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net Sent: Sat, Dec 22, 2007 12:23 pm Mr Dysart: Thank you for your response. As a matter of reference, I would like to state a timeline of facts that may help clarify why the results of this event turned out less than satisfactory to most of the parties involved. The homeowner noticed the substance in the pool at approximately 9 a.m. on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 (the day before Thanksgiving). The homeowner called Murphy Refinery and LDEQ that Wednesday morning. An agent from Murphy Refinery observed the substance in the pool on the morning of November 21st and told the homeowner the refinery was not capable of taking samples until after the holiday. That agent from Murphy Refinery promised that refinery representatives would be back to the home Monday or Tuesday November 26th or 27th to take such samples. Only then did the homeowner contact me. We attempted but were unable to find any local testing lab free of a conflict of interest with their industrial client, Murphy Refinery. With no government or private independent testing option available, I took samples following reasonable precautions to prevent contamination, then I sealed and preserved the samples to prevent volatilization. I placed a call to Homeland Security on Monday, November 26 to follow-up on the available resources. One hour later, the fire department arrived at the pool owner’s residence first. The fire chief from Jacob Drive Fire Station indicated that they had just gotten an emergency call of an unknown substance in a pool. We explained that we had called Wednesday morning, November 21 (several days earlier). Soon thereafter on Monday, November 26, several parties converged on the homeowner’s pool (i.e. fire department, homeland security, Murphy Refinery) in addition to me and the homeowner. Of course, by this time, there was no substance left to observe inside or outside of the pool due to the two heavy rain events between November 21st (when the substance was first observed) and November 26th when you were

able to observe the pool. To answer the question posed by the LDEQ representative in your phone conversation, there is a lack of trees near the area of the pool as well as at the back adjoining and side adjoining lots. It is not surprising that there has been no answer forthcoming from Murphy Oil regarding tests performed on the samples, if any tests were performed at all. Perhaps you can make a follow-up inquiry with Murphy Refinery and let me know the status of those tests. Frankly, I am disappointed that nearly all of the samples were directly handed over from Homeland Security to Murphy Refinery. We expect a more independent investigation when public health is at issue and, to that end, we will soon establish a relationship with a local private lab to perform split-sample testing in the likely event that we discover more substances deposited in our neighborhood. Thank you for your efforts. Sincerely, Suzanne Kneale

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