internship program I

~ 11 ~

learned lot of lessons in life which our manager shared to us such as observe cost minimization
or apply cost-benefit principle and synergy or Synchronize Energy. Along with that, she quoted
some principles stating You cant be a millionaire with a minimum wage earner attitude and
Its not what we earn but its what we save that counts. And to sum up all, it leads straight to
the words discipline and a willingness to do something and to never settle for less. Learn to save,
train, budget, earn more money and more important thing is to work the plan.
B Problems Encountered and Lessons Learned
During my internship at Jarabelo Accounting Office, I had encountered problems such as
adapting to new environment, adjusting to different personalities and following unclear
instructions. Also, Im poor at finding locations especially when Im tasked to deposit money at
two different banks by myself. Nevertheless, I had no other problems met.
In dealing with all those problems I learned to be more flexible, understanding and attentive.
But the most important thing that I did to overcome all those struggles was to lengthen my
patience. In addition, though I am poor at location I manage to resolve it by enhancing my
communications skills and initiative.

~ 12 ~


The time we had with Jarabelo Accounting Office is a wonderful privilege but it was a
short while experience. We recommend that the number of hours expended on this internship
program be lengthened for the students to acquire more knowledge and be trained and exposed
more about tasks relating to this profession.
As to the firm that we have spent our internship with, we suggest that they invest more in
their facilities like printers to be efficient and to hire more staffs to increase their productivity.
Moreover, we suggest that they maximize their office space well for a more efficient working

~ 13 ~


Our overall experience with Jarabelo Accounting Office (JAO) is indefinitely priceless.
Though weve been working under much stress and pressure, but still, the journey was a
fulfilling one. We learned how to and communicate with people of different attitudes and
personality. We also learned how to maintain politeness and patience in dealing with different
people at varying working situations. We also learned to appreciate and embrace some of the
principles and core values of our soon-to-be profession which is timeliness, confidentiality,
accuracy, completeness, integrity and professional due care. Someday, these learnings would
become our useful tools in preparing for the next chapter of our lives as real professionals.

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