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Health Quiz

F.A.Q 2014
Researched and Conducted by
Partha Sarathi Ghatak


Students Union of Calcutta Medical College

Organizing Committee of F.A.Q 2014 Somnath Das, Sounish Pradhan,Sreyashi Biswas,
Sayan Santra and everyone else.
The Lobotomists
Avradeep Dutta ,Niladri Bhowmick, Nirban Basu
Sponsor Edesia



30 question prelims
Top 8 teams qualify
Questions 1 and multiples of 5 are star marked
questions for breaking ties.
If tie still cant be broken team with 1st wrong
answer will get eliminated.
In case of tie in the final scores in prelims will be
used to break ties
Please switch off your mobile phones/tablets/other
electronic gadgets

Question 1

Reknowned surgeon M J Bramley was the first

principal of the Calcutta Medical College holding
the post from 1835 -1837.
But which very popular Scotsman held the post
from 1837 -41 as the second principal?
He died of cholera in 1842. About his funeral,
historian Sivnath Shastri wrote As his body was
brought out of Mr. Grays house, thousands of
people, some in vehicles, others on foot, followed
it. The scene that was witnessed by Calcutta on that
day will not be witnessed again. Right from
Bowbazar crossing to Madhab Duttas bazaar, the
entire road was flooded with people.

Answer 1
David Hare

Question 2
What does the flowchart in the
next slide represent?

Answer 2

Question 3
One of the Nobel Prizes awarded annually
goes to "the person who shall have made the
most important discovery within the domain"
of Medicine or what other field

Answer 3

Question 4
An early ad for?

Answer 4

Question 5
In 2009, Steven Schlozman, an assistant professor of
psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, coined the term Ataxic
Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome for this
condition. He explained the major signs and symptoms to be
the result of a infection that destroys much of the brain's
frontal lobe. Stripped of this moderating influence, the brain's
unchecked amygdala drives the infected into a state of
unrelieved rage. Meanwhile, damage to the cerebellum
impedes balance, accounting for their their wide-legged
shamble. Damage to the ventromedial hypothalamus blocks
any feeling of satiety, producing a never-ending hunger.
And the typical moaning is a result of a high protein fiber
devoid diet.
How do we commonly know this condition?

Answer 5

Question 6

Dr _____ is a spinoff of
a famous video game
franchisee released in
1990 where the hero
assumes the role of a
doctor and is tasked
with eradicating deadly
viruses. It has appeared
on several lists of Best
Nintendo games of all

Answer 6

Question 7
In 1930, X's sister-in-law developed a fatal heart
condition.X began to wonder why hearts could not be
repaired with surgery. Working with French surgeon
Dr Alexis Carrel he began searching for ways to keep
the heart alive outside the body and ultimately
developed a glass perfusion pump, the model T
pump, which is credited with making future heart
surgeries possible.
In 1938, in his book The Culture of Organs with Carrel,
he described an artificial heart and bioengineered
organs decades before they were finally built.
Who was X , a true pioneer and world famous
celebrity of the 20th century?

Answer 7
Charles Lindberg

Question 8
According to legend, this guy was suffering from
fever while hunting in a jungle high in the Andes.
His fever made him very thirsty needing
desperately to quench his thirst he drank his fill
from a small, bitter tasting pool of water ,near to
which stood a variety of trees.
The mans illness miraculously abated, he brought
news of this back to his tribe.
Locals consider this to be the point of discovery of

Answer 8
The medicinal properties of cinchona/quinine.

Question 9
The chemical name of which vitamin
originates from the fact that it cures the
particular vitamin deficiency disease?
Also name the disease.

Answer 9
Ascorbic acid

Question 10
Identify the movie

Answer 10

Question 11

This classical description of a dying mans features is

named after the person who first described it If
the patient's facial appearance may be described
thus: the nose sharp, the eyes sunken, the temples
fallen in, the ears cold and drawn in and their lobes
distorted, the skin of the face hard, stretched and
dry, and the colour of the face pale or dusky it
must be realized that this sign portends death.
What is it called?

Answer 11
Hippocratic face

Question 12
Which form of breathing exercises literally
mean with the hair and against the hair?

Answer 12
Anulom Vilom

Question 13
The first recorded epidemic of this diseases
occurred in Spain in 1613 an episode known as the
"El Ao de los Garrotillos" (The Year of
Strangulations) in history of Spain.
The disease takes its name from the Greek for a
pair of leather scrolls which resembles the
appearance of a certain body part in patients.
Identify this infectious disease.

Answer 13

Question 14
What publication
was also named
after the
architectural term
_____ arch", a
window with a sharp
pointed arch, to
indicate the "light of
wisdom" or "to let in

Answer 14

Question 15
The cover of this obstetric textbook features whose
relevant anatomical drawings?

Answer 15
Leonardo da Vinci

Question 16
The time of origin of which traditional system
of medicine is said to 1025 C.E by its
authorities and practitioners when Avicenna
wrote The Canon of Medicine where he
collected the knowledge of Hippocrates and
Galen and their followers as well as thoughts
of Islamic men of medicine like Rhazes and
ancient Indian medical teachings of Charaka
and Sushruta?

Answer 16

Question 17

Medicines made of willow and other plants rich in

the active ingredient of this drug date back to at
least 400 B.C, and were part of the pharmacopoeia
of Western medicine in Classical Antiquity and the
Middle Ages. In fact even Hippocrates has left
historical records of use of powder made from the
bark and leaves of the willow tree to help cure pains
and fevers.
Many centuries later what important drug came
out of these traditions?

Answer 17

Question 18
Queen Victoria giving birth to her 4th child under
anesthesia in 1853 leading to an uncomplicated
and completely painless childbirth was a
landmark in the history of anesthesia as it
electrified the entire nation of Great Britain and
helped push a still little known medical procedure
into public consciousness.
Which famous London physician personally
administered the chloroform used for anesthesia
to the queen?

Answer 18

Sir John Snow

Question 19
For which health related iconic product is she
the official brand ambassador?

Answer 19

Question 20
The Rustomji Trust of Mumbai( Bombay)
established the Saraswati Puraskar in literature
with the aim of honouring the best Hindi novel of
the year. For 1970 , the Sahitya Sangh, which
chooses the winner, chose the debut novel of a
famous Mumbai oncologist of Bengali origin . Like
many debut books it was based on his personal
Identify the author and the book.

Answer 29

Dr Bhaskar Bannerjee

Question 21
In 1987, UNICEF released a special report,
proclaiming ____ as the greatest medical
breakthrough of the 20th century. It said No other
single medical breakthrough of the 20th century has
had the potential to prevent so many deaths over
such a short period of time and at so little cost.
It has been estimated that over 50 million lives have
been saved in the past 40 years by the
implementation of _____ .

Answer 21
Oral Rehydration Therapy

Question 22
In neuroradiology, normal brain cavities (part of
the human cerebral spinal fluid system ) are
described by a word that is also commonly
associated with certain structures in another
important human organ.
What is the word, which comes from the Latin
for belly?

Answer 22

Question 23
Name this
Ray poem

Aanswer 23

Question 24
This is the Bowl of Hyegieia. It is the most widely
used and recognized symbol the world over in
which specific profession?

Answer 24

Question 25

To control his chronic pain from a past spinal injury,

he uses a device which allows him to breathe in a
lyophylized drug (freeze-dried), which he stores in
pouches on his vest .The drug is sublimated via an
apparatus at the back of the head piece and turned
into gas which is directed above the head to the
device. The rear portion of the device has a "dial
up" switch so that he can dial up the amount of gas
that he needs to inhale in times of excess pain .
Whose personalized pain relieving device are we
talking about?

Answer 25

Question 26

X have been used in treating various conditions for

thousands of years. Use of X has been mentioned
and suggested by Sushruta, Galen and Avicenna
among others.
However the use of X became obsolete with
advances in medicine and better, safer alternatives.
Use of X made an international comeback in the
1970s in microsurgery,used to stimulate circulation
to salvage skin grafts and other tissue threatened
by postoperative venous congestion,particularly in
finger reattachment and reconstructive surgery of
the ear, nose, lip, and eyelid. Identify X

Answer 26

Question 27
This hospital, founded using a bequest left by the
Baltimore merchant and philanthropist whose name
it bears is considered the founding institution of
modern American Medicine. It is the birthplace of
numerous traditions including rounds, residents and
housestaff and many specialities like neurosurgery,
cardiac surgery, pediatrics and child psychiatry.
Name this iconic hospital, ranked as the best in the
USA for 21 consecutive years from 1991-2011.
(spelling counts in this question)

Answer 27
Johns Hopkins Hospital

Question 28
According to the RigVeda, they are two
divine horsemen . One of them is called
Nasatya ("kind, helpful") in the Rigveda;
while the other is called Dasra
("enlightened giving").
How do we know them together?

Answer 28

Ashwini Kumaras/Ashwins the physicians to the


Question 29

The physical appearance of X has been the subject

of both contemporaneous commentary and
subsequent hypotheses by historians and scholars.
His rather unique facial features and facial
assymetry was due to left synostotic frontal
plagiocephaly,a type of craniosynostosis.
His unusual body shape is now thought to be due
to multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2B and not
due to Marfans syndrome as was earlier thought
Identify X.

Answer 29

Question 30

Who is Dr Cox from the TV series Scrubs referring

to in this clip?

Answer 30