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Prepositions of time: at, in, On at in on _ }\)) [Precise rime | wows, YEARS, CENTURIES and LONG PERIODS | DAYS and DATES. at3odock _ |intay on Sunday 3t10.300m —_|insummer on Tuesdays stnoon [ithe summer ‘on 6 ach atdmerime | 990 on 25 Dec, 2010 atbedtine [inthe 19905 on Ohisimas Day atsanite [inthe next century on Independence Day atamset | nthe le Age ‘on mybithdey atthe moment [inthe pasture ‘on iew Year's Eve Complete the sentences. Use in, on or at. Write at/on/in. 1. My parents aren't here w.a..the moment. March, 2. 'm meeting my friend sein Tuesday. ~ the afternoon, 3, The train leaves anunns half past SEVEN suomne Friday. the morning. ~ 1999, 4, She was born 1995, .» Christmas. 5. usually phone my friends . - Christmas day. 6. We have a special meal Saturday night. 7. usually brush my teeth uu. the evening, snes the past. before | go to bed. ‘autumn, 8. Her birthday is ...u.. the fifth of June, 10. seaesnons Thursday. 9. My brother likes to get up Sunrise. the weekend. 20. I started doing my homework ... eight o'clock = dinnertime. and finished only 0. midnight. -~ the ninth of April 41. In France it often sMOWS snus. Winter. half past eight. jonday evening. end of the year. 14, Our parents will be back... a October. 15. | usually have a party anhour 16. See you... dinnertime. Easter, 7, Mary's birthday 5 sono MAY. nnn NOW Year's Day. 18. We have lunch noon, 10.15, 19. Sara goes to the BY ox .u.-n Saturdays. ssn five minutes. 20. My sister was in London ........December. sass Bedtime. 21.She was in London vx: New Year's Eve. 2 few days.