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JUNE 2010
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Welcome to the 12th issue of Draconian Switch, which just seems to feature quite a lot of people whose names begin with the letter “R”.
(This to the left here was the original cover.)
We welcome Mariel Rebecca Helena Brown to the writing fold as she does an article on Robert Young the “race poor” Fashion Artist.
Dave O. Williams comments on the Strangling of Carnival in the Mecca of Carnival. Rodell Warner has quite a few pieces in this issue as Contributors: DESIGNER EDITOR Richard Rawlins,
well. He chronicles in photo essay form the 3Canal (Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts, and Stanton Kewley) 2010 Jam It rehearsals, WRITERS Dave O. Williams, Mariel R.H. Brown, Indra Ramcharan,
does the documentary for Dave’s piece, and gives us a taste of his CEPEP workers project. We cover Richard Rawlins’ Button Project, Tracy J. Hutchings, Andre Bagoo PHOTOGRAPHY Brianna McCarthy,
Dwight Campbell’s really cool life lesson book- I Febrezed My Dog, Jemima Charles’ Cones, and Indra Ramcharan- now relocated to Rodell Warner, Mariel R.H. Brown, Kwesi Marcano.
London- does a piece on musician Nigel Rojas.
RH brown

4 5
I’ve been aware of Robert anyone else. And yet, his things I’d done that gave me pieces were what one would

his complete lack

Young’s fashion label, The complete lack of regard for the feeling that I was worth consider flattering (it would
Cloth, since the early 90s, the mechanics of design has something,” says Young. be years, for example, before
when it seemed every other also freed him from whatever “Money wasn’t an issue. Young would figure out how
person owned one of their rules and constraints trained I actually could do something to put darts into his appliquéd
heavily appliquéd waistcoats designers impose on that people liked and wanted.” garments).
or tunics. The Cloth clothes themselves. It gives Young’s
were utterly identifiable: garments a whimsy and From its inception, The It’s no surprise that so much

of regard for the

impeccable tailoring, bright naivety that is both refreshing Cloth was an experiment – a of The Cloth’s work was,
abstract graphics and layers and quite unique – rare work in progress: in making and continues to be, used
of satin-stitched machine qualities in so much of what garments; in forming a design as a vehicle for promoting
appliqué on a background of we call ‘fashion’. collaborative; in using clothing social change. Growing up,
white cotton or ramie linen. as a canvas for making Young was surrounded by
It seemed to me that their The Cloth began in the mid political statements. The activists. His parents, Joe
clothes were worn by the 80s as a loose collective of group quickly came up with and Grace Young, were both

mechanics of
trendy/ arty people of Trinidad designers Robert Young, what Young calls, their design Marxists. Joe was active in
and Tobago: calypsonian Camille Selvon- Abrahams, bible, a series of sketches the Workers and Farmers
David Rudder, tv host Allyson Adele Todd and Natalie and ideas that Young still Party of CLR James and
Hennessy, artist Christopher Phillips. The group all uses today. Each member George Weekes and Grace
Cozier and Robert Young came from Maracas, St contributed ideas for garment was a trade unionist. As a
himself were always decked Joseph (in Trinidad and design or for appliqués: child, Young was inspired by
in shirts and tunics that were Tobago) and shared a Adele Todd came up with The Revolution, and stories

design has also

unmistakably of Trinidad and determination to challenge the layered tunics, which of his parents being arrested
Tobago, yet were one-of-a- existing understandings of were inspired by Japanese and jailed at various times
kind. what fashion could be and a design; Camille Selvon- only added to his sense of
desire to work. At the time, Abrahams drew a lot of the the rightness of challenging
In 1992, Robert did a design Robert Young had been early appliqué designs. They the status quo. According
course at UWI’s Creative working as a lab technician, combined batik with strange to Young, financial hardship
Arts Centre. I was doing the a job which, apparently, he textures and simple shapes, was also a reality his family

freed him from

same course as part of my wasn’t particularly good at and often, they branded struggled with, and the fact
degree, and I was struck by as he was fired twice. “The their work with political that his father was absent
the fact that this – by then first time [I was fired] I cried and anti-establishment more often than not. “No
– well-established clothing and was re-hired. The messages about drug abuse, matter my father was involved
designer, felt the need to learn second time, I started The relationships, Mandela and, in stuff, he never lived at
‘design’ – in a sense, after the Cloth.” Young says he was in Young’s words, “super- home,” says Young. “So my
fact. In fact, this feeling of looking for something that power aggression”. In a way, mother’s salary supported
being someone who makes would allow him to feel a the clothes had a kind of art everything.” Of his father,

whatever rules
clothes but is certainly not ‘a sense of value. He’d had school defiance and anger Young says: “He was a
designer’ is one of the central some personal successes about them. There was little strange person that would
conundrums of Young’s life. with making clothes – his high concern over the structural require quiet in the house
The notion he holds, that school graduation outfit was integrity of the garments when he came. But he was
design is something that other voted the best of his year (a or even how they looked not around. My life would
people do, has had a curious chocolate brown and cream and sat while being worn, have been different if he was
effect on Young’s work. On get-up that he swore he’d as though their function as around.” Robert believes

and constraints
one hand, it can reduce the wear forever) and he’d sewn items that enhance the look it’s unlikely he would have
value of his pursuit, because, a few things for his brother, of the body, was incidental or become a fashion designer if
if he doesn’t believe it’s which people seemed to even completely irrelevant. his father had been more in
design, then why should like. “It was one of the first Very few of The Cloth’s early the picture, because (as he

6 7
trained designers says) fashion is not something
fathers want their sons to do.
By contrast, Young’s mother
was open to her children’s
various creative explorations.
Behind the scenes you never
quite know how many pieces
will make it to the catwalk, and
onstage the models can carry
tin buckets with leaves, or sit

impose on
“I never heard her say you on benches and draw things
can’t or you shouldn’t,” he on the ground for no apparent
explains. reason.

Grace Young is one of several Now, almost 25 years into his

pivotal women who have career as a fashion designer
supported Robert’s work. in a place like this, where
Although within a few years such things almost don’t exist,

of The Cloth’s formation, all Young continues to challenge
but Robert of the founding the establishment through his
collective had moved on to work despite (and he’ll cringe
pursue other interests, over to read this) his position
the years Young’s romantic as part of the Caribbean’s
partners invariably became fashion establishment.
involved in the business, Young’s genuine doubts
either as designers or about his status as a leading
managers. Young explains: designer are confusing but
“I got a lot of support from perhaps understandable.
women in my life. They’ve When what you know is how
taken up significant roles like to fight for a space of your
jumping in the business and own, what do you do when
trying to run it.” Of course, the space actually becomes
there were times when these yours? I suppose you do
interventions could have what you’ve always done,
been a recipe for disaster! and for Robert, that is work.
Yet somehow, Young has His clothes are continually
managed to protect the evolving and have never lost
core that is The Cloth. As their relevance. Of himself,
businesses go, it can seem he says: “I count my success
like an haphazard set-up. as: I’m still doing this thing
But Young has found a loyal after 23 years. And making a
clientele both in Trinidad mark in a place that doesn’t
and Tobago and in the wider allow it.” And who can argue
Caribbean. He continually with that?
shows his work at Jamaica
Fashion Week, and, more
recently at Trinidad and
Tobago Fashion Week. His
shows are always keenly
anticipated, both for their
stellar line-up of gorgeous
clothes, and for their
accompanying drama.
8 9


A chance once again to make a statement, to
celebrate life, to claim a space and make a stage and
say LOOK MEH! This is it, the moment in time we live
for, a space and time once again to liberate your body
and free up your mind in the spirit of those who came
before and paved the way for we to celebrate today

3CANAL10 rehearsals
jam itrod2ell0warner pho tography © 2010

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Button up
This was possibly the last Friday The night air was wet and humid with
that my friend, a confessed and the pound and echoes of passing
unabashed PNM party supporter, music trucks proclaiming in soca
would have under the existing verse and rhythm “We love you so,
governing regime. And maybe we take good care of you only the
this is why he - graphic designer PNM understands,” the chorus of
and artist - Richard Rawlins, this year’s PNM. In this dewy political
chose to make his statement at ether, Richard’s illustration-clad
this moment, so pregnant with buttons offered for sale in the small
possibilities and pessimisms. box room at the Alice Yard seemed
to resonate sentiments that were in
The Button Project: an art- stark yet entertaining contradiction to
commerce event, unusual on the this patriarchal mantra of patronage;
Trini artscape where artists are and even to his own political
never supposed to be seen as alignment.
having any commercial connection

RICHARD RAWLINS button project to their work, other than via

red dots and well-spoken, well-
The project features, in miniature,
satirical commentaries that he had
commissioned, socialite gallerists. been cathartically rendering over the
This project was independently past two years, like a conversation
staged and funded by the artist between he and himself - to me, an
and pieces were designed and illustration of a deeper rift between
priced to go. From the price him and his faith in loving systems
patches which were themselves that were “taking care of us”. Now,
larger than the actual pieces, to on Election Day, today, I wonder if he
the volume discounts you could has reconciled himself between his
receive with the size of your own genetically engrained political
purchase; the commerciality was camaraderie, and the voice of dissent
a gloriously refreshing affirmation of his protestative, but humourous
of independence, creativity and work. I wonder if he has yet cast his
sustainability. vote, and I wonder of the agonising
moment he would spend in that tiny
box. dave o.williams [2
Election Day]
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16 17

In Trinidad & Tobago the Community-based

Environmental Protection and Enhancement
Programme (CEPEP) employs close to 6,000
people (total population 1.3 Million). They can be
considered to be from the less privileged classes.
CEPEP works like an unemployment relief
programme without the ‘unemployment’.

This very easily CHANGES employment

statistics. In the post-colonial (British) construct,
social class CHANGES everything. The CEPEP
workers (mostly women) perform a more janitorial
and maintenance function than do they an
environmental protection one. Their work consists
mainly of unskilled cutting, trimming, cleaning and
grooming of roadsides and public spaces around
RODELL the country.


photographer They can usually be seen along roadways in

the early to mid morning. In the sunrise, these
costumed characters play out a street drama in
slow procession. A drama that has amazingly
little to do with CHANGE and everything to do
with maintenance - maintenance of a status quo.
This project documents one aspect of this drama -
the costuming. How people CHANGE themselves
into street warriors to protect themselves from
occupational hazards - not only flying projectiles
dislodged by their weed whackers but also how
they CHANGE their identities to maybe protect
themselves from the passing judgements of
commuting eyes.

As a pre teen and teen came from his mother’s sister band with friend Dwight: a duo word quickly spread that
listening to 95.1, I would who was a guitar-carrying nun called Sticky Mango Juice. the four boys and the band
hear local rock bands’ music he likens to Julie Andrews were possessed. So when
played on the radio. I knew in The Sound of Music. She After playing the music circuit they got onto a stage it was
the names and had some showed him chords on the in Trinidad they decided to just another chapter in their
favourites: Max Bit U, Black instrument and taught him take the act to London and try bigger story that had many
Rose and Incert Coin were how to play hymns that he their luck there. But the plan subplots. Adam suffered a
some of the ones that stuck. eventually adapted to other was a non-starter. Dwight nervous breakdown during
Don’t ask me to recall any of music he liked. Soon, a ten- had a mental breakdown and which he was reciting lyrics
the songs because I can’t. year-old Nigel was teaching
his 6 year-old-brother Nicholas
Nigel was back to square one.
So, although he never liked
of Lucifix. His mother called a
priest to see him and the band NIGEL ROJAS
indra ramch

What happened to local rock? how to play guitar too. At that the sound of his voice, Rojas room as she thought he was aran
What happened to hearing it age and even through his started to sing. possessed. After performing
on the radio and all the music teen years Nigel says it was an exorcism, the priest
festivals in Anchorage where never about writing music, it He formed the group Orange declared that Adam had been
we could hear and see the was about absorbing lyrics Peel Groove, a ‘rapso fusion possessed by 17 demons as
bands? and building the data to have 90s grunge mix up kinda ting’ a result of being in the band
the ability to express emotion that exuded total expression. and invoking the devil and evil
The one band that still through words. This too was short-lived, but spirits with their music. And
remains in my mind and that fusion of musical styles Lucifix broke up.
whose songs I can actually By the time Rojas was 18, 80s would become one of the
recall (at least most of them); rock was in full flight. It was the defining features of Rojas’ Next for Rojas was the band
the one band that is still era of the lead guitar not the sound for years to come. Jaundis-I which he was invited

releasing albums even if they songwriter. to join. They were signed by
think that everyone is, ‘the last Rojas also flirted with death Amar Studios and became
middle finger sticking out of Rojas was sent to London to metal when he formed the the first band in Trinidad
the grave at the world’: The study marketing, but quickly band, Lucifix, with his brother to release an actual CD.
Orange Sky. realised that it was not and cousins. It was death Although considerd a local
something he wanted to do metal at its finest and it success with radio airplay
I always loved the unique ever, and with no plan “b”, he was brutal. The band took and sold out shows, the band
and interesting sound of returned to his home in Trinidad on an extreme theatrical members didn’t get along and
the lead singer’s voice. His and worked in his father’s momentum as they all Janudis-I soon split. It was
journey through life to today office. Even there, he was more portrayed themselves as devil then that Rojas formed The
is just as interesting. Nigel interested in going into the worshippers to force the point Orange Sky.
Rojas, is without a doubt, a bush and the springs of North ‘screw what you think the
Trinidad and Tobago Rock West Trinidad with his guitar church is... nothing is real’. The new band was to
icon who has been musically than being groomed to take Adam, the youngest member represent the triumph of music
inspired by the 70s. With his over the family business. of the band, made some large through tragedy. It had been
father being a huge fan of wooden crosses that they a sweet and sour journey
Bob Marley, Lord Shorty and Sitting by himself in nature with would wear upside down and up until that point but Nigel
The Bee Gees, Rojas saw his his guitar is when the actual do strange things in public knew that everything, as they
future self on a stage with a songwriting started with lyrics such as walking into large say, happens for a reason.
guitar in his hands from the that were very honest. It led grocery stores to buy bread. The band met quick local
age of 9. His initial inspiration to him the creation of his first The theatrics worked as the success as they were very
well received by the public

Kwesi Marcano PHOTOGRAPHY 20 21

The band met quick local was packed. But, according that the label was spending Beyond the band, Nigel has
success. They were very to Rojas, no money was put thousands of dollars a week been trying to push himself
well received by the public into marketing the band. There to keep the band on the road and his music. He took on
and after 3 albums the band were no radio interviews and but not a cent on marketing. the role of Pilot in the local
decided to enter the Decibel no magazine articles. After The band left the label and production of Jesus Christ
Showcase for international the tour the label informed returned home once again Superstar. The Rock opera
Producers and CEOs from the band that they had gone depressed and slightly idea also appealed to him
record labels against 15 bankrupt. With their bubble suicidal. greatly and he even got the
other bands from the region popped the band returned original version by Deep
and Latin America. But even home depressed. Nigel As he had always done, Rojas Purple. He and his daughter
though they won by a large started writing immediately turned again to songwriting. will both be in another local
margin with 96% on their and decided the band would There was nothing going on musical production that he
scorecard The Orange Sky release their last album, a ‘last in Trinidad at the time and is excited about (but I will
was unable to get signed middle finger sticking out of Nigel decided to record a solo not say what it is because
because of the size of the the grave to the world’. If they album ‘Nigel Rojas and The I really don’t know if I’m
band. were going down they would Blue Emperor’ at Random supposed to. Hard luck dey
do it with a bang. After opening Design Studios to “stay readers!) When asked if
Rojas restructured the band, for Kansas at a concert at sane”. At that time he saw he would produce a Rock
breaking it down to a five home however the international it as the end of The Orange Opera of his own he admits
piece set up, and started to world of opportunity smiled on Sky and likend the band to that is an idea to use some
write rock that was slightly them again and waved a finger that of a beautiful caterpillar. songs from The Orange Sky
different from the Reggae in their direction. They were Because the music was and do that using the ritual
Rock Caribbean influenced signed to Star City Records rock its success was limited. that was done by the band
fusion that he’d had going the correct way with a proper The caterpillar emerged as from its inception before
before. Through all the retainer and advance with a The Blue Emperor butterfly they played any show. The
formations, break-ups and tour. In July 2008 The Orange hopefully to soar to places that projects Nigel is working
restructurings, it was Nigel’s Sky left Trinidad to do an 88 it never thought it could go, on at the moment are vast
voice that remained. He city tour of the States. At that the name representing what and encouraging as they
refused to try to sing with an time the band was made up of was actually going on at the include musical education
accent. After writing songs like Nicholas Rojas, Nigel Rojas, time. Nigel’s attitude then was and advancement of the
‘Alone’ and ‘Dogs’ the band Dion Howe and Obasi Springer. ‘fuck it... just play Caribbean youth of Trinidad and
had enough songs to record The shows they did were small positive vibes music written Tobago. Being the local
another album. They were but they planted the seeds of from the soul’. It was a rock music icon that he is
signed to Granite Records The Orange Sky. However, success and the act that had he will be able to push and
and had their album released once again the marketing was nothing to do with The Orange motivate the youth to want
across the States and went not there. There was no follow Sky played the usual Port of to go further as Nigel has
on a 44 city tour in the US that through except the realisation Spain Trinidad circuit and was been among those in the
well received. December of front with a cutlass clearing
2009 was the launch of their the way for us to pass in
6th album the new ‘last middle his own way trying to make
finger sticking out of the grave us see that ‘Far beyond
to the world’ Dawn of the the hills lies the other side
Living Dread. where the horizon meets
the orange sky.’
Today, Rojas has decided to
leave everything up to fate
and see what will happen.

22 23

The organised, competition-based
carnival we see today is the direct
Some see the scene where the Moor king, Othello result of a multitude of attempts to
strangles his wife Desdemona in her bed as one of the mutilate and manicure the once
most powerful scenes in all of Western theatre history. volatile and unpredictable civil

By this single act Othello puts an end to one conflict rights phenomenon. Competitions
and sets in motion a cascade of other, less overt but where mostly rum prizes were
equally destructive ones. used to draw the uncontrolled
hordes into orderly, more palatable
A good deal of the planet’s cherished artistic, cultural divertissements have become the
and entertainment practices have been results of hallmarks of our modern Carnival.

conflict. Socio-political conflicts have given rise to And today every major national
the Japanese Butoh dance form, a direct result of the Government-hosted, public
bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; Picasso’s famous carnival event is based around
depiction of the Spanish Civil War in his Guernica; competition and winning. The
American blues and rock sprung from the slavery heaving of a civil rights movement

experience and civil rights movements; and of course, never discussed, battled, nor won
all martial arts have come from conflict, including our are now sublimating, waiting to
local stick fighting. These are just a few forms that dot be reborn as some other conflict…
the spectrum of art. some other dysfunction… some
other art form.
Trinidad & Tobago Carnival has been the realm of

public art for almost 200 years. From its beginnings
with the fight for freedom in post-Emancipation Port of
Spain when ex-slaves used the Canboulay celebrations
that marked the cane harvest, or the burning of the
cane, to assert their new civil rights. They carried

torches, beat drums sang songs and they also armed
themselves with weapons - stones, bottles, knives and
their famous sticks. Weapons were used not so much
to create a hostile environment, but to respond to one.
These were free black people - ex-slaves and of course dave o.williams
Circa 2010.
these nighttime processions brought a great degree of If art can be characterized as

dis-ease to the ruling classes – the ex- slave owners. It one of the things that is born of
is now almost totally discarded that Carnival was born dis-ease, is this the new art of
solely from slaves looking in on their master’s fancy Carnival? Whatever the answer,
dress balls and simply trying to imitate and parody the Queen’s Park Savannah
them. Carnival comes from a far deeper and malignant remains the showcase for
place than mere buffoonery. Photos of Carnival Auschwitz follow. Carnival art.
A study of the new Savannah
Rodell Warner
24 25
26 27

“And then there were the normals. More android

than Cindi Mayweather, less human than their kind
suggested. Individualism diminished. Prognosis grave.
Pained and in silence he walked on. Until he saw a light,
emanating from an inanimate created by an animate.
And he realized, there was life on his planet. Her name
was AMMA (the humans called her Jemima Charles).
He needed to know more. he set upon himself seven
questions that would reveal how this light created, that
tracy j Hutchings
light” – Excerpt from “Hi, I’m a brain. And you are…?”

1. WHAT is Jemima Charles and WHO are The Cones?

Jemima Charles is a student artist and her art work
usually reflects connectivity. She believes that we are
all connected and her pieces communicate person to
person connections, things humans connect to, or things
which allow these connections to take place.

Cones deals with visual perception and the role of

the retina. Perceptions can be influenced by social
connections, political connections, spiritual connections
and many more. Cones allowed the viewer an
opportunity to leave their individual perception (mark)
of intimate relationships (connections) they have with
specific colors. Each participant were given a specific
color palette and told to paint onto a cone whatever
connections they made with the colors. The cones are
a reflection of each individual’s visual perception.

2. How far into the evolution of Jemima Charles did

the Cones appear?
Jemima evolves daily, every interaction made between
another human and herself is a connection which maybe
meaningful towards future art productions. Cones an
interactive exhibition of light transparency transformed
Alice Yard into a community of connectivity. This activity
is still assisting in Jemima’s future as an artist.

28 29
“The people who

say they like

organised around themes like I could go on, but I think you
3. What are their true purpose?
‘LOVE DEFINED’, ‘AGING’, ‘PETS’ get the point. For me, it was a
The true purpose of the cone is to capture and ‘DON’T TRUST A FOGEY’. good read. But that’s because

their jobs are not

the thoughts of an individual. The exhibition Let’s quote some snippets of the syllogism of the
was set up in such a way that the marks for you to have a better opening, which not everybody
made by the public were only restricted by the idea. Take, for instance, the will agree with.
following which are taken from
color palette. Every mark made reflected the

only ignorant but

different chapters across the For instance, premise
perception they held of a particular color and work: number one is far from
the medium presented. These interactions uncontroversial. Having
inspire future areas to be explored within the (a) “The people who say they studied moral philosophy

delusional. What
medium. like their jobs are not only and jurisprudence at
ignorant but delusional. What school myself, I agree
they don’t realize is this – they wholeheartedly with the
4. What is Jemima’s [purpose]? really just hate their current statement: “Philosophy is

they don’t realize is

Jemima believes because we exist we are job less than they hate their a good read”. However,
creating art. Jemima’s purpose is to have a previous one. Either that not everybody chooses to
meaningful existence. or they’re ‘newbies’ to the study moral philosophy and
unforgiving working world and jurisprudence at school.

this – they really just

they will come around soon. Hence the first difficulty for
5. How did Jemima feel after the installation of potential readers of
the Cones? Join me in acknowledging I Febrezed My Dog.

hate their current job

She felt very encouraged by the responses this and it will bring you great
of the public and the artistic fraternity. Cones comfort. It will set you free. The second premise also
Knowing that your fellow man has uncertainties. After all,
was a necessary part in the development
is not buzzing with joy at the I Febrezed My Dog, is not
of the artist’s confidence specifically in the

less than they hate

sound of his alarm clock, at entirely a work of philosophy.
area of conceptualizing an idea and it being BOOK: i febrezed my dog 1. Philosophy is a good read. whatever ungodly morning It’s also personal and is very
successfully portrayed to the viewer. She feels Author: Dwight Campbell 2. I Febrezed My Dog is a hour will help you get through relaxed, casual and–in parts—
very confident in her craft. Available on LULU book of philosophy. countless days of wanting to funny. It’s kinda like having

their previous one.

reviewed by: 3. I Febrezed My Dog is a shoot yourself in the head.”; a long conversation with a
Andre Bagoo good read. buddy over beer. A smart and
6 .What is she creating now – any spoilers? (b) “Communication sensitive and fun buddy.
Jemima is working on the human figure... BUY IT HERE ON LULU A student of philosophy (and is the source of all

Either that or they’re

drawings on paper sculpture and mono glass many others) will recognise misunderstanding”; and The third premise is plausible
prints. the above as a syllogism; for more reasons than one.
a logical argument with (c) “No one knows us better It will hold true for fans of
premises and a conclusion. than we know ourselves. We philosophy. But it will also

‘newbies’ to the
7. FORECAST – in three years Jemima will have I Febrezed My Dog is full of know all our good, our bad hold true for people who
been made into… ? many syllogisms; is a book and our ugly. We are the only just like smart conversation.
In three years Jemima would have been made about life and philosophy and ones who can read our own However, the book, which has
into a carrot….just kidding. In three years its author—Dwight Nickolai—is minds. We are the only ones been elegantly designed, is

unforgiving working
not afraid to deal with the we can’t keep secrets from. a bit monotonous and could
Jemima would be made into….time and the heavy stuff. Yet somehow the idea that have done with more variety
work she produces within that time will tell. our friends might have a less in its vignettes. It’s a good
For now she is working towards exhibiting The book is a series of biased view of who we are sits read, but I wonder if it could
internationally. reflections on some of easily within our minds.” have been better? Philosophy
the great problems of life, or not.