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bg No, SO (COORD)/ED(Coal)/5-7/2015 GOVERNMENT OF SINDH Kk ) ENERGY DEPARTMENT Karachi, dated: January 8, 2015 NOTIFICATION | No.SO(COORD)/ED(Coal)/5-7/2015: In exercise of the powers conferred by Section-2 of the Regulation of Mines & Oilfields & Mineral Development (Federal Control) Act, 1948, the Government of Sindh is hereby pleased to make the following amendments in Sindh Mining Concession Rules-2002:- REVISED SCHEDULE OF RATES In Third Schedule, the following shall be substituted:~ Mineral: Rate of Royalty per ton (1000 kas, Coal: Seven and half percent on the value at the Pit's mauth subject to a minimum of rupees one hundred and fifty (Rs.150/-) per ton (1000 kgs) In Fourth Schedule, the following shall be substituted:- Coal: Rs.150/- per ton (AGHA WASIF ABBAS) SECRETARY ENERGY DEPARTMENT GOVERNMENT OF SINDH A copy is forwarded for information and necessary action to:- 41. The Additional Chief Secretary (Dev.), P&D Department, GoS, Karachi 2._The Secretary, Finance Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi : \a The Administrative Secretaries to Government of Singh (all) Toformatlons andl Archrve ‘4. The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Sindh, Karachi Deford me 5. The Principal Secretary to Governor, Sindh, Karachi 8. The Accountant General, Sindh, Karachi 7. The Deputy Commissioners in Sinan (all) 8. The Director General, Coal Mines Development, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi 9. The Director General, Sindh Coal Authority, Karachi 40. The Inspector of Coal Mines, Govt. of Sindh, Karachi 44. The Deputy Secretary (Staff) to Chief Secretary, Sindh, Karachi 42. The Superintendent Sindh Government Press for publication in the next Government Gazette with a request to provide 30 copies thereof to this Department. 13. PS to Minister on Finance & Energy, Sindh, Karachi WW 14. PS to Secretary, Energy Department, Sindh, Karachi 16. Office copy/related file. p ‘ud seoriNG MYA WYorset