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Open the brackets
1) I _________ (wash) my face every morning.
2) My mother usually _________(drink) milk in the morning but now she _________(drink) tea with
my father at the breakfast.
3) Hale ______ ( read) book every day.
4) A:What are you doing?
B: I _______(cook) for lunch.
5) Excuse me? I think that you ________(sit) in my seat.
6) Don?t talk to me now! I _______(write) an important letter.
7) It usually ______(rain) here a lot,but it ________(not/rain) now.
8) Cem _________(listen) to the news on the radio every evening.
9) Nilgn ________(comb) her hair in front of the mirror now.
10)A:Where is Burak?
B:He is ______(play) The Crims on the computer now.
11)Sekin and Bar ______(talk) about Kenan Doulu at the moment.
12) Berra always ________(watch) The Simpsons.
Smoke know - see sell wear drive go play call draw
1)A: Do you have a cigarette?
Mina: No,I ________.
2)Berat and Hseyin ______ magazines in the supermarket.
3) Sibel has a car and she _______ home from school.
4)zgr likes football but he ________ at weekends.
5) brahim and Mert live near my house. I ______ them every day.
6) dris ______ Sekin to ask his homework every evening.
7) Pablo Picasso _________ his pictures in the mornings.
8)In summer people _________ thin clothes.
9) Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova _________ to play tenis
10)In Mersin people _________ seaside in spring. | Sve na jednom mjestu !