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Cover letter

Dear madam/sir
Thank you for allowing me to share my resume. I believe that I would be a great candidate for an internship
firstly and most importantly because I hold a great passion and curiosity for understanding how the world
works. Both professionally and personally I am very goal oriented, which has in combination with my
curiosity driven me to have recently completed a bachelor's degree in development studies and conduct two
field studies and an internship in Ethiopia, Uganda and Indonesia. These experiences have both given me a
great appreciation of global development as well as they have enabled me to develop significant analytical,
organisational and problem solving skills.
Through my interdisciplinary development studies education I have had the privilege to study development
from several different academic disciplines, including political science, human geography, sociology and
development economics, which has granted me with both the academic knowledge as well as several
different perspectives from which to analyse development issues.
My analytical skills have been developed through my interdisciplinary education where I have This has
given me the tools to understand complex issues in development through different perspectives and use these
tools to develop advanced analysis. Through my education assessing, processing and analysing large
amounts of information has been very central. Especially during my bachelor thesis writing where I created a
coding system for sorting over 35 transcribed interviews, my ability to sort, organise and code information,
was both highly useful and developed. Through my internship with Cardno International where I was
responsible for compiling information into presentations this skill was also developed my communication
skill and my ability of adapting information to different receivers, from analphabetic to high level politicians.
Furthermore, my I have conducted 2 field studies in developing countries. One of the field studies to
Ethiopia was funded through a grant from the Swedish International development agency, my research
proposal was chosen out of 20 others, due to the grant committee considering my proposal to be especially
well written and based on an advanced analysis of how gender equality can be achieved on a grassroots level
through involving multiple stakeholders including male community leaders.
Through my commitment as a student representative and academic mentor I have developed significant
organisational skills. Especially as an academic mentor my main focus has been on creating an environment
where students can share their knowledge and collaborate in order to succeed academically. In this position I
was also responsible for preparing for mentor sessions and creating discussion questions in order to spark
analysis and discussions from the students. Through my experiences of teaching yoga I have further
developed my organisational, communicational and leadership skills.
My organisational skills have also been essential during my bachelors degree where I have been able to do
multiple activities without compromising my studies. During my education I have for example held three
part time jobs, done an internship in Jakarta, been employed by the University as an academic mentor,

conducted a field study in Ethiopia, become a certified Yoga teacher and been student representative, while
insuring that my average grade has been A. My ability to juggle several different tasks has also improved my
problem solving skills by efficiently dividing my time and energy in-between different activities.
International experience and multicultural groups.
I have learned to work well in multicultural groups and readily adapt to different environments, both through
my upbringing in an international context, as well as my experiences with interning at an international aid
agency in Jakarta and being part of an international bachelor's program. English being my second mother
tongue and also my main academic language means that I have excellent writing and communications skills
in both English and Swedish..
As I plan to continue my studies by doing a master within development at London School of economics,
doing an internship would both be a way for me to gain practical experience of working professionally in
development as well as a possibility to further develop my researching and organisational skills, which both
are skills that I am eager to develop. My previous education and working experiences insure that gaining an
internship would not only be beneficial for me, but I believe myself to have the skills necessary and more
importantly the willingness to be challenged and learn new things, to truly contribute as an intern to
organisations and institutions working with development issues.
My fieldwork experiences and academic focus has mainly been gender and water and sanitation. However,
my interdisciplinary education, as well as my own curiosity and openness means that I am eager to through
an internship engage also in areas within development that are new to me. Researching and fact checking
have all been highly integrated into my education and has furthermore led me to often receive positive
feedback regarding my ability to fast and efficiently learn new things.