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Operations Manual 90° Flare Boom PWS Vertical Storage 20992402-89 OPERATIONS MANUAL 90’ FLARE BOOM PWS VERTICAL STORAGE 20992402-89 Rev. Date Description By | Checked Approved | A 12-07-2010 Issued For Review IR Fe (ON Fife Oxxrno Tower Operations Manual 90° Flare Boom PWS Vertical Storage 20992402-89 1 INTRODUCTION The information below defines the racking procedure for the Expro 90° bumer boom assembly when installed for vertical stowage (Figure 1). ‘The boom shall be vertically racked and all safety devices and latches fully implemented during inclement weather conditions, boom transportation, or when well testing is not needed for an extended length of time, ‘The basis for these instructions is that all boom and mast components have been properly fabricated and test fitted prior to arrival at the installation site. ‘The boom is designed to be assembled and hung horizontally over the side of the rig attaching to the rig via a swivel base and pin assembly. Loads and installation details are given in the project drawings. When the boom is in the stowed position, the latches must be engaged and then the tumbuckles installed. 2 TESTING © The hoisting system should be tested using a load equal to 1.25 times the weight that will need to be raised when stowing the boom. This load is equal to 1.25 * the total known weight of all hanging structure. This loading should be uniformly distributed over the length of the boom. The test should be held for $ minutes. During the hoisting wire test, the boom stays should be slack. © The boom should be raised to verify clearances and insure there are no obstructions. The boom should be slowly raised from the operational angle of 5 degrees to the stowed position with adequate observers checking for any problems during the elevation. 3 LIFT PLANNING © Verify current certification of all cranes and rigging equipment to be used on the project. © Develop a lifting plan based on the specifics of the boom, the facility, and the cranes available. Ensure that the capacity of the crane at the desired radius is within the allowable loading. Ocexero Page? of 9 Operations Manual 90° Flare Boom PWS Vertical Storage 20992402-89 3.1. LIFTING The lift should be performed in calm sea state and wind condition. Please refer the GAs for exact conditions. The lifting line (Figure 2) should be attached to crane hook of suitable crane. The wind stays should be disconnected and stowed safely before lifting. All hanging lines should be disconnected and the electrical supply disconnected prior to the lift. The boom should be lifted slowly ensuring the boom stays do not bind, To prevent kinks and damage to the boom stay wires, attach tag lines to each line so that they may be pulled out of harm’s way. (Figure 2). 3.2 MAST © For vertical racking condition use noted cradle locations. Tumbuckles must be installed for secured vertical stowage before releasing cranes. (Figure 3) © Ifnot already attached, secure the two boom restraint tumbuckles on the upper and lower cradle, Tumbuckle threads should be coated with lubricating oil prior to attachment to the cradle. ‘© Tumbuckles should be attached to mast, retracted fully and rotated out of the way to prevent interference with boom. 3.3. BOOM + Ifnot installed, the fairlead for raising the boom should be positioned in its housing. (Figure 4) © Ensure gates and rails are securely attached and in position on the bumer platform (Figure 5). © Survey the boom and insure that there are no loose objects or other items that might pose a hazard during the lift and installation * Make sure the boom retaining pins are installed (Figure 6). © Make sure the boom rotation pin is installed (Figure 6). * During the elevating process and in the up position, the connections at the top of the boom for securing it to the mast are to be checked. Specific items to be checked are as follows: a) The retaining lever pins, the fairleads, tumbuckle, and the hoisting wire should be checked for proper lubrication prior to beginning the lift of the boom into the vertical position. Oexeno arson Operations Manual 90° Flare Boom PWS Vertical Storage 20992402-89 b) The horizontal and vertical alignment of the boom to the support cradles on the mast should be checked as the boom is raised. If proper alignment is not kept, damage to the boom can occur as the boom impacts the cradles ©) The retaining levers on the lower cradle should lock in to place as the boom comes into the lower cradle. (figure 7) 4) The hoisting wire needs to be checked for clearance between the mast and cradle and the boom as well as the path down the back of the mast. ©) _ The fairlead on the boom needs to be checked to insure it rotates smoothly from the horizontal position to the vertical position. {) The hinge pin at the base of the mast/boom connection should be monitored as the boom is raised to insure smooth rotation and even loading 2) The tumbuckles should be attached to both the upper and lower cradles and tightened to insure proper alignment, The tumbuckles should be tightened until the boom deflects the wood slightly, .02" max. When securing the boom for transit, the tumbuckles should be secured using either a locking nut or a securing wire. 3.4 LATCHING MECHANISM © The latch is spring loaded and there should be no air in the system when racking the boom. ‘The lever should move out of the way as the boom is racking and automatically spring back into the locking position when the boom is fully racked. (Figure 8) © To release the retaining levers ensure the air system is connected (Figure 9). ‘© Pressing the button releases the levers (Figure 9). © The button must be held until the levers are fully retracted. The piston will overcome the spring force and move the levers clear of the upper boom cord. 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