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Hahah ...

well nope..we got different tasks..i wrote the letter and spoke about it with my
other class friends.
they thought they missed out something in the test at first then we figured it w
as different for us all although
we were facing the same test..yeah na?talk about it...they speak so fast..and no
t even you guys speak that way
unless there is some sort of fight or a football match going's not the f
irt time that fact has been
pointed out,one of my friends said that in germany too ppl don't speak that fast
and that what they say can be understood
i don't know maybe that is true?yeah that must've been hard.have you heard an ir
ish or a schottish guy speak
in english it's sounds likea nother language altogather .we have an exam called
IELTS we need to pass that english
exam before we are allowed to apply for a Uni in australie or was so
damn hard back was nothing compared
to the elementary english we had back in school.
but now i think siting for another IELTS exams would be ok...cus once i studied
in english,and law at that,english usage became much easier..
ahh there lies my problem, I thought it was only an adjecktive so was reluctant
to use it...i can recall
there are many verbs used as nouns too yeah?
yeah the exam did finish at around that time..or at least 5.30 the sprechen test
took long cus they had to take in ppl 2 by 2
and first give them 15 mintues to make/write their presentations and then made u
s make the was a boring
and a tiring least we had our own teacher taking the test..loooking at
her face was probably the most
comforting thing for us cus she's sooo damn kind and even when we were trying to
say stuff it could be seen in her
face ,that she was trying to encourag us like a mum who was waiting hopefully fo
r her childs first few sentences to come out of his mouth...
so it was a big advantage..cus earlier at a1 exam we had a teacher i had a littl
e argument with her just before the
exam too..she was sorta rude and mean ..and even laughd when one of my friends m
ade a mistake..mind u it was a funny
mistake still it bit bad...our b1 exam was like 4 hours long i think...1 hour fo
r each module..still i feel i dont know german.wat
a weird feeling..
yah i knw....maybe if they ever embark on a journey to SL again,hopefully we'll
be able to take them around
the know sri lanka looks like a game map in a computer game...tiny l
ittle island..yet some of our ppl think
we are as big as the world.
yeah Kandyans are different......but i'm curious to know,what do you think is di
fferent in them.?..even the good and
the bad you should tell me cus it's interesting to know your impressions about t
he kandyans cus you are from germany and
any thoughts you have will be your honest and sincere opinion...yepp there are l
oads of toursits..cus of the temple i think and of course the gardens..etc
lucky you...we still pay a lot for internet ,it is a rip off really...some bussi
ness packages that offers more GB costs
about 30,000 rs which is like 200Euros range which is ludacris.!
Really?yaeh i think you mentiond that once when we were talking...but your engli
sh is really good for someone who
hasn't used it 6 years...even you type really well...with all the thinking you d

o before you type you

still say things correctly which is impressive..
oh know what?now german is getting mixed up with english
and sinhala when i mum asked me a question and i was like arbeit etc h funny..the german intern
while she was talking to us i replaced about with Uber(with umlaut)and she was l
ike only one language pls hahah.
so is it oky if i mix german and type for you.when i type ,some words come in ge
rman haha.i think it's gonna be good for me too...and i think you should type in
german(unless you are hoping to improve your english ,then i totally understand.
)..i can learn alot.. i have letter writing in my rather than reading
letters in exercise books
i'd rather read yours and reply with a lil bit of german words here there which
ever comes to mind so i can
keep the words i've learned you know what i'm saying?i just read the last part w
here you said(''we could write in german if we like'')super Idee!aber ich werde
only use german words
here and there cus thinking about a german sentenc for me is like creating a new
scientific formula still weak but i'll try..u can correct my senten
ces too..
(i read your fb message through my phone so scrolling down as I type on the comp
uter)und du sollst just type like you normally type in german if i don't underst
and i will ask..
ja ich werde versuchen to keep away from german books and have fun(ein bisschen
spass haben)..i might not be able to do b2 with mayu cus i'm short of
ist jetzt zu teuer fur mich .
costs 85,000 bucks which is alot these days...oh i can't type umlauts in this ke do so i gotta hit alt and then 0252 or somthing to get one umlaut..wh
ich is a pain to whoever didn't forsee
that i was gonna study german in the future..kidding of course...
so for times sake will avoid typing th umlauts..unless i feel that i gotta impro
ve my spelling too..
anyway what have you been upto today?thanks for the pic of your's a
villag?it's huge!! and has a good view from above.. ..oh how i wish i was there
in german...if i had more money i would've come there much earlier