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Hi Pat,

This cant be coincidence, because I wanted to ask you the same question. July is
perfect, me and my wife will be on holiday during that period. I am so impatient, I
have urge to see that astonishing heritage site with monuments from period of
middle age.
Beside this, I am embarrassed because I forgot about the Tims birthday, so I will
buy him a really memorable present. I was thinking to purchase him a laptop witch
has the fastest components. But, I dont know if he has one already. So, if you have
an idea, I will be grateful to you if you share it with me.
About camping, I have to let you down. Because, I have been scared of insects ever
since the spider bit my forearm. Sorry Pit. Instead, we could go to visit museums in
near city. I heard that they have a really quirky expositions. When we finish with
tours, we could go to some viewpoint with picturesque landscape. We should bring
some food and have a picnic there.
Your sincerely,

We must look after the world it is our home.

Our world is the only place where people could live, so it is our priority to sustain
livability on the Earth. When it comes to impact factors which influence Earth
conditions for living, we have to consider better sources of energy and food, as well
as smarter way to build our towns. In my humble opinion, I think that lack of free
energy represents the major problem for many countries and that it produces global
environmental crises.
Firstly, we need to stop using cars which consume unrenewable energy. This travel
mode is generating the biggest amount of pollution in Earth atmosphere. Beside
this, we should built and mount more solar panels, which are collecting energy from
the sun without additional drawbacks.
When it comes to food, we have to consider variety of different kind of meals, such
as insects which are reach with proteins. Beside this we need to stop destroying
forests in order to leave the space for crops. Trees represent the lung of the Earth,
and without them all living species will be vanished.
At the end, people have to change the concept of towns. We should use less space
to build our homes, and it is necessary to concur another world, such as
underwater, which will provide people with additional surface to build homes for
increasing number of people. Furthermore, we should build skyscraper that will be
included with all content which town has.
To conclude, we reshape the world and influence on all species on it. Moreover, we
must reconsider our way of living if we would want to continue living on the Earth.

All mentioned topics are represent the major threats, and I think that we need to
make a great effort to stop their influence.