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_D.G. AUSTIN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DRAWING SYMBOLS 2 a 3525 1059 Spmvleforwae oH yan coum at peta Bla 5852 Ft 1949. Grane smooi er oes and ves 38 1585 #4: 71860. Grapnl 000 tor ower genes an 85 1523 Pu: 5 1080. Graph symbols or vmgreung pln, 5 153 Pic 5 1958 ranma yD or sting and vetting tions. 1S S08 (952 an ian oreo papas plane AA 790, 111981, Gra spnbo or prove tow grams ASME 988 2.21982, Gaon! synoo's fo comprezson plant, ASME [ASA 292.23 1949. Grgaienspntol or Be igs vaber and bing, ASME, 1384 25226-1950. Gra! 4 bo fr hat ~ oer separas, ASME, Duapamoatic anded symoat ABV Abel Ls, 197, rv sree syiole = apupmart Foster Whew: Lt, Process Pants Divion, 1088, ne Sho Humpveys ri Gago, 107 ‘FlowanetSymeos yet Engnetng Dison, Putman Kelis, 1987, ‘Pint 0% Lugs (URI Le (bed upon OI Sane nding CIN SOB ror singran sened spmbat, Gsige Wapey ME BE rd, 1968. i, RG. ‘Orawing tect laste symbol’, Chemica Enginering 1 Hnuiy. i abe 15 1161968, Crapnia andor process mazar an cont fron DINOTIG Crophiceyntos or maxing. sting a coring inramente “The lastuon of Gham! Engines, nah on he Par 3 Examination Dring (55070 1974. Drawing prac for engineer agai ‘ols, 6.6 Stapan, Cand Way, RAL. Flowsbecting fr Seley Te ttn ot Chomes! Eoin. Realy, 176, ‘usin, D.G.anddelhers GVA pale in semanas dep =the tants of ny ey sero ton 2 bata), Teton a Cael Exner Rey huceson wh Geog Gti Ld, Condon. 978, Chemical Engineering Drawing Symbols D. G. Austin George Godwin Limited ~ London John Wiley & Sons ~ New York s First published in Grea Britain 1978, by George Godwin Limited The baok publishing sudsiciary of ‘The Builder Group 1.3 Pemberton Row, Fleet Steet London EC4P 4H Copyright © 1879 6y 0.G. Austin British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Austin, DG ‘Chesca engiaeeving deawing symbols Engineering dasings 2, Sits ane symbols 3. Cheteal ISBN 0-7114-3318-6 (George Godwin Lia) ISBN 0-470-26801-5 (Halsted Press) Published inthe U.S.A, and Canala by Halsted Press, 3 Division of John Wiley & Sons nc, New York, All rights serve. No part ofthis publication may be reproduced, Scored in revrieyal system, or Uansmitied in any form of by any means, slectroni, mechunieal photocopying, ecording or otherwise, without the prior permission ofthe publisher and copycght owner Tondrisge Printers Limites Foreword “Throughout all stages ofthe design of 2 chemical plant, engineers of many sciplines communiete by reference to eiagrams ranging Irom he simple Block ‘diagram, where proces alternatives are seeened and developed, vo the ompreiensive engineering line diagrams from whieh the plant isplanned and fabricate, The graphic symbols employed in these diagrams need to be relatively Simple and versatile, so that they may be easly modified to sult he particular ‘sign Fequirement also their form should be representative ofthe equipment they deserve. This useful reference book has collected together graphic symbols from many andor documents another sources nd these have been arranged so thatthe Selection ofthe appropriate syrabo! for formlaion oF interpretation a the ‘many different flowsbeets i exsily acompished. The existence cf alternative Symbols forthe sme item emphasises the need for further sandzrdsation ip this 2a and it is hoped that this publication has made a valuable conteibution i this Fespeet This ook is recommended for undergraduate chemical engineeteg stents, specu thase embarking on design proyect work, and ii believed that wil sibo be whe vo diaughtsimen and process engineers employed in plant design offices inthe chemical industry. Doportment of Chemieol Engineering GH Jetreys The University of Aston in Birminghary Preface Process flow (PFD) and engineering ine (ELD) diagrams are the chemical and process engineer's basic means of communication during the development, process nd project engineering of plants. However, difficulties are frequently encountered im nterpreting o° formolating these diagrams. Such problems are primarily tssociated with the layout an vse of graphie symbols employed to represent Burt tens and ancy eupment, ting control nd rumen Features ofthe process. ‘The types af question that aris are ‘What goes this symbol represent? Which type of interna i emproyed in this distillation column? Does 3 recognised symbol ext fora plate heat exchanger? ‘Fao symbole ste svallble fora diaphragm valve: which is preferred, 2nd ‘why? Cant be shown graphically how the wave is actuate, with the typeof ngs for connection to pipelines? Frequent reference to the various different published systems of symbols nswer these questions distracts the designer from the continulty ofthe Sbwsest Moreover, confusion ver symbol vse and interpretation, a well s being ime: Consuming. can lead to serous mistakes which may be costly to cecify ard, if “hey omar undetected, can requ in inefficient even unste la Although flowsheets fulfil divers functions, their chief use ito communicate « process desig eleaiy and accurately with the minimam of effort on the part of {hose engaged in producing and Interpreting them. The prneipal objective in Compiling tis nook has been to ease these asks by providing a compreersine iar at graphic symbols with examples to state the way they are use, Bireinghary Ga October, 1978 | wish o acknowledge the cooperation ofthe following companiesin preparation i of this text AAPV.Mitchell Lid FostersWheeier Ltd Mumphreys and Glasgow Lid Pullman Kellogs Lurg (UK) Les George Wimpey ME & C Lid 1 would also ike to thank the institation of Chemical Engineers for permission to Include ine process flow diageam lor 3 plant design to produce MEK Teor Burana! Do Austin vil Contents Foreword by G.V. Jeffreys, MSc, PRD, FRIC, CEng, Chem, ‘Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Aston In Birmingham Pretoce Acknowledgements Introduction Abbreviations How to Use this Book PART ONE GENERAL EQUIPMENT Heat Transfer Equipment Process Equipment Solids Reduction and Materials Handling Physical Separation Equipment Prime Movers, Pumps and Compressors PART TWO PIPING SYSTEMS Pipework Pipework Ancillanes Pipework Description Valves PART THREE INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL Process Instrumentation Valve Actuation and Automatic Control References Index vi ” ” 28 39 4s 37 ° ” n 85 9 2 93 Introduction “To keep this compilation within manageable size it hasbeen necessary to restrict the sources to existing British and Amerian standards, togetner with a selection ‘Gf syenbols used by major industrial design offies. The use of standard symbols fecommended wherever possible, but the alteratives may be used in the absence fra standard symbol or where tere is 2 heed to convey more detaled Information. ‘Although standards are periodically revised, the continuous introduction o° an {nereasing variety of chemical plant equipment results ina time-ag inthe formulation of seceptable symbols. The British Standards Institution has recently publishes BS 1553: Part 11977 Graphical symbols for general engineering: Diping systems and plant." This supersedes three earlier standards, 7 with S&iitions to update the existing symbols together with some minor changes, and ‘Should be used wherever posible However symbols derived ftom the superseded standard are incladed in this {book to aid interpretation of diagrams formulated before the new standare was sce. Symbols for heating ind ventVating installations are nat included, nce they do not Feature regularly in proces low and engineering line lagrams inthe designe is relerred to BS 1353; Part 1: 1977 which provides a ompreheasive isting. Inevitably, some symbols ae omitted: industrial concerns often have their a ‘tandatd: symbols which eet differences depending on personal preference nd the intended Function of «particular drawing. Common experienceis tha ontractors ane manor manufacturers, while in favour of standardisation, a {eluetant to cnange thelr established practice. Where symbols have not beer Standardised for equipment of recent design, Hill presenis a method of erating fective symbols which may be usefully employed “The information that a symbol shovld convey depends on the purpose ofthe song and it thus an advantage if detall ean be added progressively 23 tre Spplieation commands: Figures fan 2 take the baie symbols fora valve and for {Rhstilation column as they would appear in a PFD and illustrate in logical steps how the symbols may be developed fr incorporation inte an ELD. xi “The PFD should depict the major equipment together with the principal flow toutes fom raw material fee to final product. Key temperatures ahd pressures Correspondieg 10 anteipated normal operation ae indicated throughout. Materia flows and composition, basic control systems and the design duties of thajofequipment may be included to gle a comprehensive representation of the cra fn readily usable form, Figure (facing page 70) provides an example of AIDED for agsliquid processing plant which has been drawn tothe recommenda tions of the Inttution of Chemical Engneers™ and the specifications of BS 5070: 19742" It has the following featres: Major plan stems are drawn to sal. Plant tems are positioned in correct elevation relative to each ater, {The type of equipment is clearly indicated. Service headers are shown together atthe top of the drawing Service branch lines to lees are drawn firmly but thinly, whereas al process Flow lines ate ofthe heavy 8YPE- ‘only the mere important valve are shown and inthis connection only the Sizes ofthe mote important pipelines need be indicated ‘The crawing s completed with an item list (of which there are several ‘ype ELDs ate of fundamental importance inal phases of the life ofthe plant and Scive as working documents nthe engineeting design and construction stage. ‘Wels Seagrave and Whiteway™ have iste the minienum information that an ELD shold convey a follows: |All peséess equipment and piping required for starvup,sherdown, ‘Shettency and normal operation of Ue pant including valves, blinds {nd removable spools 2. A entiation number, an kentifier of the material of construction, eter and insulation requirements foreach in. 4 Identification of main process and start-up fines. §. Alrinatromemtation, control and intctoce Facilities with indication of Seton on instrument ai failure 6, Key dimensions or duties of all equipment. 5, Operating and design pressures and temperatures for vessels and ecto 8, Equipment elevations. 19, Set pressures for elit valves 10, Drainage requirements 11; Special notes on piping configuration as necessary (eg 'n0 pockels', ‘gavity drainage’ etc} “The designer will appreciate that the ELD is developed using the PED 3s a basis owing wit subseqvent addition ofthe necessary detal Taking the PFO (Figaro 5} forthe 2-butanone (MEK) process which s described by Austin and Jeffreys iis procedure has been adopted to produce the ELO forthe solvent recovery part ofthe plant (Figure 4, page 73) vil ace, Aov ATM BL ew cL. comer, CONN cre csc cso 1a biac oR pws. cov FLG fF He HDR ov HP inst iNT Le Lo. Max 2icoperated vale atmosphere battery imi bute weld cant ine compressor coupling 2 sealed closed car sealed open diameter siagram dain érawing elevation lectrie motor operated valve anges flat face hose connection header hydraulic operated valve high pressure interface locked closed locked open low pressure wn MP 05, oviD PLGD RO RF RO Rt cH 5/0 50. SP sto s™ sw THO Tt Ture ova vac vr woo wr xs XxS, i medium pressure ‘overload alarm overspeed overhead lugged tof drain raised face restriction orifice Fing-type joint schedule shutdown spook piece ‘sandard socket weld threaded angent line turbine typical water drawoff weld nec wal thickness extra strong double extra strong How to Use this Book © “The text is divided into chree parts: General equipment Piping systems Instrumentation and control “The principal categories of plant items appeat as subheadings, and within exch Fearne aabels ae arranged alphabetically. Symbols inthe first cour are SEAea tnoo Britah Standards and inthe second from the American Natinal Sage ds insite, ast two columns list the symbols employed by sected industrial design offices Where the words ‘basic! and general’ appear beside symbols they have guile Mine tM apicaions, A base symbol fone to which further graphic additions ear terimade to ndieate the required detail, wheres a genera symbol may be rye ay te represent al types.of equipment inthe particular category, The SEuhae'ot each symbol is given by a eircied number refering tothe references ‘om page 82, : “The size of symbols is not governed by standard speciieations except for those Fa Rktrumentation diagrams, However, the main plant items in PFDs and Se Su ue craw to convenient scale and designers should ensure that ei bols ae of sufficient sice fo avoid loss of deta the diagrams are to Be Feduced PART ONE General Equipment eee : |e SS ® Rack or bank exchanger 7 4 =. n @ €, “Annular type conaentrie tubal ‘Bayonet fmmersion) type oi mo 3s ‘ANSASAD Aeration ‘ail thoatng/cootng) Double pipe type Finned tube type akin (Utube) ype ete ee Pt ype “ll. L { Q oa . q > ® Co (eas) O —~o S ‘Closed tai Hoot schangers (general) 85 ANSIIASAY -arreatie ‘Ateratie = @. ~sm| CB (E), ‘Spray ere Tube ool type sl Electrica neater “Tonle heater (bin heater 1 ao) @@ MEATTRANSFER 7 cats a TA ‘erate fatetie Cooler Tireooed exchanger a we VW © Wr or ne 17 \ Jet; oO iT, t c16 Is , Boxciype ool Oil cooler m exchanger Water cooled exchan Refrigeration HEAT TRANSFER = ® eyes es ANSASA) ‘Atanatie @ aie ‘mew = ise drver Fluidized bed dryer ff Rotary dryer a G + eZ | pe ANSHASAD Alternative ‘hob are fumace Cominastion chamber ‘aren sure Tutomatio toker opowr vee eat wana] LA -fill- = Wo Preheaters, desuperheaters, superheators, eatery Feed water heatr Desuperheaterattemperator stam superhestan/ . ure 28 Bae yt fr tid ontacting eae (bece topia to spaces olan Ea \idforuttaton of {__srss ‘hnganant tar 0 LJ ‘Vewselfanpacked column Dw dhe os vest toenter onde pest ANSNASA) ‘Alert on presuriaad vest Pressure vosel ecors sl porzonta ® Tray colume | Flug contacting vessl EO) Crwnor ee 2 Fe] 5 ‘5 Flash box 4 Fase Datavon calm sawn nh ene an acct ‘naar, wn ral ow aes Figure 2 Solent ping cla showing tomtom ea ‘Knock-out dram St so Gi condoning. < @ ‘scketod vere! Any sno tobe ‘town ation lng Extent of ‘ese he 72 fimpettype fae tor Montejus or blowing egg t + Autoalove Extractor Syibot erases any typeof Iau erraction w= 5 "ANSTIASA ‘iterate ‘Altea Crysallizer Reaction/absorption vese | 1 sary 1 sow oe # 5 | i © Packed bed Miner —_—_— 8 “aNSASAY Alternative ‘Agitator (stro) s singe ade eto wont ls © ———— Se CESS EQUIPMENT 27 5 Storage veils Low eave 5 [ANSIIASAD “iterative ‘Alternative 7 = A. cme Barallcase ‘Sook fel = g x LJ = ao thea t = faba y a me @ con numer 1 a x \/ yy ® 3S \ \nl, Wo ‘rater Intermediate crusher sate Ss 4 SOLIS REDUCTION, MATERIALS HANDLING — 29 Com raters Serena u J SOLIDS REDUCTION, MATERIALS HANDLING es “ANSIASAY ‘aise ‘Aterative Wet easier igwaster “pease | trough water ase! iat i ree = Ly wz “coe | J. ° Zz siesta 1, vasitr 3, en Ss ee oft — ae &o ®o ®e ene) ED emer aor SOLIDS REDUCTION, MATERIALS HANOLING — 33. Shopng forming = a [ANSIASAD Alena ‘Anat Ws fe Exesion prss| = - ~ v - @ ter abd ae oe — Worm press ano er a th er LS Conveyor boon nce inci “ewan ‘SOLIDS REDUCTION, MATERIALS HANDLING — 35 Conveying, ting ‘Alternative [ANSTIASAT ies cones | Oo vom | OS Elevator Lo! 4, Toe Q, ‘Sprain = A eo ‘Ottead conver mitlo wrench ir “a To Le 3s “ANSIIASAD Ateratve Aheratioe ‘arial ropeway ‘SOLIDS REDUCTION, MATERIALS HANDLING = 37. eon ee Lo Oo = @ — : ‘® 5 = re latte ° tHe a of, woe} D =e [=e ® 05 @ & Wagon PRYSICAL SEPARATION se Siig separation ticles = aA Ateathe Ae Somer | OOF we Boe Soe Ne ome YOR =e ore Ue © spraytype Ea race Ve Liquid separator EL, S. zt =| <2, ener at ame 63 PPEWoRK Poe igs = “ANSIIASAT Aura Abernave Elbow pT PIPEWORK 65, Ppa sons 8s “ANSIIASAT ‘Aitaratve Alterac ‘etacharde ne soe NE ees ® werntas | -—O rsrwetes| — 5 espn —X¢ esiccees | Cee ° seont| —D @ “Tiat| —Ko ur] ——2 9 = = — > vaste] — Later, a a ‘Orifice Mange si» —ke Pukation dampene snubber! 66 PipewoRK eee ne ANSI(ASA) Altomative Anemotive edacng ane 5 a once > — 2 Sines +e ee ab © Tee sine saeco Trion PPENORK ANOILLARIES 67 Sone = BSASA) eer Sooner —= — TL a LL Sie =O = . BDO wee z dupes basket s =. eee Sa ee ——— a 6 en oe PIPEWORK ANCILLARIES 69 Cane ws a “a | Te Y 28 ws Y 0@ “ “| 0@ anmnnn “| 9 © “De rr LD g ii seal Separator Bellmouth 2 PIPEWORK ANGILLARIES ‘ANSITASAT “aienaie Trap P |e, iy) “ee Ose Tan Pe caeatere PIPEWORK ANCILLARIES 71 Pant npn tty 5 co Bursting disc a J. Snoeane 2 Y ® — nm an =a eee oor win tap DD Fusble plug rio _ Hydrant : ‘Siencar a Pars na paonnal at a AANSIAEAY erate ‘Alwratee Eyewath fountain |) Satery snower 3 fh auamentehette oe Four at ‘eo ry = | Teck BSN GSnih i bo Su dt0.0m 205m mat ASI at 2 hoe Retin EE AS ct i awsta sa ust ses see Cooney oss 3 2 wt Simla 20 ve 10 Sion ian : Lean es, ANSHLASA Alternative Alteenacie Process fd z Properties as vente ow | Zz PIPEWOR< DESCRIPTION = 75 Pisin dmtiieaton ANSASAD -Aleratie ‘Alternative ‘Airconditioning rine turn aan on--— een vine py sieuaing Sedo chaednot reine ——. ‘lochare eating se raat ie -_-—- ote wot ---— acer ut How ignore gh pasar ening soy 76 PIREWORK DESCRIPTION Paine eniention a ANSIASA) ‘ier rere soe —_— Plame Poeumati WB aya Sprinklers yanch and het VALVES 77, oy ANSNASAD ‘Aienate Twine valve - -Dxe © ® a Ee, TE, @® | So, =. 80 VALVES ae @E sot vacuum sate it vawves ay 8s ANSIASA) Areratie Aerating ee Slide valve Foot valve = mS ‘Seah Val stan Sesh PART THREE Instrumentation and Control ° ” ca we oe one as “ANSIIASA) “ater ‘Ateratve Point of measurement =s_O, poco O > oo Ps @ aca 8 meet © ‘londpipe for instrument Tcoring sevice 7 F 7 ‘Meter (any yeh O oO “ANSIASAY ‘aerate “Arernatve conte late aie @ jolto}to} vena ® oO pt es Ere lame! od, “He suet ase e PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION ANSASAD ‘Altace ‘Altai 48h ® guid OV IT ua eterna ‘emis tye) ‘Analsis fae PROCESS INSTRUMENTATION TANSIIASA eee nic. ©@ ene @ 8s ANSICASAL ‘trate Ateratie ‘onnetng semen ae) i <- = me Seg chaincperated kh, \CTUATION, AUTOMATICCONTROL 91 ANSASA ‘alternate ‘Altaratve ; samy | OP mune | De at AP airceesl Acco ond Sidon Mrebaier 15 ‘Atecener 95 Ashe Sage check save 80 Aes Aa ate Bisse 32 Bal Tat xt ets BF Sal 2 Balle 78 Bonk evchger 3 ironic vomdoe 6 Bet Bnketceaniage Besa Batten Int 5 Belen olowseu vane 7 Blowing ext 20 Uru he 8) Bigs Be aoe (er [Se per a fn cour 8 Srsord rhe 25 fester 23 Beet 70 getting machine 33 Socket sear 33 Bah pl 3 Banker iype tober 13 Tait widen cap 88 at ete Chote ip on 86 Gees (Cade dct 22 Coe Cos char 22 Give ecto 3) ena compe 3 cova fan S293 Chorcmesen hin pened ae 80 make $0 heel wer 2 Cite 30,81 ‘Gov unt Gor 9 i 16.1819 Cotton carer 13 {Commiption equipment 2829, {Gomprenion ent Compresor S52 Contain b= 30 (Conan ae sehnge 3 {Conner 6181873 Condensing aria 7 {Cone ster 38 {Coney sae? Conca sting ok 38 Goimant iad kane 60 Centr ave 2.197390 Gamevor 8 Gee pie 82 Goole hs Caving cot Contin lower 7 Goeting amen 219239 Cavectng ws 2192590, ing, hag In 62 Can 3 (usr 2829 Gesctiaer 21 Scone 83 ‘Seton citer 30 {Geto kone 0 at te ss Damper sake 78 Dantrccheesabnate 88 Brcaier 8 Dent 13 Behemiier 43 Deming ose ts esscan 10 Semper 8 Dewar sr Duapeag eter 8 Diapeagm pum #8 Dlapessm cake 77,9889 Dist engine 3 Dieton of ow 57 Dise dryer isha srmpete 70 Disiipator 28 Datiion clam 119 uutebunch eto 6s Baxbleck sn 9 Deableefet ewaporatr 1 Donte pipe each = Double weep 6 Bains Dian eck 8 Daring Drage bomber 0 Diners Drum 30.738. Drytinit 30 ry sean 30 Bneroo Dryna nen ‘Dorn minor 23 Destospenan pet 3 Busteateeae Ecanomize Ector ss Fow 64 Es furnace 13 etre motor Electr 5 Etetnlnsument Hie 18.73.58 ‘sees wig 37 Ekceaty bonded in 61 "Eel aed on 62 cui teed ine 38 Eletohsi ce 2 Elsrstti presntaior 3 Eleator 33 Endep os Engine 5 Ensporaive condenser 6 Exapontoe tt Exh head 70 Fagan it 2 pansion au acto hati 20 Extrem ne 33 Ejewnh fountain 7 Fan 3253 Food water ster 15 Foster 32 Fouredype wind 3° sr ulaed end ap 6 seed ey Fogo agitator 24 Fe be exchanger & Fotube ler 13 Fredhaner 1213 Fang, ie 6-66 ae ea exchange 5 Fam str 1990.73, Flange oie 68 Flam, eng Fang andeated end ap 68 Flanged ard ote jin 61,73 Taek Fl 17 Fate 61 Hee pe 38 ‘Heatoperted abe 88 Fag end vchanger eating cot tank 26 Flow scan 37 Flow msnarement 285 Flow soinctr 63 Fra centcing ws 7 Fiea bed | Failed oe dyer 8 Fes Gttom unk ake 78 Footvabe dt Fon ie uch 38 Forming ent 33 Fours vahe Flown co 31 Furmce 1213 Fst pl 7 asctening $3 Cs contonig Giseraine 18 ied omace 12 Ghewame Chop do ‘Gage te 87 Gearopesed ve 89 ering Shae ae 73.22.78 overspeed 90 rea a 70 ridge 24 Gyatrytraaker 28 Hairpin woe exctange Hore 6 Papo marr 25 Hest xchane 33 ested pipe 93 eater, ein § ester lect ats ood wat" 15 Heater fred 1213 Heater, miesion 34 Heater tak : Hester upsnoe 14 Heating o's Hesing ine 15 Hoist 35.36 Hale dsc ind 63 Hows? Hook coeyor 34 Hopper 25,32 eppetype stoke 13 Hopper wagon 38 Hasna epanson int 62 How 3 Hone connection 62 Hot serves enti yan 7 dale coupling 7 Hyde pump 3 Hyde turbot Hrocrtone 39 Hydaettitor Inmenion eaer34 Impeier 2 Irian fp 578,58 Ineinedconoyor 3 Insetor 18 Tine ume 48 Inn vake 77 Irsrrmon ine 38 Tosrument 19.7385 88 Ieseral para eel mete 87 Inert eget ot clues) 22 Jacseed pipe 39 Tekst 20 Ie condemer 6 Jivwasner 3 fain st esl 20 Kin ota 10 reer 3) Loe pl vahe a (Chee ie 59,73 scree 222040 Serene Etta Secu pune Sotedoom she 77 Seman 68 Sireaes anit Steen) eis Ei veasion 6 Eieteanss Seed un 20 Seep otet¢ SS pe) ed 22 SSraceonprane Epvctontay 2 Shimon ting pon Seung or Stoic 33 Staner to Shot dune encharge 4 Sehand ube wa ete 618 swine Stowe 72 State 33 Sag i 29 tune comeyar 36 sesietay Solr Row acer as Sougenst en aes Sipe hanger 6 Simp wnpor 6 Sige vweo eee Stef pon 5159 Sones |e 6 Sonedpoe 39 Sivas tia Sie 62 Siuce ane 77 Sorgen s7 Sater 65 Sian wastendca 6s Scam ane t @ Steere Snore Seve roan 92, Sch tn ace 12 Soiacoe ome ese nas ? eed tien na 08 Spraeecunnge 5 Sahaten Sel gece Spy fa Senay ayer 10 Spry seater 39» pea type eachangee $ Sprig loded vane 90 Shraate36 sca ‘Suck of materi 25 Sacked 22 Steppe for strument 35 Stren iouzedvae 90 Sar dryer 10 Sieur eine 45 Steam is 59 Scam pon $3 Esmee 35 Steam separator 40 Stamance ine 53 Scam rn 70 Seam wine 16 . Siver 24 Stoker Stop eeek vale 80 tog eel 25.97 Stergivay else 72.79 Stier 6768 Suet abow 68 Saterge suction pur 43,50 Stcuon ners ‘Suetion gue 8 Sump 40 Sump sriee 57 Stpercrage 5 Supereater 15 Stppon 60 Sure condense 6,819.73, Sure enamber 39 Sraged oie 0 86 Sheep crs Shing stow 6 Swivel oi Syphon sin 69 ‘Tort ig sabe 73 ‘Taye stair 8? Tonk 2639 ‘Tank beats vent 70 Tonk ester § Tonk wagon 38 Tank noe 37 Tanker 38 Tage ee 86 ees Tempura se 63 Trans sve 10 Trarmonsprse rebate 1 There Taft cover Trey wane 7.79 Tame cyt seston 9 Tope 38 Tseng $8 Tranponttion 38 Trap 197075 Tay Tay catumat7 Thay ever Tipper conyor 38 Trowes wesar 3 Truck 38 ert Tunica 38 Tube eos exchanger 5 Tabs mil 38 Tun 5. Tone drys Torre 48 Tutbine air 2 “Turbine compressor 52 “Turbine maw 87 Turbageneror «9 ute exchange 4 Union 66 Upshot new 1 Venu treater 80 Vecvan ster 2 ate ay 2 aes 19732781,8991 ane emer 532 ane up 59 Vansbleaeamete $7 ont 18,70,8 Yenc evr 10 Vent ee Vest 17202 ‘sa tends 22 ‘es ising 23 esl sorane 2527 irating cone or 38 inating Yenc 32 Vieaing sen 30 "Viking ftp” counting 62 Wagon 38 Water chiliegeraporatoc 1 atereooedcnaenser§ Watersoaed exchanger § ae spay 4 Weigh bree 37 Wig oe 32 Wearing maine 57 eertane 9 Sangean | Yah a